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  1. Akko Harbor from Second Temple Times Exposed
  2. Israeli Camp for Sick Arab Kids – Not News
  3. This Week In History: Herzl, rabbis clash on Zionism
  4. ‘Delayed’ Fast Day Begins ‘Three Weeks of Mourning’

Wednesday - July 25, 2012:

  1. FM: WMD transfer to Hezbollah would justify war
  2. IDF: Syrian chemical threat targets Israel. Obama warns Assad against “tragic mistake”
  3. Mortar explodes near Israel-Syria border
  4. Peres: Iran in 'Open War' with Israel
  5. Arab League backs Palestinian bid for UN nod
  6. Audience applauds violent anti-Semitism on Egypt TV

Tuesday - July 24, 2012:

  1. Gunfire on bus carrying Israeli soldiers on Israel-Egyptian border highway
  2. Egypt Border: Soldiers 'Request Bulletproof Buses'
  3. FM Lieberman Forceful Israel action if chemical weapons transferred to Hizballah
  4. Syrian civil war boosts Israeli-US defense ties
  5. 'We will strike Tel Aviv if Israel attacks,' senior Iranian cleric vows
  6. Officials Egypt allowing Palestinians to enter without permits, visas, ending Gaza blockade
  7. Egyptian textile strikes highlight economic challenges facing Morsi
  8. IDF magnet for US olim

Monday - July 23, 2012:

  1. Arab League to Hold Emergency Ministerial Meeting on Syria
  2. Netanyahu: We are watching Syria very closely
  3. Israel fears Syria's chemical weapons could be seized by Hezbollah or al-Qaida
  4. Arson Terrorism Suspected in Repeated Jerusalem Fire
  5. Report: Hamas seeks to 'emancipate' Gaza from PA
  6. Report: Israel fears Iranian terror attack at London 2012 Olympics
  7. Sinai Terrorists Blow Up Gas Pipeline to Israel
  8. IDF summer enlistment underway

Sunday - July 22, 2012:

  1. Barak: Assad's Fall Closer than Ever
  2. Barak warns Syrian weapons stocks may fall into Hizballah hands
  3. Barak: Israel may seize advanced weapons in Syria
  4. Blast rocks Egypt's gas pipeline to Israel, Jordan
  5. 'Iran will attack Tel Aviv if Israel strikes'
  6. 'Israel has the right to defend itself'
  7. Morsi Meets Mashaal, Stresses Support for 'Palestinians'

Saturday - July 21, 2012:

  1. A Hizballah suicide terror revival launched by the Burgas bus bombing
  2. Pentagon reportedly seeking to avert Israeli strike on Syrian chemical weapon sites
  3. ‘Every Israeli is a Target’
  4. U.S. officials: Hezbollah attacked Israelis in Bulgaria to retaliate for killing of Iran nuclear scientists
  5. Security and Defense- The politics of preemption
  6. Security at El Al boosted amid terror concerns
  7. Gulf sources report Jordan emergency

Friday - July 20, 2012:

  1. IDF on alert, cancels weekend breaks over Syria
  2. IDF on High Alert as Syria's Assad Goes Missing
  3. Anti-Israel attacks to mount in sync with Syrian war, looming strike on Iran
  4. Israel on Alert for Syria Weapons
  5. 'US, Israel discuss destroying Syrian weapons'
  6. Israel, US Preparing for 'the Day After Assad'
  7. Mashaal meets Egypt's Mursi, hails 'new era'
  8. Report: Arms from Eritrea smuggled into Sinai, Gaza
  9. Seven Israelis killed, 35 injured in bus explosion in Bulgaria

Thursday - July 19, 2012:

  1. Israel worried about fallout from Syria bombs
  2. 7 dead in bombing of Israeli bus in Burgas
  3. Israel heat wave reaches high of 116°F
  4. Mofaz Quits Israeli Government. Why he did it, and what it means.

Wednesday - July 18, 2012:

  1. If Damascus falls, Israel and its gas fields feared threatened
  2. Israeli navy getting new missiles
  3. US missile-defense radar to go up in Qatar
  4. IDF holds urban warfare drill in Meah Shearim
  5. 'IDF intercepted over 10 terror setups in Sinai'
  6. PA Told Clinton: No Weapons or Prisoners, No Talks
  7. Palestinians to revive bid for UN recognition
  8. Arab League Seeks Arafat Death Probe

Tuesday - July 17, 2012:

  1. As Cyprus bombing attempt shows, war with Iran can start anywhere
  2. PM blames Iran for thwarted Cyprus terror attack
  3. 'Cell plotted to kidnap IDF soldier for bargaining'
  4. 'Israel being excluded from counterterrorism parley'
  5. Clinton to Peres: Friends like us must act together

Monday - July 16, 2012:

  1. ‘Arab Internal Disputes Fuel Anti-Israel Terror’
  2. Clinton talks democracy in Cairo, heads to J'lem
  3. Clinton to arrive in Israel to discuss Iran, peace
  4. Israeli Groups Aiding Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Turkey
  5. Jerusalem Wildfire Near Ein Hemed Under Control
  6. 'S. Arabia to transfer $100m. to PA to avert crisis'

Sunday - July 15, 2012:

  1. Israel advised to brace for Syrian missile attack – conventional or chemical
  2. Hamas leader: Egypt will protect Gaza from Israeli attack
  3. Hamas says Egypt's Mursi will end Gaza blockade
  4. In Egypt's Sinai desert, Islamic militants gaining new foothold
  5. Abbas Meets Saudi King, Seeks Urgent Financial Aid

Saturday - July 14, 2012:

  1. Border Guards kill suspect who infiltrated south border
  2. IDF kills terrorist trying to breach Gaza fence
  3. Naval exercises raises tension in the region
  4. US-Israel strategic talks open in Jerusalem to discuss Iran, regional issues
  5. Conference: No Barriers to Annexation
  6. Diplomacy: Reading Israel on Iran
  7. Edmund Levy’s revolution
  8. Israel’s greatest asset and best friend

Friday - July 13, 2012:

  1. IAF attacks armed cell in Gaza; Palestinians report 1 dead
  2. IDF strikes targets in Gaza, killing one
  3. Israel to deploy Iron Dome anti-missile system on Egypt border
  4. Yatom Israel could go to war over Syria's chemical weapons
  5. Israelis work in Jordan to assist Syrian refugees
  6. Ya'alon demands US toughen stance on Iran
  7. European Commission Two-state solution key to achieving peace
  8. Gaza presents: 'Prisoners' summer camp'

Thursday - July 12, 2012:

  1. Corruption Charges Fuel Move to Cut US Aid to PA
  2. Jordan builds camp for Syrian refugees
  3. Lebanese Army beefs up border presence
  4. 'Levy report diverts attention from Iran'
  5. PA Hosts ‘Diaspora Arabs’ in ‘Ancient Jaffa’

Wednesday - July 11, 2012:

  1. Barak says Tel Aviv threatened by long-range Gazan rockets
  2. Bill calls for sanctions on all business with Iran
  3. IDF fears Libya naval mines may be moved to Gaza
  4. NIS 3B needed for gas rig defense plan
  5. Earthquake measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale felt in Israel
  6. 'Hezbollah arrests three for Mossad, CIA ties'
  7. US displeased with Levy Report
  8. US objects to law experts opinion legalizing Jewish settlements
  9. Egyptian parliament reconvenes, defying army
  10. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood leader Israelis are rapists of Jerusalem
  11. Son of Hamas: 'Time to expose Muhammad'

Tuesday - July 10, 2012:

  1. Hizbullah Collecting Intelligence Along Lebanese Border
  2. IDF concerned Lebanon planning water diversion
  3. IDF 'Creating Arab Village on Jewish Land'
  4. Netanyahu orders to expedite construction of Israel-Egypt border fence
  5. Church of England weighs link to anti-Israel group
  6. 'EU gov'ts have every right to ban settlement goods'
  7. Barroso in Palestine: 'We are laying foundations of future state'
  8. The fiasco at UNESCO
  9. 'Levy Report rights historical wrongs'
  10. Stop Abbas ‘Salami System,' Says Coalition Leader

Monday - July 9, 2012:

  1. UN Watch Denounces UNHRC Unbalanced 'Settlement' Probe
  2. Who hung an Iranian flag in a Nazareth school?
  3. Abbas to attend Tehran summit, following invitation by Ahmadinejad
  4. Appeal to Court to Stop Temple Mount Desecration
  5. Egypt president recalls parliament, generals meet
  6. PA wants joint int'l-Arab probe on Arafat's death

Sunday - July 8, 2012:

  1. Clinton meets Abbas ahead of Jerusalem visit
  2. Clinton, Abbas Hold 'Productive' Talks in Paris
  3. UNHRC to probe Israeli settlements
  4. Israel UN council probe on West Bank settlements 'flawed and biased'
  5. Abbas- We'll open new Arafat probe 'if necessary'

Saturday - July 7, 2012:

  1. Israel This time if attacked, we’ll go for Lebanon with all our strength
  2. Building of security fence to resume

Thursday - July 5, 2012:

  1. EU and Jordan to lead Mediterranean Union
  2. Abbas to meet Clinton in Paris on Friday
  3. 'Jordan rejecting Palestinian refugees from Syria'
  4. PA: Arafat's body can be exhumed over poison claim
  5. Palestinian protests could signal anti-Oslo movement

Wedneday - July 4, 2012:

  1. J'lem seeks to stop 'Palestine' from attending UN parley
  2. PA incapable of paying June salaries to employees

Tuesday - July 3, 2012:

  1. ‘Iranians help Hezbollah build tunnels in Lebanon'
  2. 'IAF strikes Hezbollah target in Lebanese territory'
  3. Israel has low expectations for talks between Iran, P5+1
  4. Kenya official: Iranian agents planned attack against Israeli, U.S. targets
  5. Roman Catholic Church Welcomes UNESCO Decision on Bethlehem
  6. 'Int'l court must advise on Palestinian prisoner rights'
  7. UNHRC settlement probe team could be named Friday
  8. Stunning Synagogue Floor Discovered in Galilee

Monday - July 2, 2012:

  1. Iran Threatens Israel With Home-Made Missiles
  2. Israel fears Hezbollah will blockade sea in future war
  3. PA Arabs Riot, Block Road in Tyre, Lebanon
  4. Bedouin soldiers champion universal draft

Sunday - July 1, 2012:

  1. Egypt Seizes Libyan Weapons Headed for Gaza
  2. Fatah to Israel: Do What We Want, or Face Intifada
  3. UNESCO names Church of Nativity as first Palestinian World Heritage site
  4. UNESCO: Nativity Church heritage site in 'Palestine'

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