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  1. Americans for a Safe Israel’ Marks 30th Mission
  2. 'If we call up reservists, the world will say we attacked'

Sunday - October 31, 2010:

  1. 'Netanyahu offers PA state within temporary borders'
  2. Republicans urge Obama to prevent Palestinian state recognition
  3. Ayalon: PA request to UN to declare state is idle threat
  4. Hamas official: Those firing rockets at Israel are rebels
  5. Peres at Rabin memorial: We are more determined than the enemies of peace
  6. Settlers: Arabs, leftists staged 'price tag' act

Saturday - October 30, 2010:

  1. 'Israel may lease east Jerusalem from a Palestinian State'
  2. 'Death to Israel' chanted at Gaza rally
  3. Hamas official: We were warned of possible Israeli strike
  4. ISA: Hamas Turning Gaza into Islamic Sharia Law State
  5. PM: Direct talks are only way to reach genuine peace
  6. PM lacks majority in any cabinet forum to renew freeze
  7. Interview: Pushing Back Against Arab Land Grabs
  8. Rabbi Ovadia: Selling homes to non-Jews prohibited
  9. Settler numbers rise at almost 3 times nat’l average

Friday - October 29, 2010:

  1. Abbas: We'll demand UN recognition within months
  2. Palestinians have seven options, Abbas says
  3. Hamas official: Another Gaza war would cost Israel dearly
  4. IDF takes anti-aircraft missiles in Gaza into account
  5. Assad: 'Israel not able or ready to achieve peace'
  6. Group charges massive illegal building by Druse in Golan
  7. IDF commanders to get 'haredi glossary'
  8. Jordan PM: Only Resolving Palestinian Issue Will End Terrorism
  9. Rivlin: Europe doing Palestinians' work for them
  10. 'The West has no right to tell Hamas how to govern Gaza'

Thursday - October 28, 2010:

  1. Hariri Investigators Chased Out of Southern Beirut
  2. Islamic Jihad militant killed by IDF shell near Gaza border
  3. Israel to get its own ‘Tea Party’ movement
  4. PA against persuading Hamas to join peace process
  5. Poll: Young PA Arabs want Sharia Law, Seek Iran as Ally
  6. Religious Soldiers March Forward in Officers’ Course
  7. Serry slammed for equating Israeli and Palestinian 'terror'
  8. Settler leaders warn of ‘silent building freeze’

Wednesday - October 27, 2010:

  1. UN backs Palestinians plans for statehood by August
  2. UN envoy demands Israel act against settler attacks
  3. Saudis push Lebanese PM Hariri to quit, Lebanon near abyss
  4. ‘Syria Helps Hizbullah Build Anti-Israel Army in North Lebanon'
  5. 'Hizbullah has 10,000 operatives manning 40,000 missiles'
  6. Hamas ratchets up rhetoric against Israel – and PA
  7. Carter vows to push for sanctions against Israel
  8. Another summit failure exemplifies an Arab world in crisis
  9. Bayefsky: U.S. is More Hostile to Israel than it Appears
  10. Deadly Indian superbug reported for first time in Israel
  11. Ross warns Israel failed talks could imperil its security
  12. Touch Screen for Golani Commanders

Tuesday - October 26, 2010:

  1. Hamas minister: We'll occupy Haifa, Akko
  2. Message to World: Jerusalem Gets Top-Priority Development Status
  3. Erekat slams Israel for J'lem nat'l bill, undermining UN
  4. Civil Aviation Authority irks Jordan
  5. IDF Rehearses for the Day Gen. Dayton's Forces Turn On It
  6. Abbas: Israel been taking unilateral measures for years
  7. IDF planning for potential PA ban on West Bank raids
  8. 'Mossad behind Iranian military base blast'
  9. PA Teaches Children to Fight, Not Learn
  10. PA, Hamas Invest in Jerusalem Schools

Monday - October 25, 2010:

  1. Arab Violence Spreads to Tzfat
  2. Hamas and Fatah declare start of negotiations
  3. Netanyahu warns Palestinians against unilateral acts
  4. Analysis: Israelis, Palestinians eye US midterm elections
  5. Israel Real Estate Market Ranks No. 1 Worldwide
  6. Jerusalem gets first grade national priority status
  7. PA: Rawabi Construction will Boost Boycott
  8. Palestinian flag posted on Safed mosque
  9. Study: More Jews in US Than in Israel

Sunday - October 24, 2010:

  1. Samir Kuntar pushes for more kidnapping
  2. If talks fail, we will renege on Oslo accords, PA warns
  3. PA Warns It May Break Oslo Accord that It Already Has Broken
  4. PLO Ambassador: We're still committed to peace process
  5. 'Hamas is in contact with most foreign countries'
  6. 'Hizbullah trained Iraqis how to kidnap soldiers'

Saturday - October 23, 2010:

  1. Analysis: Would US work against unilateral 'Palestine?'
  2. Netanyahu: Only when Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state will they be ready for peace
  3. PA says Israel hogging water resources
  4. PA says uncovered Hamas arms cache
  5. Peres: We cannot exist without the United States
  6. PM: Future of Jews depends on ensuring Israeli security

Friday - October 22, 2010:

  1. Barak: Israel is Jewish state, world understands this
  2. Foxman: US must stop Palestinians from declaring state
  3. Hague Hears Arguments on PA State Status
  4. Israel Seeks US Support Against PA State Bid
  5. Poll: 41% of Palestinians support resuming the Intifada
  6. Poll: 49% of Palestinians would recognize Jewish state
  7. Construction begins on 544 West Bank homes
  8. PA says it will try again to mend rift with Hamas
  9. Rivlin tells Carter he is seen as Hamas supporter

Thursday - October 21, 2010:

  1. 13 injured in Kassam training site explosion in Rafah
  2. 'Form Palestinian State Now'
  3. Hariri Tribunal reconstructs murder blast at French base
  4. Israel-Greece Ties Warm as Relations with Turkey Chill
  5. New IDF Program Gives Equal Time to Army, Torah
  6. PM: Israeli people no longer divided
  7. PM: We won't allow an Iranian state in the West Bank
  8. Pro-Arab PR Machine Feeds Media with Libel on Olive Harvest
  9. Qurei warns of possible ‘armed resistance’ if talks fail
  10. Senior Labor minister: We'll quit coalition if Mideast talks don't resume by year's end

Wednesday - October 20, 2010:

  1. Israel's U.S. ambassador: No one will dictate Israel's borders
  2. New Survey Indicates Large Oil Field Buried Under Negev Sand
  3. Palestinians plan UN resolution calling for settlement evacuation
  4. Current West Bank olive harvest most violent in years, defense document reveals
  5. UN Message on Negotiations was a Veiled Warning to PA
  6. US working on ‘compromise' plan to renew freeze

Tuesday - October 19, 2010:

  1. Netanyahu: Hamas has obtained anti-aircraft missiles
  2. Abbas weighs opening West Bank to Hamas fighting and intelligence units
  3. Abbas rebuffs Syria call to continue Palestinian 'resistance'
  4. Does the PA fulfill the criteria for an independent state?
  5. Hamas lawmaker arrested in West Bank
  6. Hamas will pay heavy price if it attacks again, IDF source
  7. 16-year-old killed by grenade explosion near Karmiel
  8. Israel Builds World's Largest Underground Hospital
  9. 'Israel's new housing units decision violates int'l law'

Monday - October 18, 2010:

  1. 1 killed in IAF strike against rocket cell in northern Gaza
  2. Lebanon media Massive explosives hoard found in country's south
  3. Abbas: Netanyahu fears for his government
  4. Another flotilla sets sail for Gaza
  5. Cracks widen in Netanyahu's coalition

Sunday - October 17, 2010:

  1. International Uproar Over Jerusalem Building Approvals
  2. Congressional Democrat supports building in Jerusalem
  3. France to Israel: Reconsider Jerusalem construction
  4. Italy to ban Star of David flags at Tottenham soccer match
  5. Turkey slams Israeli 'state terrorism'
  6. 'Erdogan: Israel to stay isolated if doesn't apologize'

Saturday - October 16, 2010:

  1. Netanyahu Lebanon's turning into Iranian satellite tragic
  2. PA Wants Security Presence in Area C
  3. Abbas: We won’t recognize Israel as Jewish state
  4. Building Resumes in Jerusalem
  5. Erekat: Israel choosing settlements over talks
  6. 'Israel killing every opportunity to resume talks'
  7. Palestinians say peace talks 'threatened'
  8. Palestinians, settlers clash in East Jerusalem
  9. US: Resumption of Jerusalem construction disappointing

Friday - October 15, 2010:

  1. Abbas: Israel can call itself whatever it wants
  2. 'Assad said will press Hamas to recognize Israel'
  3. Clinton: Netanyahu, Abbas are right leaders for peace
  4. PM: Best answer to Ahmadinejad given 62 years ago
  5. Turks accuse Israel of war crimes at ICC
  6. 'Viva Palestina' aid flotilla set to depart for Gaza

Thursday - October 14, 2010:

  1. Fatah official says two-state solution is over
  2. FM: Israel willing to resume talks sans conditions
  3. Hamas Censors Arab Media in Gaza, Closes PA Union HQ
  4. Hareidi Religious Rabbis Flock to Temple Mount
  5. IDF launches massive Ground Forces exercise
  6. Israeli presence in Jordan valley could be flexible
  7. Jordan Valley Joins List of Peace Obstacles
  8. LEBANON:IRAN Car of a pro-Hezbollah cleric explodes, as Ahmadinejad arrives in Beirut

Wednesday - October 13, 2010:

  1. IDF forms Arabic-speaking unit to guard Negev bases
  2. Israel drills unconventional al Qaeda strike in Jerusalem
  3. Lieberman Palestinians may try to form autonomous Arab regions within Israel
  4. Ya'alon: 'No chance of peace with Palestinians'
  5. Abbas to Arab League: Israel has violated all agreements
  6. Barkat: 'Just Say No' to Splitting Jerusalem
  7. 'Both sides must take steps for negotiations to continue'
  8. Lieberman: PA will try to undermine our legitimacy
  9. Netanyahu 'Seeking freeze formula'
  10. New int'l flotilla heading to Gaza in early 2011
  11. No to a third intifada
  12. Palestinians: US not taking Bibi seriously

Tuesday - October 12, 2010:

  1. France 'can't rule out' UN creation of Palestinian state
  2. 'In the ME, the weak do not survive, only the strong'
  3. Lieberman: We don’t want to end up like Czechoslovakia
  4. MESS Report: Fearing civil war, Lebanese citizens arm themselves
  5. PA quashes PM's offer for renewed building freeze

Monday - October 11, 2010:

  1. 'Abbas has no plans to dismantle PA if peace talks fail'
  2. Assad to Abbas: Arab League shouldn't have to sanction talks
  3. Barak discusses peace talks with French, Spanish FMs
  4. Cabinet Approves Loyalty Oath for Non-Jews; Barak Objects
  5. Erekat: PA will only accept complete freeze during talks
  6. Every Army Fights in Urban Terrain - The IDF Fights for Its Home
  7. Arab leaders discuss League reform, unified action plan
  8. Jewish leaders to gather in Jerusalem on future of peace process
  9. Large Police Exercise in Jerusalem Area Tuesday
  10. Lebanon prepares for Ahmadinejad
  11. PA's Erekat mulls international mandate option
  12. Peres to Kouchner: Alternative to peace dangerous
  13. Report: Abbas Wants UN Forces in Jerusalem

Sunday - October 10, 2010:

  1. 'Abbas may ask US recognition for state in 67 borders'
  2. 'Israel's purchase of F-35 jets poses M.East security risk'
  3. Is Eilat turning religious
  4. Jerusalem fears pressure on PM will increase in Nov
  5. Livni Netanyahu should agree to Obama's request for settlement freeze extension
  6. Nasrallah Comes Out from Hiding, Praises Ahmadinejad

Saturday - October 9, 2010:

  1. Israeli troops kill Hamas' West Bank commanders, hunt 'Syrian' cell leader
  2. IDF kills 2 Hamas members in Hebron
  3. Satellite images reveal Hezbollah training in Syria missile base
  4. Arab League Debates Talks; Shalom Says Freeze was Harmful
  5. Diplomats: Arabs want return to indirect talks
  6. Abbas to resign if colony construction continues
  7. Palestinians: Man injured by rubber bullet

Friday - October 8, 2010:

  1. Is Hizbullah trying to take over Lebanon with Iran's help?
  2. Ambassador Oren: Israel offered incentives package
  3. IAF hits two Gaza targets; Palestinians claim four injured
  4. IDF will use attack dogs in future flotilla interceptions
  5. Legalists: PM's proposal has legal merit
  6. Netanyahu: Israel protects all citizens' rights
  7. 'Palestinians accept 2-month freeze extension proposal'
  8. Rivlin ‘positive’ PM won’t divide Jerusalem

Thursday - October 7, 2010:

  1. Cabinet discusses readiness as Kassams hit South
  2. September a Record Month for Missiles from Gaza
  3. Terrorists Resume Kassam Attacks
  4. PA: US working on 3-month freeze extension to save talks
  5. Hamas threatens retaliation against PA
  6. Jordan urged to take action against Judaisation of Occupied Jerusalem
  7. High property taxes could force Palestinians out of Occupied Jerusalem
  8. Syria, Saudi Arabia work for stable Lebanon

Wednesday - October 6, 2010:

  1. Abdullah: Don't miss chance for peace
  2. Egypt 'doing everything' to save peace talks
  3. Experts: Israel's Cyber-Defense Can Stop Stuxnet Worm
  4. Israel PM convenes inner forum ahead of key Arab summit
  5. Netanyahu meets top ministers, but no mention of settlement freeze extension
  6. IDF Worried by Possible 'Peace Talk' Terror Spike
  7. J'lem: He is just ‘another terrorist’ along border
  8. Mubarak: Failure of talks will lead to terror, violence
  9. Poll: Most PA Arabs Back Recent Murder of Israeli Civilians
  10. Settlers threaten riots over synagogue sealing

Tuesday - October 5, 2010:

  1. Asian activists to try to break Gaza siege
  2. Terrorists' Goal is Three-Way Missile Attack on Tel Aviv
  3. Lieberman: Obama trying to force agreement on Israel
  4. Netanyahu trying to convince top ministers to extend settlement freeze
  5. Report: Netanyahu sets terms for freeze extension
  6. Pressure mounts on PM to reject US ‘benefits package’
  7. Israel’s Revolutionary UAV Lifts Off and Lands Like Helicopter
  8. Lawyer: Syria posts arrest warrants in Hariri case
  9. Survey: Political Right Gaining Voters, Most Oppose Freeze
  10. 'US promises are like a poison pill in a candy wrapper'

Monday - October 4, 2010:

  1. IDF: We Can Identify and Intercept Unconventional Weapons
  2. IAF’s newest squadron will never leave the ground
  3. Israel's 'Peaceful' Neighbor: TV Clip Extols Weapons, Blood
  4. Abbas insists on settlement freeze before talks
  5. PA decides to halt talks unless building freeze reinstated
  6. Egypt backs Palestinian position on settlements
  7. Arab Squatters Break Jerusalem Landowner’s Hand
  8. Palestinian groups call for unified public resistance
  9. Settlers: PA's Demand is Blackmail

Sunday - October 3, 2010:

  1. Palestinian 'no' to talks faces strong US, Egyptian, Saudi objections
  2. PA: 'Israel responsible' for talks' deadlock
  3. Netanyahu: Hope PA doesn’t turn its back on peace
  4. Netanyahu urges Abbas to stay at the 'negotiating table'

Saturday - October 2, 2010:

  1. Rising Tensions Between Hizbullah, Egypt and Jordan
  2. Hezbollah: Egypt arming rival Lebanese militias
  3. Hezbollah refuses Hariri tribunal's request
  4. Norway: Israel-bound subs banned from testing in our waters
  5. Netanyahu: Restrained settlement construction won't affect peace process
  6. Palestinians: Ball in Netanyahu's court
  7. PM: Palestinians must relax conditions
  8. Proposal: Limited Construction During Talks
  9. Security and Defense: ‘The air force of the ground forces’

Friday - October 1, 2010:

  1. Arab League postpones meeting with Abbas on talks
  2. Palestinian factions demand an end to the peace talks
  3. Palestinians may continue talks if construction limited to settlement blocs
  4. Palestinians mull end to talks

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