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  1. Google Earth Tracks the Battlefield Miracle of Chanukah
  2. A peek into Temple Mount excavations
  3. New Exhibit: 2,000 Year-Old Temple Mount Coins

Monday - November 30, 2009:

  1. Barkat Intel dispute now being solved
  2. Deputy FM: Settlement freeze historic opportunity
  3. Jewish Agency, Arkia Airlines strike deal to fly immigrants to Israel
  4. Knesset Members to Get Bible Lessons
  5. Questions people are afraid to ask Salam Fayyad
  6. Will Netanyahu put freeze up for Likud vote

Sunday - November 29, 2009:

  1. Chavez: Israel is a murderous arm of the Yankee empire
  2. Israel aims to ‘terminate' Palestinians
  3. Diplomacy Gaining grace
  4. Barkat Intel dispute now being solved
  5. IAF Maps Existing Construction, as Beit El Mayor Rips Up Order
  6. If we can't make progress bilaterally...
  7. 'Schalit to be moved to Egypt soon'
  8. Sources Shalit transfer enhances security
  9. Tourism minister: I'll back development of West Bank tourist sites

Saturday - November 28, 2009:

  1. God's promise of land to Jews has deep pull on secular Israelis
  2. Israel to open advanced Patriot, Arrow training base
  3. Israeli settlement freeze met with mortars, terror stabbing
  4. 4 gunmen injured in IDF strike in Gaza
  5. Abbas: Settlement freeze not enough to restart peace talks
  6. PA: Netanyahu deceiving world with building freeze
  7. Egypt: Israel must freeze construction in Jerusalem as well
  8. New settler home permits suspended
  9. Azmi Bishara: There is No 'Palestinian' Nation. Never Was
  10. Eitam: Shalit Deal Endangers the State of Israel
  11. Israel okays 28 new settlement buildings, despite freeze
  12. Israel rejects U.S. pressure tactics
  13. Report: Israel prepared to leave Ghajar within hours
  14. Syrian official: Arabs discuss football while Gazans are besieged

Friday - November 27, 2009:

  1. 5 mortars hit Negev region; no injuries
  2. UAE rejects Israeli colonies in Palestinian territories
  3. Lebanon acknowledges Hezbollah's right to use arms against Israel
  4. New Lebanese Government to Endorse Hizbullah Attacks
  5. PA was informed in advance of settlement construction freeze
  6. Palestinians say Israel pardoned 92 wanted Fatah men
  7. PM's Mistake: Separating Jerusalem from Judea, Samaria

Thursday - November 26, 2009:

  1. Abbas: Obama doing nothing for peace
  2. Barghouti leaves violence option open
  3. Cabinet approves 10-month West Bank settlement freeze
  4. Cabinet votes on 10-month building freeze
  5. Israel to hand northern Ghajar over to UNIFIL
  6. 'Let us make peace,' says PM in announcing settlement freeze
  7. Nationalists to Netanyahu: Resign
  8. PA to launch new diplomatic strategy
  9. 'PM will be flexible on settlements'
  10. PMO Netanyahu will show 'great flexibility' on settlement construction, but...
  11. US 'hopeful' settlement freeze can revive peace talks
  12. Yesha Council on settlement freeze: PM broke campaign promise

Wednesday - November 25, 2009:

  1. Abbas: PA will not launch third intifada
  2. Vilnai: Next war to include all Israel
  3. Mubarak insists Jerusalem a 'pan-Arab' problem
  4. Barak warns Lebanese government
  5. MK Ze'ev: From Now On, Kill Terrorists
  6. Israel and Germany in total accord on Iran
  7. Druze MK: Don’t Trust UN ‘Doll’ Soldiers to Protect Israel
  8. IDF strikes targets in Strip
  9. Pressure Campaign against Netanyahu’s Proposed Building Freeze
  10. Video: Rabbis to Discuss Anti-Expulsion Orders

Tuesday - November 24, 2009:

  1. Former Mossad MIA Man: Shalit Deal Catastrophic
  2. Hamas Using Shalit as Pawn for Fatah Unity
  3. Jordan's king dissolves parliament, calls for elections
  4. Peres warns of Iranian threat to nation
  5. 'PM is crossing Olmert's red lines'
  6. Senior Fatah figure banned from al-Aqsa for 6 months
  7. 'A Life's Work' Destroyed in Samaria
  8. Case Study of New Expulsion Victim: Gov’t Buried $90,000 Home
  9. Germany criticizes settlement plan before visit
  10. Palestinian 'community center' contests shutting down order
  11. PM's brother-in-law urges him to quit
  12. Turkish FM: Crisis with Israel over

Monday - November 23, 2009:

  1. Fayyad: Eastern border of Palestine is Jordan
  2. FM: Israel Beiteinu will reject interim state
  3. IAF bombs Gaza targets after Kassam attack
  4. IAF Retaliates for Rocket Attack, Overnight Air Strikes in Gaza
  5. Lieberman: Turkey can't be mediator
  6. Mubarak: Israel ruining chance for peace
  7. Peres promises to halt settlements
  8. Peres Sidesteps Mubarak’s Demand for Eastern Jerusalem
  9. Peres tells Mubarak outposts will be evacuated
  10. Peres, Mubarak to discuss Iran, Gilo
  11. Thanks to Arutz Sheva, Jerusalem Property Stays in Jewish Hands
  12. Tradition Today: Are we really one?

Sunday - November 22, 2009:

  1. Iranian cleric threatens to target TA
  2. Lebanon army chief calls for high alert on border
  3. Assad wants 'guarantee' of land return
  4. Barghouti urges Palestinians to use 'resistance'
  5. Combat Units are Top Choice for IDF Recruits
  6. Hamas: 'Israel Won't Go to War Again'
  7. Hamas: Rocket deal finalized
  8. Kouchner 'optimistic' after Israel visit
  9. Qassam falls in Negev

Saturday - November 21, 2009:

  1. Abbas: People must resist, like in Bilin
  2. Israel arrsets 5 PA intelligence officers
  3. Israel to send first warship to NATO naval force
  4. Israel, Egypt squeeze Gaza tunnel business
  5. Netanyahu: I want final accord with PA
  6. 'PM wants Syria talks without delay'

Friday - November 20, 2009:

  1. Hamas: Terrorism to Eliminate Israel is a 'Principle'
  2. Peres and Barak: Small PA State Now, Larger One Later
  3. Rumored Successor to Abbas 'Would Be Death to Peace Process'
  4. A wheelless cart before a lame horse
  5. Barghouti wants popular, diplomatic action
  6. IAF facing 'mini-intifada' near southern base
  7. Netanyahu Announces Building Reforms in Smaller Israel
  8. Retaliation: IDF Strikes Gaza Weapons Factory, Tunnels
  9. Tehran slams Gilo construction plans

Thursday - November 19, 2009:

  1. Hamas-linked group offers cash for Israeli capture
  2. Palestinian brands Hamas 'rogue government' in Gaza, plans ouster from West Bank
  3. Beilin- Temporary settlement freeze may lead to PA's collapse
  4. Bill: Place Settlements Under Israeli Law
  5. 'Settlements don't make Israel safer'
  6. Cornerstone Laid for New Jewish Neighborhood in Jerusalem
  7. Erekat denies PA unilateralism plans
  8. New colonies east of Occupied Jerusalem 'major obstacle' Saudi
  9. French FM: Gilo expansion plan won't stop diplomatic process
  10. 5 illegal structures razed in J'lem area
  11. Amidst Tensions: Turkish Water Delegation in Israel
  12. Israel no longer trusts Turkey, Erdogan says
  13. Jerusalem Planning Over 5,000 New Housing Units for Arabs
  14. Netanyahu Quietly Rejects US Clamp on Jerusalem
  15. PA Features Children's' Hate Speech at Arafat Memorial
  16. Police arrest woman for wearing prayer shawl at Western Wall
  17. Qassam lands in Negev; none injured

Wednesday - November 18, 2009:

  1. Temple Mount, also known as Noble Sanctuary, is a Jerusalem flash point
  2. The groundwork for a third intifada is already laid
  3. Abbas says determined to advance unilateral moves
  4. Abbas seeks statehood recognition Jerusalem Post
  5. US senator: Palestinian declaration will lead to chaos
  6. MK Ariel to Abbas: Make My Day, Declare Statehood
  7. Senior Fatah Official: ‘Armed Struggle Against Israel,’
  8. Barak: Arrow gives Israel leverage in talks
  9. 'Iron Dome' System Placed on Display
  10. IDF Buying Laser Rangefinders
  11. Israel moves up list to get coveted F-35s
  12. Despite US pressure, Gilo to be expanded
  13. Gilo outraged at US demands to halt construction
  14. Gaza smuggling at pre-Cast Lead volume
  15. Palestinians, UK blast Israeli Jerusalem building plan
  16. Motion to Raze Arab Outpost near Haresha
  17. Police expose illegal arms trade in Israeli Arab town
  18. Proposed Bill: Soldiers Won’t be Used to Evict Jews
  19. Biometric database delayed by 2 years

Tuesday - November 17, 2009:

  1. Abbas advisor: All Netanyahu's actions unilateral
  2. Netanyahu: No one to talk to on Palestinian side
  3. PA confirms PLO to take over parliament
  4. Palestinians seek EU support for independence
  5. Lieberman: Palestinian state likely won't be approved
  6. State Department: US opposes unilateral moves by PA
  7. Israel could annex more area
  8. Shalom: Golan Pullout Not on Agenda
  9. Hezbollah arms mentioned in Cabinet talks(Lebanon)
  10. Biometric bill vote postponed by a week
  11. Peres: 'Ahmadinejad carries the mark of Cain'
  12. Gaza Fire Caused by Missile Aimed for Israel
  13. Officials receive bioterrorism training devised by Interpol
  14. Police Expel Jews South of Hevron; Illegal Arabs Untouched
  15. 'The Palestinian Water Authority wouldn't last a day on its own'

Monday - November 16, 2009:

  1. Erekat: Determined to declare state
  2. Fayad PA 'getting ready for statehood'
  3. Israel Unruffled by PA Threats
  4. Ministers stiffen positions toward unilateral Palestinian state
  5. 'Unilateral PA steps will lead to unilateral Israeli moves'
  6. Lieberman: PA State Brings Arab Conflict Closer to Home
  7. Israel FM says no peace with withdrawal
  8. PM: No Palestinian state without talks
  9. PM: France could mediate Syria talks
  10. Failed Terror Attack at Jerusalem's Mughrabi Gate
  11. 'Deal preferable to unilateral PA move'

Sunday - November 15, 2009:

  1. Erekat: PA may declare state via UN
  2. Erekat Threatening Unilateral Statehood
  3. Hamas Israel fabricating pretext for new Gaza war
  4. Hamas Israel lying to justify next war
  5. Lieberman Return to '67 borders would move conflict into Israel
  6. PLO plans gov't reform to phase out Hamas

Saturday - November 14, 2009:

  1. Lebanese unity deal allows Hizbullah to keep arms
  2. Assad in France: If Netanyahu is sincere, let's resume talks
  3. Assad: Syria wants peace talks
  4. Golan Heights Mayor: We're on the Alert
  5. Hezbollah spies infiltrate Israel
  6. IDF: Number of recruits requesting combat service at record level
  7. IDF uses 'tutu bullets' in Ni'ilin clash
  8. PA: Israel to focus on Syria
  9. Poll: Religious and Secular Right Continue to Gain Support

Friday - November 13, 2009:

  1. Delay of PA vote suggested
  2. Report: Israel puts Golan pullout on table
  3. Report: PM says Israel willing to withdraw from Golan
  4. Netanyahu Denies Arab Media Report, Says No Golan Surrender
  5. Despite Kiryat Arba Housing Crisis, Demolitions Continue
  6. Fresh hope of resumed peace talks
  7. Hizbullah Chief Complains Obama Favors Israel
  8. IDF launches 'counter-Goldstone' probe
  9. Olmert Goldstone Report 'hypocritical'
  10. Palestinians say dozens of trees cut down by settlers
  11. PM tries to jump-start talks with Syria
  12. Pro-Palestinian protesters call Peres 'Shimon Hitler'
  13. Sarkozy calls Abbas on how to break peace impasse
  14. What's Behind the Left-Wing Mofaz Plan?

Thursday - November 12, 2009:

  1. Abbas accuses Israel of 'disfiguring' two-state solution
  2. Abbas: Palestinian state an existing fact
  3. Assad: No preconditions for peace with Israel
  4. Gas masks to be distributed in January
  5. Hezbollah: All of Israel within our range
  6. Knesset Takes Tiny Step Toward Jewish Law
  7. Lebanon: Death sentence to 4 convicted of collaborating with Israel
  8. Lieberman seeks direct talks with PA
  9. Nasrallah lashes out at Israel
  10. Nasrallah: Obama fully committed to Israel
  11. PA Arabs Mark Arafat's Death by Attacking Israelis
  12. U.N. warns Israel, Hezbollah over 1701

Wednesday - November 11, 2009:

  1. Dahlan: We may seek UN resolution on Palestinian state
  2. Emanuel: Bibi, Obama discussed peace
  3. Hezbollah calm worries Israel
  4. IDF chief: Iran rational, pressure can work
  5. IDF: Hizbullah Rockets Can Strike Jerusalem
  6. IDF: We Target Terror Supply Chains Far From Our Borders
  7. IDF's 7th Armored Brigade trains for war in Golan
  8. Israel, Jordan conduct joint army drill
  9. Israel, US leaders discuss stalled Middle East peace
  10. Lebanese paper says Israel preparing attack on Hezbollah
  11. Lieberman: 'Ties with Diaspora vital against Iran'
  12. Lieberman: What have Arabs done for Palestinians
  13. Muslim leaders roast Israel ahead of Istanbul summit
  14. Fayyad seeking PA declaration of independence
  15. Sources: Abbas may resign from PLO Executive Committee
  16. 'We must brace for rocket onslaught'

Tuesday - November 10, 2009:

  1. 2 Hezbollah ministers named in Lebanon
  2. Abbas claims Israel doesn't want peace
  3. Analysis: Coalition agreement not withstanding, Hizbullah will continue to...
  4. Hariri puts final touches to new cabinet
  5. Jordan's king: Region heading towards abyss
  6. Kassam Explodes near Sderot - ‘Death’s Doorstep’
  7. Lieberman: Radical Islam abusing democracy
  8. Mofaz probes legality of meeting with Hamas
  9. Netanyahu to Abbas: 'Let us begin talks immediately'
  10. 'Resistance is an alternative solution'

Monday - November 9, 2009:

  1. 'Hizbullah getting ready for new war'
  2. Report: Hezbollah rearming, says 'Israelis coming soon'
  3. Hamas says Mofaz peace plan 'important step'
  4. Abbas: I don't know what Israel wants
  5. Abbas threatens to dismantle PA
  6. Assad: Syria wants Turkey to have good relations with Israel
  7. Gov’t Desecrates Sabbath at Homesh
  8. Hamas 'We will not negotiate'
  9. New Wells to Serve Galilee
  10. No confirmation of PM-Obama meeting
  11. Shomron Regional Council: Red Cross Leading Provocation

Sunday - November 8, 2009:

  1. Fatah considers reverting to popular warfare
  2. Hezbollah: Lebanese opposition agrees to govt line-up
  3. Jordanian Professor: Israel Will Go to War over Water
  4. Lebanon Factions agree on unity gov't
  5. Mashaal: Hamas stretches hand to Fatah
  6. World Focus: Without Abbas, does doomsday loom?

Saturday - November 7, 2009:

  1. 'We are not bluffing regarding Iran'
  2. Study Warns Arabs Could Outnumber Jews in Jerusalem
  3. Hezbollah slams Arab satellites for suspending Iranian TV
  4. Netanyahu on offensive over weapons cache
  5. Part of West Bank security barrier torn down 'like Berlin Wall'
  6. Report: US informed Israel of arms ship

Friday - November 6, 2009:

  1. Abbas: Israel ruins all peace efforts
  2. Abbas says will not seek reelection
  3. Abbas withdraws from presidential race
  4. Hamas dismisses Abbas retirement plans
  5. 'Abbas is warning his Zionist friends'
  6. Erekat PA may ditch two-state solution
  7. Fayyad keen on realising the Palestinian dream
  8. Hezbollah denies link to arms ship
  9. High Court: Government Decided Too Fast to Free Terrorists
  10. IDF won't use seized arms, except for research
  11. Lieberman: Arms ship more than smoking gun
  12. 'Ship shows Iran-Lebanon arms route'
  13. Video: Goldstone Ignores Terror Victim Face-to-Face

Thursday - November 5, 2009:

  1. IDF executes largest-ever terror attack simulation
  2. 'In Next War, All Israel Will Be One Front'
  3. Arms ship: How Iran tried to dupe Israeli intelligence
  4. Netanyahu on seized arms ship: World must back Israel, pressure Iran
  5. IDF takes over arms vessel
  6. Navy: 10 times more arms on ship than on Karin-A
  7. PM: Arms ship meant to hurt Israel's cities
  8. Weapons bound for Syria, Hizbullah
  9. PM: Ship proves Iran's support for terror organizations
  10. Owners of Hezbollah-bound arms ship: We didn't know about weapons
  11. Iran's History of Weapons Smuggling
  12. Video: Huge Arms Shipment Seized by IDF
  13. Senior officer: New rockets a real threat on home front
  14. Video: Archaeologist Says Arabs Broke Temple Mount Status Quo
  15. Israel, US reach 'silent understanding' on Goldstone veto
  16. New Roadmap: ‘Key to Peace is Ending the Peace Process’
  17. PA Historian & Official Deny Israel's History in Land of Israel
  18. Regiment commander, troops questioned on Gaza war
  19. Strengthening Zionism in the Diaspora and Judaism in Israel
  20. Three Jewish Neighborhoods Destroyed

Wednesday - November 4, 2009:

  1. Calls for Change to Law of Return
  2. Hamas Testing Missiles That Could Hit Tel Aviv
  3. IDF: Hamas has rocket that could reach Tel Aviv
  4. MI chief: TA area in Gaza rocket range
  5. Barak: Trip to USA for Drafting Agreement With the PA
  6. Israel seeks German funding for new missile cruisers
  7. Jewish colonists evict Arab east Jerusalem family
  8. More Jews Enter ‘Illegal Settlement’ in Eastern Jerusalem
  9. PM on drill with US: We're breaking new ground
  10. Swedish reporter repeats IDF organ theft allegations, this time in Israel
  11. Unmatched Israeli Innovation Praised in New Book

Tuesday - November 3, 2009:

  1. Arab Incitement: Jew Attempted Rifle Massacre on Temple Mount
  2. MKs ‘Singing for the Rain’
  3. MKs to submit assisted-suicide bill
  4. Somali extremists threaten Israel
  5. Clinton moderates her praise for Israel
  6. Death Threats against Bedouin with Jewish Ancestry
  7. Hamas Boasts of 'Jihadist Coordination'
  8. Israel frees 6 Hamas cabinet ministers
  9. Jordan Valley could be a sticking point in peace talks

Monday - November 2, 2009:

  1. 'Barghouti to run for presidency if Abbas resigns'
  2. Clashes break out in Wadi Ara demolition; 5 wounded
  3. Clinton Says Settlement Freeze 'Not a Precondition'
  4. Clinton: Settlement freeze not a pre-condition for talks
  5. Egypt backs Palestinian demand for settlement freeze
  6. FM: Interim deal currently best option
  7. Jerusalem: Arabs Stone Jews Serving Eviction Papers
  8. Jewish terrorist arrested for alleged series of hate crimes
  9. Lebanon to 'uncover spying networks'
  10. MK Eldad: Clinton's Praise for Netanyahu - A Bad Sign
  11. PA: Clinton hurting peace talks
  12. PM to meet Sarkozy on way back from Washington
  13. PM: Unprecedented prosperity among Palestinians

Sunday - November 1, 2009:

  1. Clinton meets Abbas, PA sees 'difficult dilemma'
  2. Netanyahu, Barak split over Iran draft

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