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  1. The color ‘techelet’

Thursday - March 31, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Assad the intimidator
  2. Assad decries 'conspiracy' in Syria
  3. Protests in Syrian city Latakia after Assad speech
  4. SYRIA: Only promises and tanks from Assad
  5. Tens of thousands of Syrians gather in Damascus
  6. BDS Movement Calls for Global Day of Action on Wednesday
  7. Britain: Israel's right to exist not up for discussion or compromise
  8. Facebook Removes Page That Demanded 'Third Intifada' Against Israel
  9. Next Arab Facebook Campaign: Get Millions to Invade Israel
  10. Fayyad: Peaceful resistance advancing Palestinian state
  11. 'Israel releases map detailing hundreds of Hezbollah sites in Lebanon'
  12. Tunisia decries Israeli call for Jews to emigrate
  13. UN chief: Israel's occupation is 'morally, politically unsustainable'

Wednesday - March 30, 2011:

  1. Israel threatens unilateral steps if UN recognizes Palestinian state
  2. No place for Israeli threats as Palestine seeks UN recognition
  3. PA accuses Israel of trying to 'bully' UN
  4. Abbas would give up US aid for Palestinian unity
  5. Hamas: Abbas' Safety Uncertain if He Visits Gaza
  6. Syria mobilizes thousands for pro-Assad marches
  7. Hundreds of thousands rally in support of Syrian hard-line regime
  8. Jordan Facing Violent Demonstrations, Demands for Change
  9. Unrest shatters illusions of Assad regime’s stability
  10. Syrian gov't resigns; Clinton condemns its 'repression'
  11. Turkey's photo of the year: Bleeding IDF soldier

Tuesday - March 29, 2011:

  1. Israelis conduct ethnic cleansing in the Jordan Valley
  2. Livni: Kadima, Likud should work together, change Israel
  3. PA Double Talk on Honoring Terrorist, Jerusalem Bombing
  4. The truth about Syria

Monday - March 28, 2011:

  1. IDF Bombs Terrorists After ‘Ceasefire’ Offer and Rocket Attacks
  2. Iron Dome deployed near Beersheba
  3. Islamic Jihad: Israel renewing aggression
  4. Mofaz: We must return to policy of assassinations in Gaza
  5. Peace Talks? Exiled PA Gunman Predicted Renewed Terror Attacks
  6. Abbas Holds 'Positive' Meeting with Hamas on Unity
  7. Gunman fires on Syrian protesters in Beirut
  8. Six dead in port city as Syrian crisis grows
  9. Syria's Assad deploys army; Clinton: US won't intervene
  10. Syria's Assad deploys army in port to keep order
  11. Following Bloody Crackdown Assad Seeks to Appease Demonstrators
  12. Gunmen target Egypt gas pipeline
  13. Terrorism in Jerusalem: Escalation or independent action?
  14. As the Middle East burns, Saudi economy glows

Sunday - March 27, 2011:

  1. European countries want UN, not U.S., to advance Mideast peace talks
  2. Diplomats: New European peace proposal
  3. As impatient Palestinians eye Arab world in flux, Abbas hopes for help from UN
  4. Fayyad updates U.S. on plan for Palestinian statehood in 2011
  5. Qassam rocket hits Eshkol Regional council
  6. Qassam strikes near southern Israel home
  7. Report: Hamas says will withhold fire if Israel does
  8. Abbas meets Hamas officials in bid to end Fatah dispute
  9. Syria: 2 killed by snipers, gov't buildings torched
  10. To survive, Assad must contain majority Sunni unrest before it infects army

Saturday - March 26, 2011:

  1. Barak confirms: 'Iron Dome' to be deployed within days
  2. Barak: No 100% solution to rocket strikes
  3. Canada: Gaza rocket strikes 'criminal'
  4. Nowhere to run: Ashdod, Ashkelon grapple with rockets
  5. Rockets, mortars fall on Israel as officials launch airstrike, mull more action
  6. 'IDF will have to carry out large-scale Gaza operation'
  7. Netanyahu: Israel ready to react with 'great force'
  8. Israel strikes arms depot in Gaza following Palestinian rocket fire
  9. Israeli and Saudi leaders in Moscow as Palestinians ramp up missile strikes
  10. Government Backers, Police Attack Jordan Protest
  11. Palestinian tries to snatch IDF soldier's gun; shot in leg
  12. Politicians Warn Against PA State
  13. Syrian protestors: Liberate Golan
  14. The PA’s empty condemnation of terror

Friday - March 25, 2011:

  1. IAF Confirms Hits on Hamas Targets
  2. Rocket fire on Israel continues; IDF attacks in Gaza
  3. Rockets explode in Ashdod, Sderot
  4. Dozens hurt in clash between Jordanian protesters and supporters of king
  5. 'More than 100 killed in Syrian anti-government rallies'
  6. Syrian activists: Death toll in anti-gov't protests 100
  7. Worried by week of unrest and fatal clashes, Syrian government offers pledges of new freedoms

Thursday - March 24, 2011:

  1. Dep. Minister Kara: United J'lem Must Remain Israeli
  2. IDF: Syria may provoke Israel to distract from domestic unrest
  3. Seven years of peace in Jerusalem shattered by bomb blast
  4. The bomb blast in central Jerusalem was the work of terrorist pros
  5. Islamic Jihad, Hizbullah Praise Attack in Jerusalem
  6. Netanyahu Israel will continue to operate against terrorists in Gaza
  7. PM: Israel will act ‘vigorously, responsibly and prudently’
  8. Peres: I have confidence in IDF to stop terror
  9. 2 Grad Katyusha Missiles, 10 Mortar Shells Strike South
  10. Two Grad rockets hit Be'er Sheva; IAF strikes Gaza launching squad
  11. Phosphorous shells hit southern Israel
  12. Gaza militants' rockets strike cities deep into Israel
  13. Escalating Palestinian missile-mortar fire on Israeli cities boosts tension
  14. PM will convene security council to formulate Gaza plan
  15. Police, MDA raise alert level following terror attacks
  16. One dead in new exchange between Gaza and Israel
  17. Fayyad: 'I resolutely denounce this terror attack'
  18. Hamas Unhappy with British, German Positions on Flareup
  19. Netanyahu: Palestinians are not ready for peace with Israel
  20. Neturei Karta Meet Mufti to Stop Rock Throwing at Praying Jews
  21. PA Arabs Seek Egyptian Citizenship
  22. Report: Gunmen kidnap seven Europeans in Lebanon

Wednesday - March 23, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Will Israel pick up tab for assault on Libya?
  2. Hamas Offers 'Ceasefire' After Death Threat and Air Strike
  3. Iran ordered attack on Israeli civilians
  4. Israeli air strikes wound 19 in Gaza Strip after Hamas action
  5. Large-Scale IDF Retaliation Strikes Gaza Terrorists Bases
  6. Palestinians: IDF shells kill 4 Gazans, including children
  7. Protesters march in Syria for fifth straight day
  8. Syrian government tracking protesters
  9. The drastically changing Mideast and the Israeli constant
  10. Turkey group plans new Gaza flotilla with at least 15 ships

Tuesday - March 22, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Gaza escalation shows IDF deterrence eroding
  2. Palestinian rocket slams into Ashkelon
  3. Hamas digging ‘terror tunnels’ along border with Israel
  4. Kerry, key US interlocutor with Syria, to meet with PM
  5. Assad blockades disaffected Syrian areas to contain spreading protests
  6. Netanyahu: We Can't Have Another Iran in the Middle East
  7. Syria: Seven Police Killed, Buildings Torched in Protests
  8. Using attacks on Syrians shows Assad's vulnerability
  9. Rabbi Elon: Do Not Think You'll Be Safe in the King's Palace

Monday - March 21, 2011:

  1. New System Saves Soldiers from Missile Strike - Again
  2. PA Incitement ‘Concerns’ US – After 4 Days of Silence
  3. Dozens of Saudis gather at protest in Riyadh
  4. Syrian protesters torch Baath party headquarters
  5. Syrians demand end to emergency law
  6. Uprising in Syria: Assad Begins to Yield to Pressure
  7. Wave of unrest shakes Syria, crowds torch party HQ
  8. Yemen president sacks cabinet in face of protests

Sunday - March 20, 2011:

  1. Hamas wins Cairo's recognition, strikes Israel with 50 mortars
  2. 50 mortar shells fired into Israel, 2 injured
  3. Dozens of mortar shells hit south
  4. Israeli shells hit Gaza Strip after mortar attack
  5. Israel lodges formal complaint with UN over barrage of Gaza mortars
  6. IDF: Assassination of Hamas leaders possible
  7. IDF Shoots Dead Two Terrorists in Gaza
  8. Call for revolution at Syria funeral; security forces respond with tear gas
  9. Lieberman: 'World supporting creation of terror state'

Saturday - March 19, 2011:

  1. Israel threatens ‘military action’ if Iran refuses to stop nuclear programme
  2. 10 mortars fired at Negev; no injuries
  3. ‘Victoria’ served as ‘first test’ of Iranian infrastructure
  4. 'Netanyahu has already divided Jerusalem!'
  5. Netanyahu slams Abbas unity efforts
  6. PM says IDF to build fence along Jordan border

Friday - March 18, 2011:

  1. Peres: Syria, Lebanon must choose between Iran's ambitions and peace
  2. Peres: 'Victoria' shows Syria providing Hamas arms

Thursday - March 17, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Israel’s shadow war against Iran
  2. Gaza: 2 Hamas men killed in IDF strike
  3. Abbas offers to visit Gaza to end Palestinian split
  4. Hamas' Violent Crackdown Injures 50
  5. PM: 'We have to confront the axis of terror'
  6. Safed: 2 cars torched; anti-Arab slurs sprayed
  7. Six Anti-Ship Missiles Found on Hamas-Bound Boat
  8. Uruguay Recognizes PA as Sovereign Nation, France Defers

Wednesday - March 16, 2011:

  1. IDF seizes Gaza-bound arms vessel
  2. Barak: Israel must advance peace or face a 'diplomatic tsunami'
  3. IDF on top alert for Palestinian Day of Rage spillover
  4. Thousands in W. Bank, Gaza protest Hamas-Fatah rift
  5. Thousands of Palestinians rally in Gaza, West Bank to end split between rival governments

Tuesday - March 15, 2011:

  1. Abbas calls terror attack 'inhuman'
  2. Abbas: Itamar attack 'despicable, immoral, inhuman'
  3. Body of missing IDF soldier found near Beit Shemesh
  4. Foreign Minister: Hamas is Waiting in the Wings
  5. Lieberman: Hamas waiting for chance to take over West Bank
  6. IDF Combat Motivation - Highest Ever
  7. Itamar Massacre Fails to Change Obama’s Anti-Settlement Policy
  8. Let’s stop pretending

Monday - March 14, 2011:

  1. Netanyahu Demands End of ‘Double-Talk’
  2. Fogel Family Slaughter Deliberately Incited by PA
  3. Abbas' double game: His Fatah tipped to endorse Itamar murders
  4. Three Year Old Stabbed in the Heart, Baby's Throat Slashed
  5. Palestinians honor leader of 1978 terror attack
  6. Itamar Massacre Victims Expelled from Gush Katif in 'Peace Plan’
  7. Itamar attack: Chai family escapes murder
  8. ‘Blue-and-white’ operation to apprehend terrorists
  9. Iran Praises Savage Murders; Haaretz Fears ‘Right-Wing Jews’
  10. Protesters block junctions across Israel in response to Itamar attack
  11. Israel demands CNN apology over attack coverage
  12. Israel Launches PA Incitement Index
  13. Jerusalem will never be divided, says Barkat
  14. Thousands gather in Beirut against Hezbollah's weapons
  15. West Bank: Palestinian vehicles stoned, set on fire

Sunday - March 13, 2011:

  1. Arab Terrorists Murder Family in Samaria, Including Infant
  2. Five Israelis murdered by Palestinians at Itamar were Gaza evacuees
  3. Hamas ordered five Israelis murdered following secret Islamist Khartoum parley

Saturday - March 12, 2011:

  1. Qassam hits Negev, does damage
  2. Attack on Bus in Jordan Valley
  3. Hamas planning to resume efforts against IDF in West Bank
  4. Palestinian Affairs: Will the Palestinians rise up too?
  5. Egypt: Two of Sadat's Killers Released
  6. Gulf Arab Ministers Try to Buy Quiet With Aid Dollars
  7. How Israel could revolutionize the global energy sector
  8. Saudis: If Dollars Won't Work, Bullets Will
  9. Shalom predicts collapse of Iranian, Syrian regimes
  10. Surge in Arab protests expected in Gulf states
  11. The new southern threat
  12. Turkey dismisses Israel's concerns over spy satellite

Friday - March 11, 2011:

  1. Turkish satellite to roll back Israel's turf veil
  2. UN accuses Israel of kidnapping Palestinian
  3. Deputy FM: Gaza smuggling on the rise amid Mideast unrest
  4. Egypt seeks better relationship with Hamas
  5. Hamas Forces IDF to Close Crossing into Gaza
  6. PA pushing Quartet to recognize 1967 borders
  7. Saudi Arabia preparing for protests
  8. ElBaradei would seek Egypt's presidency

Thursday - March 10, 2011:

  1. IDF Catches Explosives on Arab at Tapuach Junction
  2. PA Rejects Compromise on Jordan Valley Sovereignty
  3. No Palestinian state without Jordan Valley - PA
  4. IDF is preparing for mass civil uprising in West Bank
  5. Peace in a volatile region
  6. Former 1956 Israeli Pilot POW: Egypt Likely to Tear Up Treaty
  7. Gould says UK won't yet recognize Palestinian state
  8. Security and stability crucial for Saudi Arabia's development
  9. Report: Future of Judaism studies at risk
  10. Thirteen killed in Egypt Christian-Muslim violence

Wednesday - March 9, 2011:

  1. EGYPT: Muslim Brotherhood’s power growing from the Jasmine Revolution
  2. Hamas Has Great Expectations from Egyptian FM Nabil al-Arabi
  3. IDF will remain along Jordan River, PM insists
  4. PM: IDF must remain deployed in Jordan Valley
  5. Abbas Wins Symbolic Victory in Britain: PA Now a ‘Mission’
  6. Israel: British upgrade of Palestinian mission is 'unhelpful'
  7. France may recognize PA state in September
  8. PA seeking to remove Hamas from US, EU terror lists
  9. Palestinians dismiss Netanyahu's talk of interim peace plan
  10. An Israel diplomatic initiative now would draw an Arab revolt backlash
  11. Barak: Israel may seek additional $20b. in US defense aid
  12. Journalists protest against state in Jordan
  13. Plans to invade Israel prepared

Tuesday - March 8, 2011:

  1. Barak urges PM not to wait with peace initiative
  2. New Egypt foreign minister likely to be tougher on Israel
  3. Whose vision will build the new Egypt?
  4. Egyptian Security Forces Attack Protesters with Swords
  5. Israeli author, injured in terrorist attack, warns of 'Islamic tsunami'
  6. Meridor: Likud would agree to transfer land to PA
  7. Moussa hits campaign trail in Egypt presidency race

Monday - March 7, 2011:

  1. Egypt's new FM accused Israel of genocide
  2. Egypt considers easing Gaza blockade, says diplomat
  3. Hamas chief: Egypt revolt gave us back our lives

Sunday - March 6, 2011:

  1. Abbas calls for full Palestinian membership in the UN
  2. Abbas: Time for Palestine in UN
  3. Egyptians torch HQ of reviled state security forces
  4. Jordanian protesters ratchet up demands but stop short of urging king's ouster
  5. Unrest stirs again in Egypt
  6. Obama: Israel shouldn't be afraid of changes in Mideast

Saturday - March 5, 2011:

  1. Al-Qaeda No. 2 calls for Islamic rule in Egypt
  2. Israel to join sanctions against Iran
  3. Officials: US wants dramatic statements
  4. PM likely to unveil diplomatic initiative in DC in May
  5. 'PM told Abbas Israel demands to hold 40% of W. Bank'
  6. U.S. prepares for Islamic governments

Friday - March 4, 2011:

  1. A Trophy to be proud of
  2. Clinton Supports Funding for Lebanese Army
  3. 'Day of rage'- Rightists block Jerusalem-TA highway
  4. Draftees' Motivation for Combat at Record High
  5. Egypt's prime minister quits after calls for purge
  6. Gaza banks close in protest at Hamas cash seizure
  7. PA Says 'No!' Once Again
  8. The indefensible case for withdrawal

Thursday - March 3, 2011:

  1. Don’t ignore the Muslim Brotherhood
  2. Netanyahu mulls Palestinian state with temporary borders as part of interim peace deal
  3. PA again refuses to consider state with interim borders
  4. No Evidence of Rock Throwing, but Police Defend Shooting Jews
  5. New Video: 'Jewish Yafo' Vs. 'Death to Settlers'
  6. Tshuva: Gas will reach Israel's shores by 2013

Wednesday - March 2, 2011:

  1. Israel might seek interim Palestinian peace deal
  2. Lieberman: Assad's only goal is to stay in power
  3. Missile fired at IDF tank thwarted by new shield
  4. Netanyahu Asked to Choose: Barak, or Likud

Tuesday - March 1, 2011:

  1. A new Arab world is coming, with or without U.S.
  2. Egyptian editor: Israel-peace treaty will likely be revised
  3. Barak: Opportunity exists for peace talks with Syria
  4. Palestinian shot dead in north Gaza; IDF shells terror cell
  5. Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Wound 15, in Outpost Destruction
  6. Report: IDF injured 2 in Gaza attack

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