Deuteronomy 30:1-5
Isaiah 11:10-12
Isaiah 66:7-8
Jeremiah 31:35-37
Ezekiel 36:19-24
Ezekiel 36:35
Amos 9:14
Zephaniah 3:19
Zechariah 12:2-3, 6
Zechariah 14:2
Matthew 24:28-30
Matthew 24:32-33
Luke 21:20, 24

The following verses deal with: The Regathering Of The Jews, The Blooming And Budding Of Israel and The Re-building Of Waste Cities.

Ezekiel 11:17
Ezekiel 20:34 & 41
Ezekiel 28:25-26
Ezekiel 34:13-16
Ezekiel 36:30 & 33-36
Ezekiel 38:8
Isaiah 27:6
Isaiah 61:4
Ezekiel 37:21-22
Isaiah 43:5-6
Jeremiah 16:14-15
Isaiah 41:18-20
Hosea 6:2

Israel: God's End Time Alarm Clock

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  1. Bush To Offer Israel Powerful Radar
  2. 'Ark Of The Covenant Altar' Found In Sheba's Palace
  3. U.S. Pushing Hard For Border Agreement
  4. Report-Olmert Willing To Give 90% Of Territory
  5. Rice Pressures Israel For More Security Concessions
  6. Israel's Population Stands At 7,282,000
  7. U.S.Reportedly Expects Ehud Olmert And Mahmoud Abbas To Outline The Borders Of A Future Palestinian State By Next Week
  8. Peres: PM Innocent Until Proven Guilty
  9. Peres 'Not In Favor' Of Military Strike Against Iran
  10. Israel To Accept Cease fire Within Days
  11. Considerable Progress In Peace Talks
  12. Interesting Times: Israel Is Not A Bubble
  13. Intelligence Chief: Terror Groups Planning Independence Day Attack
  14. Hamas Planning Huge Holiday Attack
  15. Land-for-peace Will Put Iran In Golan
  16. Israel's Top Guns Took To The American Television Airwaves To Talk 'Tough About Iran'
  17. Israel's Allies Will Not Oppose A Retaliatory Strike Against Iran, Said The Country's Top Strategic Negotiator With The U.S.
  18. Israel Report Terms Mideast 'Hate Industry'A Strategic Threat
  19. Syrian Reports Say Olmert Willing To Cede Entire Golan
  20. PM Willing To Cede Golan For Peace
  21. Hamas Agrees On Conditions For Truce With Israel - paper
  22. Hamas Could Agree To Cease-fire With Israel In Gaza
  23. Hamas Would Accept 1967 Borders Without Recognizing Israel
  24. Peres To Call For Reconciliation Between Orthodox And Secular Jews
  25. Israel At 60: A Vibrant Nation Still In Search Of Itself
  26. Rabbi Walks The Walk - Home To Israel
  27. Israel Closes Off West Bank, Gaza For Passover
  28. Olmert Offers Abbas 64% Of W. Bank
  29. Gaza Op Possible After Bush Visit
  30. Gaza Front Heats Up With Ambushes, Airstirkes
  31. Terror Warnings In Sinai, Israelis Asked Not To Travel
  32. Israelis Warned To Leave Sinai Now
  33. Livni Gives Away Northern Jerusalem
  34. Hamas Will Lose Its Ability To Hit Us
  35. O Jerusalem! America Drafts Plan To Cut In 2
  36. Israel At 60: A Remarkable Story
  37. Aliya Fair Wins Over Ex-Israelis
  38. Israel Cuts Off Gaza Fuel After Attack
  39. IDF Collecting Settlers Weapons
  40. Jerusalem, Gush Etzion On High Terror Alert
  41. Hamas Threatens To Breach Israeli Border
  42. The Fight For Jerusalem Begins
  43. Warning To Assad Sparked Tension
  44. Israel - U.S.Plan To Release Details On Syria Attack
  45. Hizbullah May Use Third Party To Attack Israel
  46. War Is Talk Of Syria - Israel
  47. A.B.C. Kits To Be Redistributed To Public
  48. U.S. Very Surprised At Extent Of Israeli Concessions
  49. Olmert: We Still Opt For Iran Attack
  50. Israel Is Hosting A NATO Naval Exercise
  51. Diplomat-Turned-Demographer: Demographics Are On Our Side
  52. The End Of Aliyah?
    When I read this article, one thought immediately came to mind - Could it be that the regathering of the Jews is now complete? If so, then we are definitely now living on borrowed time!! I Love It!!!!
  53. Nearly One-third of Israelis Will Be Non-Jewish By 2030 According To Projections
  54. Pilots Distressed By F-16 Cancer Probe
  55. Study Projects 10m Israelis By 2030
  56. Israel - Gods End Time Alarm Clock
  57. 20 Years Of Research Reveals - Jerusalem Belongs To Jews
  58. IDF Has Solution To Rockets
  59. Annapolis - 60 Years To The Day After Partition
  60. Army Chief - Gaza Operation Unavoidable
  61. Jewish People Begging For The New Testament
  62. Olmert May Face Legal Action Over Division Of Jerusalem
  63. Sanhedrin Urge Bush Not To Divide The Land
  64. Western Countries Are New Frontier For Aliyah
  65. Hope Grows For Mideast Peace
  66. Abbas: Peace Deal Possible By May
  67. Jordan Sees Positve Signs For Mideast Peace
  68. Kohanim Recite Priestly Blessing On Temple Mount
  69. Olmert Seeks Covenant Of Peace Within A Year
  70. Dividing The Land
  71. Half Of IDF's New Combat Officers Are Religious
  72. Israel To Syria - Use Chem Weapons And We'll Wipe You Off Map
  73. North American Aliyah Hits 25 Year High
  74. Researchers Warn Of Big Quake In Israel
  75. Sons Of Aaron - The Priestly Tribe
  76. A Cup Of Trembling: Prognosis For Jerusalem
  77. Sanhedrin Court To Resume Temple Mount Sacrifices