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  1. Reality checks
  2. Matters of perspective
  3. Einstein's theory of Zionist relativity
  4. Jews Fast, Mourn on 17th Day of Tammuz
  5. In My Own Write: Seeing is believing, most of the time

Friday - July 31, 2009:

  1. A lesson for Tisha Be'av
  2. Diplomats: Hezbollah 'embarrassed' by arms cache blast
  3. Israel Operation Cast Lead was 'necessary and proportionate'
  4. Israel ranked one of world's least peaceful states
  5. Jewish Activists Move into Arab Jerusalem Neighborhood
  6. Nationalist Camp: Disobey Expulsion Orders
  7. 'Netanyahu freezes East Jerusalem construction'
  8. Netanyahu says Gaza crossings to be shut
  9. 'Normalization when construction stops'
  10. Rocket-battered Israeli border town enjoying calm
  11. Stone Vessel with 'Priestly Inscription' Uncovered In Jerusalem
  12. Traditional Recital of 'Lamentations' Next to Temple Mount
  13. US says can't expand UNIFIL authority in Lebanon
  14. Why I will visit the Temple Mount on Tisha B'Av
  15. 'World must be more decisive on Iran'

Thursday - July 30, 2009:

  1. 3 Outposts Demolished, Activists Vow to Rebuild
  2. 11 Outposts are Up – One Dedicated to Barack Obama
  3. IDF to give better warnings before attacks
  4. J'lem expects gestures from Arab world soon
  5. J'lem Rare 2nd Temple inscription found
  6. Knesset to vote on biometric database bill during recess
  7. 'Occupation will destroy Third Temple'
  8. PM meets US national security advisor
  9. Russia-Iran Naval Maneuvers Begin in Caspian Sea
  10. Temple Institute to Build Sacrificial Altar on Tisha B'av
  11. Tisha B'Av- Mourning Destruction, Awaiting Redemption

Wednesday - July 29, 2009:

  1. 'Abusive Soldiers' were PA Teens
  2. Al-Qaeda: 'We Hit Israel From Lebanon, Again'
  3. As Tisha B'Av Approaches, Knesset Focuses on the Temple Mount
  4. IDF Reveals Hamas Terror Academy Recruitment Video
  5. Israel angry at UNIFIL-Hizbullah contact
  6. Israel's army chief says no war in north
  7. Netanyahu meets special envoy Mitchell in Jerusalem
  8. Netanyahu: Palestinians will eventually topple Hamas
  9. Analysis: Israel-Palestinian calm could ease talks
  10. Report: Lebanese, IDF forces deploy along border
  11. Tension, Tank Movements and Jet Sorties on Northern Border
  12. UN calls on Israel to allow Gaza schools to rebuild
  13. US Entices Syria for Peace with Israel

Tuesday - July 28, 2009:

  1. 600,000 Jews in Yesha, Eastern Jerusalem May Stymie US Plans
  2. Anti-Obama Rally in Jerusalem
  3. Arab League chief rejects normalization without Israeli changes
  4. Ehud Barak warns Iran of possible Israeli strike on nuclear facilities
  5. Gates reassures Israel on U.S.-Iran strategy
  6. Nasrallah warns Israel of future war
  7. 'Hizbullah training Lebanese Armed Forces'
  8. IDF creates replica Hizbullah village, forest
  9. Israel sets up panel to respond to U.N. probe
  10. Knesset Votes on Land Ownership in the Land of Israel
  11. Lebanon: Explosion in south caused by IDF arms
  12. 'Lebanon explosion reflects Iran threat'
  13. Netanyahu, Barak Warn US on Iran
  14. Police Evacuate as ‘11’ Outpost Operation Gets Underway
  15. Proposal: Emblazon belief in Creator on money
  16. Reclaiming a Jewish Home in Jerusalem
  17. Settler rally: Obama racist; his regime will fall

Monday - July 27, 2009:

  1. 11 New Yesha Outposts ‘in Defiance of International Pressure’
  2. Clinton: U.S. committed to Israel’s security
  3. Egypt charges 26 'Hizbullah spies'
  4. Egypt refers Hezbollah case to emergency court
  5. Gates, Israeli leaders to meet on Iran
  6. Interesting Times The terror bubble
  7. Mitchell Syria-US talks near-term goal
  8. Navy holds successful test of missile defense system
  9. Navy Successfully Tests Barak Defensive Missile (Israel National News)
  10. Navy successfully tests Barak missile (Jerusalem Post)
  11. Netanyahu: Israel Wants 'Understanding' With U.S.
  12. Slowly But Surely, Hamas Implementing Islamic Law in Gaza
  13. U.S. tries to spur Middle East peace talks

Sunday - July 26, 2009:

  1. Gaza: 2 Hamas men killed in 'work accident'
  2. Nasrallah threatens to hit Tel Aviv
  3. Palestinian Affairs: The rocky road to Bethlehem
  4. Residents: Rightist tour of Arab town will spark violent clashes

Saturday - July 25, 2009:

  1. A 'crisis' manipulated *** (Commentary)
  2. Barkat We'll resist attempts to divide J'lem
  3. Evacuated settlers sue IDF commanders for deceitful practice
  4. 'Hamas may get claws into Gaza aid'
  5. Hamas turning to public relations in Gaza
  6. Haniyeh says won't impede deal for Palestinian state
  7. Hizbullah No more border demos
  8. IDF arrests al-Aqsa Brigades operative
  9. Israel Concerned Over Hamas Plans for Gaza Aid
  10. Military Establishment Fears Yesha Kids, Expulsions Postponed
  11. Parashat Devarim Some wounds must never heal
  12. Report details future Palestinian state
  13. Syria says rebuilding relations with US
  14. U.N. denies Hamas influences aid

Friday - July 24, 2009:

  1. Abbas urges Israel to demolish Security Fence in West Bank
  2. Analysis: Talk softly, and carry a large carrot!
  3. Arab educators: Forcing national anthem is like rape
  4. Civil Fights Listen to the Left
  5. Ex-Likud Minister: Migronites Face Two Expulsions
  6. 'Fatah has never recognized Israel'
  7. Hundreds planning Temple Mount ascent
  8. Irate Jaffa Christians get Jesus play canceled
  9. Israel government wins praise for steps to boost Arab sector businesses
  10. Likud Land reform will go through
  11. Netanyahu says seeks peace with Palestinians
  12. New unit arrests 400 foreigners in first 3 weeks of operation
  13. PM delays discussion on Temple Mount project
  14. Police okays rightist march in Bedouin town
  15. Report: Israel asked to resume Syria talks
  16. Video: Samaria Jews Vow to Fight Future Expulsions

Thursday - July 23, 2009:

  1. ‘Au Revoir’ to France and 'Shalom’ to Israel
  2. Arab MKs slam minister's 'racist worldview'
  3. Arab youths hurl stones on Road 65
  4. Arad snubs Erekat for meeting Mottaki
  5. Ban urges Israel to freeze east Jerusalem settlements
  6. Coalition crumbles on ILA reform vote
  7. Coalition humiliated in Knesset
  8. Egypt: Deporting prisoners unethical
  9. Gaza: Dozens hurt in Dahlan family wedding
  10. Half of former Gazans living in Nitzan under welfare care
  11. Hamas laying low in the West Bank
  12. Hezbollah: Lebanon blast set off by old shells
  13. Israel bans use of Palestinian term 'nakba' in textbooks
  14. Israel Responds to Hamas Attacks from Gaza
  15. Knesset committee to debate Golan bill
  16. Knesset renews legislative procedure for referendum
  17. Lebanon charges 17 suspected militants
  18. Major expulsion of immigrants planned
  19. Netanyahu aide says no to resumption of peace talks
  20. Netanyahu: Hamas, Hizbullah and Syria Are Directly Helping Iran
  21. Netanyahu warns ministers: Vote for land reforms or quit
  22. PM: Separation fence won't be dismantled
  23. PM Threatens to Fire Ministers who Vote Against Land Reform

Wednesday - July 22, 2009:

  1. Amar: US settlement policy contravenes Torah
  2. Amman revoking Palestinians' citizenship
  3. Arrow missile to simulate interception of Shahab 3
  4. Bibi signs off on plan to evacuate outposts
  5. Israel 'is destroying character of Occupied Jerusalem'
  6. S. Lebanon clash: UN envoy urges restraint
  7. World Bank grants PNA $40m to boost fiscal position
  8. 'Israel has indisputable right to build in East Jerusalem'
  9. Israel Says Hizbullah Re-Taking Southern Lebanon
  10. Israel to evacuate all outposts in a day: report
  11. Jerusalem Arab caught aiding city's takeover
  12. Jews in Iran Keeping a Low Profile
  13. Jordan Revoking Citizenship En Masse, Fearing Influx of PA Arabs
  14. Knesset Speaker: PA State, Nothing More than Autonomy
  15. Learning Tanach in Gush Etzion
  16. Lebanon arrests 10 for plotting attacks on UN troops
  17. Lebanon Nabs Syrian, Nine Others, in UNIFIL Attack Plot
  18. Meridor: US must honor settlement deal
  19. Residents of Destroyed Homes: 'We Will Rebuild
  20. Settlers: Haredi struggle proves only violence works
  21. Surprise Erdogan Visit to Damascus May Revive Israel-Syria Talks
  22. Trees felled, stones hurled in W. Bank

Tuesday - July 21, 2009:

  1. Arab Media: US May Allow Building in Return for Setting Borders
  2. Jews to Reclaim Land in Jordan?
  3. Knesset to Vote on Selling State Lands in Israel
  4. 'Ma'aleh Adumim, Gilo are no different'
  5. Outposts demolished, Palestinian fields torched
  6. PA bid: Each clerk to donate dollar for Jerusalem
  7. Qatar Sheikh Funds Hamas to Buy Jerusalem Buildings
  8. Report: Lebanese forces near Israeli border on alert
  9. Settlers allegedly set fire to Palestinian olive trees
  10. When contemplating aliyah is as simple as 'yes' or 'no

Monday - July 20, 2009:

  1. Cabinet approves Nakba, civil marriage bills
  2. Diskin: Hamas wants a Palestinian state
  3. Diskin: PA seeking to increase hold on east Jerusalem
  4. Dozens protest east Jerusalem eviction plans
  5. Egypt warns: Last chance for Hamas-Fatah talks
  6. Erekat meets with Iranian foreign minister for first time
  7. Fayad urges US to 'come up with a plan'
  8. Fayyad takes over PA's Jerusalem Affairs Ministry
  9. 'Israel must consider ties with US when weighing attack on Iran'
  10. Israel's Netanyahu Defends Planned Jewish Housing Development in East Jerusalem
  11. 'Limits on settlement freeze being set'
  12. Netanyahu rejects US calls to halt east J'lem project
  13. Opponents of Biometric Law: 'It's a Step to a True Police State'
  14. PA Drifting into Two States
  15. PA encouraged by 'pressure to halt east Jerusalem construction'
  16. Palestinians open fire at soldiers near Gaza border
  17. Reclaiming Jewish Property in Jerusalem
  18. U.S. demand for East Jerusalem building freeze 'surprised' Netanyahu

Sunday - July 19, 2009:

  1. Activists’ convoy permitted Gaza crossing
  2. Jerusalem: Haredi riots continue
  3. Lebanese civilians hurt 14 UNIFIL troops ***
  4. Ministers to review revised 'Nakba Law'
  5. Palestinian newspaper: No agreement between US, Israel on settlements
  6. Provocation in north: Lebanese cross border waving Hezbollah flags

Saturday - July 18, 2009:

  1. A-Zahar: Fatah planned hit on Hamas leaders
  2. Hamas calls Al Jazeera crackdown a bid to silence media in West Bank
  3. 'No threat' to Palestinian identity
  4. Hezbollah says Israel holding Lebanese prisoner
  5. Iran: Israel planned to assassinate Ahmadinejad
  6. Israeli warships rehearse for Iran attack in Red Sea
  7. Jerusalem adviser: Demolish illegal buildings near Old City
  8. Ketzaleh: Two Parties Must Unite and Grow to 15 Seats
  9. Lebanon army covering for Hezbollah, Israel claims
  10. Mass Protest Planned Against Jewish Nation's Land Sale

Friday - July 17, 2009:

  1. Fire rages near Jerusalem; arson suspected
  2. IDF Hizbullah hiding rockets in homes
  3. Israel to Hit Iran 'as Part of Deal including Yesha Evictions'
  4. J'lem Riots Continue, 10 Injured, Electric Repairs Cancelled
  5. Lebanon blast: Israel demands findings of UN probe
  6. 'Lieberman's ouster could dissolve his party'
  7. Report: Warships in Suez prepare for Iran attack
  8. Rocket lands in southern Israel
  9. Syria: No Golan, No Talks
  10. Syria: We want entire Golan
  11. Yesha Tensions: Fear of Destruction, Hit-and-Run Accusations

Thursday - July 16, 2009:

  1. 150 New Immigrants Arrive Straight from Sao Paulo
  2. Egyptian minister meets Iranian counterpart thrice in a week
  3. IMF: Palestinian economy showing signs of growth
  4. Iron Dome system successful in tests
  5. Israel Lebanon violating UN resolution 1701
  6. Israel says Lebanon blast a secret Hezbollah cache
  7. Israel to test Arrow system off US coast
  8. New Wave of Evictions: IDF Orders Chavat Gilad Building Freeze
  9. PA accuses al-Jazeera of incitement
  10. PA Acts Like Boss in Jerusalem

Wednesday - July 15, 2009:

  1. Court Orders Arab Squatters Off Jerusalem Property
  2. Explosion in Hezbollah arms cache stirs panic in south Lebanon
  3. 3 Israelis wounded in West Bank attack military
  4. Israel rejects call to recognise Palestine
  5. Israeli Warships Sail Through Suez Canal
  6. Kaddoumi: Mahmoud Abbas Helped Kill Arafat
  7. Lieberman: Abbas 'Not Really Legitimate'
  8. Police: Case against Lieberman solid
  9. Reforms in the Land Reform Bill
  10. 'Settlements aren't Obama's problem'

Tuesday - July 14, 2009:

  1. Fatah Official: 'Our Goal is Not Peace, but Rather Palestine'
  2. Iran's Rezai: We need unity against Israeli strike
  3. Israel ‘Destroyed’ Gaza Hospital that Never Existed
  4. PM: ‘Right of Return' Means Letting Arabs Destroy Israel
  5. Ayalon Too early to resume Syria talks
  6. Britain revokes arms licences for Israeli navy guns
  7. Court criticizes State over illegal outposts
  8. Court orders hearings on illegal outposts
  9. Foreign Ministry Slams EU Move for UN to Declare PA a Country
  10. Gov't Ordered to Hurry Yesha Outpost Demolitions
  11. Lieberman unruffled by Abbas comments
  12. Obama Reaches Out to Jews, Excludes Pro-Yesha Zionists
  13. 'PA 2010 elections likely to be delayed'
  14. Syria to EU: Israel obstacle to peace

Monday - July 13, 2009:

  1. Abbas: No peace talks before settlement freeze
  2. Abbas says he won't meet Netanyahu
  3. Abbas: We won't waive right of return
  4. Ayalon Israel unaware of US deadline
  5. Chief Rabbi: Land Reform Violates Jewish Law
  6. Egyptian official: No chances for Hamas, Fatah reconciliation
  7. EU: 'Accept PA State as Full Member of UN'
  8. Gideon Levy: Livni must wake up if she wants to end the occupation
  9. Israel in Lebanon's Crosshairs?
  10. Israel rejects Solana's call for deadline on Palestinian state
  11. Kuntar: Hezbollah will intervene if Iran attacked
  12. Netanyahu urges Abbas to meet him in Beersheba
  13. Palestinians reject any Israel-US settlement deal
  14. PM: Palestinian recognition of Jewish state 'key to peace'
  15. PM to Palestinians: Abandon right of return
  16. Police: More Yesha Expulsions On the Way
  17. 'Political appointment to Cairo wrong'
  18. Poll: Right Up to 71 MKs, 57% Like Netanyahu
  19. Syria FM: Pullout from Golan for peace

Sunday - July 12, 2009:

  1. Another Tack: In the footsteps of Sam Lewis's suck-ups (Commentary)
  2. France: Problem in Israeli gov't delaying settlement freeze
  3. Iran prepares package to offer West
  4. Lebanese Army finds 2 rockets in south
  5. Security and Defense Northern exposure

Saturday - July 11, 2009:

  1. No Golan pullout for peace, Israel says
  2. 'Hamas leaders don't know about Shalit's condition'
  3. IDF training civilian response teams
  4. Illegal Arab Building in Israel's South
  5. Israel Eases Restrictions to Boost Palestinian Economy
  6. Israel may allow PA counter-terror force
  7. Israel orders 1st stealth F-35 squadron
  8. Israel orders U.S. stealth planes to counter Iran, Syria threat
  9. Mubarak: Israel canceled Shalit deal at last minute
  10. Netanyahu uses historically charged term in talk with German FM
  11. Politics: Netanyahu's first 100 days
  12. Report: IDF and Iran already Engaged in 'Cyber War'

Friday - July 10, 2009:

  1. EU retracts statement critical of settlements
  2. Hamas TV Continues to Glorify Jew-Murderers
  3. Jordan-West Bank crossing to be open 24 hours
  4. Limit visits to Hamas inmates
  5. PA Charges Red-Dead Canal is ‘Land Grab’ for Israel
  6. Police Ignore Empty Arab Graves Outside Temple Mount Walls
  7. PA threatens to scupper Dead Sea canal project
  8. Ramon: Netanyahu doesn't believe in 2-state vision

Thursday - July 9, 2009:

  1. ‘Drought tax’ passes
  2. Allenby Bridge to operate 24 hours a day to boost PA economy
  3. Emerging settlement deal will let both US, Israel claim victory
  4. Fatah Forces Jews out of Jerusalem Home; Arabs Destroy It
  5. Fayyad urges UN to press Israel on fence
  6. Hamas: Mubarak knows zero on Schalit
  7. PA Blocks Hamas Incitement, Continues its Own
  8. Tamar gas reserve bigger than expected

Wednesday - July 8, 2009:

  1. ANALYSIS: Why Israel won't evacuate West Bank outposts
  2. Assad: No real Israeli partner for peace
  3. Drop in terror attacks continues, 38 in June from 580 in January
  4. Flight of 230 North American Immigrants Arrives in Israel
  5. Minister: Barak-Mitchell talks 'huge flop'
  6. Minister Edelstein: Barak making rookie mistakes
  7. New Lebanon government awaits Saudi-Syria understanding
  8. Obama: No US green light for attacking Iran
  9. Peres: Mubarak doesn't want to leave behind confusion
  10. Poll: Majority of Israelis in favor of 'natural growth'
  11. Report: Netanyahu fears US won't okay Iran strike
  12. Syrian FM in response to Peres: Golan Heights belongs to us
  13. Troops sleep while Palestinians infiltrate Israel
  14. Wary of naked force, Israel eyes cyberwar on Iran

Tuesday - July 7, 2009:

  1. 1,000 Kalashnikovs approved for PA
  2. 'Assad won't get Golan on a platter'
  3. Benny Begin: US Should Honor its Commitments
  4. Gaza woman convicted of plotting suicide attacks in Israel
  5. Govt.: Jews Out of Migron in One Year
  6. Haniyeh: Fatah spying in Gaza for Israel
  7. IDF’s ‘Tiger’ is the New Terror of the Terrorists
  8. Livni: Gov't has failed in its first 100 days
  9. Peres to Assad: Choose Between Golan and Iran
  10. Saudi denies would let Israeli jets pass for Iran attack
  11. 'We'll evacuate 23 outposts very soon'

Monday - July 6, 2009:

  1. Clashes in Jordan over Israeli imports
  2. Cleared for publication: Would-be terrorist nabbed
  3. Fayad: Jews welcome in our future state
  4. Guest Columnist: The secret of failure
  5. Israel's Peres heading to Egypt to talk peace
  6. IAF to train overseas in coming months in face of Iranian threat
  7. Israel won't base submarines in Red Sea, official says
  8. Jordan trade unionists arrested in anti-Israel rally
  9. Ministers: Settlement freeze akin to Chinese birthrate restrictions
  10. Netanyahu utters '2 states' for 1st time
  11. Netanyahu: We have consensus on two-state solution
  12. Palestinians: Normalization with Arab world not at our expense
  13. PM: Lebanon responsible for Hizbullah
  14. Police Nab Terrorist, Foil Kidnap Plot
  15. Report: Gaza Religious Police Now Official
  16. Report: Saudis to overlook Israeli jets headed to Iran
  17. Responses to Netanyahu’s About-Face Range from Quiet to Strident

Sunday - July 5, 2009:

  1. Gaza residents report severe shortage of basic goods
  2. Palestinian police arrest West Bank 'plotters'

Saturday - July 4, 2009:

  1. ANALYSIS: Netanyahu acted wisely to preserve coalition
  2. Assad invites Obama to Damascus peace summit
  3. Attias: Some Populations Shouldn't Live Together
  4. Barak, Mitchell to meet again Monday
  5. Diplomatic Matters: Dermer: We never 'hoodwinked' US on settlements
  6. Israel hopes Congress will lift F-22 ban
  7. Israel sends sub through Suez Canal
  8. Israel worries over intense 'legal war'
  9. Israeli sub sails Suez, signaling reach to Iran
  10. Lieberman: We Are Always Loved When We Make Concessions
  11. Netanyahu's popularity on the rise
  12. Plan: Ease of restrictions in return for Shalit
  13. 'PM must endorse road map plan'
  14. U.S. sounds out Arabs on Israel gestures: diplomats

Friday - July 3, 2009:

  1. 'Fatah detainees told to bring own food'
  2. Gaza evacuees move into tents
  3. Gaza: Hamas imposes 'Koran levy'
  4. Jordan's king names eldest son crown prince
  5. 'IDF will struggle to destroy tunnels'
  6. IDF, gunmen clash in Gaza; Palestinian teen killed
  7. Israel postpones ‘drought tax’
  8. Minister Atias: Stop Arab takeover in north
  9. Rabbi and Students Brutally Attacked in Moldova
  10. 'Settlement obsession disproportionate'
  11. "Temporary Building Freeze” Tactic to Resume Talks with PA
  12. Wexler: Israel will freeze settlements

Thursday - July 2, 2009:

  1. A blow to the chances for peace
  2. Abbas says Hamas preparing to hit Palestinian leadership
  3. Ayalon: PA Must Tell Arabs that Israel is a Jewish State
  4. Barak, Mitchell remain disputed on settlements
  5. Egypt wants S-400 to counter Iran
  6. Fires plague north; arson suspected
  7. Hevron Resident Hurt in Day of Arab Attacks in Judea and Samaria
  8. Likud MK: Boycott July 4 Festivities
  9. MKs to Yesha: Help Resist Obama
  10. 'Not a single Jewish home without Obama's OK'
  11. Peres to Saudi king: We can realize your vision

Wednesday - July 1, 2009:

  1. Activists to Migron Residents: Don’t Fall into the Trap
  2. Barak tells Mitchell Israel ready to help peace efforts
  3. Defending Zionist Farmers: The 'Jewish Guards' Rise Again
  4. Israeli Navy takes control of aid boat headed for Gaza
  5. Schneller: Settlement freeze demand 'extortion'
  6. To Israelis, It's a Suburb, Not a Settlement; To Palestinian Villagers, It Means a Barrier on Their Land

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