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  1. Dig Supports Biblical Account of King Solomon's Construction ***
  2. Our link to this land
  3. Exposed: Main Jerusalem Road from 1,500 Years Ago

Sunday - February 28, 2010:

  1. Fatah Leaders Praise Mass Murderer
  2. Israelis to get new gas masks
  3. 'No halt in gas shipments to Israel'

Saturday - February 27, 2010:

  1. Damascus summit: Assad, Ahmadinejad, Nasrallah
  2. Ahmadinejad, Assad assail US 'colonalist' plans for region
  3. Trilateral meeting in Damascus
  4. Nasrallah: Israel incapable of starting war
  5. Escalation in Hebron clashes feared
  6. Fatah official: Israel confiscated VIP IDs
  7. Hebron: Dozens hurl stones at IDF forces
  8. Israel planning to build 600 more homes in East Jerusalem
  9. Sderot residents upset by lack of 'Iron Dome' deployment
  10. UN: 5 more months for Gaza probes

Friday - February 26, 2010:

  1. Arab nations will usher in 'new Middle East', says Ahmadinejad
  2. IDF practices 2-front war
  3. IDF Completes Large Exercise
  4. Israel, US hold strategic talks on Iran
  5. Peres: Lebanon could be Mideast's Switzerland
  6. EU court: West Bank goods not Israeli
  7. MKs: Why did IDF abandon 2 settlements
  8. Palestinians protest against Cave of Patriarchs heritage decision
  9. PM: We'll work with Waqf at heritage sites

Thursday - February 25, 2010:

  1. Abbas Warns of ‘Holy War’ over Rachel’s Tomb
  2. PM: We're renovating for Muslims as well
  3. Ex-Fatah official planned rocket attacks
  4. UN Envoy to Peres: No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
  5. Knesset Proposal: Annex All Jewish Towns in Land of Israel
  6. Jerusalem inspectors hand out demolition notices in Silwan

Wednesday - February 24, 2010:

  1. 'Solomon's walls' stir Palestinian fury
  2. Abbas, Haniyeh: Heritage sites will ignite a war
  3. More Hevron Riots Follow Cave of Machpelah Decision
  4. PM's Office: Abbas' war threats hypocritical
  5. Grenade found under car in Jerusalem mall
  6. Beit Shemesh mayor receives threat letter from 'secular lobby'
  7. Envelope containing toy gun sent to Minister Begin
  8. Dithering on Damascus
  9. French reconsider recognizing Palestine
  10. 'Liberal Protestant churches pose growing threat to Israel'

Tuesday - February 23, 2010:

  1. Erdogan warns against Israeli strike in Iran
  2. Netanyahu Wants Sanctions Now--with or without UN
  3. PA hands Israel W. Bank-made Kassam
  4. PA Working Feverishly to Achieve State - without Negotiations
  5. Palestinians agree to launch ‘proximity talks’ with Israel next week
  6. Video: PA Mother Calls to Sacrifice Children as Martyrs
  7. Arab Rioting Expands to Hevron
  8. Arabs Begin to Blame Their Own Leaders for ’Refugee' Status
  9. Netanyahu to Haaretz: Palestinians seem to be backing down
  10. Postal Company halts mail distribution due to discovery of parcel bomb

Monday - February 22, 2010:

  1. Israel unveils new drone fleet that can reach Iran
  2. France sees recognition of Palestinian state soon
  3. Peres Links Jew: 'From 10 Commandments to Nano-Technology'
  4. Meretz's Oron: Netanyahu blurring Israel's borders
  5. PA Agents Destroy 20,000 Shekels’ Worth of Jewish Products
  6. PA Police Destroy Stolen Israeli Cars

Sunday - February 21, 2010:

  1. Syria warns war would have 'catastrophic results'
  2. Assad: Force Israel to commit to peace
  3. Barrel washes up near Tel Aviv power station; police investigating
  4. IDF fires at Palestinian cell near Gaza border
  5. IDF opens fire on Gaza border cell

Saturday - February 20, 2010:

  1. Ahmadinejad urges Hizbullah to prepare strong retaliation for Israel
  2. Hamas: Aiding Zionist enemy will end in confrontation
  3. Group: We Demand a Jewish Presence in Jericho
  4. Lebanon criticizes Israeli tree-cutting

Friday - February 19, 2010:

  1. Israel warns of revenge Hizbullah attack during Passover
  2. Peres calls Ahmadinejad ‘a dictator and murderer who hangs people'
  3. Soldier lightly wounded in explosion at Gaza fence
  4. Hezbollah tries to break out of militant mold
  5. IDF welcomes 'super-drone'
  6. Ancient Jerusalem Waterway Revealed at Jaffa Gate
  7. Barkat Under Fire for Arab Building Policy
  8. Israel to triple demolition rate for illegal Bedouin construction

Thursday - February 18, 2010:

  1. Hezbollah warns of retaliation for any Israeli hit
  2. Time for a change in US Mideast strategy
  3. Barak to Syria: Don't test us – talk to us
  4. Jenin: Youth arrested in possession of 4 pipe bombs
  5. Opposition Leader Livni: We Must Make Hard Decisions
  6. Deputy Minister Ayalon Slams Fayyad
  7. 'Don’t assume Mossad killed Mabhouh'
  8. Netanyahu vows never to free Ze'evi killer
  9. Profile: Woman hurt by Grad goes back to work

Wednesday - February 17, 2010:

  1. Nasrallah threatens to attack Ben-Gurion Airport
  2. Clinton warns of Mideast nuclear arms race
  3. Benny Begin: Jerusalem-Dividing Proposals Did Damage
  4. British official believes Mossad behind assassination
  5. Israeli 'assassin'- I was never in Mossad
  6. Jordanian group to sue Israel over Dimona reactor

Tuesday - February 16, 2010:

  1. Hezbollah will defend allies, leader says
  2. Ex-Mossad chief: Israel can hit Iran without U.S. OK
  3. Israel to receive US military stocks from Iraq
  4. Israel is accused of waging covert war across the Middle East
  5. Dubai: Hamas man assassinated by 11 mercenaries
  6. Qatari PM: Arabs must negotiate with Israel
  7. Lieberman: Territorial compromise is an illusion
  8. More Holes Discovered in Goldstone Report
  9. Court Orders Illegal Bedouin Mansions Razed
  10. Israel basks in longest winter heat wave in almost 40 years

Monday - February 15, 2010:

  1. Israel girds for Iran battle
  2. Lebanon Fires on Israeli Surveillance Planes
  3. Israel warns citizens to be vigilant for Hezbollah revenge attacks during travel abroad
  4. In East Jerusalem, a defining battle over Palestinian ownership in Sheikh Jarrah
  5. Barkat to demolish Silwan homes
  6. Lador to Barkat: Evacuate Beit Yonatan immediately
  7. Inflated Census Figures Show False Demographic Picture
  8. Jaffa Arabs Against Religious-Zionist Neighbors

Sunday - February 14, 2010:

  1. UAE condemns Israeli aggression
  2. PA official: Israel's anti-terror campaign going too far
  3. Operative cited for 'firing rockets' dies in firefight with Israelis
  4. Fayyad takes on settlement products

Saturday - February 13, 2010:

  1. 'Next war with Israel will be regional'
  2. Qassam explodes in Negev, no injuries
  3. Palestinian tries to stab soldier
  4. Terrorists Set Off Bomb Near IDF Patrol; No Soldiers Hurt
  5. Report: 2 Palestinians killed by IDF mortars near Kissufim
  6. Experts: Syria all talk
  7. Leftists, Palestinians protest in 3 locations near Ramallah

Friday - February 12, 2010:

  1. Syria debating attacks against Israel
  2. Israel's Netanyahu keeping mum about Obama's virtual arms embargo
  3. Time Magazine Digging Up Trouble in Jerusalem
  4. IAF strikes militant cell in Gaza Strip; 1 killed
  5. Goldstone analyst Hamas only fired 2 rockets at Israel

Thursday - February 11, 2010:

  1. Lebanese Gov't Officially Backs Hizbullah Terrorist Group
  2. Lebanese PM: We'll back Hezbollah if war with Israel breaks out
  3. Lebanon warns of dangerous situation with Israel
  4. Soldier killed in West Bank knife attack
  5. 'Terrorist killer was a PA officer'
  6. PA Officials Taking Active Role in Anti-Israel Protests
  7. IDF Strikes Again as Hamas Continues Rocket Attacks
  8. Jerusalem: Demolition orders for Arab homes within days
  9. '$50m. for Arab Israeli development'
  10. Activist Sees Silver Lining in Northern Jerusalem Riots
  11. Belgian peace activists pose as El Al employees to smear airline

Wednesday - February 10, 2010:

  1. Abbas agrees in principal to recommence talks
  2. Israel reports 2010 spike in Palestinian attacks
  3. If Netanyahu wants peace, he must lose Lieberman
  4. Saudis urge firm stance on Israel after handshake with Ayalon
  5. 'What’s the Alternative?' MK Orlev: Jordan is Palestine
  6. FM Turkey can't keep slamming Israel
  7. Hezbollah arms for protection -- lawmaker
  8. 'I wouldn't cry if he was killed'
  9. Fatah wants US to clarify Israeli talks
  10. Hamas and Fatah Ready for Reconciliation?
  11. Hamas fails to pay employees' salaries
  12. Shufat clashes resume; 9 detained

Tuesday - February 9, 2010:

  1. Lieberman: 'Land for Peace' is Dead
  2. None Hurt as Terrorist Rocket Hits Kibbutz
  3. Assassination in Dubai May Launch Hizbullah-Hamas Revenge Effort
  4. Dozens of Palestinians injured as Israelis raid refugee camp
  5. Jewish-Arab Center Prof: No Such Thing as Palestinian Refugees
  6. Likud minister to rightists: Give up dream of Greater Israel
  7. Mashaal: US 'vetoed' Palestinian unity
  8. PA to present arguments to ICC
  9. Palestinians give in to U.S. pressure for indirect Mideast talks
  10. Who's demonizing who?

Monday - February 8, 2010:

  1. Rocket explodes near Sderot; none injured
  2. Khamenei: Israel's disappearance certain
  3. Assad: We'll stand by Lebanon in case of Israeli attack
  4. Netanyahu: Israel wants peace with Syria
  5. Abbas: I won't withdraw settlement freeze demand
  6. Ghajar residents could go to sleep in Israel, but wake up in Lebanon
  7. Jordanian Pressure Preventing Western Wall Walkway Construction
  8. Syrian minister: Lieberman scorned by world

Sunday - February 7, 2010:

  1. Arab media: 2 Israeli Navy ships passed through Suez Canal
  2. Report: Hezbollah raises alert level
  3. Syria says 'ready for peace, but also for war'
  4. Wooing Damascus to isolate Teheran
  5. 70 Palestinian illegal aliens found in truck
  6. Palestinians say Hague ignoring appeals

Saturday - February 6, 2010:

  1. Syria turns up rhetoric with threats of war on ‘Israeli cities’
  2. 'Strike on Iran would not help Israel’
  3. Dubai may seek Bibi's arrest over Hamas man's assassination
  4. Erekat advises PA to declare Oslo ‘null,’ pursue one-state solution
  5. IDF nixes plan to deploy Iron Dome in Sderot
  6. Netanyahu associates: Bibi backs Lieberman
  7. The Jewish dilemma of accepting Evangelical support

Friday - February 5, 2010:

  1. FM: Assad's regime will collapse if he provokes Israel
  2. Bibi tells ministers to keep mum on Syria
  3. Netanyahu slaps down minister to end war of words with Syria
  4. Assad: Golan withdrawal before peace
  5. Erekat calls for ‘alternative to two-state solution’
  6. Kadima: Israel is playing with fire
  7. Red Cross Jeep hit by bomb in Gaza
  8. More Than 25% of Knesset Joins 'Land of Israel Forum'
  9. Barkat agrees to evacuate Beit Yehonaton
  10. Under pressure from settlers, IDF rebuilding West Bank watchtower

Thursday - February 4, 2010:

  1. 3rd explosives-laden barrel found on Israeli beach
  2. A new front from the sea
  3. Navy chief: Terror groups recruiting Gaza fishermen
  4. PM's Office: J'lem to Remain Undivided, No PA Offices to Open
  5. IDF to upgrade arms in 2010
  6. 'Israel infiltrated Hamas leadership'
  7. Report: Lebanese officer suspected of spying for Israel
  8. Qassam explodes in western Negev
  9. Response to Hamas Rockets: IDF Strikes in Southern Gaza
  10. IAF bombs Gaza smuggling tunnels
  11. Barkat says will seal Beit Yehonatan, 200 Arab homes
  12. J'lem Mayor to Seal Beit Yehonatan – And Raze 200 Arab Homes
  13. Labor MK Concerned: 'Yesha Growth Voids 2-State Solution?'
  14. Hamas warns 13 top terror activists they are in Israel's cross-hairs
  15. 'IDF risked civilians to save soldiers'
  16. Netanyahu: Negotiations with PA to Restart in Coming Weeks

Wednesday - February 3, 2010:

  1. Up to $6 bil. in natural gas found
  2. Qassam falls in Negev
  3. Barrels Contained 15-20 Kg Explosives Each
  4. IDF source: Gaza fishermen in danger
  5. Hamas may seek Hizbullah assistance to avenge Dubai hit
  6. Jordan strips Palestinians’ citizenship
  7. Kadima, Likud MKs against 2-state solution
  8. Analysis Helping Abbas climb down the high tree
  9. Army Radio: Strong Religious-Zionist Presence in Elite Units
  10. Jewish Growth in Judea/Samaria Tops the Charts
  11. New PA Private Equity Fund to Help PA Independence

Tuesday - February 2, 2010:

  1. 2 explosive devices found in southern beaches
  2. Explosives-packed containers drift onto S. Israeli beaches
  3. Public Warned to Stay Away from Beaches, Explosive Barrels Found
  4. Security sources: Threat to ocean facilities growing
  5. Israel to launch latest Ofek spy satellite
  6. Top IDF Officer: We Share Values with West, But Must Fight
  7. Abbas: Occupation leading to one-state solution
  8. Abbas Offers New Condition for Talks with Israel, Defends Hamas
  9. Al Qaida joins forces with Fatah against Hamas
  10. Barak: Don't involve IDF in Goldstone probe
  11. Senior officers punished over Gaza op
  12. Legal expert: Board of inquiry would change everything
  13. Israel, Hamas up against UN deadline for Goldstone responses
  14. 'Hamas recruited 2 students to carry out attacks'
  15. MK Mofaz: Implement 2-state solution as soon as possible
  16. PA Sheikh: Jail for Arabs Who Work with Jews
  17. Conference Shed Moonlight on Lunar Calendar

Monday - February 1, 2010:

  1. Erdogan: Losing a friend like Turkey would hurt Israel
  2. PA: Israel offered 'territories for negotiations'
  3. Knesset panel to weigh expansion of rabbinical court power
  4. Report: Mabhouh's bodyguards couldn't get plane tickets
  5. Dubai police say Mossad may have killed Hamas chief
  6. Israeli woman suspected of trying to smuggle Palestinians into Israel
  7. Deputy army chief: Goldstone report a Trojan horse
  8. Livni: Probe will legitimize distorted war report
  9. Sea of Galilee water levels rise nearly a meter in two months

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