Springtime Offensive - Nuc’s to Iran
By Dana G Smith
Tuesday, 01 April 2008

In recent developments, The Bush administration seems to be preparing for an assault on Iran. That is according to the latest military data from Russian Military Intelligence. The report was cited on the Russian news and Information agency news sites, one of the most authoritative and professional sources of prompt information in Russia and abroad, that is according to their own website. The RIA Novosti has a correspondent network in the Russian Federation, CIS and over 40 non CIS countries. It reported that:

The latest military intelligence data point to heightened U.S. military preparations for both an air and ground operation against Iran,' the official said, adding that the Pentagon has probably not yet made a final decision as to when an attack will be launched.
He said the Pentagon is looking for a way to deliver a strike against Iran 'that would enable the Americans to bring the country to its knees at minimal cost.'
He also said the U.S. Naval presence in the Persian Gulf has for the first time in the past four years reached the level that existed shortly before the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. [en.rian.ru/russia/20070327/62697703.html]

There have been intelligence sources that have chosen to remain anonymous that have told us of intrusions into the Republic of Iran by American forces, under secretive and coded actions. The intrusions usually are of a group of Special Forces that enter into a country for covert and action intelligence purposes, which are a precursor to major military operations.

As the information seems to be coming to the surface from various areas, there is still no substantial proof as to the Bush administrations true intentions on Iran. For some reason, known only to the Bush administration, the War Powers acts, and Congressional approval for war seems to be ignored. The course of war has been an ongoing discussion among those watching the international scene. Many have taken the recent intelligence reports from various sources as to point to a strike within Iran. The strike is seen as one of major ‘nuclear and deep ground penetrating arms’ meant to destroy the capabilities of Iran. Because of anti- Israel and American threats, the Bush administration has consistently taken the viewpoint of Iran being a threat to peace in the region. The Russian viewpoint on the issue has been also seen as seeing such an American move on Iran as threatening. The resulting attack could usher in a major War with both Iran and Russia.

This last week Vice President Dick Cheney made the round to the Arab allies of the United States. According to the Iranian International news network, Press TV, the popular government guided Saudi newspaper Okaz reported that the "Saudi Shura council approved of a nuclear fallout preparation plans." This occurred only a day after the US vice president visited the Saudi’s. Visits of the Vice President also included a meeting with King Abdullah as well. As a result of the Shura ruling, the Saudi government will start the implementation of:

"National plans to deal with any sudden nuclear and radioactive hazards that may affect the Kingdom following expert warnings of possible attacks on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactors". [presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=49572§ionid=351020104]

There have been deployments to the region for some time, ever increasing in size and scope according to sources. Many speculate that the Pentagon has the estimated numbers of potential dead in Iran as well, which could number in the millions. In addition, only precautions of a potential high level radiation could prompt such an action by the Saudi’s in regard to nuclear fallout. The question remains open and needs an answer, hopefully before the ‘nuc’ is dropped. That question is of course, "what do the Saudis now know that the American Public is not being made aware of?" Why is the Bush machine so intent on this action? The answer may be in Bush’s own words "I am a War President". The last question is, will America survive past this mans idea’s to make war with another nation and send even more young men and women to their graves for the agenda of the New World war lords Order. This is the Angel in the Whirlwind and the chaos he brings in is only starting.


Dana G Smith is the author of D-Day For America, a prophecy book of what is coming to America. Published by Xulon Press, ISBN: 1-59781-843-7. Dana is the editor of the W.I.B.R. online Web Sites.

He Hosts WARN Radio, "into the night", airing Fridays 9 PM Pacific on The America Voice radio network. He also is The Watchman of W.A.R.N. Radio Network, www.warn-usa.com. His articles appear on his own news sites at www.wingswatchman.org, www.ddayforamerica.com, www.warn-usa.com , and on many sites around the web.

Dana is a Watchman, "let the Watchman declare what he see's Isaiah 21:6. He is also an investigative and research journalist who lives in the Midwest. You can contact him through his websites or email watchman at wingswatchman.org.

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