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  1. The Obama Effect

Friday - September 30, 2011:

  1. Dozens of Jews, Including MKs, Visit Temple Mount
  2. Palestinians approve Quartet proposal and ready to restart talks
  3. PA declines Quartet proposal but says it's 'encouraging'
  4. PA: Nigeria, Gabon to support UN bid
  5. Turkey: Gilo housing plan 'unacceptable'

Thursday - September 29, 2011:

  1. Bibi Says ‘Yes’ to Quartet, Leaves Abbas Up a Diplomatic Tree
  2. Bill introduced in US House to freeze all aid to Pakistan
  3. Binyamin Residents: IDF Covered Up Friday's Arab Riot
  4. IDF announces closure on West Bank for Rosh Hashanah
  5. Nationalist MKs Visit Hevron, Call to Annex Judea and Samaria
  6. Region Watch: Storm clouds over eastern Mediterranean
  7. Rosh Hashanah, The Jewish New Year, Begins Wednesday Night
  8. Security forces on high alert ahead of holiday weekend
  9. 'Sinai terror threat disconcerting'
  10. UNSC hands Palestinian statehood bid to review panel

Wednesday - September 28, 2011:

  1. Report Turkish ship explores near Cypriot gas rig
  2. Syria's UN envoy: Israel committing 'state terrorism' against Palestinians
  3. Erdogan urges UN sanctions on Israel
  4. Four Knesset factions ramp up effort to annex territories
  5. Palestinians stepping up anti-Israel boycott
  6. Assailants blow up Egypt gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan
  7. Drive-by rock attacks – a new twist on Palestinian highway terror
  8. Egypt Sets November 28 as Election Day
  9. Israel defies world with new colony plan
  10. PA, US, EU condemn Gilo housing plan
  11. Netanyahu to 'Post': I haven't set pre-conditions for talks
  12. Peres: Defense budget shouldn't bear brunt of cuts

Tuesday - September 27, 2011:

  1. US Jewish Leader Warns Turkey against Attacking Off-Shore Rig
  2. Turkey to deploy warships over gas dispute with Cyprus
  3. Netanyahu terms Erdogan comments 'outrageous, false'
  4. U.N. Security Council to send Palestinian state bid to admissions committee
  5. U.S. veto on Palestinian bid will hurt Washington's reputation - envoy
  6. Abbas says no talks without Israeli settlement freeze
  7. Abbas to demand changes to Oslo peace accords
  8. Hamas lawmaker arrested in Jerusalem after year of hiding from Israel Police
  9. Report: Turkey operated agents in Israel to track soldiers
  10. 'IHH gathered IDF names, not Turkish intelligence'
  11. Jewish immigration to Israel increases by almost 20%

Thursday - September 22, 2011:

  1. No big UN showdown on Palestinian state this week. West Bank flare-up close
  2. Turkey to beef up naval forces in East Mediterranean
  3. Attn PA: No Conditions, No Taboos; Let's Just Sit Down and Talk
  4. Egypt resumes gas flow to Jordan – but not to Israel
  5. Erdogan calls Cyprus, Israel drilling 'madness'
  6. FM denies threatening coalition over Palestinian UN bid
  7. PA Orchestrates Ramallah Rally for Independence
  8. Palestinians take to W. Bank streets in support of UN bid
  9. Partition rejected by Arabs to be basis for future state
  10. PA's Malki: I believe we'll get enough support in UNSC
  11. Steinitz threatens to stop PA tax transfers over UN bid
  12. Scientists Discover New Life in the Dead Sea

Wednesday - September 21, 2011:

  1. Nuclear terrorism may rise from Libyan, Syrian fallout
  2. UAV that can reach Iran to take flight by end of year
  3. Arabs March on Yitzhar, IDF Intervenes
  4. Ayalon: Abbas is only thinking about himself
  5. Israel and US to Lose in UN Showdown, Warns King Abdullah
  6. Jordanian king: Israeli leaders burying heads in sand
  7. Jordan's King says Israel must choose if it is fortress or part of Mideast
  8. Malki: Talks can't resume until Israel accepts PA's terms
  9. PA urges peaceful protests amid UN bid
  10. Palestinian Authority May Lack Security Council Support
  11. Saudi Funding May Make PA a Proxy State
  12. Frustration in Binyamin We Destroy – They Build

Tuesday - September 20, 2011:

  1. Global Shofar FlashMob Held Around the World
  2. Netanyahu’s Speech to Include ‘Jewish State' Demand
  3. U.S. to Netanyahu: Don't sanction Palestinians following statehood bid at UN
  4. Police complete final riot drill before PA statehood bid
  5. Shalom to PM: Don't Zigzag
  6. PA Chooses Mother of Terrorists to Launch UN Campaign
  7. Prosor: Security Council vote on PA state bid unclear
  8. Palestinians in contact with Security Council members to secure nine votes
  9. Abbas: 'Difficult times' await Palestinians after UN bid
  10. Saudi experts, politicians, say Palestinian statehood bid is a historic step
  11. The Palestinian gambit and UN hypocrisy
  12. Most Israelis Favor Annexing Parts of Judea and Samaria
  13. Hamas PM: We’re Against UN Bid but Support Statehood
  14. Arab Convoy Approached Negohot

Monday - September 19, 2011:

  1. Turkey Predicts Partnership With Egypt as Regional Anchors
  2. Davutoglu: Turkey doesn't need US mediation in Israel crisis
  3. New York meetings open to avert Palestinian crisis
  4. Norway FM We will recognize Palestinian state
  5. PM: I'm convinced US veto will halt Palestinian state bid
  6. IDF: Preparation, Restraint as September 20 Approaches
  7. Israel mulls emergency laws to handle Palestinian riots in West Bank
  8. Jerusalem Prepares for Riots
  9. 'Israel: Adrift at Sea, Alone'
  10. Arabs Stone Jewish Shepherd on Sabbath

Sunday - September 18, 2011:

  1. Israeli-Greek-Turkish air sea forces on guard for first Cypriot gas drilling
  2. Arabs Warn: We’ll Personally Prevent ‘Price Tag’ Operations
  3. Erdogan hints Israel behind leaked tapes
  4. Report claims U.S.-Israel rift more than just a clash of personalities
  5. Dual metaphors for Israel’s September condition
  6. Egypt: We are committed to peace treaty with Israel
  7. Hamas to Abbas: UN bid 'empty of content'
  8. Israel's transformation from the promised land to the guarded land
  9. Mideast 'subway war' in NY
  10. Solana calls for 'Yes' vote on Palestinian state

Saturday - September 17, 2011:

  1. Abbas Confirms: We’re Going to the UN
  2. Comment: The Palestinians’ illegitimate UN gambit
  3. IDF boosts W. Bank presence ahead of UN bid
  4. Abbas claims 1947 borders for Palestinian state, affirms bid to UN Security Council
  5. Foreign Ministry summons Egyptian envoy
  6. Egyptian ambassador asked to clarify statements
  7. Israel moves to retroactively okay settlement homes built on Palestinian land
  8. Jordan: 'Million-man march’ draws few hundred
  9. UN urges resolution of gas dispute over Cyprus
  10. US Dismisses PA Draft Text Rumors

Friday - September 16, 2011:

  1. Erdogan: Warships can be in E. Med at any moment
  2. Israeli-Greek defense pact invoked versus Turkish naval and air movements
  3. IDF Prepares to Call Up Reserves
  4. Palestinians: We will seek full UN membership on September 23
  5. 5 Israeli-Arabs arrested for plotting terror attacks
  6. Israel evacuates Jordan embassy report
  7. 'Jordan has lowered fears of embassy attack in Amman'
  8. Lieberman takes on PLO's 'Judenrein Palestine' remarks
  9. Report: DM to Force Integration of Anti-Tank Missile Systems

Thursday - September 15, 2011:

  1. Vilnai: Palestinian UN statehood bid a 'huge mistake'
  2. Palestinians back off UN Security Council statehood bid
  3. PLO ambassador says Palestinian state should be free of Jews
  4. Abbas aide: PA will renew talks if 1 of 2 conditions met
  5. Netanyahu to convene senior ministers to discuss Israel-Turkey crisis
  6. Obama, the ‘67 lines and Jerusalem

Wednesday - September 14, 2011:

  1. 'Hamas weighing a resumption of suicide bombings'
  2. Report: Turkish warplanes now able to fire at Israeli targets
  3. Israel expects to fight WMD in 'multi-front war'
  4. IDF Cameras at Border Scare Lebanon into Full Alert
  5. Israel to attack Iranian nuclear facilities
  6. 'Israel ostracized over aggressive policies'
  7. Arab League urges international community to back Palestinian statehood
  8. UN diplomats say countries intimidated into supporting Palestinian bid
  9. PA's UN bid may lead to ICC action against settlers
  10. Australian chamber debates boycott of Israeli products
  11. Erdogan: Recognizing Palestinian state is an obligation
  12. Wild Welcome for Erdogan in Egypt: One Fist
  13. Erdogan in Egypt: Turkey is a 'Model Country'
  14. Erdogan: Israel jeopardizing its future
  15. Netanyahu views construction of border fence with Egypt
  16. UN experts say Israel's blockade of Gaza illegal

Tuesday - September 13, 2011:

  1. Nine Fronts in the Next War
  2. Danino: Mass protests likely following Palestinian UN bid
  3. 'Palestinian UN statehood bid popular in Europe'
  4. Erdogan says flotilla raid was 'cause for war'
  5. Turkish frigates to confront Israeli vessels, disable their weapons
  6. Turkish PM starts 'Arab Spring' tour in Cairo
  7. Analysis: Financial Crisis May Destroy PA
  8. Dubai Poll: More than Third of Arabs Justify 9_11
  9. Former Ambassador: Egypt is in a State of Anarchy
  10. Jordan protest threatens to emulate embassy storming
  11. 'King Abdullah II: Jordan will never be Palestine'
  12. Hamas denies reports it was asked to leave Syria
  13. IDF Wants a Cameraman in Every Battalion
  14. The Numbers Crunch: Israel isn't making headlines?

Monday - September 12, 2011:

  1. Captive to the misconception
  2. Why do they hate us?
  3. Barak asks for cabinet meeting on ties with Turkey
  4. Barak: Israel must address its growing political isolation
  5. Embassy raid: Egyptian military arrests 92 suspects
  6. Embassy under siege: Israeli guards fired in the air
  7. German Foreign Minister to Meet with Abbas in Ramallah
  8. Israel says offshore gas secure after Turk challenge
  9. PA: Israel's reaction to UN bid is 'hysterical'
  10. Palestinians warned Israel at start of Arab Spring Ties with Egypt will change
  11. 'Turkish hackers preparing cyber attack on Israeli sites'

Sunday - September 11, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Crises with Turkey and Egypt represent a political tsunami for Israel
  2. Analysis: Turkey to complicate life for Israel, but avoid war
  3. Israeli embassy break-in led by Jam'a al-Islamiya of NY 1993 bombing
  4. Cairo mob ransacks, torches Israeli embassy. Ambassador flown out
  5. Cairo protestor: We hit embassy worker
  6. Netanyahu aide: Israel, Egypt to preserve peace deal
  7. Netanyahu: Egypt turmoil proves need for security assurances in Mideast peace deal
  8. Erdogan says misquoted on warships
  9. Expert Warns Against 'Thousands' of Cyber Attacks
  10. Lieberman: Israel not interested in conflict with Turkey
  11. Netanyahu's office distances itself from Lieberman's planned measures against Turkey
  12. Report: Turkey obtains names of flotilla raid soldiers
  13. Security and Defense: Coordinating around September

Saturday - September 10, 2011:

  1. Erdogan drives toward armed clash with Israel. Oil and gas at stake
  2. Israel to ‘punish’ Turkey
  3. Gunshots fired at western Negev homes; no injuries
  4. Hamas considering relocating HQ to Cairo
  5. Meridor: Erdogan must abide by naval blockade of Gaza
  6. 'Jewish Authority' Will Stay in Land Given Away by the State
  7. Meridor: Israel wants no sabre-rattling with Turkey
  8. PA Unfazed by U.S. Veto, Still Going to UN
  9. Turkish president calls Israel 'ungrateful burden'
  10. UN Secretary General: Palestinian statehood is 'long overdue'

Friday - September 9, 2011:

  1. Erdogan: Turkey warships will escort any future Gaza aid flotilla
  2. Israelis could face trial in The Hague if Palestinian statehood recognized at UN, experts warn
  3. Terror attacks skyrocket in August
  4. Qassam Rocket Attacks Continue in Southern Israel
  5. Israel Retaliates for Rocket Attacks, 1 Dead
  6. Lt-Col (Res.): Arabs Who Enter Jewish Towns Sept 20 in Danger
  7. Mayor: IDF Directive Will Not Deter Arabs on Sept. 20th
  8. ICJP Denounces PA Statehood Bid: A Fatal Blow to Peace
  9. Barak on Turkey: This wave will pass
  10. Turkey’s shift
  11. Palestinians deny submitting official statehood request to UN
  12. Report: Turkey's Anti-Israel Pose Tied to Ankara's Syria Policy
  13. State Department official says U.S. would veto Palestinian UN bid
  14. Video: Expert in Knesset - PA Part of Global Jihad

Thursday - September 8, 2011:

  1. Israel's Home Front chief's dose of reality flusters defense establishment
  2. Barak to Abbas: Zero Israeli tolerance for Palestinian Sept. 20 outbreaks
  3. IDF kills PRC commander in Gaza
  4. Israel's enemies wouldn't dare launch chemical attack, Barak says
  5. Turkey: Israel not keeping to defense deals
  6. Israel-Turkey tensions here to stay, diplomat warns
  7. Turkey set to sign military pact with Egypt, after cutting trade ties with Israel
  8. Shin Bet uncovers Hamas terror cells
  9. Hamas terrorists planning bombing arrested in West Bank
  10. Extreme-rightists vow to fight Arab rioters
  11. Austria wants EU to draft Palestinian resolution
  12. PLO official: US obsessed with preventing UN state bid
  13. PA Continues Propaganda Offensive on Washington
  14. PA Turns Tables on Obama, Uses His Speech to Back UN Bid

Tuesday - September 6, 2011:

  1. IDF Home Front Command: Likelihood of all-out Middle East war increasing
  2. Barak to Abbas: Zero Israeli tolerance for Palestinian Sept. 20 outbreaks
  3. Army aims to close Gaza tunnels
  4. IDF Holds Military Exercises in the Eastern Negev
  5. Ahmadinejad: World changing to favor Palestinians
  6. Beirut: Israel's Maritime Boundary 'Threatens Peace'
  7. Hizbullah 'Losing Patience' With Opposition
  8. Top General Expects 'Islamic Winter'
  9. Navy Looking for ’Remote Control’ of Flotillas and Gas Fields
  10. Palestinians have a strategy if statehood bid is vetoed
  11. Palestinians: 'We won't give up UN bid'
  12. Warning of Rocket Attacks on Passenger Planes

Saturday - September 3, 2011:

  1. EU to Debate Unified Vote on PA Statehood
  2. France urges EU to speak with one voice on PA state
  3. Palmer Report fails main objective?
  4. Turkey rebuffs Palmer findings
  5. Israel defiant: No apology to Turkey
  6. Turkey Downgrades Israel Ties
  7. Turkey expels Israel envoy after Gaza flotilla report, freezes military ties
  8. Turkey expels Israeli ambassador
  9. MK Zoabi: Try Israel's leaders over flotilla raid

Friday - September 2, 2011:

  1. MEPs back free trade with Palestinian territories
  2. Israel braces for Palestinian statehood bid at United Nations
  3. 'Missile Threat Not About to End,' Warns Vilna'i
  4. 2,000 Illegal African Infiltrators Cross Southern Israeli Border
  5. Construction in Judea and Samaria Up a Whopping 660%
  6. Report: IDF nabs recently released Hamas leader

Thursday - September 1, 2011:

  1. Capital significance
  2. Report: Israel sends 2 warships to Egyptian border
  3. Iron Dome system deployed in Ashdod
  4. Israel's 'Iron Dome' missile defense system hits 85% of targets
  5. Gantz Warns Terrorists: Don't Test Our Strength
  6. No Egyptian crackdown on Sinai terrorists. Jihad keeps Israel in suspense
  7. 'PA statehood vote to risk bilateral agreements'
  8. 'PA UN state bid more dangerous than threats from Hamas'
  9. In new Egypt, foreign policy not just for diplomats
  10. Analysis: Egypt's Strategic Balance Sheet
  11. 'Egypt won't amend Camp David Accords without Israel'
  12. Jordan urges Abbas to rethink UN bid
  13. Ros-Lehtinen Moves to Block PA UN Statehood Bid, Status Upgrade
  14. U.S. bill aims to cut funds to pro-Palestinian UN groups
  15. US State Dept Slams Congress Funding Block of PA at UN

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