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  1. A fatal blow to peace

Friday - April 30, 2010:

  1. Hezbollah leader won't confirm or deny Scud claims
  2. 'Proximity talks within 2 weeks'
  3. Fayyad’s ‘Palestine’
  4. Samaritans Perform Passover Sacrifices
  5. Egypt denies gassing Gaza tunnels
  6. Hezbollah: Egypt verdict unjust

Thursday - April 29, 2010:

  1. 'Hizbullah more armed than most gov'ts'
  2. Hizbullah: Our Missiles are Honorable, not Aggressive
  3. Fayyad: Ready for statehood by Aug. ’11
  4. Grassroots Efforts to Save Jewish Lands
  5. Israel concerned about UNIFIL takeover
  6. PM to meet Mubarak, discuss PA talks
  7. Israeli researchers explore uncharted Galilee cave

Wednesday - April 28, 2010:

  1. De Facto Freeze on New Homes in United Jerusalem
  2. Drastic drop in returning Israelis
  3. Mubarak: Israel not planning war
  4. Netanyahu: I'll meet with Mubarak next week
  5. New Palestinian Authority law bans settlement products
  6. 'Proximity talks can start next week'
  7. The Week's Assistance to Gaza: April 27, 2010
  8. War with Iran Could Last Years, Says Bar-Ilan U. Researcher

Tuesday - April 27, 2010:

  1. Deceptive calm in north: 'Enemy can strike at any moment'
  2. Netanyahu: No plans to strike Syria
  3. Abbas, Abdullah discuss developments
  4. 'I want to work with Netanyahu'
  5. Palestinian leader Abbas now willing to renew peace talks
  6. Netanyahu's Office Presents: The True Face of Hamas
  7. Palestinians banned from working for Jews in the West Bank

Monday - April 26, 2010:

  1. Construction Freeze Reaches Halfway Point
  2. Neturei Karta take Palestinian side in Silwan clashes
  3. Protesters clash in Jerusalem
  4. State considers retroactively legalizing West Bank outpost

Sunday - April 25, 2010:

  1. Syria threatens to send Israel back to 'prehistoric times'
  2. Likud MK Iran nuclear scientist seeks political asylum in Israel
  3. 'No temporary Palestinian state'
  4. IDF confirms object found off coast of Eilat is Grad rocket
  5. Suspected meteor lands on beach near Tel Aviv
  6. Weiner: Schumer Is Right, White House Is Wrong On Israel

Saturday - April 24, 2010:

  1. Netanyahu ready to agree to Palestinian state within temporary borders
  2. Analysis: Giving ground on Arab east Jerusalem?
  3. Arab World: A tale of two Palestinian authorities
  4. Coalition may back PM on J'lem freeze
  5. 'Israel seriously committed to peace'
  6. JA plans radical reorganization
  7. Report: PA Forces Turn to Hamas
  8. Israel Major Operation Leads to Arrest of Tens of Illegal Weapons Dealers

Friday - April 23, 2010:

  1. Abbas hospitalized six times in recent weeks
  2. Rockets Fired at Eilat, Lands in Jordan
  3. Jordan: Rocket hit Aqaba
  4. Jordan: We were target of rocket
  5. PA Arabs to Israel: We'll Take Your State, Please
  6. 'Palestinian 2-state support waning'
  7. PM: No freeze in J'lem
  8. Rare Meeting Between Mubarak, Assad, and Abdullah in Cairo

Thursday - April 22, 2010:

  1. IDF drafts pre-intifada pullback plan
  2. Lebanese PM says Hizbollah did not get weapons from Syria
  3. Palestinian Zionist Organization is Founded
  4. Ranking Senator: ‘Highly’ Likely that Hizbullah Has Scuds
  5. The Week's Assistance to Gaza 21-04-10

Wednesday - April 21, 2010:

  1. Hamas: 'We'll Kidnap More IDF Soldiers'
  2. Lebanese PM says Scuds accusations like Iraq's WMD
  3. Lieberman: Jerusalem not negotiable
  4. Lieberman: Peace Cannot be Forced Upon Us
  5. Netanyahu Speaks at Jerusalem Site of 1967 War, Quotes Bible
  6. Report: Hamas Members Switch Loyalties to Al-Qaeda

Tuesday - April 20, 2010:

  1. ADL: Obama Should Tell PA to Stop Saying 'No'
  2. Netanyahu to ABC: Jerusalem construction justified
  3. President Warns Iran: Don't Underestimate Us

Monday - April 19, 2010:

  1. Report: Israel threatens to send Syria back to Stone Age
  2. 'Hizbullah a division of Syrian army'
  3. Barak: Peace requires brave decisions
  4. GCC leaders to meet on May 11 in Riyadh
  5. Large Weapons Cache Uncovered in Galilee Village
  6. Stolen weapons found in Galilee town
  7. Israel at 62: Population of 7,587,000
  8. PA Destroys 7 Tons of Yesha Watermelons
  9. PM quotes Herzl: Don't rely on foreigners

Sunday - April 18, 2010:

  1. Ten Years, 968 Terror Victims
  2. Wiesel: J'lem is above politics
  3. King Abdullah: Without negotiations – high chance of war
  4. Hezbollah: Israel behind Scud reports

Saturday - April 17, 2010:

  1. Call to World Jewry in Face of Nuclear Threat
  2. Clinton: Israel must do more for peace
  3. Fayyad sets out to fulfill vision
  4. Fears that war between Israel and Hizbollah is 'imminent'
  5. Syria Accuses Israel of Creating Pretext to Attack
  6. Hezbollah: Scuds not Israel's business
  7. Locked out of Turkey, IAF now searching for space to drill
  8. PA Arab Terrorist Cell Shot at Jewish Motorist

Friday - April 16, 2010:

  1. Hizbullah admits receiving Syrian scuds
  2. Syria denies it gave Hezbollah Scud missiles
  3. Waking up to New Danger from North: Scud Missiles
  4. Lt.-Gen. Ashkenazi: the Bible is the IDF's Guide
  5. PA Security Troops Find Weapons, Money, Rocket Instructions
  6. Police drill 'largest in Israel's history'
  7. 'Supreme Angels' National Police Exercise
  8. Peres Confident the State of Palestine Will be Established

Thursday - April 15, 2010:

  1. Scud missiles? Not yet across Syrian-Lebanese border
  2. Syria puts Hezbollah in charge
  3. ElBaradei: Israeli occupation only understands force
  4. Arab League urges Palestinians to refuse amended Israeli orders
  5. IDF concerned over 'Fayyad intifada'
  6. Jordan protests Israel's West Bank expulsion rule
  7. Obama: Israel should sign NPT
  8. PA: We uncovered Hamas weapons cache, money
  9. Palestinians: Israel resumes demolition of West Bank homes

Wednesday - April 14, 2010:

  1. Anti-terror bureau: Immediate terror threat in Sinai
  2. Report: Syria arms Hezbollah with Scud missiles
  3. Barak: Hezbollah Scuds undermine stability
  4. Barak warns of Lebanon escalation
  5. Terrorists Israeli nuke plant within rocket range
  6. Report: Israel to reject US timetable for peace

Tuesday - April 13, 2010:

  1. Barak: We won’t hesitate to act against those who seek our demise
  2. 'Openly Anti-Semitic' Party Gains Power in Hungary
  3. Rare meeting between senior Hamas, Fatah figures held in Gaza
  4. US Expert Predicts 'Oil and Gas Rush' to Israel

Monday - April 12, 2010:

  1. IDF chief: Never again shall we stand defenseless
  2. Think Tank Speculates War Could Break Out with Syria
  3. No Lights in Gaza: Hamas and Fatah Trade Blame
  4. 'World turns blind eye to Israeli nukes'

Sunday - April 11, 2010:

  1. Israeli nuclear arsenal 100 to 300 warheads, almost equal to Britain

Saturday - April 10, 2010:

  1. Islamic Movement Approved in Israel, Barred by Jordan
  2. Lebanon’s President Sends Israel a Warning
  3. Shteinitz Syria No Less a Threat Than Iran & N. Korea
  4. The Duplicity of Fayyad and Abbas Preaching Non-Violence While Supporting Terror
  5. Fighter, 4 Palestinians hurt in West Bank rallies
  6. Gaza Rights Groups Angered by Misfired Terrorist Rocket
  7. More Than 10,000 Pray at Joshua's Tomb
  8. 'PA making bold bid to curb Hamas funds'

Friday - April 9, 2010:

  1. Hariri blames Israel for instability
  2. Hamas move on Gaza banks fuels banker concerns
  3. Israeli-Palestinian conflict more “explosive” than the Iranian nuclear crisis, Hariri says
  4. Extra-High Combat Rate among Pre-Military 'Service Year' Grads
  5. Former Ambassador: Israel is the Only Religion-Based State
  6. Ministerial committee approves earthquake preparedness budget

Thursday - April 8, 2010:

  1. 6 mortars fired from Gaza land in Palestinian territory
  2. 'We will react to aggression'
  3. Jordan Wants a Piece of Jerusalem, Too
  4. Israel Completes Upgrading Turkey's Tanks
  5. Israel Distributes Gas Masks Nationwide
  6. Jewish Spiritual Awakening? 600,000 Visit Kotel over Pesach
  7. Lebanese president: Citizens united behind Hezbollah
  8. MK Hotovely Says It's Time to Confront America
  9. MK Katz: I'd Tell Obama – We Simply Can't Abide by Your Demands
  10. Netanyahu: Israel will not be pushed to peace
  11. Sea of Galilee Rose Six Centimeters Over Pesach
  12. FM Lieberman Sees the Writing on the Wall Regarding Turkey
  13. This Week's Aid to Gaza

Wednesday - April 7, 2010:

  1. Al-Qaida says Hezbollah protecting Israel
  2. Israeli foreign minister threatens West Bank annexation
  3. IDF expands distribution of gas masks
  4. Jordan's king: Future of Israel in jeopardy
  5. King Abdullah: Jordan Was Better Off without Peace with Israel
  6. Jerusalem yawns at gloomy picture painted by Jordanian king
  7. Ashkenazi ends tenure as Israel's top soldier February. Galant leading candidate
  8. Ashkenazi's term as IDF chief won't be extended
  9. Hamas Suffering Financial Crisis
  10. Israel Responds to Turkish Threat
  11. US updates Israel on nuclear policy
  12. 'We'll strike Israel if attacked'

Tuesday - April 6, 2010:

  1. Meshal All options against Israel are open, including war
  2. Qassam hits Negev, no injuries reported
  3. Saudi cleric announces visit to Jerusalem
  4. 'Egypt works day and night for Gaza'
  5. Gaza factions discuss unity, truce
  6. Israel allows commercial goods into blockaded Gaza
  7. Hezbollah growing agitated in Lebanon

Monday - April 5, 2010:

  1. A third intifada would work wonders for Israel's battered image
  2. Fayyad: Next year in Jerusalem
  3. Open Season on Fayyad: Hamas Threatens PA Leader
  4. Immigration to Israel from North America up by 20% in 2010
  5. 'J'lem was to be debated directly'

Sunday - April 4, 2010:

  1. Palestinian teen reportedly killed by IDF returns home
  2. Fayyad envisages Jerusalem as Palestinian capital within 1 year
  3. Mashaal: War in region possible
  4. Gaza Front: Mortar Strikes Sha'ar HaNegev Area
  5. Mortar hits Negev region; no injuries
  6. IDF Chief of Intelligence Makes a Secret Trip to China
  7. Editorial- Failing the three-D test

Saturday - April 3, 2010:

  1. Cease-fire at risk as hostilities rise along Israeli border of Gaza Strip
  2. IAF Responds to Rocket Strikes
  3. IDF strikes in Gaza
  4. Israeli strikes hit Gaza weapons factories
  5. Israel warns of military offensive in Gaza
  6. Palestinians: IDF drops leaflets over Gaza warning of imminent attack
  7. False alarm prompts scare
  8. Fatah: We want a peaceful intifada
  9. Hamas' Haniyeh: End Gaza escalation
  10. Huge Weapons Cache Found in Sinai
  11. Israel says it’s planning new gestures
  12. Israeli Arab Charged in Bomb Attack
  13. Man Suffers Fractured Skull in Rock Attack
  14. Violent day in West Bank

Friday - April 2, 2010:

  1. 100 antiaircraft missiles seized in Sinai
  2. Israel 'will not tolerate' continuing Hamas buildup
  3. Fatah: Escalate popular intifada
  4. PA security forces conduct drill in Jenin
  5. Arab man charged with throwing firebombs
  6. 8 blazes rage in Holon; dozens evacuated
  7. 'Israel to make J'lem Jewish only'
  8. March sees increase in terror
  9. Priestly Blessing at Wall, Midnight Prayers at Joseph's Tomb
  10. 'Science and Technology in the Holy Temple Service'
  11. Rebuilding relations

Thursday - April 1, 2009:

  1. Woe will be a divided Jerusalem
  2. Assad, Jumblatt discuss 'importance of resistance'
  3. Fatah says will intensify 'popular struggle'
  4. Hamas reveals Friday attack video
  5. Hezbollah deputy chief says group arming itself
  6. $12 Billion to PA Had No Economic Impact; Where Did it Go
  7. Palestinians riot near Ofer Prison
  8. Jerusalem Bus Ad Campaign for Rebuilt Temple
  9. Police Allow Limited Number of Jews on Temple Mount

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