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  1. Travel: Gamla, the Masada of the North

Monday - August 31, 2009:

  1. At least 2 mortars fired towards Sderot
  2. Three loud explosions heard after midnight in western Gaza City
  3. IAF Adding Firepower to Helicopter Fleet
  4. IDF bombs tunnel in northern Gaza
  5. Israeli planes hit suspected Gaza tunnel building
  6. 'Palestinian refusal to recognize Israel is destroying peace bids'
  7. Rabbis Meeting to Consider a Ban on Selling Houses to Arabs

Sunday - August 30, 2009:

  1. Der Spiegel: Hamas Has 3 Days to Decide on Deal for Shalit
  2. Palestinian paper says Shalit deal finalized
  3. Hamas warns of 'excessive optimism'
  4. Ketzaleh: Shalit-Deal Reports Show Netanyahu Endangers Israel
  5. Qassam rocket fired at Israel
  6. IAF jets strike Gaza Strip tunnel

Saturday - August 29, 2009:

  1. 5 detained during Ramadan prayers at Temple Mount
  2. Egypt: Israeli freeze must include east Jerusalem
  3. Hezbollah rebuilding its force in south
  4. Sectarian tensions mount ahead of indictments by Hariri tribunal
  5. PA Majority Rejects Fayyad's Plan
  6. Report: Mashaal to OK Shalit deal next week
  7. US: Settlements no precondition on Mideast talks

Friday - August 28, 2009:

  1. 70% of Likud Against Netanyahu Policies
  2. Druse diplomat supports FM criteria on service
  3. Israel ready for 9-month freeze on outpost expansion - paper
  4. Major increase in number of Arab volunteers for national service
  5. PA Sheikh Denies Existence of Holy Temple
  6. PA wants piece of Shalit deal
  7. Palestinians: Israeli navy fire kills fisherman
  8. Palestinians uproot Hebrew road signs in West Bank
  9. Petition: Raze 15 structures in Kiryat Netafim settlement
  10. Police sappers neutralize car bomb in Haifa
  11. Report: 150 housing units for Jews progressed in east J'lem in past year
  12. Trade revives as Palestinian cities reconnect

Thursday - August 27, 2009:

  1. Hariri: Hizbullah will join next gov't
  2. Israel ‘Super Gas’ Field is World’s Largest in 18 Months
  3. MK Eldad: Iran-for-Yesha Deal is Just Bibi's Spin
  4. Netanyahu: Abbas made a first positive move
  5. Netanyahu hopes to resume Palestinian talks
  6. Palestinians: Abbas open to meeting with Netanyahu
  7. Poll: Majority against Yesha Building Freeze
  8. Report: Shalit deal to be declared by High Holy Days

Wednesday - August 26, 2009:

  1. 'Barak promised to remove outposts'
  2. Fayad: De facto state within 2 years
  3. Palestinians to form de-facto state
  4. PM Fayyad unveils plan for Palestinian state in 2 years
  5. Israel Makes Waves by Simulating an Earthquake
  6. Israel Security: Illegal Migrant Workers a 'Platform for Terror'
  7. Lebanese villagers repel Hizbullah men
  8. Meridor: Israel backs united Jerusalem
  9. Meridor: We won't return to the line of 1967
  10. MKs, leftists tour West Bank outposts
  11. Netanyahu in UK: Settlement construction not a land grab
  12. Netanyahu to UK: Jerusalem is Sovereign Capital of Israel
  13. PA Police Active in Northern Jerusalem
  14. PA to Seek Int’l Court Ruling on ‘Occupation’
  15. Palestinians say 3 killed in IAF strike on Gaza tunnels
  16. PM: We've been building in Jerusalem for 3,000 years

Tuesday - August 25, 2009:

  1. Aftonbladet editor admits No evidence
  2. Aftonbladet editor slams Lieberman's 'vulgar propaganda'
  3. Egyptian editorial: Sweden victim to Israeli blackmail
  4. Lieberman Adds Norway to ‘Black List;' Swedes Strike Again
  5. Swedish editor: I'm not a Nazi
  6. Arab League Furious over Jewish Prayer on Temple Mount
  7. Fayyad rolls up sleeves to build Palestinian state
  8. First in 2 weeks: Fire from Gaza into Israel
  9. Gaza school girls forced to wear head cover
  10. Group says Left 'distorting' east Jerusalem construction plan
  11. Hamas Woos Gaza Kids from UN Camps to Join 'Fun with Terror'
  12. IDF moves one step closer to getting Iron Dome
  13. 'Israel won't give up J'lem sovereignty'
  14. Netanyahu won't accept limitations on Jerusalem
  15. New Guard protects Galilee farms from pilferers
  16. Palestinian women complain of IPS security checks
  17. Peres: Hizbullah has 80,000 weapons
  18. PM heads to Europe with backing for settlement freeze
  19. Prison service cancels Hamas visitations for Shalit protest
  20. Will PM Get Chilly Reception Regarding Construction Freeze?

Monday - August 24, 2009:

  1. Hamas claims Abbas foiled Schalit deal
  2. Lecturer qualifies his call for ban on Israel
  3. Lieberman Won't Resign Even if Settlement is Frozen
  4. Mt. of Olives: Jewish Neighborhood to Replace Police Station
  5. Palestinians: No to 'natural growth'
  6. Peace Now Settlement construction down 15%
  7. Plan for new Jewish homes in e. J'lem
  8. PM Notable steps in US settlement talks
  9. PM: Talks with Palestinians to resume by end of September
  10. Temple Mount Show: Will there be war before the redemption
  11. Video: 'There's no free press in Sweden'
  12. Minister Landau: Ya'alon was right – look at the Swedes
  13. Sweden Funded Anti-Israel Allegations
  14. Swedish daily publishes second article on 'IDF organ harvesting'
  15. Swedish reporter banned entry to Gaza

Sunday - August 23, 2009:

  1. Ask the Rabbi: Land for peace
  2. Hamas: Abbas tried to foil Schalit deal
  3. Peres: Nasrallah speeches amusing

Saturday - August 22, 2009:

  1. Diplomacy Standing with the settlements
  2. Germany- Settlements major impediment to peace
  3. Hospital presents doomsday scenario
  4. Israel, Palestinians trade blame for peace deadlock
  5. Parshat Shoftim: The guilty conscience of the world
  6. PA leaks 'details' of Obama peace plan
  7. Ramadan Gestures to PA: Soldiers Won't Eat, Smoke in Public
  8. Report: Mubarak opposes US defense umbrella
  9. 'State lands being commandeered by Arabs'

Friday - August 21, 2009:

  1. 'FM says settlement construction frozen'
  2. Government to Fight Libel in Foreign Media
  3. Hamas Trains New Generation of Teenage Terrorists
  4. Raytheon: Anti-Missile System Can Defend Israel from Iran
  5. Report: Hamas Earns Enmity of Intl. Terror Ring

Thursday - August 20, 2009:

  1. IDF Evacuates Caravan in Major Settlement Bloc
  2. IDF Worried 33% of Soldiers Will Refuse Expulsion Orders
  3. Mubarak's plan: 2-year peace process
  4. Obama in Middle East Rut
  5. Planeload of Jews Land and Declare Israel Their New Home
  6. Six Arab families from East Jerusalem appeal eviction
  7. ZOA: ‘US Jews Realizing Their Mistake on Obama’

Wednesday - August 19, 2009:

  1. Attias: Construction Not Frozen, Merely Waiting
  2. Extreme right slams housing minister as 'leftist with a kippah'
  3. New Arab Plan: Money Instead of 'Right of Return'
  4. Obama sees progress on Israeli settlements issue
  5. Peres Iran nuke 'flying death camp'
  6. Prime Minister's Office Denies Reports of Building Freeze Agmt
  7. Report: Obama, Mubarak to discuss compensation for refugees
  8. Settlers say 'old Bibi' is back
  9. 'Unity, not two-state solution, is the answer'

Tuesday - August 18, 2009:

  1. Abbas Dialogue with Hamas inevitable
  2. Abbas slams 'atrocious' repression by Hamas
  3. Another Tack Tall tales from the has-been bunch
  4. Barak aides: Illegal outposts will be removed
  5. Cabinet Ministers Yishai, Yaalon: Outposts Not Illegal
  6. Hamas Diverts Cement for Cemetery to Build Smuggling Tunnels
  7. Hershkowitz: Foreign Pressure Over Outposts 'Unacceptable'
  8. Mashaal Hamas can speak with Obama
  9. Ministers urge PM to legalize outposts
  10. Mubarak: Halt to settlements before gestures
  11. Mubarak: Peace Now, Israel Later
  12. Mubarak to US Jews: Attack on Iran risky
  13. Mubarak: W. Bank ban only hurdle to clear in Schalit talks
  14. Number of gun applications doubles
  15. Powerful Gaza Clan Joins Infighting
  16. Settlers building more caravans to stave off U.S. push for freeze
  17. IDF Troops wound Egyptian border guard
  18. Yishai says outposts not illegal

Monday - August 17, 2009:

  1. Al-Qaeda affiliated group declares war on Hamas
  2. Analysts Say Battle With Splinter Group Suggests Hamas Faces Growing Challenges
  3. Arab media on Gaza clashes: Radicalism breeds radicalism
  4. Budget cuts: 200 immigrant scientists to lose their jobs
  5. Fatah Reveals New Revolutionary Council
  6. Grassroots Mattot Arim: Block Terror Highway
  7. 'Hamas proved link between al-Qaeda loyalists, Dahlan'
  8. Mashaal: Iran turmoil won't affect support
  9. Negev: Secular Kibbutz Replaced by Religious-Zionist Town
  10. Oren: Israel ‘Far from Contemplating’ Strike on Iran
  11. 'PA Only' visa enrages visitors
  12. PM to gauge Europe's attitude on Iran
  13. Survey: Israelis Support Arab Emigration, Fewer Rights
  14. US Students Farm Land in Defiance of Obama's Israel Policy

Sunday - August 16, 2009:

  1. Arabs protest razing of homes
  2. Explaining the Israeli position; Ask the Expert (Video)
  3. 'Gulf tycoons bought land in Galilee'
  4. Hamas: Leader of al-Qaeda-inspired group committed suicide
  5. 'Israeli Fatah member wins seat on Revolutionary Council'
  6. 'Jund Ansar Allah leader killed himself'
  7. Legal Affairs And the fight goes on
  8. Nasrallah: We can hit any Israeli city
  9. Report: Gulf Arabs buying up private land in Galilee

Saturday - August 15, 2009:

  1. 13 killed, scores wounded as Hamas battles extremist group
  2. All Fatah's Gaza leaders quit over vote
  3. Hamas says US, Israel offer 'poisoned peace'
  4. Hamas, Qaeda followers clash in Gaza
  5. HRW, Israel in war of words
  6. 'If Israel attacks, we'll hit Tel Aviv'
  7. J'lem not counting on Gulf states' gestures
  8. Syria insists on Turkish mediation in peace talks

Friday - August 14, 2009:

  1. Abbas We won't agree to temporary state
  2. Analysis: The end of the Cedar Revolution?
  3. 'Barak ups W. Bank building inspectors'
  4. Fatah leaders seek 'voting fraud' probe
  5. Fatah Woes Continue as Elections Lead to Infighting
  6. Fatah’s Al-Aksa Brigades Responsible for Terror Attack
  7. Fayyad may be replaced as prime minister
  8. 'Hamas ready for Obama's ME peace plan'
  9. Official: Israel can delay Iran's nukes
  10. Petition: Stop construction in Kochav Yakov
  11. PM rejects request to free terrorist
  12. Qureia hints Fatah elections unclean
  13. Washington Watch: Will Netanyahu follow his own advice

Thursday - August 13, 2009:

  1. Another Amona Shaping Up in Bnei Adam
  2. Ayalon: Any talks with Syria should be direct
  3. Despite Obama's Stance, 70% of Americans See Israel as Ally
  4. Fatah official: We won't dance to Lieberman's tune
  5. Gas Field Near Haifa Exceeds Expectations -- Again!
  6. Change of guard for Fatah
  7. Hamas: Israel will cave in on Schalit
  8. Illegal outpost residents won't deal with IDF
  9. Israel shuts door on Turkish-mediated Syria talks
  10. Israel: We 'won't make Jordan Palestine'
  11. Jerusalem, US debate: Is Ariel a settlement bloc
  12. Of 2,148 swine flu patients in Israel, half are under age 30
  13. Opposition divided over Barghouti
  14. PA Agency: Jewish State Threatens All of Humanity
  15. Peace Now: Halt illegal construction north of Jerusalem
  16. Temple Mount Show: Who Is the Jewish Messiah? Part 2

Wednesday - August 12, 2009:

  1. Attacks Continue: Mortar Hits Western Negev
  2. Dozens of rabbis fly over Israel praying to defeat swine flu
  3. Fatah boosts Abbas as old guard voted out
  4. Fatah elects new leaders in historic vote
  5. Fatah: New leaders declare 'revolution'
  6. Fatah vote gives boost to Abbas
  7. Growing support for Barghouti's release
  8. Hamas We've got UNRWA's ambulances
  9. Hezbollah: Chances for Israeli strike slim
  10. Israelis warned not to go to Sinai
  11. Jews Tired of Waiting, Plan to Move into Jerusalem Property
  12. NSC Avoid traveling to Jordan, Egypt
  13. PM: No winds of war in north
  14. President: Lebanon needs gov't fast to face Israeli threats
  15. Sunni Muslims from Iraq join Gaza terror
  16. Tamar natural gas estimates up 16%
  17. Temple Mount Show: Who Is the Jewish Messiah? Part 1
  18. Terrorist Marwan Barghouti Elected to Fatah Central Committee
  19. Village for Arabs with special needs to be built in Galilee
  20. Yesha Council: Outpost evacuation is 'collective punishment' (Commentary)

Tuesday - August 11, 2009:

  1. Barak brings Torah to synagogue in Muslim Quarter
  2. Barak Participated at Torah Dedication in Muslim Quarter
  3. Bibi: Gaza Attacks Will be Answered
  4. Defying warning, Gazans launch mortars
  5. Fatah Jerusalem must be made void of settlers
  6. Fatah Vote Extended, 'Old Guard' Faces Challenge
  7. Fatah: We'll sacrifice victims until Jerusalem is ours
  8. Fatah's Jewish candidate: Join struggle against Israel
  9. FM: Fatah 'burying' any chance of peace
  10. Hamas, Fatah to attempt to solve problems before talks
  11. Hezbollah plotting to target Israelis
  12. IAF strikes Gaza tunnel
  13. Israel beefs up weapons stash
  14. MKs: PM must name settlement adviser
  15. Mortar shell fired at workers near Kissufim
  16. PM warns: Lebanon to be held responsible for attacks from within
  17. Report states Israeli pullout in 30 month timeframe
  18. Results delayed in key Fatah election
  19. Rivlin No peace without E-1 building
  20. Settlers smash windows of Palestinian houses in Hebron
  21. The Region: The benefits of anti-Americanism (commentary)
  22. Yishai: If need be, we'll build without US approval

Monday - August 10, 2009:

  1. 2 mortar shells fired at Erez crossing
  2. Fatah member released from jail, running for office
  3. Fatah moves 'to remove, defeat occupation'
  4. Fatah: PA Will Take All of Jerusalem – by Peace or by Force ***
  5. 'Ghajar postponed because of Hizbullah'
  6. Gov't extends Sela activities by a year
  7. Palestinian Fatah says resistance is 'legitimate right'
  8. Hamas Tests Rockets to Hit Tel Aviv
  9. How to effectively sanction Hamas
  10. IDF Desecrated Sabbath by Evacuating Homesh
  11. Israel Issues Dire Warning to Lebanon after Cairo Plot Revealed
  12. Netanyahu: Gush Katif One Expulsion Too Many
  13. Netanyahu vows not to repeat 'mistake' of Gaza pullout
  14. Poll: 66% support continuation of Jerusalem building
  15. Report: Israeli internet server found in Lebanon
  16. Understanding Fatah: What the Bethlehem Convention Teaches Us

Sunday - August 9, 2009:

  1. Abbas re-elected Fatah leader
  2. Critical Currents What next
  3. Fatah Faces Multiple Fractures
  4. Fatah: Return J'lem before talks go on
  5. Hamas arrests Fatah officials in Gaza
  6. Hezbollah says planned ILA reform 'perpetuates Nakba'
  7. Lieberman summons diplomat who criticized gov't
  8. 'Reports of new peace plan premature'

Saturday - August 8, 2009:

  1. 'No talks unless Israel frees prisoners'
  2. Poll More Israelis would prefer Livni as prime minister
  3. Security and Defense Veiled anxiety

Friday - August 7, 2009:

  1. Bibi's Ministers No Chance for Peace with PA
  2. Elon: Clinton's Criticism is Chutzpah
  3. Fatah and Hamas: fraternal twins against Israel
  4. Fatah: Israel behind Arafat's death
  5. HRW: Hamas rocket attacks 'war crime'
  6. Is Israel emerging from the economic crisis?
  7. Israel resents Fatah Arafat accusation
  8. Jews to Pay for Their Own Expulsion?
  9. Lebanon Ignores UN as Barak Issues Warning
  10. Ministers enraged over Fatah declaration on Arafat
  11. 'New Hizbullah arms may alter balance'
  12. 'Palestinian rift worse than Israel'
  13. Second Nahal Haredi battalion being considered after best draft yet
  14. Stormy Fatah Conference Extended
  15. Trophy tank defense system operational
  16. UN denies claims Hamas captured ambulances

Thursday - August 6, 2009:

  1. Bethlehem residents have no water because of congress
  2. 'Current stability in North could be shattered'
  3. Saudis to Palestinians No state without unity
  4. US push coming under strain
  5. Jordan backs US effort on Arab concessions
  6. Lieberman: Ghajar belongs to Israel
  7. 'Palestinian internal rifts threaten future state more than Israel'
  8. Report: Hezbollah can strike Tel Aviv
  9. Saudi king urges Palestinians to close ranks

Wednesday - August 5, 2009:

  1. 238 olim from US land in Israel
  2. Netanyahu, Sharansky Put Out Welcome Mat for Olim
  3. 'Israel soon to be larger than Diaspora'
  4. Abbas at Fatah congress: Jerusalem promised to us
  5. Al-Qaeda's Three-Stage Plan to Wipe Out Israel
  6. Arab MKs Attend Fatah Convention
  7. Barak: Israel must back US peace plan
  8. US: Mideast plan anticipated 'in matter of weeks'
  9. Barak: PA will be examined after Fatah congress
  10. Dichter warns of 3rd intifada
  11. Fatah Convention Opens With Hamas-Like Platform
  12. Fatah Leaders Want to Ally with Iran
  13. Fatah convention in West Bank attracts hundreds of exiles
  14. Hamas blocks 50 from leaving Gaza
  15. Hezbollah stockpiles 40,000 rockets near Israel border
  16. IDF: Assad would shun Iran for peace
  17. 'Israel not meddling in Fatah parley'
  18. Jewish Start-Ups Under Threat of Destruction
  19. Labor Ministry planning emergency job call-up for swine flu
  20. Likud MK: Fatah Declared War on Israel; Barak: Ignore Rhetoric
  21. Peres: No peace means nuclear Mideast
  22. Tibi Israeli Arabs are Palestinians
  23. What next for Israel's lands?

Tuesday - August 4, 2009:

  1. A Jewish obligation to live in Jerusalem
  2. Drama in Lebanon: Jumblatt quits anti-Syrian camp
  3. Fatah leader warns of party split
  4. Health Ministry: About 700 will die from swine flu
  5. Knesset green-lights land reform
  6. Knesset Speaker: Establishment of Israel caused Arabs real trauma
  7. Lieberman affair: Human error sank Israel's most careful politician
  8. Media misleading on Jews evicting Arabs from Jerusalem
  9. Netanyahu plans meeting with Mitchell
  10. Opposition Slams Land Bill, Jewish Home Torn
  11. Poll: Russian Immigrants Tougher on Arabs, Stronger on Yesha
  12. Rivlin: Arabs integral part of Israel
  13. Zawahri: Israel must be wiped off map

Monday - August 3, 2009:

  1. 2 Arab families evicted in east J'lem
  2. Arabs claim land reform is racist
  3. Controversial plans funded by US Jews
  4. Fatah to Back Violence, Reject Israel as Jewish State
  5. Fayyad Proclaims Jerusalem Capital of 'Palestine'
  6. Hebron's Zion Route opened to Palestinians
  7. Jews Detained for Kneeling on Temple Mount
  8. Katz: Fatah 'plan' is declaration of war
  9. Minister Katz: Fatah's draft platform a declaration of war
  10. Police recommend Charge FM with bribery, fraud, obstructing justice
  11. Police recommend indicting Lieberman
  12. Prince Saud: Move to final-status talks

Sunday - August 2, 2009:

  1. Assad: Golan issue non-negotiable
  2. Assad Golan will return to Arab hands
  3. 'Fatah conference to harden party line'
  4. Fatah delegates sneak out of Gaza in Islamic disguise
  5. Peace roadmap will test Fatah staying power
  6. Hamas arrests 21 Fatah men en route to West Bank summit
  7. Hamas threatens Fatah ahead of party congress
  8. Hamas threatens to boycott Cairo talks
  9. Lebanese man gets life sentence for Israel spying
  10. Report: Fatah to propose updated platform
  11. Saudi FM No gestures toward Israel
  12. Security and Defense Ticking.... and talking
  13. Settler youths build new outpost in West Bank

Saturday - August 1, 2009:

  1. Fatah activists sneak out of Hamas-ruled Gaza
  2. Hamas threatens to boycott Cairo talks
  3. Holy Temple Festival in Samaria
  4. Israel wants nuclear power plant
  5. Jewish, Not Arab, Roots in Judea and Samaria
  6. Mashaal: Hamas to commit to immediate ceasefire
  7. PM says won’t compromise on land reform
  8. Temple Altar Construction Begins on Day of Destruction
  9. 'Troops presence at Kotel is sacrilege'

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