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  1. Will America forsake Israel, again?
  2. Israeli scholar completes mission to 'fix' Bible

Friday - August 31, 2012:

  1. U.S. to Israel: If You Attack, We Don’t Have Your Back
  2. PM to Address UN General Assembly in NY; Counter 'Blood Libels'

Monday - August 27, 2012:

  1. Rocket War Resumes, Kassam Hits Sderot Building
  2. 3 rockets hit Sderot; none injured
  3. Mofaz to Hamas: Blood on your hands for rockets
  4. Palestinian leader in Chile: Israel worse than Nazis
  5. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef: Pray for the destruction of Iran

Sunday - August 26, 2012:

  1. Hamas leader accepts Iran invitation to attend Non-Aligned summit
  2. Hamas top official: Kill every last Jew and American
  3. KAHLILI: Iran admits giving WMDs to terrorists
  4. Morsi to shop for nuclear-capable missiles in Beijing en route for Tehran. Netanyahu, Obama meet Sept. 27

Saturday - August 25, 2012:

  1. PM accuses Iran of accelerating work towards atomic weapons
  2. Syria can destroy Israeli nuclear facilities 'with 20 missiles,' boasts ambassador to Jordan
  3. Report: Israel, Egypt reach understandings on Sinai
  4. Egyptian Defense Minister: We are Committed to Peace Treaty
  5. Obama 'Using Israeli Paper to Foil Iran Strike'
  6. Top German politician calls for EU to ban Hezbollah

Friday - August 24, 2012:

  1. Gantz IDF has devastating power
  2. 'Hezbollah drill prepares to 'occupy the Galilee'
  3. Israel unlikely to warn U.S. in advance of attack on Iran
  4. Egyptian Cleric: People Thirst for Jews' Blood
  5. Indyk: US expected Israel to strike Iran last spring
  6. State Dept: Israel as Dangerous for Visit as Syria

Thursday - August 23, 2012:

  1. Israel 'planning to attack Iran before U.S. election'
  2. 100 Officers to PM: We'll Follow Your Orders on Iran
  3. US-Israeli deal on Iran: No Israeli strike now if Obama pledged a spring attack
  4. Cairo uses illicit Sinai tanks to bargain for massive US aid
  5. Egypt finds it hard to justify the unauthorized Sinai tanks to Washington
  6. The Region: What happened in Egypt?
  7. Egypt’s transformation

Tuesday - August 21, 2012:

  1. Cairo uses illicit Sinai tanks to bargain for massive US aid
  2. Egyptian Anti-Aircraft Missiles Reported in Sinai
  3. 'Egypt to employ aircraft, tanks against Sinai terrorists'
  4. Arab Spring run amok: ‘Brotherhood’ starts crucifixions
  5. Dempsey: Israel, US differ on seriousness of Iran
  6. Dempsey: US feels no pressure from Israel to back strike
  7. Iron Dome installed in Eilat
  8. Shin Bet Nabs PFLP Cell that Planned Abductions

Monday - August 20, 2012:

  1. Dichter: Iran poses a threat to Israel's existence
  2. Senior Iranian commander 'welcomes' Israeli strike
  3. ‘Obama, Americans Would Support Israeli Attack on Iran:’ Oren
  4. Israel, U.S. conduct joint naval exercises
  5. Egypt's Morsy to visit Tehran for NAM meeting
  6. Sinai Terrorists Endanger US-Led ‘Peacekeepers’
  7. Church Regrets Asking Arabs to Recognize Israel as Jewish State

Sunday - August 19, 2012:

  1. US-Israeli deal on Iran: No Israeli strike now if Obama pledged a spring attack
  2. 'Tumour' of Israel will soon be destroyed Ahmadinejad
  3. Hezbollah says its 'precision rockets' could kill tens of thousands of Israelis
  4. Iran and Hezbollah issue warnings to Israel
  5. Remains of Grad rocket found north of Eilat
  6. Sinai attack injures 3 Egyptian policemen, soldier

Saturday - August 18, 2012:

  1. Ahmadinejad: Israel's existence is 'an insult to all humanity'
  2. Vilnai: Israel is more ready than ever for war
  3. Morsi Tells Army: Improve Preparedness
  4. Canada's largest Protestant church set to boycott Israeli settlement products

Friday - August 17, 2012:

  1. Obama initiates September meeting with Netanyahu to renew Iran dialogue
  2. Israel urges US decision on Iran strike
  3. Obama set to assure Israel that, if all else fails, US will attack Iran by June 2013 -- TV report
  4. Iranian general Israel must be destroyed
  5. Iran Supreme Leader Israel will vanish from the 'landscape of geography'
  6. Barak: We must make Iran decision now
  7. Does Israel Face a December Deadline to Attack Iran
  8. Vilna'i: We Can Cut Expected Casualties in Iran War by 90%
  9. 'We're training like we've never trained before'
  10. Demand for gas masks jumps as public's anxiety over possible war rises
  11. Economy defies forecasts, grows 3.2% in Q2
  12. Jihadist group warns Egypt army over Sinai crackdown
  13. MK: Egyptian Sinai Troop Deployment Beginning of Major Threat
  14. Salafi Terror Group Threatens to Attack in the Heart of Cairo

Thursday - August 16, 2012:

  1. Possible war with Iran could be month-long affair: Israel minister
  2. Iran If war breaks out, we'll annihilate IDF
  3. Gen_ Dempsey Israel could delay, not destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities
  4. Panetta: No Israeli decision yet on attacking Iran
  5. New immigrants flock to Israel, even as talk of attacking Iran mounts
  6. Palestinians condemn calls for Jewish prayer on Temple Mount as 'incitement'
  7. Ministry predicts egg, milk prices to rise 17%

Wednesday - August 15, 2012:

  1. Is Israeli Strike On Iran Just Weeks Away? Reading the latest tea leaves
  2. 'US message to Israel Don't rely on us to finish the job in Iran'
  3. Dichter quits Kadima to join government
  4. Israel Has Removed All but 10 Roadblocks in Judea and Samaria
  5. Morsi 'to Make Changes in Camp David Accords'
  6. Morsi seeks to restore Egyptian control over “every inch” of Sinai
  7. Morsy to resume Hamas-Fatah unity efforts in Cairo
  8. Netanyahu and Obama to reportedly meet at UN in September

Tuesday - August 14, 2012:

  1. Hanegbi Western intel can’t count on Iranian weapon “breakout” warning
  2. Muslim Brotherhood anti-army coup in Cairo. Tanks move up to Israel border
  3. Mursi’s ‘revolutionary’ move makes headlines
  4. 'We could destroy parts of Lebanon to stop rockets'
  5. No One Wants to be Home Front Minister
  6. 6.53% hike in bread prices draws wide criticism
  7. Barroso: EU 'laying foundations' of future Palestinian state
  8. Pro-Obama Media at War with Government over Iran

Sunday - August 12, 2012:

  1. Financial System Preparing for Iran Strike, Says Fischer
  2. IDF redeploys munitions, supply reserves
  3. Gaza Terrorists Testing Rockets in Sinai, Israeli Sources Say
  4. Sinai vacuum a boon to Gaza rocket men

Saturday - August 11, 2012:

  1. Gantz: We must prepare to fight multiple fronts
  2. IDF plans supply depots protected against missiles
  3. Israel media talk of imminent Iran war push
  4. Israeli newspaper says PM, defence minister want to attack Iran before U.S. election
  5. 'Netanyahu, Barak mulling fall strike on Iran'
  6. Talk of Iran strike dominates Israel press
  7. US has not told us of Saudi plans to intercept Israeli planes
  8. Arab World: Unintended consequences
  9. Egypt arrests 9 militants linked to Sinai attacks
  10. Egypt sends reinforcements to northeastern Sinai following continued clashes
  11. Lebanon concerned by Hezbollah money-laundering
  12. US slaps fresh sanctions on Hezbollah over Syria

Friday - August 10, 2012:

  1. Barak: Iran Strike – Only with Government Vote
  2. 'US, Israeli intel Iran closer than ever'
  3. Saudi Arabia 'to Shoot Down' Iran-Bound Israeli Planes
  4. Report: US Helping Gulf States Build Defense Against Iran Attack
  5. Police suspect 'wave of nationalistic arson attacks'
  6. 'Hamas fostering terror, damaging ties with Egypt'
  7. Egypt demands extradition of 3 Hamas militants over support for Sinai terrorists
  8. Egypt Says 40 Militants Killed in Northern Sinai

Thursday - August 9, 2012:

  1. Hezbollah smuggles high-grade explosives into Israel
  2. Danon: Zoabi to Blame for Israel-Arab Terror
  3. IDF believed to be using armed UAVs
  4. Iranian Hate ‘Worst since Nazi Germany’
  5. Iranian VP arrives in Egypt to invite Morsi to attend summit
  6. PA Libel: Israel Using Chemicals to Erode Al-Aqsa
  7. Jerusalem area fire contained; 4 Palestinians arrested
  8. Haniyeh's brother-in-law was treated at Israeli hospital
  9. Syrian nightmare for Israel
  10. Egypt bombs 20 suspected terrorists in Sinai

Wednesday - August 8, 2012:

  1. Terrorists crashed Israel border Sunday with three APCs
  2. Terrorists were more than a kilometer inside Israel, speeding toward kibbutz, when army blew up their armored vehicle
  3. Gantz on terror attack: 15 minutes from start to finish
  4. Hamas' Haniyeh blames Israel for Sinai attack
  5. 'Egypt moves to seal off Gaza smuggling tunnels'
  6. Egypt vows crackdown on 'infidels' after border massacre
  7. Egyptian president visits Israeli border, Egyptian Apaches land in El Arish
  8. Egyptian Protesters Demand to End Ties with Israel
  9. Israel eyes Russian naval movement near Tartus Port
  10. Israel upgrades Arrow 2 anti-missile system
  11. Israeli officials slam Obama's 'wretched' Iran red line
  12. MK Ketzaleh: Jews Help Each Other, Muslims Slaughter Each Other
  13. Palestinian Authority Economist: PA on Verge of Collapse
  14. Panetta, in Israel, stresses that U.S. military action against Iran remains an option

Monday - August 6, 2012:

  1. 'Hamas frees al-Qaida-tied terror leader in Gaza'
  2. Iron Dome intercepts rocket over Ashkelon
  3. Israel to use advanced early warning system on Lebanese border
  4. Israeli MK calls for Third Temple in Jerusalem
  5. Official: Cabinet hasn’t discussed Iran since October
  6. PA to renew statehood bid at UN General Assembly
  7. TA residents vulnerable to ballistic missile strike

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