Israel - Gaza - Middle East


  1. Israeli experts near completion of Jerusalem walls restoration
  2. Watch: Ancient escape tunnels discovered in Jerusalem
  3. Israeli archaeologists present Roman artifacts found in Jerusalem tunnel
  4. The new biblical archeology

Wednesday - August 31, 2011:

  1. Fresh Terror Alert: 2 Roads Near Eilat Closed Off
  2. 'Ten Terrorists About to Attack from Sinai' - Minister
  3. Third Iron Dome battery to be deployed near Ashdod
  4. Israeli military arms settlers in preparation for Palestinian protests
  5. Arab MK Aghast: IDF Trains Yesha Settlers for September
  6. Gaza Terror Groups Acquire Weapons from Libya
  7. IDF remains on high alert in south
  8. Netanyahu examining possible future borders of a Palestinian state
  9. Poll: Israeli Youth Identifies with the Right
  10. Report: Egyptian forces raid Jihad cells in Sinai
  11. St. Vincent, Grenadines back Palestinian bid

Tuesday - August 30, 2011:

  1. Palestinian terror attack in Tel Aviv injures eight
  2. Police chief: Over 1,000 teenagers were in targeted club
  3. 'Terrorist was trying to get to the kids'
  4. A terror attack every two days shows Israel's military restraint to be bankrupt
  5. Gantz orders IDF reinforcement in South after terror alert
  6. Israeli Muslim Leader: Cairo Regime Is Key to Jerusalem
  7. Jordanians pay price as Syria roils
  8. Report: Israel allows 1,500 Egyptian troops into Sinai
  9. The case for Israeli intervention in Syria

Monday - August 29, 2011:

  1. Egypt: More Calls to Murder Israelis
  2. PM: Cabinet will rule on changes in Egypt peace deal
  3. Grad rocket fired from Gaza falls near Be'er Sheva
  4. UN envoy Prosor: Israel has no chance of stopping recognition of Palestinian state
  5. Blair’s Sister-in-Law Incites Muslims to ‘Liberate’ Jerusalem
  6. 'Egypt mulling buffer zone on Gaza border'
  7. IDF Wants Robot Strike Force
  8. Israel Minimizes Report on Reopening Camp David Accords
  9. Report: Concern for Fate of Assad's WMDs

Sunday - August 28, 2011:

  1. Abbas: We won't recognize Israel as Jewish state
  2. Rocket fire continues from Gaza
  3. Who will endorse Palestine?
  4. Egypt: Protesters Call for ‘Destruction of Allah’s Enemies’
  5. Lieberman Palestinians want to take over Israel from within
  6. PA Official: U.S. Warned Me of Aid Cut for Statehood Bid
  7. Report: Egypt thwarts Israeli assassination of Hamas PM
  8. Egypt hires Sinai Bedouin militias to combat Palestinian, al Qaeda terror

Saturday - August 27, 2011:

  1. Despite ceasefire: Rockets hits western Negev
  2. Fear has no scent or sound, but it has a color- 'Red’
  3. Grad Rocket Hits Near Ashkelon
  4. A-Jad: PA State First Step to Israel's Demise
  5. Anti-Israel protests held in Cairo, Tehran
  6. Arab League: Israel-Egypt peace treaty isn't sacred
  7. Israeli Embassy in Cairo stormed
  8. China announces support for Palestinian UN statehood bid
  9. El Salvador Recognizes Palestine Ahead of UN Bid
  10. Barak: We'll allow helicopters, more troops into Sinai
  11. Egypt Concerned Over Terror Threats to Suez Canal
  12. Hundreds At 'Million Man Protest' Against Israel
  13. Jews, the Temple Mount, and 'Missing' Police Protocol
  14. Kara Calls to 'Help' Arab MKs
  15. 'Not a grain of Palestinian sand should be conceded'

Friday - August 26, 2011:

  1. 2 Wounded, 21 Rockets and Mortars Fired at Southern Israel
  2. IDF strikes Gaza after more than 20 rockets hit southern Israel
  3. IDF strikes targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire
  4. Rocket salvo hits south; IAF strikes Gaza
  5. IDF Thwarts Rocket Launching Attempt
  6. IAF ramps up drills against missile attack
  7. Red-Eyed Residents in Southern Israel Resume Routine
  8. Egyptian official: We forbade large-scale Gaza operation
  9. US congressman: Israel owes Turkey no apology

Thursday - August 25, 2011:

  1. Ceasefire breached again as 7 rockets hit south; IDF retaliates
  2. Palestinian militants fire rocket barrage from Gaza at Israel; 4 killed in airstrikes
  3. Rocket hurts baby: IDF hits Gaza arms depot
  4. Hamas’ Definition of Ceasefire – Two Mortar Shell Attacks
  5. Sinai: Women hurt by rocket fired from Gaza
  6. Gunned down Islamic Jihad opeartive involved in attacks near Eilat
  7. Islamic Jihad Enraged Over Death of Commander, Vows Revenge
  8. Egyptians plan million-man rally against Israel
  9. Israel bolsters Egypt border defenses over new terror warnings
  10. IDF: Egyptian frontier on peak alert, no longer a border of peace
  11. IDF investigation: Egyptians took part in attack near Eilat
  12. Arab Teens Greet Firefighters with Rocks

Wednesday - August 24, 2011:

  1. Jews have human rights, too
  2. ‘Zionist Envoy, Leave Egypt or Die,' Demonstrators Demand
  3. Amnesty International Blind to Jewish Blood?
  4. Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with Israelis in West Bank
  5. EU donates additional €115mn to Palestinians
  6. Hamas Funds Highway 12 Terrorists, IDF Says
  7. Islamist Cleric: Meet an Israeli? Kill Him
  8. Report: Al-Qaeda group behind attack
  9. Resentment toward Hamas grows among Gaza's budding middle class
  10. Visits to Temple Mount by haredim on the rise

Tuesday - August 23, 2011:

  1. 'PRC announces it will adhere to a Gaza cease-fire'
  2. Popular Resistance Committees claim truce in effect
  3. Netanyahu accepts ceasefire to placate Egypt, leaves Jihad Islami for later
  4. Escalation in south behind us?
  5. Gaza rocket fire persists despite truce, drawing Israeli airstrike in retaliation
  6. Rockets fired despite ceasefire reports
  7. Hamas Breaks Its Ceasefire 14 Times in 24 Hours
  8. Hamas Chiefs are Hiding
  9. UN delays Gaza flotilla report, following request by Turkey
  10. 'Turkey may cut economic ties over 'Marmara' apology'

Monday - August 22, 2011:

  1. Escalation in pictures: Photos from the South
  2. Ashkelon Coast Targeted in Midday Rocket Barrages
  3. Quartet backs Israel amid Gaza firefight
  4. 'Ground operation in Gaza possible'
  5. IDF strikes Hamas military installations in Gaza
  6. Jordan warns: Escalation in Gaza threatens entire region
  7. Abbas Wants Lebanese Flag Flying over Jerusalem
  8. Aharonovitch: Rocket attacks on South will continue
  9. Hamas May Be Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time
  10. IAF strikes Gaza as rockets continue to pound south
  11. Police raise terror alert in Jerusalem after attack threat
  12. Arab League condemns Israel air strikes on Gaza
  13. Barak warns enemies to be 'decapitated'
  14. Barak: IDF won't tolerate rocket attacks from Gaza
  15. IDF Arrests 120 Terrorists in Judea and Samaria
  16. Ceasefire talks intensify as Israeli PM orders continuation of Gaza air strikes
  17. Report: Gaza groups agree on ceasefire
  18. Tehran pulls strings of Gaza missile war through proxy Jihad Islami
  19. Report: Iran cuts Hamas funding
  20. Analysis: Egypt - The blame game
  21. Egypt deems Israel's apology for policemen deaths 'insufficient'
  22. Egyptian becomes hero after removing Israeli flag from embassy
  23. Video: Angry Egyptians Break into Israeli Embassy Compound
  24. Analysis: How to strike back without entering Cast Lead II
  25. Spain supports Palestinian bid for statehood

Sunday - August 21, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Diplomatic woes pile up for isolated Israel
  2. Arab League to hold emergency session on Gaza
  3. Diplomacy: Can September place Israel on the ICC dock?
  4. Hamas Ends ‘Ceasefire’ with Israel
  5. Gaza rockets intensify in South; Grads in Ashdod, Beersheba
  6. Southern Israel under fire; 11 hurt in rocket attacks
  7. Southern Israel hit by 80 Gazan rockets
  8. Lieberman blames the PA for Eilat terrorist attacks
  9. Terror Group Denies Responsibility for Multiple Attacks
  10. Netanyahu: Attack on Terror Commanders Was Just the Beginning
  11. IDF strikes tunnels, rocket launching cells in Gaza
  12. Anti-Israel sentiment mounts in post-Mubarak Egypt
  13. Lebanon thwarts UN Security Council statement denouncing terror attack in southern Israel
  14. Officials: Crisis with Egypt over
  15. US defuses Egyptian-Israeli crisis: Egypt may post troops in E. Sinai
  16. Report: Egypt in bid to broker new Israel-Hamas ceasefire
  17. Suspect in Hariri killing says Beirut knows where he lives

Saturday - August 20, 2011:

  1. Who is the Palestinian group blamed for the attacks?
  2. Continuous Palestinian missile blitz after Israel bombs 12 terrorist targets in Gaza
  3. PM: Killing PRC leadership only first response to attacks
  4. PM vows additional retaliation
  5. Rocket hits Ashdod yeshiva; 10 hurt
  6. Egypt protests border killings, demands Israeli probe
  7. Suicide bomber blows himself up near Egyptian soldiers on Israel border
  8. IDF Releases Guide for Civilians as Rockets Wound 6
  9. Miracle in synagogue: Grad fails to explode
  10. Al-Qaida-linked group praises Eilat terror attacks
  11. Gaza Terror Group Praises Eilat Attacks
  12. Shaath: Israeli 'Insanity' Will Not Stop Statehood Bid
  13. Cairo: Israeli flags torched before embassy
  14. Lebanon tribunal orders probe of 3 more attacks
  15. Prepared for the worst, hoping for the best

Friday - August 19, 2011:

  1. Multiple terror attacks rock south; 7 killed
  2. PM: We respond immediately, powerfully to attacks
  3. 2 Children Among 33 Hurt in Multiple Terror Attack; 6 Dead
  4. Additional shooting attack north of Eilat, one injured
  5. 1 wounded as attacks continue during brief
  6. Terror continues: Two gravely hurt by fresh gunfire hours after deadly attacks
  7. Revenge: 2 Top terrorists killed
  8. Erekat warns Israel against 'irresponsible action' in Gaza
  9. Hamas Evacuates Security HQ Fearing Reprisals
  10. Iron Dome intercepts 2 rockets fired at Israel
  11. Israel tenses for Gaza strike after deadly Palestinian multiple terror attack
  12. PA Vows to Erase 'Filth,' Build Arab Homes at Western Wall
  13. Palestinian factions reconsider relations with Assad

Thursday - August 18, 2011:

  1. 3 attacks launched on southern Israel, some dead
  2. Netanyahu tells Clinton Israel won't apologize to Turkey
  3. Erdogan: No Apology? No Thaw
  4. EU and US criticise Israel ahead of UN showdown
  5. UN-backed tribunal publishes Hariri indictment
  6. Hariri indictment claims assassins given away by their phones
  7. Lebanon court: There is enough evidence for a Hariri trial
  8. Saad Hariri Calls on Hizbullah to Surrender His Father's Killers
  9. PA to soften UN statehood bid?

Wednesday - August 17, 2011:

  1. 'Crescent' forecast to 'put end to Israel'
  2. Senator Patrick Leahy wants to stop aid to Israeli army
  3. Israel retaliates after Grad rocket attack
  4. One dead, 7 wounded in Israeli Gaza strikes
  5. Mideast Quartet alarmed by Israel settlement plans
  6. Samaria Residents to Protesters: Come Live Out Here

Tuesday - August 16, 2011:

  1. US Helps Pay PA Terrorists Who Murdered Americans
  2. Ashrawi hopes US won’t veto state at Security Council
  3. Israel increases efforts against statehood
  4. Syria: Israel has built 'racist' fence
  5. Defense Ministry approves new construction in Ariel
  6. US condemns Ariel construction
  7. Jewish Housing Project Again May End Up in Arab Hands
  8. Jordan king unveils constitutional reform proposals
  9. US restarts work of aid groups in Gaza Strip
  10. Kfir Brigade commander who condoned violence promoted

Monday - August 15, 2011:

  1. Palestinians to go to U.N. Sept. 20
  2. PA eyes 'protest blitz' ahead of September
  3. Israel plays down September face-off with Palestinians
  4. UN Tribunal to Issue New Indictments of Hariri Killers
  5. Humanitarian Crisis: Gaza Exporting Aid!
  6. IDF Welcomes 62,000 PA Arabs to Jerusalem for Ramadan
  7. PM: Housing crisis solutions must not bankrupt country

Sunday - August 14, 2011:

  1. Barghouti: U.S. Veto on Statehood Bid Would Cause Mass Protests
  2. Israeli army plants new mines along border with Syria
  3. 'PA state bid shows Abbas decided to avoid peace talks'
  4. US suspends work of aid groups in Gaza

Saturday - August 13, 2011:

  1. Israel sets up 'September Commands' though no intel on Palestinian disorders
  2. PA Gets EU Bailout
  3. 'US threatens to cut Gaza aid over Hamas audits of NGOs'
  4. Abbas Wants US-led NATO Force for PA State
  5. Abbas: We want settlements-free state
  6. Ashton: E. J'lem construction threatens two-states

Friday - August 12, 2011:

  1. Did Israel just stop 'spectacular' terror attack?
  2. Top Hamas engineer tells all
  3. Wakf Building Illegally at Biblical Givat Shaul
  4. PA: Israeli gov't seeking to create facts on the ground
  5. Guillotine display stuns Rothschild's 'tent city'
  6. Hamas: PA is clamping down on our preachers

Thursday - August 11, 2011:

  1. Ansar Al-Mujahadeen Terror Group Re-emerges in Gaza
  2. Israel hit by extended-range rockets said stolen from Libyan warehouses
  3. Israel: We never agreed to discuss nukes
  4. Crippled terrorists back in action
  5. Lebanon monitoring Israeli border activity
  6. Mixed PA Signals on Bid for UN Recognition
  7. PM: UN recognition of Palestine will harm future peace
  8. Western diplomat: UN statehood bid will harm U.S.-Palestinian Authority ties
  9. Jewish Cash, Docs Save Arab Children, PA Forgets to Say 'Thanks'
  10. Bnei Akiva in financial trouble

Wednesday - August 10, 2011:

  1. 'Erekat denies Palestinian plans to delay bid for UN recognition'
  2. Iran Backs Lebanon’s Claims on Israel Gas Find
  3. Israel sends drones over gas fields
  4. Waqf Attacks Jews on Temple Mount
  5. U.S. 'deeply concerned' by Israel's approval of East Jerusalem construction plans
  6. Israelis in London: 'Sense of violence in the air'
  7. Tisha B'Av marked by mass Western Wall prayer

Tuesday - August 9, 2011:

  1. The US loan guarantees
  2. Fire from Gaza intensifies as three mortars hit southern Israel
  3. Israeli Military Reportedly Plotting to Cripple Iran in Cyberspace
  4. NY Times sees danger in UN bid
  5. Palestinian militants attack Israeli troops in Gaza
  6. Netanyahu anticipates 'enormous change' in Israel's economy

Monday - August 8, 2011:

  1. Fayyad Admits ‘Negotiations’ Means ‘Assurances’
  2. Jordan and Palestinian leaders: Israel settlement building 'derailing peace'
  3. TASE slump worse since November 2008
  4. Fatah, Hamas agree on prisoners' release
  5. Barak warns Gaza militants may resume terror attacks against Israel
  6. End all contact with the PA, Lieberman says
  7. Defense budget hits snag
  8. Netanyahu: Impossible to Ignore Public Protest
  9. Police Promise Greater Jewish Access to Temple

Sunday - August 7, 2011:

  1. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood holds vote in public
  2. Hamas delegation arrives in Egypt for Palestinian reconciliation talks
  3. UN recognition of Palestine backed by Arab League, feared by Israel
  4. 'Lebanon to recognize Palestinian state in next few days'
  5. PA: Wave of recognition ahead
  6. Livni to US: Keep pressuring Netanyahu
  7. National upheaval: More than 300,000 protestors hit streets
  8. Lebanon: Clash in Palestinian camp kills 1
  9. Erekat: Har Homa project illegal
  10. Nuclear deterrence & enemy rationality

Saturday - August 6, 2011:

  1. Iron Dome returns to Ashkelon
  2. Israeli airstrikes hit five Gaza targets
  3. Israel mum on Syria, US Jewish groups speak out
  4. Petition for One Sabbath, Together
  5. Protest leaders: Likud finally woke up

Friday - August 5, 2011:

  1. Lebanon approves draft law on maritime boundary
  2. 'Al-Ahram': Sharia state would 'preserve life, justice'
  3. Arab League finalizing PA statehood application for UN
  4. IDF Responds to Grad Attacks, Strikes Terror Targets in Gaza
  5. 930 Homes Approved for Har Homa
  6. Rabbis back PM in face of protests

Thursday - August 4, 2011:

  1. Terrorist Rocket Explodes South of Ashkelon
  2. Senior Israeli Navy commander: Hamas, Hezbollah threaten our ports and oil rigs
  3. Aharonovitch Wants Gaza Op
  4. Reservist call-up orders ready for September
  5. Egypt-Sinai-Gaza: The triangular threat to Israel
  6. The Lie of the Arab ’Calm’
  7. FADC: Palestinian UN bid will harm Israel in int'l arena
  8. Israeli Credit Rating May Be Cut by S&P in Line With U.S. Action
  9. Sharp Response to Migron Decision
  10. PM: Populism sweeping through Israel
  11. Knesset passes housing reform law in final reading
  12. Israeli government panel decides to keep God out of IDF memorial prayer

Wednesday - August 3, 2011:

  1. Netanyahu Concedes to Obama – if Abbas Drops UN Ploy
  2. 'Large-scale military operation needed in Gaza'
  3. IDF introduces new anti-tank missile
  4. Lebanese Bomb Blast Aimed at Nasrallah, Kuwaiti News Reports
  5. 42 MKs: Settlement building would solve housing crisis
  6. Arab ‘Arson Intifada’ Threatens Judea and Samaria
  7. Palestinians plan mass demonstrations against Israel on eve of UN vote
  8. High Court Issues ‘Death Sentence’ to Migron
  9. Shaath: Peres canceled Abbas meeting at last minute

Tuesday - August 2, 2011:

  1. PM: Israel, US working on document regarding 1967 lines
  2. TV Israel agrees to negotiate over pre-'67 lines
  3. Obama’s hollow claim of commitment to Israel’s security
  4. UNIFIL: IDF troops didn't cross border
  5. Ramadan: Two Arabs Dead in Clash with Soldiers near Ramallah
  6. PA Unrest as Financial Crisis Continues
  7. Knesset set to begin vote on pivotal housing bill
  8. Histadrut: Israel not Syria; Netanyahu not the Target

Monday - August 1, 2011:

  1. IDF chief warns against budget cuts
  2. Leftist Admits: A Secular Israel Is Hidden Objective of Protests
  3. Activists: PM's proposal manipulative
  4. Mofaz: IDF is unprepared for mass Palestinian protest
  5. Erekat Chickens Out of Duel with Ayalon
  6. Hamas Expose: Informers Used Taxis to Help Israel
  7. Kuntar Rumored Hurt in Mystery Blast
  8. PA workers threaten strike
  9. Palestinian Authority to pay full wages after strike threat

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