How "The War on Terror" Could Be Used
  To Make You Take The Chip

   Posted on March 30, 2004 at 05:34 PM
How "The War on Terror" could be used to make you take the chip

This is strictly a hypothesis...
But never the less a viable prediction.

The War on Terror could last as long as the powers that be want it to last.

One day in the not so distant future, multiple well timed explosions (maybe some of them small nuclear explosions) could go off in any number of U.S. cities and in any number of European cities.
The end result of this could be the president announcing that "martial law will take effect across the nation". "in order to protect the people".

After several days of not being allowed to go as far as the grocery store. The president addresses the people after 72 hours of media manipulation and scare tactics to increase everyones already heightened sense of anxiety.

The President Adresses the Nation:

People of the nation....we have been dealt a most severe blow. Tens of thousands of our fellow countrymen have perished and many more are injured and dying.
We have reports from all across Europe and some middle eastern and far east countries ......that have suffered terrible losses also.

Our economy has been devastated , some of the city centers lie in ruin. This is a trying time , so we must all pull together and stand as one.

I have been in contact with many national leaders around the clock these last 72 hours and we have come to an agreement on how to end this "War on Terror".

It is the money that funds these terrorists my dear people and they will apparently go to any lengths to justify they're cause.
We have found a way to stop this flow of cash into the hands of these criminals with the help of some of the top leaders in industry.

No longer will they be able to purchase weapons of mass destruction.

Now I stress my good people this is where we must stand as one to defeat tyranny.

We are going to make this a cash free world.
At this moment we are setting up centers across the nation where you will be instructed to go in the next 24 hours.
Your local news casts will tell you where to go and it will be done in alphabetical order.

These terrorists will no longer be able to purchase even a gumball without our knowledge....You and your children will be able to live in a terror free society, able to live with peace of mind.

Please do not leave your houses until instructed....the streets may still not be safe.

As soon as this is over you will be free to go back to your jobs, your lives, the supermarket, and to check on loved ones....Phone service will be returned will be able to do all these things with safety being the priority.... I can not stress that enough.

We just want to get everyone registered with "Digital Data Systems" It is a network that we have devised to destroy terrorism once and for all.....and then we can go about rebuilding this great nation and the world.

Thank you and God bless.

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