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I Recommend reading all of Ezekiel, Chapters 38 and 39 (Provided Below).
Ezekiel 38 (23 verses)
Ezekiel 39 (29 verses)

Ezekiel 38 & 39

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Gog, Magog
  1. Iran May Have Nuclear Weapons By 2009
  2. Ahmadinejad: Israel A 'Stinking Corpse'
  3. Israel: Iran Could Have Nukes By 09
  4. United States Is Drawing Up Plans To Strike On Iranian Insurgency Camp
  5. Second Carrier Group Deployed To Gulf As U.S. Approves Plans For Iran Counterstrike
  6. Break Through Reached In Intel On Iran
  7. An Eye On The North
  8. U.S. Military Chief Said Iran Was "The Very Core" Of The Challenge To U.S. Interests In The Middle East
  9. Assad Aide: We Won't Cut Ties With Hizbullah, Iran
  10. Zahar: We Have 200,000 Suicide Bombers
  11. New U.S. Carrier In Gulf A "Reminder" To Iran:Gates
  12. 'Hostile Iran Sparks U.S. Attack Plan'
  13. U.S. Weighing Readiness For Military Action Against Iran
  14. U.S. Has 14,000 Sailors In Persian Gulf Area
  15. U.S.: We Have The Power To Strike Iran
  16. Fearing A War, Lebanese Prepare By Buying Up Arms
  17. Concerns Mount Over IAF Strike Briefing
  18. Ahmadinejad To Syria: 'Don't Side With U.S.
  19. Syrian N. Korean Nuke Deal Suspected
  20. Prospect Of Iran Nukes Frightens Saudi Royals 'To Their Core'
  21. Report: Muslim Anti-Semitism 'StrategicThreat' To Israel
  22. Iran Using Gaza Fishermen To Smuggle Weapons
  23. Iran Smuggling Arms Into Gaza By Sea
  24. Status Of Syria Strike Hearing Unclear
  25. Source: U.S. Strike On Iran Nearing
  26. PLO Ambassador Promises To Drive Israel Out Of Palestine
  27. Hizbullah Will Dispatch Israeli-Arabs To Attack From Rear In War
  28. Could Israel Use Submarines Against Iran?
  29. Assad: Syria Is Preparing For War
  30. Officials: Hamas Hoarding Gas For Terror Ops
  31. Hamas MP: Islamic Conquest 'VerySoon'
  32. Iran Threatens To Eliminate Israel
  33. Hizbullah: We'll Take Fight To Israels Backyard
  34. Hezbollah Training In Iran For War
  35. Report: Syria Bracing For Israeli Attack
  36. PA Ambassador: First Jerusalem, Then We'll Take All Palestine
  37. Tehran Rips Jewish States Warning It Will 'destroy' Iran
  38. PLO: We'll Drive Israel Out Of Palestine
  39. Iraq And U.S. To Pressure Iran With Diplomacy, Force
  40. Spy Photos Reveal Secret Launch Site, For Irans Long-range Missiles
  41. Iran Is Building 6000-km Missile
  42. Israel Fears Hamas Might Blow Up Rafah
  43. Iran's Ahmadinejad Targets 'Corrupt World Leadership'
  44. We Can Speed Up Enrichment 5-Fold
  45. Syrian Official: 'We're Prepared For War'
  46. Tension With Syria Over Israeli Warning To Assad
  47. U.S., Israel Concerned N. Korean Nuclear Know-how Reached Iran
  48. Iran Assembles More Advanced Centrifuges As It Continues Enrichment Program
  49. U.S.Report: Saudis, Turks May Join Nuclear Arms Race
  50. Israel Readies Largest Exercise Ever To Prepare For Iran-Syria Missile War
  51. Peres Denies Escalation With Syria
  52. Worst-case Nuclear Scenario Depicted In Latest Novel 'All Too Real'
  53. Turkey Court Takes Politically Explosive Case
  54. Syrian Official Denies Assembling Forces, Summoning Reserves
  55. Springtime Offensive - Nucs To Iran
  56. Syria Says Ready In Case Of US Military Action
  57. The Kingdom Braces For Nuclear War
  58. U.S. Deploys Nuclear Sub To Persian Gulf
  59. Israel Investigating Health Scare Among The Pilots Of Their Most Advanced Warplanes
  60. Iran Moves To Join Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  61. Hamas torpedoing peace process
  62. Egypt To Sign Nuclear Pact With Russia
  63. Cheney, Abdullah Set To Discuss Iran
  64. Bush Vows To Prevent Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Arms
  65. Turks Praise Jihad To Protes Cheney Visit
  66. Netanyahu: J'lem Withdrawal Will Bring Iran To Capital
  67. J'lem-Syria-Hizbullah Tension Rising
  68. Israel Will Not Give Up The Golan Heights As Long As Syria Is Aligned With Iran
  69. 'Dont Take Any Options Off The Table'
  70. Iran Reportedly Purchased $1 Billion In Arms For Syria, Including Missile Systems
  71. Gov't Sources - Russia Set On Mideast Parley
  72. Cheney Visit To Israel Focuses On Iranian Threat
  73. Russia And Japan Form Nuclear Alliance
  74. Iran Protests Sanctions - Seeks Compensation
  75. 'Don't Rule Out Any Way To Stop Iran'
  76. Defense Officials: Hizbullah Has Rockets That Can Reach Dimona
  77. Russia To Deliver 24 Pantsir-S1 SAM Systems In 2008
  78. Israels Peace Deals With Their Arab Neighbors Increase The Risk Of Airborne Terrorist Attacks
  79. Cheney: Iran Seeks Weapons-grade Uranium Enrichment
  80. Russia To Double Production Of Conventional Weapons By 2015
  81. Saudis Lead Boycott Of Syrian Summit
  82. Hezbollah Terrorists Increase Rockets Aimed At Israel
  83. Hamas: We're Developing New Missiles
  84. U.S. Sees More Beijing Missiles Aimed At Taiwan
  85. Al Qaeda Training 'Western-looking' Fighters-CIA
  86. Ahmadinejad - Israel Has Reached Its Final Stage
  87. FM - Russian Fuel Deliveries Could Help Iran Develop Nuclear Arms
  88. Russias Chief Of Staff - We Could Use Nuclear Weapons In Preventive Attacks
  89. Israel Warns WWIII May Be Biblical War Of Gog, Magog
  90. Is The Ezekiel Option Coming True?
  91. Magog Positioning - False START
  92. Russia, Iran And The Future In The Middle East
  93. Russia And Iran In Prophecy
  94. The Battle Of Ezekiel Fulfilled Soon?
  95. Updated Briefing: Magog Re-visited
  96. Zechariah And The Neutron Bomb

Middle East
  1. Ahmadinejad Predicts Israel Will Be 'Swept Away' By Palestinians
  2. The International Community Will Not Allow Hezbollah To Assume Control In Lebanon, President Bush Said
  3. Iran's Support For Hizbullah Will Affect Foreign Relations
  4. Spread Of Nuclear Capability Is Feared
  5. Israel Eyes Dangers, Opportunities In Hizbullah Takeover Of Lebanon
  6. Hizbullah Is Pushing Lebanon Towards A Khomeini-style Of Rule
  7. Barrage Continues As Kassams Hit Synagogue, College, House
  8. President Bush May Announce An Israeli-U.S. Pact On Strategic Missile Defense Next Week
  9. British Intel: China Preparing For Nuclear War
  10. Joint Chiefs Signal Possible Iran Strike
  11. Lebanon Government Denounces Hezbollah 'Coup' In Beirut
  12. Iran Accuses U.S., Britain In Fatal Blast
  13. Hizbullah Seizes Swaths Of Muslim Beirut
  14. Arab Civil War On Israel's Border, Hizbullah Seizes West Beirut
  15. 'Lebanese Gov't Has Declared War On Us'
  16. UN Gaza Boys' School Headmaster Made Terrorist Bombs
  17. France Offers Troops For Peacekeeping Force In Palestinian Areas
  18. Iraq Says It Has Proof Of Iranian Meddling
  19. Hezbollah Trains Iraqis In Iran: Officials Say
  20. Hamas Threatens Israel To Accept Truce
  21. Report: Israel Threatened To Target Syria If Hizbullah Attacks
  22. Iran: Hillary Statement Too "Provocative"
  23. Gaza Factions Agree To Cease-fire
  24. 'Hamas Stole 60,000 Liters Of Gaza Fuel'
  25. Assad Demands Guarantee From Israel On Golan Retreat
  26. Missile Attack Targets Strategic Facility In Ashkelon
  27. Hamas Attempts Mass Casualty Attack On Israeli Border Post
  28. U.S. Found Date-stamped Iranian Weapons In Iraq: Report
  29. Israel-Syria May Rethink Retaliation In Light Of Nuclear Revelations
  30. Hamas Trying To Make Bomber Drones
  31. Bush: Palestinian State 'Defined' By January
  32. Building Bridges: Iran Or The Golan
  33. Lebanese Minister: Al-Qaida U.N. Troop Threat A 'Bad Omen'
  34. Hamas Accepts Gaza-first Truce Offer
  35. CIA Confirms: Israel Bombed Nuclear Reactor In Syria
  36. Palestinians' Backing For Terror Rises
  37. Abbas Wants 'Framework Agreement' Before Bush Ends Term
  38. Report: Hamas Planning Another Border Breach
  39. Iran Training Media For Israel-Syria War
  40. Hamas Preparing To Breach Egyptian Border Again
  41. Israel And U.S. Sign Nuclear Cooperation Agreement
  42. 20 Hizbullah Fighters Killed In Training
  43. Syria Arrests Saudi In Mughniyeh Probe
  44. Ahmadinejad: Iran Installing 6000 Centrifuges At Natanz Plant
  45. German Firm Helps Iran Monitor Israel
  46. Iran Tests Advanced Centrifuge
  47. Arab Paper: Head Of Mughniyeh Probe Arrested
  48. Ben-Eliezer: 'We'll Destroy Iranian Nation, If They Attack Us'
  49. British Fear U.S. Commander Is Beating The Drum For Iran Strikes
  50. Syria On Alert 'Because Hizbullah Revenge Attack Is Near'
  51. Assad: We'll Use Any Means In Lebanon
  52. Jitters Over Syria's Kurdish Clashes
  53. China Reveals Irans Nuclear Secrets To UN
  54. FSB Chief Sees Threat From Islamic Extremist Groups
  55. PM-Cheney Meeting Shrouded In Mystery
  56. Barak - Iran Preparing Nuclear Warheads
  57. Barak Orders Lock down of Gaza - Hamas Vows Revenge
  58. Bolton - Israel May Have To Strike Iran Soon
  59. Break Out Into Israel Ahead
  60. Iran Warns Israel Over Missile Test
  61. Israel Would Not Dare Attack Iran - Ahmadinejad
  62. Make Gazans Choose
  63. Peace Partner Vows Suicide Bombings
  64. EU Seeks Mediating Role In Middle East
  65. IDF - Nuclear Iran By End Of 2009
  66. Pentagon Seeks Huge Bunker-Buster For Iran
  67. American Armada Prepares To Take On Iran
  68. Damascus Will No Longer Be A City
  69. Israel's Northern Enemy
  70. Palestinian Elections: Historic Or Prophetic
  71. Syria Ready With Bio-Terror If US Hits Iran
  72. The Middle East In Prophecy
  73. The Burden Of Damascus