Israelis warned to leave Sinai now
Israel issued a severe travel advisory on Monday that warned of an "imminent" attack against Israelis vacationing in the Sinai. According to the advisory, recent intelligence has revealed plans by terrorists to target Israelis on the beaches of the Egyptian peninsula during the upcoming Passover holiday. Travelers who have yet to cross the border for vacation are encouraged to cancel their plans, while those currently in Egypt are in "imminent mortal danger" and should make the greatest effort to return to Israel, the advisory warned. Despite the advisory, thousands of Israelis are expected to travel to the Sinai in the coming week. Normally, up to 50,000 Israelis spend their Passover holidays in Sinai resorts. Israeli security also fears kidnapping attempts by Palestinian terror groups, who were able to infiltrate operatives into Sinai during the Rafah border breach in January.
Original article: ICEJ
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