Israel - Gaza - Middle East


  1. Singled out
  2. Address by PM Netanyahu at the AIPAC Policy Conference ****
  3. My Word: Meanwhile in Jerusalem
  4. Editorial: Fateful choice
  5. Jerusalem deserves better
  6. Prof. Netanyahu, 100: Iran Trying to Split US Jews, Israel

Wednesday - March 31, 2010:

  1. Hamas police raid bank for $270,000
  2. Intel Briefs: New weapons against Israel?
  3. OIC worried about Israeli actions
  4. Palestinian PM ploughs ahead with future state
  5. Report: Mossad agent held in Algieria
  6. US official to Ynet: No Security Council initiative on Jerusalem

Tuesday - March 30, 2010:

  1. Rocket lands in Eshkol
  2. The Region: The single payer option
  3. Ashkenazi: Our freedom has high price
  4. U.S. tactic worries some Israelis
  5. Israeli minister says U.S. boosts Arab hardliners
  6. PA purges Hamas-linked educators
  7. Rightists arrested over Pesach sacrifice

Monday - March 29, 2010:

  1. Abbas Rejects Obama’s Peace Talks and Israeli Concessions
  2. Syria, Libya pressure Palestinians to quit talks
  3. Ashkenazi to soldiers near Gaza: Prepare for more incidents
  4. IDF Prepares for Large-Scale Missile Attack
  5. 'Palestinians are toughening stance'
  6. Police deploy backup forces in Jerusalem
  7. Steinitz: We Might Need to Retake Gaza, Destroy Hamas
  8. Bus posters replace Al-Aqsa with temple
  9. Replace Temple Mount mosques with Jewish Temple, rightist campaign says
  10. IDF to seal off West Bank for the duration of Passover
  11. PM: Remarks about Obama inappropriate

Sunday - March 28, 2010:

  1. Israel tests multilevel missile defense system
  2. Palestinians: Tanks enter Strip
  3. IDF tanks leave Gaza after clashes
  4. 2 Israelis, 4 Palestinians die in Gaza
  5. An Israeli major and sergeant killed in Hamas cross-border attack
  6. IDF probe: Mistakes made in Gaza incident
  7. UN chief 'concerned' about Gaza violence
  8. Abbas: Israel igniting Jerusalem
  9. Qassam lands in Negev; no injuries
  10. Post poll: Obama still in single digits

Saturday - March 27, 2010:

  1. Cabinet meeting ends with no decision on US demands
  2. Palestinians sources: Hamas ambushed IDF
  3. Gaza rocket strikes Israel army
  4. IDF officer, soldier killed in Gaza clashes
  5. PA 'Venture Capital': Gets $500 Million to Arabize Jerusalem
  6. PA Wants Israel to OK Dead Sea Tourist Scheme
  7. PM: No change in policy on Jerusalem

Friday - March 26, 2010:

  1. Jordan: Israel is playing with fire
  2. IDF Denies Soldiers Crossed into Southern Lebanon
  3. As U.S.-Israel rift continues, Netanyahu finds himself in a bind
  4. Minister Shalom: US pressure could boomerang
  5. Israel mulls gestures to Palestinians after U.S. trip
  6. Ministers Helping Netanyahu Stand Strong
  7. Lieberman to PM: Don't sign anything
  8. Mayor Barkat: Netanyahu Protected Jerusalem in Washington
  9. 'Lack of ME peace affects US'
  10. Labor minister: Government in danger
  11. Yishai thanks God for right to approve construction in Jerusalem
  12. Mayor Barkat: We'll continue to build in east Jerusalem
  13. ‘J’lem construction will continue’
  14. Passover Sacrifice Offered to Passersby in Jerusalem
  15. IDF Mulls Use of Attack Dogs to Quell Riots

Thursday - March 25, 2010:

  1. 2 injured in IAF strike in Gaza
  2. 8 Arabs arrested for attacking troops
  3. IDF commander warns Hizbullah deploying forces north of Litani
  4. IDF Reserves Col.: 'We'll Have to Return to Gaza'
  5. IDF Keeping the Peace and Preparing for War
  6. Terror Attack Averted in Northern Israel
  7. Hillary Clinton’s unfortunate mistake
  8. PA skeptical about US-Israel crisis
  9. Nationalists Blame Obama-Livni Collusion for Jerusalem Leaks
  10. PA Negotiator Erekat Accuses Netanyahu of Inciting Arabs
  11. Riyadh slams PM's AIPAC speech on Jerusalem
  12. Netanyahu firm on settlements, tensions between US and Israel still high
  13. PM's spokesman: No limits in Jerusalem
  14. Israel to build 100 more homes in Occupied Jerusalem
  15. U.S. presses Israel for Mideast goodwill steps
  16. 'Israel saves, doesn’t endanger, US lives'
  17. Rocket-battered Sderot faces bankruptcy
  18. Israeli ambassador blasts UN for failing to stop Gaza rockets
  19. Australia examines British evidence against Israel
  20. Australian FM: We await probe results
  21. Hamas-Ruled Gaza Receives More Aid, Markets Flowers in Europe
  22. IDF Weekly Summary of Humanitarian Aid to Gaza
  23. Saudis arrest 113 al-Qaida suspects
  24. Saudis slam PM's AIPAC speech
  25. Supreme Court: No Passover Sacrifice Again This Year

Wednesday - March 24, 2010:

  1. ‘Ketzaleh’ Warns US: Surrendering Land brings Rocket Attacks
  2. Increased 'organized violence' in West Bank following U.S. pressure on Israel
  3. IAF strikes arms shed in Gaza
  4. Two Wounded by Rocks in Samaria
  5. Abbas: For talks Israel must free 2,000 convicted terrorists
  6. Netanyahu: PA demands could put talks on hold for a year
  7. Abbas the 'Peacemaker' Hints at Intifada
  8. Galant to Hamas: Don't repeat your mistake
  9. Ashkenazi: Hamas doesn't want flare up
  10. The best option is the Fayyad option
  11. Jerusalem Mayor: Build 50,000, not 1,600, New Jerusalem Homes
  12. Netanyahu must get his act together
  13. Palestinian Authority Report Sidesteps Reality
  14. Polls: Israelis View Obama as Pro-Arab
  15. Expelling Israeli diplomats: Thatcher did it first
  16. British journalist: Israel must fire Mossad chief

Tuesday - March 23, 2010:

  1. Israel to hold largest-ever civil exercises for all-out war
  2. Rally to Demand Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
  3. Jerusalem isn't a settlement, PM to tell AIPAC
  4. Qassam hits south of Ashkelon
  5. Atias to continue Ramat Shlomo marketing process
  6. Analysis: Blundering toward disaster
  7. EU condemns Israel over east Jerusalem
  8. IAF Blasts Gaza Smuggling Tunnel
  9. Netanyahu urged to take tough stance during U.S. visit
  10. 'Israeli escalation aims to kill talks'
  11. 'Peace talks after settlement freeze'
  12. Clinton: US commitment to Israel 'rock solid'
  13. The way ahead
  14. What goes around in J'lem will come around to Ramallah

Monday - March 22, 2010:

  1. Ban Ki-Moon Blames Israel for Gaza Suffering, Ignores Smuggling
  2. State: Passover Sacrifice Would Provoke Muslims
  3. Four Kassam Rockets From Hamas-Gaza; No One Hurt
  4. IDF kills 2 Palestinians at checkpoint
  5. Palestinians riot following death of 2 protestors
  6. PA accuses Israel of killing Palestinian teens 'in cold blood'
  7. Shots Fired at IDF Patrol Near Hevron, None Hurt
  8. Mahmoud al-Zahar: Qassams helping Israel
  9. Mauritania says cuts diplomatic ties with Israel
  10. Gush Etzion Residents Protest 'Obama Intifada'
  11. Netanyahu caves in to US
  12. PM: Building in Jerusalem is like building in Tel Aviv

Sunday - March 21, 2010:

  1. Netanyahu gives Clinton written commitment
  2. Netanyahu’s challenge: Eat the cake but keep it whole
  3. Security and Defense: 2011 – The year Palestine is born?
  4. Under fire: More rockets hit south
  5. UN chief says settlements must be stopped
  6. 14 Palestinians injured in Gaza strike
  7. Arabs riot in Jerusalem following 'price tag' claims
  8. IDF kills Palestinian teen
  9. Light earthquake hits Israel
  10. MI chief briefs Ban about ME situation
  11. Palestinian terrorists ape Taliban-style motorbike attacks
  12. Palestinians: Netanyahu will build secretly

Saturday - March 20, 2010:

  1. Biden: Israel announcement designed to undermine peace process
  2. Lieberman: Yes to Talks, No to Blackmail
  3. Gaza rocket strikes south Israel for fifth time in 24 hours
  4. IAF Hits Gaza Terror Tunnels
  5. Qassam hits near Negev kibbutz
  6. Air Force strikes in Gaza; 2 injured
  7. Police brace for rioting in Jerusalem
  8. 'Quartet's comments distance peace'
  9. Former Amb. to Iran: 'Attack on Iran – Last Resort for Israel'
  10. Shas journal: Obama is 'a stone-throwing Palestinian'
  11. Near Lynch in Hevron; Soldiers Blame Orders
  12. PA television replaces all Israel with ‘Palestine’ on map
  13. MKs to PM: Stand up to US on J'lem
  14. Al-Aqsa omitted from Pesach Haggadah cover

Friday - March 19, 2010:

  1. Temple Institute wants to Offer Biblical Passover Sacrifice?
  2. Hezbollah: Iran strike to ignite Mideast
  3. Man killed in Qassam attack
  4. Israel vows to respond to Kassam hit
  5. 2 Qassams lands near Sderot; girl suffers shock
  6. Hamas boosts patrols in wake of lethal rocket attack
  7. Arabs Hurl Rocks at Jews in Judea and Samaria
  8. Hamas fans flames of Islamic anger following 'Day of Rage'
  9. IDF troops beaten up in Hebron
  10. FM Lieberman The World Took Advantage to Jump at Israel
  11. Israel may freeze construction in east Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods
  12. State to invest NIS 700m in developing Arab towns
  13. Hamas's Hateful Puppet Show
  14. Peres stresses J'lem policy to Ashton
  15. Jordan Looking to Re-Occupy Jerusalem

Thursday - March 18, 2010:

  1. More than 2,000 Fatah defect to Hizballah, Iran's first big Palestinian gain
  2. Tense quiet in Jerusalem
  3. PA Incitement Increases as Riots Subside
  4. 'Israel planning to destroy al Aksa'
  5. King Abdullah: Jerusalem a red line
  6. Knesset Study Shows a Second Expulsion Would Cost $100 Billion

Wednesday - March 17, 2010:

  1. 'Day of rage': Hamas calls for terrorist attacks inside Israel
  2. Hamas: Palestinians must launch intifada
  3. PLO Leader Threatens New Intifada; Arabs Riot at Jewish Home
  4. Clashes Escalate In East Jerusalem
  5. Dozens injured in Jerusalem riots
  6. Policeman shot in hand in J'lem
  7. Fatah's armed wing wants to resume struggle against Israel
  8. Fatah Honors Mass Terrorist after Biden Leaves
  9. Peres: Relations with US paramount
  10. Part 1: 'Aliyah Day' Law Gets Head Start
  11. Part 2- Aliyah Day Kicked Off in Knesset
  12. Rightists prepare banner denouncing Obama as 'PLO agent'
  13. 'The Palestinian Authority is Not Prepared for Statehood'
  14. UN chief: Jerusalem subject of final negotiation

Tuesday - March 16, 2010:

  1. Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza on alert against Palestinian threats **** Breaking - Important
  2. 3,000 police officers around Temple Mount
  3. PA Spurs on Riots, 3 Roadway Attacks
  4. Rightists vow revenge if Jerusalem Arabs riot
  5. Arab rights group planning visit to Temple Mount, Hebron
  6. AIPAC: US-Israel tension matter of serious concern
  7. Estimate: De-facto freeze in J'lem
  8. Netanyahu on the Offense Jerusalem Building to Continue
  9. PM: Construction in J'lem to continue just like in past 42 years
  10. Knesset Members Back Netanyahu on Jerusalem
  11. Israel's J'lem actions 'absurd'
  12. 'Hamas used kids as human shields'
  13. Israel’s first real response to Goldstone
  14. A democratically dangerous direction
  15. Chief Rabbi: Talk about new temple a lie
  16. Court: Fence with gate to separate J'lem neighborhood
  17. Justice Ministry: Israel can sell confiscated East Jerusalem land
  18. Hurva is again a house of prayer
  19. Thousands of police in Old City for Hurva rededication

Monday - March 15, 2010:

  1. PA: Muslims, go to al-Aqsa
  2. Temple Mount Closed Due to Arab Riots
  3. Third Intifada? IDF Extends Rare Closure of Yesha to Arabs
  4. West Bank closure extended
  5. West Bank security curfew extended until Tuesday
  6. Security Fears: Police Cancel Upcoming Temple Mount Activities
  7. PM on US crisis: Let's not get carried away
  8. Barak: Biden fiasco not intentional but damaging
  9. Jerusalem council drops construction, apparently due to U.S. crisis
  10. Police chief slams PA incitement
  11. Jumblatt says his criticism of Syria was improper
  12. Arab Firebomb Wounds Father and Baby Son on Highway 443

Sunday - March 14, 2010:

  1. Arabs riot in West Bank, Jerusalem
  2. Teens riot in Jerusalem over Temple Mount
  3. Netanyahu's position is perilous U.S. official
  4. Netanyahu: I thought apology to Biden was sufficient
  5. PM convenes ministers amidst crisis with US
  6. Report: U.S. vows to halt Israeli building in East Jerusalem
  7. Abbas: Iran blocking Palestinian unity

Saturday - March 13, 2010:

  1. 3,000 police stationed in J'lem, 3 rioters arrested
  2. Full closure imposed on West Bank
  3. 'Hated Israel no longer useful to masters, will be annihilated'
  4. IAF bombs Gaza tunnel, arms factory
  5. IDF strikes targets in Strip
  6. Biden wants direct talks by summer
  7. Israeli officials: Indirect talks with PA to begin on schedule
  8. UN humanitarian chief criticizes Gaza blockade

Friday - March 12, 2010:

  1. Qassam falls on western Negev, no injuries
  2. Arab League chief: Palestinians pull out of talks
  3. PA says won't return to talks 'under current circumstances'
  4. Possible government crisis if Israel continues settlements in East Jerusalem
  5. Israel's construction green light 'slap in face'
  6. 'Another 7,000 homes planned'
  7. Israel: We Will Continue to Build in Jerusalem
  8. Jewish Activists: 'Arabs Gaining Control of Gush Etzion'

Thursday - March 11, 2010:

  1. Army chief: Israel faces unprecedented threats
  2. Ashkenazi: We shall triumph over those who seek our demise
  3. Israel to soon publish 'Palestinian incitement index'
  4. Judea & Samaria: Emergency Refuge for the Central Region
  5. 'Obama and Biden, Hands Off Jerusalem!' Says Likud MK Danon
  6. PA Doesn't Let Up in Struggle Against Israel
  7. Peres: Jews Should Keep the Sabbath
  8. Security issue divides Lebanon

Wednesday - March 10, 2010:

  1. Aviation Week: Hamas, Hizbullah May Push Israel to War
  2. 'Israel won't initiate attack in North'
  3. Ex-Mossad head for military strike on Iran
  4. Gov't Exercise Tests Emergency Evacuation to Judea and Samaria
  5. Palestinians may unilaterally declare statehood if talks fail
  6. Netanyahu Hears Warnings re: Indirect Talks With PA
  7. Stimulus Plan for American Jews: Move to Israel
  8. 1,600 housing units in east J'lem approved
  9. Abbas: Israel creating provocation
  10. Israel eyes new alliances in Africa
  11. Ban, Ashton to be let into Gaza
  12. Biden to Peres: Iran isolated more than ever before
  13. Jailed Hamas leader-: 'If freed, I'll still fight Israel'
  14. Talks with Syria? Turkey Says Israel Agreed but Israel Denies

Tuesday - March 9, 2010:

  1. Abbas livid after Israeli police squelch Muslim riot on Temple Mount
  2. Abbas to Promote Jailed Terrorist
  3. Hamas resumes cooperation with Islamic Jihad at Iran's behest
  4. Jordanian activists to 'step up' anti-Israel fight
  5. PA agrees to ‘proximity talks’
  6. Palestinians: Indirect talks last chance for peace
  7. Allegations of Corruption in Hamas Leadership
  8. No More Arab Workers in Judea and Samaria
  9. Nefesh B’Nefesh to stage ‘mega’ events in 8 US cities
  10. Turkey rejects Israel's offer of post-quake aid
  11. Thousands of PA Arabs to Use Jerusalem-Modiin Highway
  12. Erekat: More settlements every US visit

Monday - March 8, 2010:

  1. Another Fragment of the Lost Tribes of Israel Found in Africa?
  2. Signs that Hamas is Losing Control Over Gaza
  3. 'Jihadis' Have Hamas Running Scared in Gaza Strip
  4. Top IDF General Leaves for Week-Long Visit in US
  5. Leftists Raise PLO Flags at Rally in Eastern Jerusalem
  6. Palestinian Authority to ban work in settlements
  7. Palestinians approve indirect talks with Israel
  8. 'Rachel's Tomb was never Jewish'
  9. Peres: Recruitment 'gaps' endanger state
  10. Supreme Court to decide if there is an ‘Israeli nation'

Sunday - March 7, 2010:

  1. Fatah: Hamas admits to losing control in Gaza
  2. Islamic conference: Al-Aqsa fighting may ignite religious war
  3. 'Israeli actions against int'l law'
  4. More Radical Palestinian unrest in store to torpedo talks
  5. Motivation Up among IDF Recruits
  6. Violence erupts at contested holy sites in Jerusalem, Hebron
  7. Muslims Accuse Israel of ‘Sacrilege’ after Stoning Jews
  8. Palestinian caught with 3 pipe bombs near Nablus
  9. Thousands protest against Jewish presence in Sheikh Jarrah

Saturday - March 6, 2010:

  1. Abbas: Israel crossed red lines in J'lem
  2. Abbas: Stop the Israeli escapade
  3. Hamas Furious over Negotiations Go-Ahead
  4. Aharonovitch: Hamas ignited Temple Mount riots
  5. 'Government Not Cooperating with Unified Jerusalem Plan'
  6. 'Soon 2-states won’t be possible'
  7. Talks won’t start where they left off

Friday - March 5, 2010:

  1. Two Israeli Missile Ships Pass Through Suez Canal
  2. Uprising fears grow as Bibi digs in heels
  3. Accepting indirect peace talks confronts Israel with the Arab League
  4. Citizen infiltrates major IDF facility, twice
  5. Hamas: Abbas has no mandate for talks with Israel
  6. Dubai Arrest Netanyahu in Hamas death
  7. IDF: Demand for combat service reaches record rate
  8. PA Destroys 20 Tons of Plastic Made in 'Jewish Settlements'
  9. Saudi FM: Israel a religiously oriented culture
  10. Taxi Driver Shoots Arab Attackers
  11. After 13 years, Dead Sea rises 8 centimeters

Thursday - March 4, 2010:

  1. Jerusalem seeds of the third intifada planted in the King’s Garden
  2. Mubarak: Heritage sites decision dangerous
  3. PM defends heritage list decision; opposition attacks
  4. Jewish-Agency-style ‘Palestine Network’ launched in Bethlehem
  5. Arab countries: Green light for indirect talks
  6. Clinton: US hopes indirect Israel-Palestinian talks soon
  7. Golan Residents on the Alert
  8. We believe there are reserves adjacent to Tamar and Dalit

Wednesday - March 3, 2010:

  1. IDF: Syria offers Hezbollah greater support than ever
  2. Abbas urges Arab action on Jerusalem
  3. Barak: 'If Attacked, We Won't Chase Individual Terrorists'
  4. Egypt condemns heritage site list, J'lem clashes
  5. Gaza Exports Carnations, Receives Thousands of Tons of Aid
  6. Israel Apartheid Week opens worldwide
  7. Kinneret Danger Alert Canceled - For Now
  8. Palestinians fire on IDF post near Ramallah
  9. 'Syria willing to take back Golan in stages'
  10. Third Time: Jewish Forces Raze Synagogue

Tuesday - March 2, 2010:

  1. Clinton Warns Lebanon: No Brakes on Israel against Hizbullah
  2. Hizbullah Censured for Threats
  3. Livni Tells Kerry: Conflict is Becoming Religious
  4. Irish councilmen snub Israeli ambassador
  5. PA cabinet convenes in Hebron
  6. Palestinians: 1 dead, 4 injured from IDF fire in Gaza
  7. Security guard lightly injured from shrapnel in Silwan
  8. Wettest Winter in 5 Years Brings Kinneret Over Red Line

Monday - March 1, 2009:

  1. Ashley Perry: Israel is No Longer Going to Stand Idly By
  2. IAF expands training for rapid refueling
  3. Islamic Jihad urges escalation of conflict in West Bank
  4. IDF to distribute gas masks today
  5. Riots erupt on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
  6. Arab Protesters Leave Temple Mount, Muslims Call for War
  7. 'Australia did not back Israel in UN due to passport affair'
  8. Peres concerned by heritage sites decision

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