Israel - Gaza - Middle East


  1. The Unleavened Generation
  2. Israelites in and out of Egypt
  3. Diplomacy: The significance of September
  4. The imperative of Jewish sovereignty
  5. Our claim to the land

Saturday - April 30, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Handing victory to Hamas
  2. Cairo Invites Fatah, Hamas For Signing Ceremony
  3. 'Egypt to permanently open Rafah border crossing'
  4. Rafah smuggling tunnels to continue operating
  5. Four wounded from IDF fire in central Gaza Strip
  6. Lieberman: National unity deal partners Abbas with terror
  7. US to reconsider PA funding following unity deal
  8. Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad must go, Hamas insists
  9. PLC Member Puts The Lie to Abbas' Vow to Talk
  10. Rabbi: Coordinate Joseph's Tomb visits

Friday - April 29, 2011:

  1. Egyptian Protesters Call to Sever Ties with Israel
  2. Fatah-Hamas accord: by-product of secret Israel-Turkish talks, Syrian crisis
  3. Peres: Fatah-Hamas deal a fatal mistake
  4. 'We prefer Hamas over Israel'
  5. Abbas hints peace talks still possible after unity deal
  6. Hamas: We won't negotiate peace with Israel
  7. Lieberman: Hamas Terrorists will Roam Judea and Samaria
  8. US: 61% Support Defending Israel

Thursday - April 28, 2011:

  1. Explosion hits Egypt gas pipeline carrying gas to Israel
  2. Egypt presidential hopefuls seek end to peace deal with Israel
  3. Fatah, Hamas sign reconciliation agreement
  4. 'PA can choose peace with Hamas or with Israel; not both'
  5. PM: Palestinian state – only through peace deal
  6. In jumpy Persian Gulf, Sunni-Shiite tensions rise
  7. King of Jordan set to review constitution
  8. Nationwide drill to test SMS alarms
  9. PM asks Foreign Ministry, Navy to stop new flotilla
  10. US senator- Palestinian state from UN is wrong path

Wednesday - April 27, 2011:

  1. Poll: Most Egyptians favor annulling peace with Israel
  2. PA Continues Strongarrm Tactics In Statehood Bid
  3. Israeli minister Annex Jewish communities
  4. 5 voices What's next for the 'Arab Spring'
  5. Abbas: Obama 'led me on' and 'let me down'
  6. Iran Joins Assad's Accusations against Israel, US
  7. Netanyahu Denies Report He Caved In on Temple Mount
  8. Turkey warns Israel against repeating 'flotilla mistake'
  9. Obama dodges action against Syria by turning to Turkish leader

Tuesday - April 26, 2011:

  1. 'Hamas planning more kidnappings'
  2. 'PA will defer UN statehood bid if 'serious' talks begin'
  3. PLO: Serious talks or unilateral declaration

Monday - April 25, 2011:

  1. Barak: Nablus shooting a murder
  2. PA Arabs Celebrate Murder by Desecrating Joseph’s Tomb
  3. Report: Palestinians set Joseph's Tomb on fire
  4. Rightists threaten vengeance over Nablus shooting
  5. Yesha Council: Nablus shooting 'cannot pass silently'
  6. Is the Palestinian Authority really ready for statehood?
  7. PA Spokesman: Settlers Are not Normal People

Sunday - April 24, 2011:

  1. Hamas, PA reject any peace plan without right of return
  2. Holy Fire appears in Jerusalem
  3. Israel in a quandary over turmoil in Syria
  4. Turkey voices support for Palestinian statehood
  5. Syrian snipers kill 15 mourners at protesters' funerals Saturday

Saturday - April 23, 2011:

  1. Hezbollah terror attack on Israelis abroad ‘is imminent’
  2. Mossad races to pre-empt major Hizballah attack on Israeli-Jewish targets
  3. Landau: Israel should annex W. Bank if PA get statehood
  4. 3 UNRWA workers injured from Gaza projectile fire
  5. 'Merkel to press Abbas on state declaration'
  6. Peres: Israel needs to present peace plan
  7. Report: Obama's Diplomatic Plan - PA State, No 'Return'
  8. Salafist jihadists protest in Jordan
  9. Jordan detains 136 on 'terror' charges

Friday - April 22, 2011:

  1. Experts Question Wisdom of Abbas' Unilateralist Tack
  2. Former diplomat warns of Palestinian state
  3. Indyk: UN likely to vote in favor of Palestinian state
  4. Jewish Radical PA State Declaration Draws Opposition
  5. Middle East Round Up: April 20
  6. Red Cross: No Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza
  7. Turkey Israel-Palestinian peace will decide fate of Arab uprisings
  8. Turkey sees Israel becoming 'apartheid island'
  9. Turkish president: Israel must adopt Arab peace plan
  10. 'Fatah officials to board upcoming Gaza flotilla'

Thursday - April 21, 2011:

  1. PA Gunning For French, German Support
  2. 'Statehood may be Pyrrhic victory for Palestinians'
  3. Abbas: No third intifada; PA seeks int'l recognition
  4. Abbas Rejects Third Intifada; Beats Unilateralist Drums
  5. Abbas: There will be no new uprising
  6. Givat Ronen Residents Fight Arab Attackers
  7. PLO: Israel's Peace Plan is 'Re-occupation'
  8. Ahmadinejad’s nightmare

Wednesday - April 20, 2011:

  1. 'Quartet may recognize Palestinian state'
  2. 'PA will get majority UN-recognition for Palestinian state'
  3. Dayan: 'Hamas will take control of Palestinian state'
  4. Palestinians to seek UN membership if no peace
  5. Israel under pressure to offer peace plan

Tuesday - April 19, 2011:

  1. Kassam rocket hits Sha'ar HaNegev; no injuries
  2. Letter: Arabs brainwashed against Israel
  3. Passover Laws and Customs

Monday - April 18, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Global jihadi groups challenge Hamas
  2. Israel Warned not to Enable PA State Now
  3. Court indicts three in Nazareth for planning terror attacks
  4. Nazareth: 'Death to Zionism' Terror Cell Nabbed
  5. Netanyahu concerned new Egypt government will be anti-Israel
  6. The two Fogel family killers apprehended at neighboring Awarta village

Sunday - April 17, 2011:

  1. 'Officer in N. Command warns Hezbollah commanders'
  2. Ayalon: There's no other solution than to topple Hamas
  3. 'Palestinian state declaration would hurt US aid to PA'
  4. Abbas: Iran blocking reconciliation
  5. Israel warplanes strike Hamas targets following Gaza rocket fire
  6. Netanyahu to Address Congress; Concessions Feared

Saturday - April 16, 2011:

  1. Security and Defense: Preparing for war on all fronts
  2. 2 Grad rockets fired at Israel
  3. Ashdod under Rocket Attack as another 'Ceasefire’ Broken
  4. Hamas fires 2 Grads, sets scene by charging Israel in Arrigoni murder
  5. Al Qaeda-Gaza abducts and murders Italian pacifist
  6. Gaza, Italian activist kidnapped by Islamic extremists, is killed
  7. Hamas Blames Israel for ISM Activist's Murder in Gaza
  8. Is the Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt Finished?
  9. 20 hurt as Jordan police fire tear gas to stop clashes
  10. Egypt to raise price of gas for Israel
  11. Ten Years Under Rocket Fire
  12. Will success of Iron Dome garner support for attack on Iran?

Friday - April 15, 2011:

  1. Palestinian PM: Brussels meeting is 'birth certificate' for statehood
  2. Krauthammer: Israel has 'given away' claim to West Bank
  3. Report: Israel Might Just Let Second Flotilla Pass Through
  4. 'Secret Syria document' posted on Facebook details brutal tactics against protesters

Thursday - April 14, 2011:

  1. Zoabi calls for third Palestinian intifada against Israel
  2. Barak: 'IDF is strong enough to conquer Gaza'
  3. 'Hezbollah intends to attack Western targets ahead of Hariri killing indictments'
  4. Hamas split on resuming Gaza fire against Israel, top IDF officer says
  5. Palestinians seek $5 billion for state
  6. PA: US must present peace plan before we declare state
  7. Arabs Try to Grab Land Near Efrat
  8. Women march, seeking release of jailed men in Syria
  9. Syria: Women, children join protest
  10. Syria Shoots Soldiers Who Refuse to Fire on Protesters’
  11. Syrian soldiers shot for refusing to fire on protesters
  12. First panic in Assad regime: High Syrian officials evacuate families
  13. Israel to purchase more Iron Dome systems

Wednesday - April 13, 2011:

  1. Middle East eyes on ... Lebanon?
  2. Is Netanyahu 'Considering' More Retreats in Judea and Samaria?
  3. Netanyahu mulls steps to block statehood
  4. Jordan releases 4 jailed members of radical Islamist group in effort to stave off protests
  5. Dominoes and Syrian winds
  6. SYRIA: University students protests in Damascus as military lay siege to Baniyas
  7. Syrian opposition says 200 killed in protests
  8. Witnesses say Syrian gunmen attack 2 villages

Tuesday - April 12, 2011:

  1. PA is ready to set up independent Palestinian state by September
  2. Palestinians to tell West they ready for statehood
  3. Hamas announces 'truce' while rockets rain on Israel
  4. IDF conditionally ceases air strikes on Hamas targets
  5. IDF estimates round of violence over
  6. US to help pay for Iron Dome
  7. Israel claims Russian missle hit school bus
  8. Lieberman: ‘Dangerous’ Ceasefire Violates Coalition Agreement
  9. Lieberman: Gaza ceasefire is not in Israel's interests
  10. Egypt stops building steel wall along Gaza
  11. Egypt protesters defy call to leave Cairo square
  12. Nine servicemen killed in north Syrian ambush
  13. Syrian forces seal off Banias as sectarian tension mounts
  14. Syrian protests turn deadly

Monday - April 11, 2011:

  1. Arab League to ask UN to impose no-fly zone over Gaza
  2. Gaza ceasefire reportedly brokered by UN official
  3. Kassam Attacks, Air Force Retaliation Explode ‘Ceasefire’ Report
  4. Grad rocket fired at Ashkelon; mortars hit western Negev
  5. Video: Hamas Fires Mortar Shells from Cemetery
  6. Hamas willing to end recent fighting with Israel
  7. Hamas 'Testing Iron Dome for Weak Spots'
  8. IDF Foils Terror Attack in Samaria Town
  9. Israeli leaders back away from showdown over Hamas missile offensive
  10. Ministers: Hamas 'Barbarians,' 'Hunt Them Down'
  11. Netanyahu warns Hamas of 'severe response' to increase of rocket fire
  12. PM: Further fire will meet harsh response
  13. Rocks to Rockets, South to North: Arab Onslaught Continues
  14. Turkey condemns 'disproportionate' IDF violence in Gaza
  15. Those fiendish Jews and their life-saving innovations
  16. Sudan: Missile remnants are proof of Israeli strike

Sunday - April 10, 2011:

  1. Hamas fires 24 Grads, 50 shells Saturday. A million Israelis still in shelters
  2. Grads, mortar shells hit south; man killed in IDF strike
  3. Rocket Attacks Continue; Thousands Spend Shabbat in Shelters
  4. Iron Dome does it again; Gaza rockets intercepted
  5. Sa'ar: Hamas has sustained heavy damage in recent days
  6. Defense officials: Hamas hit hard, wants truce
  7. Netanyahu: We won’t let Hamas set the rules
  8. Peres to Ban: UN can't remain neutral on Gaza situation
  9. Hamas warns Israel of retaliation after strikes
  10. Hamas: We'll broaden attacks if IDF strikes continue
  11. Eshkol official: ‘It’s Cast Lead all over again for us'
  12. Hamas faces rift over Gaza fire
  13. In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood’s charitable works may drive political support
  14. More than 50 killed as protests spread to 25 Syrian towns
  15. Police violently break up Zimbabwe rally
  16. EU ministers to 'deplore' Syria killings, threaten sanctions

Saturday - April 9, 2011:

  1. BREAKING -- Savage missile blitz from Gaza sends a million Israelis to shelters
  2. Analysis: A callous escalation
  3. Gaza groups declare truce; IAF shells Strip
  4. 'Gaza Has Become a Terrorist State'
  5. Haaretz WikiLeaks exclusive: 'Hezbollah expected to launch 100 missiles a day at Tel Aviv'
  6. Hamas: Commander killed in Gaza
  7. IAF targets terror cells in Gaza
  8. Iron Dome intercepts rockets fired at Ashkelon
  9. Israel uses new anti-missile system as Gaza flares
  10. Israeli planes, artillery kill five Palestinians Thursday
  11. Israelis conducting global war on Hamas
  12. Jews in Judea, Samaria Get Their Guns Back
  13. Netanyahu warns Hamas: You will bear responsibility for attack on school bus
  14. Salvo Of 12 Mortar Shells From Gaza Hit Southern Israel
  15. US Embassy Cable: Hamas-Hizbullah Arms Smuggling
  16. Ashton calls for a 'cessation of violence' in Gaza
  17. Egypt gears up for elections, amid political divisions, religious extremism and military power
  18. Protesters in Cairo square pile pressure on army
  19. Syrian forces reportedly kill 22 as protests flare
  20. Witnesses: 13 killed in Syria

Friday - April 8, 2011:

  1. Int'l Monetary Fund, World Bank: PA Ready for Statehood
  2. Teen critically hurt in Negev attack; IAF strikes Gaza
  3. Barak orders IDF to respond speedily to Negev attack
  4. IAF Strikes Terrorist Smuggler Tunnels in Gaza
  5. Hamas cell behind J'lem explosion_
  6. Merkel: Unilateral recognition of Palestinian state may not push peace forward
  7. Iran, settlements overshadow Netanyahu-Merkel talks
  8. Assad takes steps to appease Kurds after protests
  9. Syrian president grants citizenship to 250,000 Kurds
  10. Marmara to return to Gaza in May
  11. Netanyahu, Land of Israel Faithful in Germany

Thursday - April 7, 2011:

  1. President Peres Says Israel Willing To Cede Golan to Syria
  2. Assad cedes ground to Islamists as calls to oust him grow
  3. Gates in Saudi Arabia for talks with king
  4. Special operations team hit top Iranian-Hamas arms smugglers in Sudan
  5. 'Hamas military commander killed in Sudan air strike'
  6. Report: Hamas arms trafficker killed in Sudan air strike
  7. Israeli official: We struck in Sudan
  8. IDF Kills Armed Terrorist; Hamas: He Was ‘Collecting Gravel’
  9. Two Syrian policemen, 15 demonstrators shot dead

Wednesday - April 6, 2011:

  1. Rabbi calls for sacrifice on Temple Mount
  2. Aharonovitch: Israelis, Palestinians on a collision course
  3. Former defense officials set to propose peace initiative
  4. Former defence officials propose peace plan
  5. We will not allow 'another Khomeini' to take control of Egypt, army says
  6. Amid ongoing protests, Syria opposition says Assad wants talks
  7. 'Israel using int'l climate to abandon two-state solution'
  8. PA Group Condemns Storing Rockets in Populated Areas
  9. Palestinian engineer charged with upgrading Hamas missiles
  10. Palestinian gunman shot near Gaza border

Tuesday - April 5, 2011:

  1. ElBaradei: We'll fight back if Israel attacks Gaza
  2. Muslim Brotherhood advocates Egyptian modesty police
  3. Israel deploying anti-rocket system
  4. Iron Dome to reach Tel Aviv area
  5. Barak set to re-zone 4 settlements as 'urban'
  6. Glimmer of Light: Barak Legalizes 6 Judea-Samaria Towns
  7. Jerusalem committee to debate building nearly 1,000 homes beyond Green Line
  8. Israel Rewards Hamas with Building Material for Schools, Homes
  9. Palestinian forces unite against Israel, U.S.

Monday - April 4, 2011:

  1. 'Israel faces threat of becoming a religious state'
  2. Israel urges Russia to reconsider Syrian arms deal
  3. Hamas vows to avenge Israel air strike on Gaza at 'appropriate time'
  4. Hamas, Gaza groups: Israel's crimes won't go unpunished
  5. IDF Soldiers in Jordan Valley to Beef Up Hand-to-Hand Combat
  6. Barak: Goldstone must face UN
  7. Abbas: Israel Must Release All Prisoners; Hamas: So Must Abbas
  8. Congressional Pressure Grows against PA Incitement
  9. Egypt FM: no special treatment for Israel
  10. 'Egypt president hopefuls see necessity of peace treaty'
  11. Egypt’s military keeping repressive practices in place
  12. Syrian cell phones, internet down after wave of arrests
  13. Illegal Infiltration Up Again in March
  14. Peres To Meet Obama: ‘Peace Plan,’ Iran and – Maybe – Pollard
  15. Syria takes steps toward new government
  16. Thousands in Syria call for freedom at protesters' funerals

Sunday - April 3, 2011:

  1. IDF strikes Gaza Hamas militants 'planning to kidnap Israelis'
  2. Hamas: Israel will suffer 'consequences' of IDF Gaza strike
  3. Israel and Hamas near a Spring war
  4. Counter-Terror Bureau warns of terror threat in Sinai
  5. Goldstone Claims of Israel's Gaza war crimes should be reconsidered
  6. PM: UN must retract Goldstone report
  7. Syrian security forces crack down on 'Friday of Martyrs'

Saturday - April 2, 2011:

  1. Hizbullah Fortifying South Lebanon
  2. PA Incitement Continues; Award to Mass Murderer
  3. At least 10 killed in Syria
  4. Syria: Thousands protest in 'Day of Martyrs'

Friday - April 1, 2011:

  1. Abbas accuses PM of doublespeak on Hamas-Fatah unity
  2. Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the Middle East revolution
  3. Peres Challenges British Media to be Fair; Says Time For Peace
  4. Amid protests, Syrian president accepts cabinet's resignation
  5. Strategy to invade Israel posted on Facebook

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