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  1. A Lesson In Faith - Believing in Miracles
  2. I know this one doesn't relate to prophecy; but this testimony (for me) is one of those reality checks that I need on occasion. When things in my own life get really hard; all I need to do is read something like this and I realize just how small my difficulties are.
  3. The Signifigance of Iraq - This one was sent to me in an email. My thanks to LC.

Monday - March 31, 2008:

  1. Afghans Face Widespread Famine
  2. Al Qaeda Training 'Western-looking' Fighters-CIA
  3. Asian Rice Crisis Starts To Bite
  4. Barroso: EU Is A 'Non-imperial Empire'
  5. Gay Youth's Killing Sparks Tolerance Debate
  6. Obama Contends Belief In Jesus Christ Not Necessary For Salvation
  7. UN Fears N. Korea Food Crisis
  8. U.S. Sees More Beijing Missiles Aimed At Taiwan

Sunday - March 30, 2008:

  1. Hamas: We're Developing New Missiles
  2. Hezbollah Terrorists Increase Rockets Aimed At Israel
  3. In Food Aid Crunch - U.S. Reluctant To Tap Crop Trust
  4. N. Korea Warns Against Pre-Emptive Strike
  5. 'Obama Messiah' Creator - How Far Will 'Cult' Go?
  6. Oprah Labeled 'False Prophet' And 'Conduit...To Hell'
  7. UN Experts Concerned By Water Footprint

Saturday - March 29, 2008:

  1. Western Canadian Pine Beetle Infestation Spreads
  2. UN Makes 'Emergency' Call For Food Aid
  3. Study Projects 10m Israelis By 2030
  4. Show Some Backbone EU
  5. Saudis Lead Boycott Of Syrian Summit
  6. Russia To Double Production Of Conventional Weapons By 2015
  7. Spain Unveils More Drought Relief Measures
  8. Spring Keeps Coming Earlie For Birds, Bees, Trees
  9. U.S. West Warming Faster Than Rest Of World

Friday - March 28, 2008:

  1. Canada Orders Ministry By Christians Shut Down
  2. Cheney: Iran Seeks Weapons-grade Uranium Enrichment
  3. Homosexual'Nuns' Mock Christianity
  4. Israels Peace Deals With Their Arab Neighbors Increase The Risk Of Airborne Terrorist Attacks
  5. Millions Seen At Risk In South Asia From Warmer World
  6. Pilots Distressed By F-16 Cancer Probe
  7. PM-Cheney Meeting Shrouded In Mystery
  8. Record Spring Temperatures Hit Moscow
  9. Russian Expert Warns Of 'Bird Flu Pandemic'
  10. Russia To Deliver 24 Pantsir-S1 SAM Systems In 2008

Thursday - March 27, 2008:

  1. Companies Use Scans To Track Employees
  2. Defense Officials: Hizbullah Has Rockets That Can Reach Dimona
  3. 'Don't Rule Out Any Way To Stop Iran'
  4. Iran Protests Sanctions - Seeks Compensation
  5. Nearly One-third of Israelis Will Be Non-Jewish By 2030 According To Projections
  6. Parched China Lures Foreign Water Investors
  7. Russia And Japan Form Nuclear Alliance
  8. Spy-in-the-sky Drone Sets Sights On Miami
  9. The End Of Aliyah?
    When I read this article, one thought immediately came to mind - Could it be that the regathering of the Jews is now complete? If so, then we are definitely now living on borrowed time!! I Love It!!!!
  10. UN Raises Alarm On AIDS Epidemic In Asia
  11. U.S. Jewish Security Network Warned Its Members To Be Alert To 'A New Set Of Circumstances'

Wednesday - March 26, 2008:

  1. Abdullah To Convene Interfaith Conference
  2. After Year Of Rain - Texas Drought Tough On Farmers
  3. Brazil's Main Orange State SP Reports Blackfly
  4. Cheney Visit To Israel Focuses On Iranian Threat
  5. Drought-hit Cyprus Starts Emergency Water Rations
  6. Egypt Tries To Tackle Deadly Bread Crisis
  7. Food Prices Rising Across The World
  8. Gov't Sources - Russia Set On Mideast Parley
  9. Iran Reportedly Purchased $1 Billion In Arms For Syria, Including Missile Systems
  10. Philippine Officials Boost Rice Imports Amid Supply Crisis

Tuesday - March 25, 2008:

  1. Analysis: Cairo Climbs The Nuclear Pyramid
  2. Analysis: The Formaldehyde Factor
  3. 'Dont Take Any Options Off The Table'
  4. IsraelJoined A Body That Is A Steppingstone To Membership In A Major Economic Alliance
  5. Israel Will Not Give Up The Golan Heights As Long As Syria Is Aligned With Iran
  6. J'lem-Syria-Hizbullah Tension Rising
  7. Netanyahu: J'lem Withdrawal Will Bring Iran To Capital
  8. Turks Praise Jihad To Protes Cheney Visit

Monday - March 24, 2008:

  1. An 'Astounding Time' For Planetary Discoveries
  2. BBC Caught Red-Handed On Anti-Israel, False Coverage
  3. Brazil Military Will Combat Dengue Outbreak In Rio
  4. Bush Vows To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Arms
  5. Cheney, Abdullah Set To Discuss Iran
  6. Egypt To Sign Nuclear Pact With Russia
  7. Hamas torpedoing peace process
  8. Iran Moves To Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  9. Israel Investigating Health Scare Among The Pilots Of Their Most Advanced Warplanes
  10. Mukasey 'Surprised' By Scope Of Terrorist Threats
  11. One Million Face Famine After Rats Feast On Crops
  12. Sarkozy, Brown To Unveil Nuclear Cooperation Plan
  13. Star Explodes Halfway Across Universe
  14. Treasury D-G Envisions Israel Becoming 'Singapore' Of Mideast

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