Peres 'not in favor' of military strike against Iran Staff , THE JERUSALEM POST
May. 5, 2008

President Shimon Peres on Monday compared the Iranian nuclear threat to Hitler's Germany, but emphasized that the military option to counter it should not be put on the table.

"I do not stand for military action but it is necessary to, quickly and with determination, form a strong and resolute coalition of world countries which will place strong economic sanctions on Iran," Peres said. "Iran's efforts to achieve nuclear weapons should keep the entire world from sleeping soundly."

The combination of Iran's fanatic leadership and a nuclear bomb would be a "nightmare for the world," Peres said. "In a way it's more complicated than in the time of the Nazis," he said Monday. "Hitler didn't have a nuclear bomb."

Regarding Syria, Peres said that if the Syrians really and sincerely wish to negotiate, Israel would be prepared to hold peace talks with the country. "We want a comprehensive peace in the Middle East and are prepared to pay a price for a comprehensive peace, as we have done in the past," he said.

Peres blasted Hamas, likening talking to the group to talking to the wall. He said that Hamas had prevented the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

"It must not be forgotten that we evacuated Gaza and all the time Hamas is firing on women and children in Israel. We do not want to harm the innocent population. We are sending food, fuel and medicines to the population in Gaza but it cannot be ignored that the Hamas is causing great harm to its people and it can only blame itself," he said.

Original article: Jerusalem Post
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