Israel - Gaza - Middle East

Saturday - March 31, 2012:

  1. Israel's Secret Staging Ground
  2. Bolton Accuses Administration Of Leaking Story On Israeli Planning Along Iran Border
  3. Analysis: US thwarting Israeli strike on Iran
  4. 3 mortars hit Negev; Israeli aircraft open fire in Gaza
  5. As Expected – Land Day Turns Violent
  6. Aharonovitch: Kalandiya Land Day demonstration is 'a show'
  7. Land Day: 1 reported killed in Gaza

Friday - March 30, 2012:

  1. Army chief cancels IDF-wide Passover vacation
  2. 'Azerbaijan granted Israel access to air bases on Iran border'
  3. Report: Israel Buys Azeri Air Field on Iran's Northern Border
  4. High-level Israeli-Egyptian talks held in Cairo
  5. Lawlessness and terror: The Beduin kingdom of Sinai
  6. Report: Iran strike to delay nuke work by 6 months
  7. Arab teens assault Jerusalem man
  8. Settlers take up residence in Hebron house
  9. The politics of Jerusalem
  10. Truck driver abducted, robbed in West Bank

Thursday - March 29, 2012:

  1. Report: Hamas, Iran coordinate response to Israel strike
  2. Beware Land Day
  3. Organizers fear Palestinian Land Day protests could turn violent
  4. International pro-Palestinian activists descend on Lebanon ahead of Land Day protest
  5. Pentagon to request more funds for Iron Dome
  6. BoI: Economy dealt with difficulties well in 2011
  7. New lab to identify fallen IDF troops by DNA
  8. Netanyahu congratulates Mofaz on Kadima win

Wednesday - March 28, 2012:

  1. Iran flies thousands of pro-Palestinian activists to Syria. IDF fortifies borders
  2. Palestinians to fan Israeli-Arab Earth Day disorders Friday. Damascus to pitch in
  3. Israel says sabotage may stretch Iran atom timeline
  4. 'Prepare for Ops You Read About in Books' -- Paratroopers Told
  5. Germany official: Meeting with Israel's Barak left me 'more concerned' of war with Iran
  6. 'Next escalation in Gaza will be more violent'
  7. IDF Creates 4th Home Front Search and Rescue Battalion
  8. IDF soldier stabbed during West Bank night raid
  9. Police seize 180 illegal firearms from Arab towns
  10. Jailed Terrorist Barghouti Calls for ‘Resistance’
  11. Group requests probe of Barghouti 'incitement'
  12. Shapiro: Israel's decision to cut HRC ties 'understandable'

Tuesday - March 27, 2012:

  1. Iron Dome deployed in central Israel
  2. Soldier says attacked by Arabs in Jerusalem
  3. Teen skipped school to stab Israeli soldier
  4. Israel severs ties with UN Human Rights Council
  5. Officials: Israel ready for ‘Global March to J'lem’
  6. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to field presidential bet
  7. Muslim Brotherhood asserts its strength in Egypt with challenges to military
  8. Rightist MKs blast court over Migron ruling
  9. Editorial: UN Intentions
  10. Jewish Ideas Daily: Marching to Jerusalem
  11. Jewish Situation in France 'Unbearable'
  12. The Israeli-Iranian kiss that launched a thousand Facebook 'likes'

Monday - March 26, 2012:

  1. IDF gears up for Global March to Jerusalem
  2. Report: Israeli teams monitor Iran's nuclear program on the ground
  3. Egypt working to prevent Iran attacks on Israeli targets, sources say
  4. Israel Will Bar Entry of UN Rights Council, Warns Ayalon
  5. Israel considers steps against PA, Human Rights Council
  6. Court rejects Migron deal; orders evacuation by August 1
  7. Lake Kinneret Still Rising
  8. Police probe soccer mob attack on Arab workers
  9. 'Without fuel deal, Gaza shuts sole power plant'

Sunday - March 25, 2012:

  1. Report: Iran planned to bomb Israeli ship in Suez Canal
  2. Security and Defense: Gaining standing
  3. Israel Warns Neighbors Over March to Jerusalem
  4. 'Iron Dome allotment can't offer full protection'
  5. Expert: Israel should 'disengage' from Palestinians
  6. U.S. lawmakers release $88.6 million in aid to Palestinians

Saturday - March 24, 2012:

  1. Defensive Shield in Gaza
  2. U.S. Congress supports additional funding for Israel's Iron Dome systems
  3. Israel won't cooperate with UN probe of settlements
  4. Israeli company introduces 'instant' fortified space
  5. Israel to transfer diesel fuel to Gaza
  6. Israel to get 'international aid bid' lessons

Friday - March 23, 2012:

  1. 3 rockets fired at western Negev
  2. 'IAF, intelligence succeeded against Gaza terror'
  3. Iron Dome bill presented at US Congress
  4. Meridor: Iran chatter is redundant
  5. PM slams Rights Council over 'fact finding' mission
  6. The UNHRC and Hamas

Thursday - March 22, 2012:

  1. Russia: Iran nuke attack on Israel would also destroy 'Palestine'
  2. Barak: Israel will decide its own fate over Iran
  3. ElBaradei: Israeli strike won't stop Iranian bomb
  4. Former Mossad chief: Israel will know before Iran begins producing nuclear weapons
  5. Israel Clears Out Its Embassy In Egypt Six Months After Attack
  6. Egypt's Brotherhood may bid for president
  7. Two held in connection with terror plot targeting ships in Suez Canal
  8. Palestinian who planned to kidnap soldier arrested
  9. U.S. 'concerned' about sustainability of Palestinian institutions
  10. Israel’s fight with U.N. heats up

Wednesday - March 21, 2012:

  1. Fatah Iran paid Hamas to block Palestinian unity deal
  2. US Army Chief Meets with Gantz after Warning Iran
  3. Hamas welcomed at UN headquarters in Geneva
  4. IDF creating 2 new units in face of missile threat
  5. Obama chews out Abbas for quitting talks with Israel
  6. In rebuff to Obama, Abbas says he will send ultimatum to Israel
  7. Israeli Violation of Lebanese Airspace Unacceptable
  8. Leave Gaza Strip, U.S. tells citizens
  9. 'Delegitimization of Israel masked as good vs. evil'
  10. Top IDF officer Palestinians freed in Shalit deal looking to kidnap more Israelis
  11. EU pledges 35 million euros for Palestinian infrastructure project
  12. No leads to Jewish school murders in Toulouse
  13. Peres urges Iranians to shake free of 'corrupt regime'
  14. U.S. war game predicts Israeli strike on Iran will result in regional war, hundreds of Americans dead

Tuesday - March 20, 2012:

  1. Four killed in shooting at Jewish school in France
  2. Army braces for mass Arab marches on Israel’s borders
  3. Israeli official: Iranian military experts operating in Gaza, Sinai
  4. Gaza Terrorists Resume Rocket Attacks
  5. Qassam rocket hits Negev
  6. Hamas chief: Israel using Gaza as 'guinea pig' for military testing
  7. 'Jews around world under growing terror threat'
  8. Lieberman Rejects Times’ Report on ‘No-Nuke Iran’
  9. MK Dichter: Improve Iron Dome Ahead of Gaza Operation
  10. New Radars Cut Gaza Infiltrations by 70-80%
  11. UNHRC mulls settlement fact-finding mission
  12. Waiting for the Messiah: Netanyahu addresses Evangelical Christian gathering in Jerusalem

Monday - March 19, 2012:

  1. Syria training Hezbollah to use antiaircraft guns
  2. Home Front Command: 1.7 million left defenseless in case of attack
  3. IDF says Gaza's Islamic Jihad severely damaged
  4. Israel's New Radar on the Gaza Border
  5. Israel Helps PA while Arab Nations Drop Support
  6. Israel: Palestinian economy not stable enough for independent state
  7. 'Mossad, CIA agree Iran has yet to decide to build nuclear weapon'

Sunday - March 18, 2012:

  1. Iran Israel 'a barking dog' that will not dare attack Islamic Republic over nuclear program
  2. Qassam rocket explodes in Negev
  3. Officials: Escalation Will Be Met with 'Super Escalation'
  4. Islamic Jihad seeks 'balance of terror' with Israel
  5. Islamic Jihad Threatens Tel Aviv
  6. India links Delhi terror attack on Israeli embassy to botched Thai bombing
  7. Egypt plans oil, gas exploration near border with Israel
  8. Hamas chief meets with Turkey PM on Palestinian reconciliation
  9. IMF: Palestinians may face cuts without more aid
  10. Lappin: 'Timing of escalation in south no coincidence'

Saturday - March 17, 2012:

  1. Israel ultimatum: Stop the missiles by Saturday night. Hamas leader in Tehran
  2. Israeli threats of attack sparked new wave of Iran sanctions, officials say
  3. IDF spokesman: Iran 'pulling strings' in Gaza, Lebanon
  4. Nasrallah Praises Gaza Terrorists for Rocket Attacks
  5. Hamas Leader in Iran: Our Resistance Won't Change
  6. Iran caught undermining Hamas
  7. Iran Behind 'Global March to Jerusalem', Say Experts
  8. Islamic Jihad head: We're committed to cease-fire
  9. Israel: Fire UN official over false Gaza photo
  10. Israel officials: Needless delays push back Iron Dome production
  11. Mother, Daughter Ambushed Outside Beit El
  12. Smuggler killed, 3 injured on Israel-Egypt border

Friday - March 16, 2012:

  1. Iran threatens N. Israel with bombardment from Lebanon
  2. Salehi: If Israel strikes Iran, it will meet its end
  3. Strained ties with Turkey hurt Israeli defense contract with U.S. firm
  4. Rockets fired at south
  5. Iron Dome intercepts Grad; rocket hits Netivot
  6. Yaalon: We Will Retaliate Until They Beg Us to Stop
  7. 'Rocket fire on Beersheba will become routine'
  8. Israel concerned UNIFIL heading toward collapse
  9. Egypt's parliament describes Israel as the country's first enemy
  10. PRC Spokesman Admits Hamas Enables Terrorist Activities
  11. Turks outraged by Israel's travel advisory

Thursday - March 15, 2012:

  1. PM: Iranian terror base in Gaza will be ripped out
  2. Grads fired at Beersheba; IAF strikes Gaza
  3. Netanyahu: Gaza violence shows Israel cannot afford to be lax on Iran nuclear threat
  4. Netanyahu says 'Gaza is Iran'
  5. The opportunity in Gaza
  6. Israel Strikes Oil Off Tel Aviv Coast

Wednesday - March 14, 2012:

  1. Israel develops its own bunker buster
  2. PM discusses expanding operations in Gaza
  3. Hamas Mortar Attacks Keep Terror on the Burner
  4. Islamic Jihad says will respect truce; rockets fired at south
  5. Islamic Jihad: Truce a victory for shahids
  6. IDF fires as Palestinians riot during funeral
  7. Gantz on escalation: It's not over until it's over
  8. Tense calm prevails amid informal cease-fire
  9. Ministers blast 'soft response' to escalation
  10. Terrorist Says Hamas Has Lost Control over Gaza
  11. Britain to Join Obama in Discouraging Israeli Strike on Iran
  12. Egyptian parliamentary committee urges recall of Israel envoy in response to IDF strikes on Gaza
  13. Egypt's parliament wants Israel's ambassador out
  14. 'Iron Dome failures not due to penny pinching'
  15. Peres: Window for peace has been opened

Tuesday - March 13, 2012:

  1. Soldier Found Dead near Gaza
  2. 10 Rockets in 1 Hour; No Ceasefire
  3. Air Force Eliminates Three-Man Rocket Squad
  4. PM: We'll continue striking terrorists aggressively
  5. Ashdod Under Attack ‘Like Never Before’
  6. Gaza rockets strike 40 km south of Tel Aviv, on fourth day of heavy barrage
  7. Gaza rockets hit deeper into Israel; 2 hurt
  8. Grad salvo hits western Negev
  9. Expert: Hamas Has an Interest in Continued Rocket Fire
  10. Gaza: Chinese Missiles Aimed at Israel
  11. Analysis- Creating diplomatic maneuverability
  12. Hamas: Egypt working 'around the clock' to halt violence
  13. Iranian-Israel battle of wits over Iron Dome will determine Gaza ceasefire
  14. Haniyeh Says Terror Groups Are 'Positive' About Ceasefire
  15. Palestinians maintain low-level attacks confident Israel will avoid a showdown
  16. IDF Ground Invasion Option ‘On the Table’
  17. Ex-Israeli spymaster Iran response to Israeli attack would be devastating
  18. Israel to delay strike on Iran until after US elections?

Monday - March 12, 2012:

  1. Gaza rockets strike residential neighborhood in Be'er Sheva
  2. Missile Strikes Empty School in Be’er Sheva
  3. Gaza air strikes kill 18 Palestinians
  4. Netanyahu: Israel has dealt strong blow to Gaza terrorist groups
  5. Israel: Jihad Islami will pay dear if Fajr missiles fired. US, Egypt seek ceasefire
  6. Gantz: IDF will continue to retaliate to rocket fire
  7. Israel Rules Out Ground Assault
  8. Hizbullah Accuses Israel of ‘Cowardly Crime’
  9. IDF: Increase in Schalit prisoners' terror activity
  10. Iron Dome Foils 90 Percent of Missiles
  11. Netanyahu vows to boost Iron Dome deployment
  12. IDF to deploy 4th Iron Dome battery within weeks
  13. Iran: Bring Israeli leaders to justice for crimes
  14. Krauthammer: Israel’s Existence More Important than Obama
  15. Watch: Terrorists prepare to fire rockets

Sunday - March 11, 2012:

  1. Some 100 rockets hit Israel since Friday
  2. Libyan multiple-rocket launchers and SA-7 anti-air missiles fired from Gaza
  3. South under fire; IDF kills 12 terrorists
  4. Gaza escalation leaves at least 8 Israelis injured, 12 Palestinians dead
  5. IAF strike on rocket squad brings Gaza death toll to 16
  6. IDF strikes Gaza targets, kills PRC member
  7. IDF Videos Show Pinpoint Accuracy
  8. IDF: We're prepared for what's coming
  9. Home Front Command: Avoid large gatherings of more than 500
  10. Hamas: PA-Israel Security Cooperation Blocking Unity Deal

Saturday - March 10, 2012:

  1. Netanyahu: Strike on Iran's nuclear facilities possible within months
  2. Obama’s projects an Israel visit in July: before or after an attack on Iran?
  3. Deal or No Deal? U.S. Denies Obama-Netanyahu 'Package Deal'
  4. Peres says US, Israel agree on action against Iran
  5. Obama tax plan could cost Israel over $12 million
  6. 2 killed in Gaza strike, including terror chief
  7. IDF: Killed terror chief planned mega-attack
  8. Gaza strike: Terrorists vow revenge
  9. Abbas to deliver ‘mother of all letters’ to Israel
  10. PA to Israel: Release Prisoners, Then We'll Talk Peace
  11. Arabs Hurl Firebombs at Beit El Gate

Friday - March 9, 2012:

  1. Israel asks U.S. for arms that could aid Iran strike
  2. Report: Obama Offered PM 'Package Deal' on Iran Attack
  3. Senior Hamas Leader Undecided on Attacking Israel Over Iran
  4. Soldier kills Palestinian after being stabbed
  5. Gaza Sends Mortar Shell for Purim
  6. Arab delegations to visit Occupied Jerusalem
  7. PA Tells Jordan's FM: No Freeze, No Negotiations
  8. Solar Flare to Pound Purim

Thursday - March 8, 2012:

  1. Netanyahu asked Panetta to approve sale of bunker-busting bombs, U.S. official says
  2. Hamas denies it intends to stay out of Israeli war with Iran
  3. Cargo containers in transit- the Iranian threat
  4. Iran and Israel’s fate
  5. Top U.S. army official Mideast peace stalemate endangers American interests in region
  6. 'One-state solution' campaign promoted in West Bank
  7. Minor earthquake felt in northern Israel
  8. Indian National Arrested in Israeli Car Bomb Blast
  9. Netanyahu: We have many courageous friends

Wednesday - March 7, 2012:

  1. US bunker-busters, aerial refueling for Israel alongside diplomacy for Iran
  2. Netanyahu to Obama- We can’t wait much longer, Iran has not one but ten Fordows
  3. Panetta: We'll act militarily against Iran as last resort
  4. Israeli state officials disappointed with Obama meeting
  5. Eric Cantor: Obama Trying to 'Micromanage' Israel
  6. El Al to Move Flights to IDF Base If Iran Attacks: Report
  7. Hamas official: We will 'stay out' of war between Israel and Iran
  8. Saudi diplomat shot, dies in Bangladesh
  9. Knesset reprimands Tibi over 'Shahid Day' speech
  10. Rabbis warn Jews against going to Temple Mount

Tuesday - March 6, 2012:

  1. IAEA Begins to Confirm Israel’s View of Iran Nuclear Ambitions
  2. IMI presents concrete-penetrating missile
  3. PM to ask US for 'concrete plan' on Iran
  4. Hamas Preacher: Al Aqsa Can't Remain under Apes, Pigs

Monday - March 5, 2012:

  1. ‘Netanyahu to Tell Obama: Attack Iran – Or Else’
  2. Adamant Obama confronts Netanyahu with a lone decision on Iran
  3. Israel 'not rushing into Iran war'
  4. Peres: If Forced to Fight, We Shall Prevail
  5. Netanyahu praises Obama’s AIPAC speech
  6. Lieberman Upstages AIPAC: Don’t Count on United States
  7. Palestinians to demand Israeli steps before renewing peace talks, PA official says
  8. Abbas: Hamas Agrees to PA State Along '1967 Borders'
  9. Israel Offers Aid to Syrian Citizens
  10. Liberman: World must intervene in Syria
  11. Egypt: Camp David Accord days numbered

Sunday - March 4, 2012:

  1. Sabbath Rocket Attacks Continue
  2. Netanyahu: Israel reserves the right to defend itself against Iran
  3. 'Agreements with Israel must be revised'
  4. PA Continues to Stall, Insists on Preconditions
  5. Diplomat: Israel can rely on the US, full stop
  6. FM: Israel willing to help Syrian refugees
  7. Gaza Strip: Hamas losing support

Saturday - March 3, 2012:

  1. Israel confirms plans to test missile system as Obama meeting looms
  2. Modern day zealots envision new Jewish Temple in Jerusalem
  3. Syrian rebel connects with IDF spokesman on Facebook
  4. Blanket of snow covers Jerusalem
  5. Heavy snow fall in Jerusalem for the first time in four years

Friday - March 2, 2012:

  1. Pentagon prepares “aerial refueling” for Israeli planes striking Iran
  2. 'US must assure Israel it'll use might to stop Iran'
  3. 3 Gaza rockets hit Israel's south
  4. Hamas Launches Rocket Attack on Israel Amid Winter Storm
  5. 'Israel to hold Arrow 3 missile test soon'
  6. 'Missiles on Israel preferable to nuclear Iran'
  7. Golan residents stuck inside as snowfall continues
  8. Kinneret Rising as Snow, Rain Keep Falling
  9. MK Herzog: Syrian rebels want peace with Israel
  10. Scientists: Mysterious Virus Blinds, Then Kills Kinneret Fish

Thursday - March 1, 2012:

  1. After years of sounding the alarm, Israel’s Netanyahu focuses world attention on Iran
  2. Hezbollah: Israeli attack on Iran would set Middle East ablaze
  3. Israel can defend itself against barrages from Iran
  4. Israel chides UN over its silence on rocket fire
  5. Prosor's Short but Clear Message: 10 Days, 10 Rockets, 0 Action
  6. 'Israeli security depends on keeping Jordan Valley'
  7. 'Palestinian leaders can come to Gaza from Syria'
  8. Forecast: A White Sabbath
  9. Israeli Jobless Drops to 30-Year Low
  10. Massive Sand Storm Hits the Negev as Snow Smacks the North
  11. Storm, strong winds knock out trees and power

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