Worst-case nuclear scenario depicted in latest novel
'all too real,' says author

Chad Groening - OneNewsNow
3/25/2008 10:30:00 AM

Best-selling author Joel Rosenberg says he wanted to write about the worst-case scenario in his latest novel about a terrorist attack involving nuclear weapons.

Rosenberg's Dead Heat is set against the backdrop of a tight presidential campaign. He says while his latest novel is pure fiction, its themes are quite plausible.

"[The novel] is really about a hotly contested presidential election in which the race is so close you can't even tell who's going to win. It's in a dead heat -- literally," the author explains. "And without giving away all the details away, terror groups and rogue countries launch a series of attacks against the United States that end up being nuclear."

In researching the book, Rosenberg wanted to create the worst-case scenario, so he met with several senior military officials to get a sense of what that would be like. "That's what Dead Heat is about -- the worst-case scenario," he says; "not what I want to see happen, not what I'm predicting will happen, but what could happen if terrorist and rogue states do get nuclear weapons and we don't stop them."

The New York Times best-selling author says he relied on "insider information" to make the fictional situation as realistic as possible. "And frankly I scared myself to death doing the research," he shares. "... I think this scenario [in the book] is all too real if we get our eye off the ball and withdraw from the world and from the war against radical Islam."

For that reason, the Messianic Jewish Middle East expert says a critical question voters must decide is whether America's next commander-in-chief will be ready, willing, and able from Day One in office to keep Americans safe from all threats -- foreign and domestic.

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