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  1. Another Tack: Nitpickers that we are (Commentary)
  2. The trouble with 'tribal'

Tuesday - June 30, 2009:

  1. 1,450 settlement homes to be debated
  2. Analysis: Syria's goose lays a golden egg
  3. Barak wants to delay decision on settlements
  4. Support for Hamas falls as unity talks, Gaza reconstruction falter
  5. Illegal Arab Outposts Targeted in High Court Appeal
  6. Jordan: Settlement freeze condition for Arab initiative
  7. Outgoing MK Ramon: Kadima will soon return to government
  8. PA official: Hamas planned to assassinate senior officials
  9. 'Palestinian support for Hamas waning'
  10. Produce Vendors Warn: ‘Political Death as Sure as Taxes’
  11. Teen Injured in Coordinated Arson-Rock Attack in Yitzhar
  12. West Bank: Palestinian shot, settler teen hurt

Monday - June 29, 2009:

  1. Assad used Abbas to deliver message to Obama
  2. Barak Considering Temporary Building Freeze
  3. Egypt-Gaza Border Opens Amid Reports of New Hamas, Shalit Deals
  4. Palestinian family quarantined for swine flu
  5. PM urges Opposition to support peace principles
  6. Syria again threatens war over Golan
  7. Yesha says willing to transfer outposts built on private property

Sunday - June 28, 2009:

  1. Blair sees Middle East deal if Israel acts
  2. Egypt opens Rafah crossing for 3 days
  3. 'Israel unclear on Jewish state demand'
  4. Report: Israel, Hamas reach compromise on Shalit deal
  5. Report: Schalit release imminent

Saturday - June 27, 2009:

  1. Abbas's Fatah Brags About Anti-Israel Terror
  2. G8 calls for Israeli settlement freeze
  3. Hamas denounce Israeli offer
  4. Israel plays down reports of imminent Gaza deal
  5. Lebanon's Hariri set to become prime minister

Friday - June 26, 2009:

  1. 'Ahmadinejad win requires primed IDF'
  2. 'Dweik is real Palestinian president'
  3. IDF to radically cut W. Bank presence
  4. Israel to install air defense in planes
  5. Mashaal: Hamas Ready for Peace, but not with Jewish State
  6. Mashaal praises Obama's 'new approach'
  7. Mashaal rejects idea of demilitarized Palestine as 'pathetic'
  8. Mofaz Pushes Unity Government
  9. Nazareth Illit to build haredi neighborhood
  10. Once Again: IDF to Leave Four PA Cities
  11. Struggle in Iran: Flash in the Pan?
  12. Top Bush advisor validates Israeli claim there was agreement on settlements

Thursday - June 25, 2009:

  1. Obama Flexes Muscles in Mideast, Resumes Ties with Damascus
  2. Assad: No Israeli partner for peace
  3. Barak: True nature of Iran regime exposed
  4. Jaffa to Receive Religious-Zionist Neighborhood
  5. Mitchell calls off meeting with Netanyahu
  6. Report: Egypt intensifying pressure for lull
  7. State Dept. clarifies Jerusalem issue

Wednesday - June 24, 2009:

  1. Arabs: Minister's Temple Mount visit a 'provocation'
  2. Bibi: Preoccupation with settlements waste of time
  3. Israeli group: Israel plans to legalise, expand unauthorised West Bank outpost
  4. IAF chief says preparing options for Iran
  5. Israel denies Schalit deal is imminent
  6. Israeli Drug Exports Up 23% Despite Global Financial Woes
  7. Netanyahu: Iranians want regime change
  8. Senior operative: Major progress on Shalit
  9. US: No Growth – In Eastern Jerusalem Either

Tuesday - June 23, 2009:

  1. Demolition Orders Served for 65 Arab-Owned Housing Units
  2. Fayyad Calls for PA State, Draws Fire from Hamas
  3. Fayyad: Palestinian state in 2 years
  4. IAF simulates anti-aircraft missile fire
  5. Iran Threatens to Crush Opposition as Voting Fraud Revealed
  6. Lieberman: World must respond to 'mad' Iranian regime
  7. Minister Shalom to EU: Press PA to return to negotiating table
  8. Netanyahu: Change Could Bring Iran, Israel Together
  9. PA to free hundreds of Hamas detainees
  10. Peres: Iran's freedom precedes nuke issue
  11. PM: Change in Iran could bring peaceful ties
  12. PM: No foreign troops in PA territory
  13. Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: It All Begins with Prayer
  14. Upgrading Yesha in All Areas

Monday - June 22, 2009:

  1. Gazan officer, fearing for his life, asks to stay in Israeli detention
  2. IDF defuses 4 explosive devices on Gaza border
  3. IDF to Emboss Ten Commandments Emblem on Military Korans
  4. 'Preventing Iran nuke still main goal'
  5. Jerusalem launches debate on sharing Temple Mount

Sunday - June 21, 2009:

  1. Abbas talks Palestinian unity with Assad
  2. Israeli forces dismantle Bedouin camps, displace several families
  3. Hamas resistance to continue
  4. Lieberman: Settlements no obstacle to peace

Saturday - June 20, 2009:

  1. Ashkenazi: Religious Soldiers Must Tolerate Immodest Performers
  2. Jordan Valley: Checkpoint Removal 'Seriously Endangers Us'
  3. Mubarak Determine Palestine's borders
  4. Mubarak says time is right for Arab-Israeli peace
  5. Nuclear and Diplomatic Dangers Lead to Western Wall Prayers
  6. 'Only 6% of Israelis see US gov't as pro-Israel'
  7. Report: Hamas to present new list of prisoners
  8. US rabbis laud PM's policy speech

Friday - June 19, 2009:

  1. ‘Free Speech’ Allowed Muslim Radical to Preach at University
  2. 16-Year-Battle for Jerusalem Property in Final Stage
  3. Blair: Mideast peace deal could happen 'within year'
  4. Clinton vs. Lieberman in Bare Knuckles Fight over Yesha
  5. Foreign minister: US wants to bridge gaps
  6. Palestinians: Do not start talks from scratch
  7. Iran: Israel involved in election day bomb plot
  8. Iran: We foiled Israeli-linked bomb plot
  9. Israel hopes nuke scene will change
  10. Jerusalem launches debate on sharing holiest site
  11. Lieberman tells Clinton settlements won't be frozen

Thursday - June 18, 2009:

  1. 1979 State Dept. Legal Opinion Raises New Questions About Israeli Settlements
  2. Ambassador Oren: Court Would Back Jews Building in Yesha
  3. Demolitions Continue, 30 Outposts Planned
  4. Footage of al-Qaida cell in Gaza airs
  5. Haaretz poll: 64 percent of Israelis back two-state solution
  6. Netanyahu's ground rules reveal new tact
  7. Revolution at Hebrew U. - A Pro-Israel Student Union
  8. Rightist MK warns Demand for Palestinian demilitarization will fade
  9. The PM at Bar-Ilan: A damage assessment
  10. Video: Minister Yaalon Supports Netanyahu's Conditions for Peace
  11. Working on Settlement 'Understandings' With the U.S.

Wednesday - June 17, 2009:

  1. Ben-Artzi: PA Can Wait
  2. Blair: Don’t rule out right of return
  3. Israeli poll shows rise in support for Netanyahu
  4. 'Hamas thwarts Carter assassination'
  5. Israel Absent at Joint Air Exercises Over Turkey
  6. Israel sees deal soon with Obama over settlements
  7. Ministry of Agriculture Reveals Latest Inventions
  8. Mossad chief: Civil unrest in Iran will end soon
  9. Opposition Parties Walk Out on Knesset
  10. Oren Gov't will reach settlement deal
  11. PM insists life in W_ Bank won't freeze
  12. Thousands of Mousavi supporters head for TV building
  13. Why a Palestinian state can never be made contingent on demilitarization

Tuesday - June 16, 2009:

  1. Abbas aide urges world to shun Netanyahu over speech
  2. Mustafa Barghouti: Netanyahu Proved 'Not a Partner for Peace'
  3. Barak: Bibi's speech to lead to progress within 2 years
  4. Carter Says Green Line Settlements Remain in Israel
  5. Iran supreme leader orders probe of vote fraud
  6. Most Israelis support non-Orthodox, want their taxes to help Diaspora
  7. Mubarak Joins Arab War of Words on Netanyahu, Warns of Violence
  8. Mustafa Barghouti: Netanyahu Proved 'Not a Partner for Peace'
  9. Netanyahu defends speech to party hardliners
  10. Obama Praises Netanyahu’s Speech
  11. PM calls Mubarak to clarify stance
  12. PM seeks harmony with Palestinian state
  13. Netanyahu sets out vision for peace
  14. Rightists in response to Bibi's speech: We'll build more outposts
  15. Syrian state paper: Netanyahu wants apartheid
  16. Ya'alon: Netanyahu speech laid bare Palestinian rejectionism

Monday - June 15, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Over to you, Mr. Abbas
  2. Carter: Communities Near Green Line will Stay Forever
  3. Carter endorses Gush Etzion settlements
  4. Fatah to choose new leadership in Aug.
  5. Hezbollah 'won't get right to veto' in new government
  6. 'Israel Must be Jewish First, Democratic Second'
  7. 'Israeli Jews favor outpost evacuation'
  8. Kadima Pleased with Speech; Coalition MKs have Mixed Feelings
  9. Kassam hits Ashkelon Beach region
  10. IDF strikes Gaza tunnels in response to Qassam
  11. Three Palestinians injured in Israeli strikes on Gaza
  12. Leading Rabbi to Netanyahu: Generations Look to You; Be Strong
  13. Likud members say PM gave in to US pressure
  14. Netanyahu accepts limited Palestinian state
  15. Netanyahu backs creation of Palestinian state
  16. Netanyahu calls for demilitarized Palestinian state
  17. Netanyahu Says 'Palestinian State' but Adds Numerous Conditions
  18. PM Calls for Demilitarized PA State beside Jewish State
  19. PM speech draws fire from the Right
  20. Yossi Verter: Netanyahu speech is Israeli spin at its worst
  21. PA: Speech dealt deadly blow to peace process
  22. PA: Netanyahu has buried peace process
  23. Rightist MKs seek compulsory Zionism lessons in Israeli schools

Sunday - June 14, 2009:

  1. Ahmadinejad says disputed vote 'free and healthy'
  2. FM: No compromises with Iran
  3. FM urges uncompromising action on Iran
  4. Mousavi: Iran election results fraudulent
  5. Netanyahu expected to focus on Iran
  6. PA Blames Israel for Wild Boars
  7. Saad Hariri: Won't use force to dismantle Hizbullah
  8. Solana's Hizbullah meeting irks Israel
  9. Study: Some Arab Citizens of Israel Prefer Hebrew

Saturday - June 13, 2009:

  1. 'No Mideast peace at Lebanon's cost'
  2. Israel Builds New Pipeline to Provide Fuel to Gaza
  3. J Street blasts 'distorted' poll that says Israelis against settlement freeze
  4. Minister Hershkowitz: Netanyahu sticking to national principles
  5. Netanyahu meets MKs before speech
  6. Palestinian unemployment blamed on Israel
  7. PM feels he can go left, keep coalition
  8. Peres backs Palestinian state with provisional borders
  9. Should Bibi Give in to Obama_? Israelis Say 'No'
  10. US Mideast envoy presses for Palestinian state

Friday - June 12, 2009:

  1. Ban considering fining Israel for Gaza damage
  2. Benny Begin: Why Palestinian State is Unacceptable
  3. Hamas to Obama: Treat Us like Iran
  4. Hamas: Why is Obama setting preconditions for us?
  5. 'Iran refuses to install Natanz cameras'
  6. Jordan king tells Mitchell Israel must end settlement building
  7. Knesset speaker: Bibi doesn't believe in 2-state vision
  8. Likud MKs Leave 2 states out of speech
  9. MKs Discuss Iran, EU, Branding
  10. PA police arrest 36 Hamas supporters
  11. Palestinian FM- We'll have majority in 20 years
  12. Peres' offer: State with temporary borders
  13. Shots fired at IDF force on Gaza border

Thursday - June 11, 2009:

  1. Barak: Next War will be Tougher than Cast Lead
  2. Barak to Haaretz: Netanyahu's government will surprise people yet
  3. Beinisch lashes out at state on outposts
  4. Beinish chides state on unexecuted demolition orders
  5. Kadima doesn't back settlement freeze
  6. One Outpost Razed, Another Gets an Office
  7. Rights group warns of growing settler violence
  8. Experts: Iran's Jews to vote for Ahmadinejad
  9. 'Gaza crossings tied to Schalit deal'
  10. Hamas leader in Egypt to discuss raids
  11. Hamas Helped in Gaza Terror Attack
  12. 'Israel garbled Lebanon phone networks'
  13. Lebanon accuses Israel of election tampering
  14. Israel may increase flow of goods into Gaza
  15. Israel says it will respond to all Gaza attacks
  16. The Ynet guide to the presidential elections in Iran
  17. Khatami urges Iranians to help create 'miracle' by electing Mousavi
  18. Mashaal: Hamas to be positive force in region
  19. Mubarak: Netanyahu will agree to two-states
  20. Police Block PA Infiltrators at Dead Sea Roadblock

Wednesday - June 10, 2009:

  1. Analysis: Karni attack may have taken Hamas by surprise
  2. Barak: Future IDF ops will be 'broader'
  3. Barak: Israeli army to face dangerous ops
  4. Barak: Prepare for deeper operations
  5. Hamas plot to overthrow Abbas revealed
  6. Hariri: No independent peace track with Israel
  7. Israel defense cost highest per capita
  8. Jaffa Arabs: Don't build hotel at former Muslim cemetery
  9. Lebanese government needs to disarm Hezbollah
  10. Lieberman: Israel's No. 1 problem its international image
  11. Mashaal to reportedly unveil new Hamas strategy
  12. MK Ben-Ari to Survey Illegal Arab Construction
  13. Netanyahu convinced Obama seeks clash with Israel to appease Arabs
  14. Netanyahu May Favor Andorra-Like Solution for PA
  15. New Judge-C'tee Member: Supreme Court Could Use More Jewish Law
  16. Report: Mashaal to deliver diplomatic speech after Netanyahu
  17. Scare in Ramallah: Vehicle charges into presidential motorcade

Tuesday - June 9, 2009:

  1. Barak: Israel must back Palestinian state
  2. Blair sewage project in Gaza may collapse
  3. Gaza gunmen use booby-trapped horses against IDF
  4. 'Hamas risking Operation Cast Lead II'
  5. Israel to propose reports on settlements to U.S.
  6. Jew Stopped for a Handful of Temple Mount Earth
  7. Likud Minister: Use Lebanese Vote to Disarm Hizbullah
  8. Minister Katz: Evacuation of Gaza settlers was disgraceful
  9. Nasrallah accuses opponents of deceiving public
  10. Palestinians: US will demand IDF pullout from West Bank cities
  11. Report: Hamas Using Ambulances to Terrorize Civilians

Monday - June 8, 2009:

  1. Clinton Verbal agreements do not apply
  2. High Court to Force Hareidi Religious Jews to Serve in the Army?
  3. Hizbullah says lost Lebanon election
  4. Israel proposes joint US-Israeli team monitor settlements
  5. Israeli minister backs West Bank presence
  6. Livni: Netanyahu endangering U.S. support for Israel
  7. More Jews Ousted, IDF Decides to Pay Arabs
  8. Netanyahu: Israel Wants Peace and Security
  9. Netanyahu to lay out peace guidelines next week
  10. PM's Choice of Bar Ilan Speech Venue Leaves MKs Guessing
  11. Report: IDF may face 936 lawsuits over Gaza op
  12. Report: Saudi king asks Obama to impose solution
  13. US Rejects Bush's Promise; Maaleh Adumim on Chopping Block

Sunday - June 7, 2009:

  1. Fatah says Hamas arresting its men in Gaza
  2. Dissenting voices are heard in Hezbollah's backyard
  3. Hariri's Future confident of winning another majority
  4. Surprise move by Lebanon president
  5. 'IDF troops more polite than PA police'
  6. Lebanon asks UN to censure Israel for extracting spies
  7. PA fears Qalqilya unrest may spread to Hebron
  8. Saudi FM wants US to press Israel by cutting off aid
  9. 'We'll have to accept 2-state solution'

Saturday - June 6, 2009:

  1. Ex-Defense Minister Arens: 'We Must Build Up Settlements'
  2. For Home Front Defense, PM Netanyahu to Expand National Service
  3. Galilee communities: We're not racist, we just don't want Arabss
  4. Givat Assaf Appeals to Public: Come Help Us, We're Next on List
  5. Christian voters hold the key to power in Lebanon
  6. Israel says no policy change on colonies activity
  7. Latest polls give Hezbollah slight edge
  8. IDF: Man killed in Naalin was Hamas operative
  9. IDF Removes Two More Roadblocks in Shomron
  10. Lieberman seeking to ally with Russia
  11. New Outpost Named “Obama Hilltop”
  12. Obama Palestinians must work too JTA
  13. Palestinians pleased with Obama's Koran quotes
  14. Settlers build 'Oz Yehonatan' outpost

Friday - June 5, 2009:

  1. 60% of Israelis don't trust Obama
  2. Activists Tell Obama: 'Hands Off Israel'
  3. An alternative two-state solution
  4. Haetzni at 'Hands off Israel' Event: We Must Build
  5. Hamas: We will avenge Qalqilya deaths
  6. Israel says shares Obama's hopes for peace
  7. Israel warns Belarus against ties with Iran
  8. Ministers split over Obama's Cairo speech
  9. MKs Respond: 'Zionist Vision is Stronger than Any President'
  10. Obama Settlement Demands Stir Rising Tensions in Israel
  11. Obama Wants PA State, PA Majority Sees No Fatah-Hamas Unity
  12. PA officer, 3 Hamas men killed in clashes in Qalqilya
  13. Palestinians: Jerusalem to be our capital
  14. Peres: Time is ripe to end conflict
  15. Skeptics Warn of Backlash to ‘Great Expectations'
  16. Torah dedication ceremony held at illegal outpost
  17. 'Turning Point' Wraps Up
  18. UN committee chief 'shocked' by Gaza destruction

Thursday - June 4, 2009:

  1. Barak tells U.S. not to expect the 'irrational'
  2. FM: Israel does not intend to bomb Iran
  3. Egyptian opposition to attend Obama speech
  4. Israeli eyes on Cairo
  5. New east Jerusalem hotel may be approved
  6. PA optimistic about hard-line US stance
  7. Pioneers Vow 'Construction Wave' as Destruction Continues
  8. Report: IDF places facility on private Palestinian land
  9. Secular Jews may be minority in Israeli schools by 2030
  10. Survey: Hareidi, Arab Pupils to be Majority in 11 Years
  11. Settlers: Barak playing Russian roulette with our lives

Wednesday - June 3, 2009:

  1. Balance of power could shift in Lebanon
  2. Barak to lobby US officials on colony growth demand
  3. Hezbollah deputy leader wants Lebanon unity government
  4. Israeli FM in Russia amid discord over Hamas, Iran
  5. Lebanon: 9 accused of spying for Israel
  6. Minister Yishai to Meet Judea and Samaria Leadership
  7. MK Rivlin: 'Our Future Must be in Our Own Hands'
  8. Obama: US must be 'honest' with Israel
  9. Poll: More Arabs support national service
  10. Rabbi slams Jewish 'hooligans'
  11. Spontaneous Solidarity with Outposts
  12. Turning Point 3: Nation Practices Bomb Shelter Drill
  13. Yesha Council: US using political terror against Israel

Tuesday - June 2, 2009:

  1. Barak tells Ban: Israel sees UN probe as biased
  2. Barak to be grilled in US on Gaza crossings policy
  3. Colonists wage court battle to reclaim land
  4. Hezbollah eyes power shift in House
  5. 'Halting W. Bank growth unreasonable'
  6. Israeli officials: Washington never threatened punitive steps
  7. Outposts Battle Continues, Activists Block Entrance to Jerusalem
  8. Palestinian Authority Forces Battle Hamas Fighters in West Bank; 6 Killed
  9. PM: We won’t freeze life in settlements
  10. PM won't freeze settlement construction for natural growth, 'Post' learns
  11. Romanian president to Peres: Assad wants talks
  12. Settlers: We are the answer to Iran
  13. Survey: Israeli Jews Overwhelmingly Connected to Torah
  14. Time to clean my office
  15. Yesha Council: We were told no evacuation before talks

Monday - June 1, 2009:

  1. Abbas vows to crack down on Hamas violence
  2. Barak: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza
  3. Charge: Poll Denying Majority Opposition to PA State is Flawed
  4. Egypt: Peace more important than Iran
  5. Egypt: Peace trumps Iranian threat
  6. Government Rejects Allegiance Law, Softens Naqba Day Bill
  7. Halutz: Conflict with US must be avoided
  8. Hamas promises revenge after PA raid kills 6 in Kalkilya
  9. Netanyahu-Barak Gov’t Destroys, Pioneers Rebuild
  10. Illegal outpost Shvut Ami evacuated
  11. Israel fumes as Abbas undermines Netanyahu during US visit
  12. Israel Prepares for War- 5-Day 'Turning Point 3' Exercise Begins
  13. Legal Forum to IDF Rabbi: Shavuot Eviction Illegal
  14. Ministers call out against US demand to freeze settlements
  15. Netanyahu urged to 'stick to his guns'
  16. Netanyhau tries to reassure MKs on settlements
  17. Obama seeks Middle East breakthrough in two years
  18. Vilna'i: Israelis must be ready for missile attack

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