Israeli - Gaza Op


  1. Fighters' Jewish Spirit Returns
  2. Unsung Israeli hero risks his life to save Gaza children
  3. Letter To IDF Soldiers From an Israeli Youth
  4. 10 commandments for Israel (Commentary)

Saturday - January 31, 2009:

  1. Gazans get aid, blame Hamas for situation
  2. Hamas dispenses politics along with aid
  3. Hamas Planning Pre-Election Ceasefire
  4. Israel to continue targeted strikes on Gaza despite truce

Friday - January 30, 2009:

  1. Gaza victims describe being used as human shields by Hamas
  2. Israel discusses truce violations
  3. Mitchell: Open Borders Will Prevent Smuggling

Thursday - January 29, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Putting out the fire (with gasoline)
  2. Egypt: Gaza arms meeting 'unnecessary'
  3. Gaza Terrorists Fire on Negev
  4. Israel bombs Gaza tunnels
  5. Israel bombs weapons workshop in southern Gaza
  6. Hamas Launches Rocket Attack; IAF Retaliates
  7. Hamas official: Not talking about Israel's destruction
  8. Hamas waiting delivery of large arms shipment via Egypt
  9. IAF Strikes Gaza Terrorist Who Killed IDF Soldier
  10. Israel reopens some Gaza crossings
  11. Jerusalem: Why Not to Divide
  12. Livni: Surrender Part of Israel to Keep a Jewish Majority
  13. Mashaal rejects Israeli truce conditions
  14. Palestinians: 8 wounded in IAF strike
  15. Release soldier and we'll end Gaza blockade, says Israel
  16. This is the test

Wednesday - January 28, 2009:

  1. Arab states trust none of 'Palestinian factions' with reconstruction aid
  2. Egypt pressing Hamas to accept truce, prisoner swap before Bibi wins
  3. Egypt says Gaza peace could be secured in early February
  4. Ground Troops, Tanks Return to Gaza; Hamas Attacks Negev
  5. Hamas Attacks IDF Soldiers, 1 Dead
  6. IAF attacks Hamas tunnels under Philadelphi Corridor
  7. Israel One soldier killed, 3 wounded in Gaza bomb attack
  8. Livni Israeli restraint in Gaza is over
  9. Palestinian gunman involved in today's attack injured in IAF strike
  10. Palestinian straw firms said aiming to 'steal' Gaza funds
  11. Terrified Hamas military leadership still in hiding

Tuesday - January 27, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Hamas presents a whole new level of antagonism
  2. For HRW, Israel is always guilty
  3. Gaza War Crimes: Hamas Terrorists Tried To Hijack Ambulances
  4. Hamas offices in Gaza resume operations
  5. Hamas Under Fire from EU, Human Rights Groups
  6. In Egypt's Rafah, tunnel denial is the way of life
  7. Senior Palestinian figure: Armed factions very interested in truce with Israel

Monday - January 26, 2009:

  1. A Flurry of Tunnel Repairs Is Underway in Gaza's South
  2. EU and Middle East ministers to meet for peace initiative
  3. Hamas in Egypt for Gaza truce talks
  4. Hamas executes former B'tselem field worker
  5. Hamas offers Israel year-long truce
  6. Report Zahar injured during Gaza op

Sunday - January 25, 2009:

  1. Assad applauds Mashaal on Gaza 'victory'
  2. Egypt mediation key to fragile ceasefire
  3. Hamas says it's back in control of the Gaza Strip
  4. 'Hamas will accept Fatah at Rafah'
  5. Israel and Egypt Plan Border Deal, Hamas Still Hiding
  6. Officials say the Hamas-Israel Gaza truce expected to hold
  7. Report: Hamas seems entrenched in Gaza
  8. Security and Defense Post mortem dues

Saturday - January 24, 2009:

  1. Barak wants legal support, aid for IDF
  2. Brigade commander: Hamas will draw lessons, grow stronger
  3. Fatah fears Gaza conflict has put Hamas in the ascendancy
  4. Gaza recovery in doubt as Israel pressures Hamas
  5. Hamas in bid to reassume Gaza control
  6. Hamas takes control of all Gaza tunnels
  7. 'IDF accomplished goals of Gaza op'
  8. Israeli NGO Try Hamas for war crimes
  9. PA official Israel made 'big mistake'
  10. Sarkozy deploying French frigate to Gaza
  11. UN official: War boosted extremists in Gaza

Friday - January 23, 2009:

  1. Gaza Commander Slams 'Monstrous' Hamas Abuse of Civilians
  2. Gideon Levy - Gaza war ended in utter failure for Israel
  3. Hamas rejects talks with Fatah
  4. Repair work on commercial lifeline begins
  5. Speculation over Israel-Hamas talks
  6. Hamas Lied About Gaza Casualties
  7. Hamas says will distribute cash to Gaza families
  8. Israel tactful in response to Hamas' terrorism
  9. PLO: Hamas exploiting blood spilled in Gaza
  10. PM establishes team to tackle lawsuits over Gaza op
  11. U.N. investigator Evidence of Israeli war crimes

Thursday - January 22, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Events in Gaza spell the end of the beginning
  2. Blood feud building between Hamas, Fatah 'There will be violence'
  3. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood takes the lead in condemning Israel, Cairo leadership
  4. First war tally: 1,284 Gazans dead, 4,336 wounded
  5. Gadhafi proposes joint state of Isratine
  6. Hamas confirms executing collaborators
  7. Hamas: Israel should look into Schalit's fate
  8. Hamas rallies in Gaza celebrate ‘victory’ over IDF
  9. Hamas undeterred, building back its arsenal, command structure
  10. 'Hamas was dealt a blow it never imagined'
  11. Hamas, Fatah bicker following Gaza operation
  12. IDF: Gaza smuggling resumed during offensive
  13. Israeli claim: Iran elite forces killed in Gaza War
  14. Livni in Brussels: Gaza crisis won’t end until Shalit returned
  15. Mashaal: Time to talk with Hamas

Wednesday - January 21, 2009:

  1. A Jihadist Version of Reality in the Gaza War
  2. Arab Singer: Hamas Killed my Cousin
  3. Bereaved Father: "Ceasefire Endangers My Children"
  4. Despite threats, Hamas put up (light) resistance
  5. Hamas fires 8 mortar shells
  6. Iran Plans to Send Fajr Missiles for Future Gaza Attacks
  7. Israel denies Gaza munitions had depleted uranium
  8. Israel says Hamas must not lead Gaza reconstruction efforts
  9. PM Olmert and Italian FM Discuss Smuggling Preventatives
  10. Saudis Pledge to Cover Over Half of PA War Costs
  11. South hit by 849 rockets during war

Tuesday - January 20, 2009:

  1. Al-Aksa We also fought IDF in Gaza
  2. Analysis Trumpets of victory strike false note
  3. 'Arab initiative won't last forever'
  4. 'Gaza rebuilding may legitimize Hamas'
  5. Gaza so what really happened
  6. 'Hamas torturing Fatah members in Gaza'
  7. Hamas We'll keep smuggling weapons
  8. IDF gears for possible ceasefire violations
  9. IDF investigating phosphorus shell use
  10. IDF sets post-truce response formula for future Hamas attacks
  11. Iran renews efforts to supply weaponry to bruised Hamas

Monday - January 19, 2009:

  1. Bibi: Gaza arms smuggling will persist during truce
  2. Hamas annnounces immediate ceasefire
  3. Israel's benefits of unilateral truce
  4. Haniyeh: We have achieved victory
  5. IDF chief: Operation's objectives met in full
  6. Israel begins pulling troops from Gaza; soldiers say 'could have done more'
  7. Israel Opens Emergency Medical Center for Gaza Residents
  8. Israeli Soldier in Gaza Talks: We Want to Finish the Job
  9. Lieberman: Gaza still Hamastan
  10. PM We reserve right to renew op
  11. Pre-Ceasefire: Over 100 Tunnels Hit

Sunday - January 18, 2009:

  1. 10 soldiers wounded in heavy fighting
  2. Hamas insists it will continue battle against Israel
  3. Israel to cease fire in Gaza but no deal for Hamas
  4. Israeli Cabinet approves cease fire
  5. Late-night rocket barrage slams South

Saturday - January 17, 2009:

  1. "Iranian Unit" Destroyed, Hamas was Suprised
  2. 4 injured in rocket attacks
  3. Gaza campaign is war against Amalek, says Chief Rabbi of Safed
  4. Gaza lull as envoys work on Hamas offer
  5. Hamas and Jihad leaders in Qatar for Gaza meeting
  6. Qatar suspends ties with Israel
  7. IDF strikes 40 targets in Gaza; sources say '23 bodies found under rubble'
  8. 'International force if truce bid fails'
  9. 'Israel doing its best to help Gazans'
  10. Mashaal- We won't accept truce conditions
  11. Three Weeks into the War: 1,200 Gaza Targets Bombed
  12. UN calls for immediate cease-fire
  13. Livni: Unilateral ceasefire test for Hamas
  14. Q and A on rules of war
  15. US, Israel to jointly battle smuggling

Friday - January 16, 2009:

  1. Galant: Pressure on Hamas is huge
  2. Shells hit UN headquarters, media offices, hospital
  3. US 'monitoring Iraqi views on Gaza invasion'
  4. Hamas Offers Ceasefire, Threatens Revenge
  5. IDF: Civilian deaths less than 25% of total
  6. Israel non-committal on Hamas truce terms
  7. Israel, Hamas agree on 2-week truce
  8. Israel, US foil UN condemnation
  9. Israel's heaviest shelling yet hits UN compound, hospital
  10. Livni Pressures Red Cross: You Must See Shalit
  11. Livni: Red Cross must pressure Hamas on Shalit
  12. Livni to get US aid against smuggling
  13. 'Only Egyptian buffer zone will stop smuggling'
  14. Overwhelming Israeli support of Gaza op
  15. Politics start spilling out of war room
  16. Ramattan TV is the world's eyes in Gaza
  17. Rocket barrages on south resume
  18. Airstrike kills senior Hamas minister
  19. Barak: Keeping eyes open for Gaza op end
  20. Brown condemns Israeli attack as indefensible
  21. Civilians flee Gaza hospital engulfed in flames
  22. Fatah cracks down on Hamas in West Bank

Thursday - January 15, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Heavy losses haven't broken the Hamas regime
  2. Report Details How Hamas Uses Gaza Kids in Combat Support Roles
  3. Bin Laden urges jihad against Israel
  4. Bolivia severs ties with Israel over Gaza
  5. Citigroup worries mount ahead of results
  6. Palestinian death toll exceeds 1,000
  7. Hamas hunkers down in command HQ at hospital
  8. Hamas presents reservations regarding truce
  9. Hamas talks on ceasefire, Gaza dead top 1,000
  10. IDF Combined Forces Increase Pressure in Gaza
  11. IDF legal team gathering Gaza evidence
  12. IDF Releases Photos of Smuggler Tunnels Uncovered in Gaza
  13. IDF to step up flow of humanitarian aid
  14. 'IDF white phosphorus use not illegal'
  15. Israelis Combat-avoiding Hamas battalions 'have simply disappeared'
  16. Netanyahu No escaping need to end Hamas regime
  17. Phosphorus mortar shell detected in Negev
  18. Proportionate Response: Too Much or Too Little?
  19. Proposal emerges for 10-day cease-fire in Gaza
  20. State officials: Barak encouraging Hamas
  21. Terrorists fire 18 rockets at Israel
  22. Three Grads found in south Lebanon

Wednesday - January 14, 2009:

  1. Israel deepens Gaza incursion
  2. Israeli army 'shot at from Jordan'
  3. IDF Officer, Soldiers Wounded in Booby-Trapped House
  4. Barak Gaza operation to continue
  5. Gaza clinics destroyed by raids
  6. Hamas said to be damaged but still intact
  7. Hamas: Victory is close
  8. Israeli cabinet divided over fresh Gaza surge
  9. Israeli forces squeeze Gaza
  10. Israeli forces step up offensive as UN chief tours
  11. Israel's Top Leaders Weighing Their Next Steps in Gaza
  12. Jordanian soldier fires at Israel patrol
  13. Muslim ministers warn of Gaza backlash
  14. Politicians Swore Gaza Pullout Would Bring Security to South - Politics & Government
  15. Israel, Hamas locked in fierce Gaza street battles
  16. Rocket hits educational institute in Ashkelon
  17. Significant drop in projectiles fired from Gaza
  18. We must finish the job

Tuesday - January 13, 2009:

  1. Dichter Hamas salaries paid at Shifa Hospital
  2. Egypt rethinks Philadelphi Corridor moat
  3. Fatah official Hamas black and bloody militia
  4. Gaza death toll tops 900
  5. Gaza war: Second stage nearing completion
  6. 20,000 gather in London to protest against invasion
  7. German foreign minister hopeful of Gaza ceasefire
  8. Questions linger over tactical gains
  9. Two weeks under fire and still no end in sight
  10. Hamas raids aid trucks, sells supplies
  11. IDF, ICRC, UN set up joint aid center
  12. 'Iron Dome is the right system to use'
  13. Israel arrests 700 people, mostly Arabs, in protests against IDF Gaza op
  14. Israelis Mount Daring Psy-Ops in Gaza
  15. Palestinian Groups Reject International Gaza Force
  16. Rocket barrage on western Negev continues
  17. Rocket hits house in Ashkelon
  18. Students return to class as rockets fall

Monday - January 12, 2009:

  1. Army creating 'security zone' in Gaza
  2. 'Diplomatic window for truce still open'
  3. Families in South find welcome respite from war
  4. Internal divisions thwart Arab initiative
  5. 'Hamas badly hit, but will fight on'
  6. Hamas says no longer interested in Shalit
  7. IDF Attacks 60 Targets in Gaza, Intelligence Videos Released - Defense-Middle East
  8. IDF kills 10 Palestinian gunmen
  9. Israel advances deep into Gaza urban areas
  10. Israel calls for 'further patience' to meet Gaza goals
  11. Israel throws reservists into Gaza battles
  12. Jewish Gaza Evacuees Standing Strong - Defense-Middle East
  13. Mashaal decries 'holocaust' in Gaza Confronting Hamas
  14. Olmert: Preaching nations wouldn't show our restraint
  15. Israel sends reservists into Gaza but says end may be near
  16. Rocket Barrages Pepper the South

Sunday - January 11, 2009:

  1. A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery
  2. Campaign Promotes Return to Gush Katif
  3. Global protests call for end to Gaza op
  4. Israel's Livni declines to give timeframe to Gaza operation
  5. Hamas chief No chance of deal with Israel
  6. IDF 300 Hamas operatives killed in Gaza
  7. IDF Army didn't fire on UN truck driver
  8. IDF likely to expand Gaza op before cease-fire is imposed
  9. IDF Warns Gaza: Worse is About to Come
  10. Israel to step up assault on Hamas
  11. Israel, Hamas vow to fight on in Gaza
  12. Mashaal rejects int'l presence in Gaza
  13. Senior Officer: Hamas Terrorists Afraid to Come Out and Fight
  14. Two rockets slam into Ashkelon, injuring one
  15. 'UN drafting Gaza plan to reinstate PA'

Saturday - January 10, 2009:

  1. 3 soldiers wounded in Gaza clashes
  2. Analysis: Syria deals with Gaza, eyeing own peace
  3. Cabinet decides to push ahead with Gaza offensive
  4. 'Cast Lead not limited by end Bush term'
  5. Hamas Abbas no longer heads PA
  6. Hamas claims missile hit Israeli army base
  7. Hamas loses Gaza cell phone, land line networks
  8. Hamas Response to UN: More Rocket Fire
  9. Hamas says US is giving Israel more time in Gaza
  10. Judea, Samaria on High Alert over Kidnap Plans
  11. Katyusha attack designed 'to keep Israel on edge'
  12. Olmert Cast Lead op will continue
  13. Terrorists sought in Israel bombing
  14. The West Bank We're all Hamas now - supporters of Fatah unite behind enemy
  15. US abstains from UN vote on Gaza cease-fire

Friday - January 9, 2009:

  1. 4 troops hurt in mortar attack; Grad hits Ashkelon school
  2. A Tense Quiet in the North Follows Lebanon Rocket Attacks
  3. Analysis: Move in hard or get out quick
  4. Israel given offensive extension
  5. HaEtzni: Smash Hamas, But Not Totally
  6. Hamas Pulling Back Into Crowded Cities, Beckoning Israelis
  7. Hamas Rejects Egypt's Cease-Fire Plan
  8. Hamas shuns bid to give Rafah to PA
  9. Hamas Terrorists Seen Firing From Civilian Areas
  10. IDF on alert after Nahariya attack
  11. IDF unveils Hamas map seized in Gaza
  12. Israel accused over access to Gaza victims
  13. Israel faces criticism as Gaza toll hits 765
  14. Israeli pressure apparently delays UN vote over Gaza truce
  15. Israelis arrive in Egypt for ceasefire talks
  16. Israel's terms
  17. Mortar Attack Wounds 5 in Eshkol Region
  18. Rabbi Lau 'Soldiers Fight for Jewish Survival'
  19. Senior officers want to press on with ground op
  20. UN to call for 'immediate ceasefire'
  21. Uncertainty shrouds UN driver's death
  22. UNRWA IDF knows gunfire didn't emanate from Jabalya school

Thursday - January 8, 2009:

  1. Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel (New Development)
  2. Gaza clashes resume after truce
  3. 'Hamas has nothing left but rockets'
  4. Hamas says no to permanent ceasefire
  5. IDF steps up anti-tunnel operations
  6. Israel pounds Gaza again
  7. Israel sends officials to Cairo to discuss truce
  8. Israeli spokesman: Media coverage ‘relatively fair’
  9. Mideast Mediators Seek Anti-Tunnel Plan
  10. Nasrallah warns Israel, Arab mediators
  11. Report al-Qaeda No. 2 blames Obama for Gaza fight
  12. Sarkozy: Israel Has Accepted Ceasefire
  13. Sarkozy: Israel, Palestinians accepted Egypt-led truce plan
  14. The 15-second lifestyle - not acceptable to Israelis
  15. Witnesses Hamas fired from school

Wednesday - January 7, 2009:

  1. A wary reassertion of Israel's deterrence
  2. Hamas desperate for lull
  3. Despite Pummeling in Gaza, Hamas Thinks It Has the Upper Hand
  4. Israel aims to control key areas in Gaza, officials say
  5. Hamas opens hospital for gunmen
  6. IDF: Hamas built underground city
  7. IDF ready to deploy in all of Gaza Strip
  8. Jordan, Egypt strike balance between Israel ties, angry public
  9. Lebanon doubts Hizbullah will open second front
  10. Officials warn: Gaza infrastructures near breaking point
  11. Peres: Europe needs to open its eyes
  12. Israeli leaders to debate final Gaza push
  13. Rice gives support to Mubarak proposal on Gaza
  14. Sarkozy urges Assad to press for truce
  15. UNSC to meet on Gaza resolution
  16. US seeks cease-fire formula, backs op
  17. Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador
  18. 'We're fed up with empty gestures'

Tuesday - January 6, 2009:

  1. 2 lightly wounded by Gaza mortar fire
  2. 32 rockets fired at southern Israel
  3. A Prayer for Every Soldier
  4. Barak says Gaza partially besieged
  5. Bless the IDF Soldiers As They Enter Battle
  6. 'Cast Lead' Leaves Phoneless Terrorists Confused
  7. Hamas calls for reconciliation talks with all factions
  8. Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorus shells
  9. Israel Setting Rules for Truce: Foreign Monitors at Border
  10. Israeli Forces Push Deeper Into Gaza Strip as International Critics Warn of Worsening Humanitarian Crisis
  11. Peres: I hope Hamas understands its foolishness
  12. Reservists apprehensive, excited as thousands report for duty
  13. War Won't Delay Elections-Yet; Postponement 'Victory for Hamas'
  14. Zahar promises victory over Israel

Monday - January 5, 2009:

  1. 4 brigades deployed in northern Gaza
  2. Gaza civilians tell 'Post' their city has 'gone backward 50 years'
  3. Gazans say experiencing 'another Nakba'
  4. IAF Kills Terrorists Who Fired Missiles at Be'er Sheva, Ofakim
  5. IDF battling Hamas terrorists in Beit Lahiya, Beit Hanoun
  6. IDF- Ground Assault is Needed to Take Out Tunnels, Silos
  7. Israeli soldier killed as IDF slices Gaza into three
  8. Next stage of Gaza op: 'Root canal' for terror
  9. Peres Hamas getting a lesson in Gaza
  10. Shin Bet Says Hamas Feeling the Pain, Looking for Way Out
  11. Thousands flee guns and shells as Israel tightens grip on Gaza

Sunday - January 4, 2009:

  1. 6 hurt as 36 rockets, shells hit South
  2. Advanced Arrow Radar Deployed, Missile Defense May be Next
  3. Analysis: Hamas could not be deterred
  4. Attack starts amid diplomatic deadlock
  5. Hamas plans to defeat Israeli force with epic last stand at Gaza City
  6. Double Standard Watch: Israel's actions are lawful and commendable
  7. Gov't: We have no intention of taking over Gaza Strip
  8. Hamas: Gaza will be a graveyard for IDF troops
  9. Hamas moves on Fatah 'collaborators'
  10. Another in critical condition after clash with Hamas gunmen
  11. IDF deep in Strip- 50 terrorists killed
  12. IDF in Firm Control, Kills 30 Terrorists; 28 Soldiers Wounded
  13. IDF operation will achieve nothing, Egyptian FM says
  14. IDF wary of Hizbullah attacks on northern border
  15. Israeli ground forces launch Gaza invasion
  16. Israeli troops move deep into Gaza as ground offensive against Palestinian territory continues
  17. Mashaal Black fate awaits IDF in Gaza
  18. Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims
  19. Rocket Barrage Strikes the South Sunday Afternoon
  20. Rockets fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon; top Hamas man killed
  21. Shin Bet: Hamas feels existential threat

Saturday - January 3, 2009:

  1. Fatah Let us help you fight Israel in Gaza
  2. Foreigners flee as Israel destroys Hamas homes
  3. Hamas Threatens to Kidnap Israeli Soldiers in Case of Ground Incursion
  4. Gaza rockets put Israel’s nuclear plant in battle zone
  5. Hamas leader says it ready to confront Gaza invasion
  6. Hamas missiles also take Palestinian casualties
  7. Hamas resilient despite Israeli onslaught
  8. IAF strikes 35 targets in Gaza Strip
  9. Israel bombs as tanks wait on outskirts of Gaza
  10. Israel destroys Hamas homes, flattens Gaza mosque
  11. Hamas Provoked Attacks, Bush Says
  12. Israel set to begin ground war against Hamas in Gaza
  13. Israel to treat more injured Gazans
  14. More than two dozen rockets strike Israel
  15. On Both Sides of the Border, Wounded Bodies and Minds
  16. Protesters demand Egypt opens Gaza border
  17. Protests against Gaza op sweep Mideast
  18. 5 lightly wounded in Ashkelon barrage Jerusalem Post
  19. 'And On the Seventh Day...' More Rocket Rain on Southern Israel

Friday - January 2, 2009:

  1. 12 Palestinians hurt in Gaza fighting being treated in Israeli hopsitals
  2. Gazans face ‘humanitarian crisis’ as Israeli raids intensify
  3. France in fresh Gaza ceasefire push
  4. Iran banks on warlike rhetoric to oppose Israeli action in Gaza
  5. Mediation for Israeli-Hamas conflict still on
  6. 'Hamas must halt attacks for truce'
  7. Hamas rockets on Israel's nuclear plant?
  8. IAF Eliminates Top Hamas Leader
  9. IAF strikes Jabalya mosque that was used as launching pad
  10. IDF Strikes Second Hamas Leader
  11. Rejecting truce, Olmert vows 'iron fist' against Hamas
  12. Middle East fight could draw in Iran
  13. Rocket Onslaught Follows Terrorist Liquidation
  14. Source: Hezbollah studying whether to join Hamas fight
  15. Tel Aviv, Rishon Letzion prepare bomb shelters in case of attack

Thursday - January 1, 2009:

  1. The weather favors Hamas
  2. Beersheba under attack; 'special situation' expanded
  3. Egypt's ruling party attacks Hamas and allies
  4. Emergency Medical Services on Unprecedented Nationwide Top Alert
  5. Arab foreign ministers meet over Gaza
  6. Egypt blames Hamas for adventurism
  7. Islamic scholars set to embark on 'Save Gaza Drive'
  8. Israel pushes ahead with assault
  9. Israel rejects ceasefire
  10. Poll compulsions seen behind the Israeli military offensive
  11. UAE seeks unified Arab response
  12. Hamas PM: Crazy war must end unconditionally
  13. IAF hits mosque storing rockets
  14. IAF Takes Out Missile Storage Facility that Doubled as Mosque
  15. IDF bombs 'terror mosque'
  16. IDF: Hamas to Blame for Poor Medical Care
  17. Livni to discuss cease-fire with Sarkozy
  18. Israel's 'all-out war' in Gaza targets Hamas militants at home
  19. Israeli troops dance as they await the order for a Gaza war
  20. School closure saves lives of pupils
  21. Wounded Gaza civilians treated in Israel

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