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Update - March 31, 2014 --- First I must apologize for not posting any unpdates for a long time. I've had a number of health issues going on and currently have an extensive workload on me from my job. I have just recently completed an article that I believe will interest most of the visitors to this site. I say that because I have noticed recently that there is an increased interest to visitors here in the timing of the rapture and how close we might be to the end of days.

I must warn you that this is a lengthy article; but if you take the time to read all of it I'm sure you will see that many things are pointing to the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I started putting information together for this article last September and every time I thought I had all I needed to write this article, something else came to my attention that needed to be included. I didn't get everything I wanted into this article; but I will be posting supplements to this article as time permits to add things such as current events and other items I find interesting. The bottom line is that we are getting very close to Christ's return and He is "even at the door"!!! Just click the link below to go straight to the article. May God Bless!!

The Last Days.... 'behold, I have foretold you all things'

Keep looking up and may God Bless and keep you!!!! -- Bob

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