Iran using Gaza fishermen to smuggle weapons
Hizbullah assisting in sea-borne weapons transfers

According to top Israeli Defense officials, Iran has increased its arms smuggling into Gaza by placing weapons in floatable containers in the waters off Gaza’s coast so Palestinian fisherman can bring them into the Strip.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza are receiving rockets and high tech arms by sea and through underground tunnels, according to defense officials. Israel’s Navy is interdicting the arms smuggling through the water; however, some smuggled arms have bypassed Israeli forces.

"They throw the weapons overboard in waterproof, sealed tubes which then float into the Gaza waters and are picked up by fishermen….Sometimes Navy boats intercept them and sometimes they get through," said one official.

The IDF is aware of Gaza’s increased Iranian arms, such as mortars and rockets. In recent weeks terror militias have also received two other types of Iranian mortar shells – one 120 mm with a range up to 6.2 miles and another that can hit up to approximately 4 miles.

Arms are also smuggled into Egypt by sea and then illegally transported into Gaza via tunnels or dropped in the water near Gaza’s coast. Hizbullah in Lebanon is assisting as a conduit for many of these weapons.

The Quds Force, a special division of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard named for Jerusalem in Arabic,, trains and equips Hizbullah and Palestinian terrorists overseas.

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