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Wednesday - November 30, 2011:

  1. What's this, China going bankrupt faster than U.S.?
  2. CHINA: Beijing to maintain restrictions on real estate market
  3. CHINA: Beijing ready to “push Chinese companies to acquire European enterprises”
  4. OECD calls for urgent EU action, warns of credit crunch
  5. Osborne reveals Britain's debts have soared by £111bn
  6. Europe ramps up rescue fund, may turn to IMF
  7. Eurozone bailout fund falls short of €1 trillion target
  8. Euro zone pressure mounts as finance ministers meet
  9. Eurozone gives Greece $10.7 billion lifeline, stumble over plans to beef up rescue fund
  10. Report: S&P to downgrade France
  11. S&P may cut France rating outlook paper
  12. Fitch takes dim view of U.S. deficit
  13. American Airlines files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  14. UK- Universities see 15% slump in applicants due to huge rise in fees

Tuesday - November 29, 2011:

  1. China looking to snap up EU factories, railways
  2. Report: UK tells embassies to prepare for riots if euro collapses
  3. Top media predict imminent eurozone collapse
  4. Insight: Euro zone staring into the abyss, waiting for ECB
  5. Asian shares up on speculation of IMF bailout for Italy
  6. IMF pours cold water on rumours of Italy bail-out
  7. Food banks worry about rising peanut butter prices

Monday - November 28, 2011:

  1. Osborne warns Britain faces six more years of misery
  2. Grim winter looms for cash-strapped Europeans
  3. Black market meat alert as lamb rustling leaps 250 per cent this year

Sunday - November 27, 2011:

  1. Britain faces a 'second recession next year'
  2. Eurozone looks to IMF as contagion spreads
  3. France, Germany and Italy squash market hopes of ECB intervention
  4. Fitch cuts Portugal rating on high debts, worse outlook
  5. German bonds fall; stocks, euro vulnerable
  6. Only Merkel can save the eurozone now
  7. Strikes will shut nine out of 10 schools

Wednesday - November 23, 2011:

  1. World Bank: Asian economies to slow down because of Europe crisis
  2. Ratings agency raises alarm on core EU economy
  3. ECB doubles bond purchases
  4. Hungary reaches out for ‘precautionary’ EU-IMF rescue
  5. Third-quarter growth cut on weak inventories
  6. France, Germany to press euro zone treaty change
  7. Who owns сurrency?
  8. What comes next after economy falls?
  9. Banks near record spending on D.C. lobbyists
  10. Cable: We're ready to curb bosses' pay
  11. Debt-hit Thomas Cook in fight for survival after number of bookings slumps
  12. Obama: I Will Veto Attempts To Get Rid Of Automatic Spending Cuts

Tuesday - November 22, 2011:

  1. Global markets down on debt fears in US and eurozone
  2. Eurozone crisis Debt fears send markets falling
  3. Global economic outlook grim, China tells U.S. trade
  4. David Cameron and Nick Clegg to unveil £400m homes plan
  5. Hungary asks European Union for financial aid
  6. Lawmakers abandon deficit-cutting effort
  7. Spain PM 'Difficult times,' 'no miracles'

Monday - November 21, 2011:

  1. Aides 'Super Committee' likely to announce failure to reach debt deal
  2. The euro will survive – and Britain will join, says Michael Heseltine
  3. U.S. money funds seen at risk from Europe's debt storm
  4. Fears of winter of discontent as TUC chief threatens wave of strikes

Sunday - November 20, 2011:

  1. Do Germans want to save the euro or not?
  2. Germany's war on the pound
  3. Spanish elections 5th EU government to fall due to crisis

Saturday - November 19, 2011:

  1. EU fatalists put Dow 8,000 back in play
  2. China's U.S. Treasury holdings rise
  3. Merkel tightens grip on eurozone
  4. Brussels seeks tight budget control, ECB impatient
  5. Even chance ECB to start printing money: Reuters poll
  6. EU commission to present eurobonds plans next week
  7. Spanish borrowing costs soar
  8. Thousands strike from Chinese shoe factory
  9. 1 in 5 US children poor, Census says
  10. Occupy protesters march nationwide; many arrested

Friday - November 18, 2011:

  1. Citibank: ‘Spain, Italy could default in days if ECB does not act’
  2. Mass bond selloff takes Europe from bad to worse
  3. Greek protests as France, Spain face squeeze
  4. Osborne to miss deficit target as UK economy stalls and unemployment rises
  5. New Italy PM wins confidence vote on tough reform plans
  6. U.S. national debt tops record $15 trln
  7. Unite union members vote 3-1 in favour of pensions strike

Thursday - November 17, 2011:

  1. $200 Crude in 2012
  2. Energy prices could soar by 60% by 2021, say experts
  3. Eurozone recession looming, as debt costs soar
  4. Euro soft as debt crisis threatens more EU members
  5. France and Germany clash over ECB crisis role
  6. Team named to help Italy out of crisis
  7. Obama administration quietly bracing for debt supercommittee failure
  8. Russian stocks, ruble continue slide on lingering Italy concerns
  9. Study Michigan among states raising poor's taxes
  10. Millions of families cut every last luxury to make ends meet... even bubble baths

Wednesday - November 16, 2011:

  1. The IMF warns China over banks
  2. Investors sell off French bonds, push up Italian borrowing rates
  3. Eurozone crisis Italian bond yields hit 7% again on 'most worrying day' - 15 November 2011
  4. Fannie, Freddie executives score $100M payday post bailout
  5. Harrisburg misses deadline for bankruptcy plan
  6. Arab League seeks solutions as 70 per cent of Arab youth want to emigrate

Tuesday - November 15, 2011:

  1. Europe could be in worst hour since WW2 Merkel
  2. France 'could be next victim of eurozone crisis'
  3. EU commissioner Belgium could become the next Greece
  4. Citizens will 'revolt' against markets, French regulator warns
  5. Greek opposition leader refuses to back new austerity plan
  6. Italy's Monti says talks constructive, should stay until 2013
  7. Lossmaking UniCredit seeks $10.3 billion, axes 6,150 jobs
  8. UK jobs market faces 'slow, painful contraction'
  9. APEC ends amid rows over the yuan and a proposal for transpacific free trade

Monday - November 14, 2011:

  1. British economy braced for double blow
  2. Child poverty warning as cuts threaten to close 3,500 Sure Start centres
  3. Europe even starting to wear on market's bulls
  4. Europe starting to hit US shores
  5. Italy anxiously awaits reaction to new premier

Sunday - November 13, 2011:

  1. China threatens US with new debt downgrade
  2. Europe has to rescue itself, without any help from Beijing
  3. Ministry of Defence deny soldier redundancies are about to double

Saturday - November 12, 2011:

  1. 65% Chance of Banking Crisis by End of Month: Researchers
  2. Britain prepares for economic 'Armageddon'
  3. Exclusive: Politics stymie China's EU aid offer sources
  4. Italy crisis Senate adopts austerity law
  5. Eurozone debt crisis live: Markets surge as Papademos sworn in as Greek PM
  6. Brokerage terminates all 1,066 workers
  7. LePage: Cut welfare and MaineCare or we’ll have to cut education

Friday - November 11, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Euro zone failure could be vast geopolitical shock
  2. Analysis: Europe's debt crisis to shake corporate America
  3. Autumn forecast EU economy in ‘dangerous territory’
  4. European Comission warns of looming eurozone recession
  5. IMF chief warns world economy risks 'downward spiral'
  6. Asian shares and currencies plunge because of Italian crisis
  7. There is a way out of eurozone meltdown...But it's going to hurt
  8. Italy makes moves on unity government; EU dithers
  9. Italy could blow Europe to pieces
  10. Bank of England holds interest rates and QE programme
  11. Spanish bankers ask ECB to buy debt of euro zone problem countries
  12. China October imports surge as exports wilt
  13. Michigan Sizes Up Takeover of Flint
  14. Mortgage rates drop below 4% again
  15. Partner's Orange Cellular Franchise to Start Massive Layoffs

Thursday - November 10, 2011:

  1. IMF warns of 'lost decade' due to euro-crisis
  2. Europe’s woes make way across the Mediterranean
  3. Greek PM steps down to make way for coalition gov't
  4. HSBC says may leave UK, hit by U.S. bad debts
  5. Italy at breaking point; fears grow of euro zone split
  6. Italy Bond Attack Breaches Euro Defenses
  7. Italy Eurozone's new gravedigger?
  8. Italy seen at breaking point with borrowing costs over 7%
  9. Japan welfare recipient numbers soar
  10. Jobseekers who fail to find employment will be forced to do voluntary work for 30 hours a week

Wednesday - November 9, 2011:

  1. Russia and China to strengthen economic ties with Central Asia
  2. Thousands of Hong Kong-owned factories could shut down before the end of the year
  3. Analysis: Losing credibility, EU seeks IMF's embrace Reuters
  4. Eurozone ministers fail to create €1 trillion bail-out fund
  5. Italy bond yields soar; euro zone troubles deepen
  6. Late mortgage payments up in third quarter, 1st rise in years
  7. Lloyds Banking Group slumps to £3.8bn loss
  8. Outside View: Italy next to fail and gold at 3000?
  9. Private pension annuity payouts hit an all-time low, experts warn

Tuesday - November 8, 2011:

  1. CHINA: One trillion yuan subsidies for firms hit by export slowdown
  2. Germany resists demands to make gold reserves into euro-collateral
  3. European markets hit by more turmoil
  4. Greek leaders locked in talks as they bid for coalition deal to secure 130bn euro bailout
  5. Italy 'needs 300bn euro loan to stand still'
  6. French PM Unveils Austerity Measures To Save Extra EUR7B In 2012
  7. IMF chief urges Russia to build up reserve funds
  8. Federal borrowing up, household debt shrinks
  9. The euro's new rules
  10. Best Buy buys out U.S. mobile partner for $1.3 billion
  11. Jobs at risk as Carphone Warehouse withdraws from Best Buy stores
  12. Pensioners warned to 'remortgage to pay for personal care'

Monday - November 7, 2011:

  1. Euro zone countries could split, says Goldman Sachs exec
  2. Euro zone's political bumbling risks global gloom
  3. World's economy is on brink, Key admits NZ is 'vulnerable'
  4. Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits
  5. Hundreds in Mississippi seek 24 Tyson Foods jobs paying $8.60 an hour
  6. Tens of Thousands Flow Into Texas Credit Unions

Sunday - November 6, 2011:

  1. Lawmakers Aim to Stop Pentagon Cuts if Deficit Panel Fails
  2. Moody's cuts Cyprus' credit rating by 2 notches
  3. Potential bailout lurks for European Union
  4. World leaders demand swift action by Europe to contain debt crisis

Saturday - November 5, 2011:

  1. G20 summit fails to allay world recession fears
  2. Obama, G-20 can't agree on IMF rules
  3. Germany blocks G-20 plan for SDRs to fund EFSF arm
  4. Greece PM survives confidence vote
  5. Back To European Sov Exposure Moody's Will Downgrade Austria's Erste Over Attempt To Hide Billions In Sovereign CDS
  6. Bank Customers Flee to Credit Unions
  7. U.S. Imported Toys Drop In Sales

Friday - November 4, 2011:

  1. China: Up to $100bn available for EU
  2. Analysis: Beijing risks public backlash if rescues Europe
  3. EU acts to shield euro from Greece
  4. Papandreou pulls back from referendum
  5. Greece backs away from euro zone referendum
  6. Freddie Mac Seeks $6 Billion Bailout After Worst Quarterly Loss This Year
  7. Growth in Retail Sales Slows in October
  8. ING to cut 2,700 jobs, takes Greek bond hit
  9. Unable to pay bill, Mich. city turns off lights

Thursday - November 3, 2011:

  1. Germany warns Greece over eurozone rescue deal
  2. France, Germany give Greece ultimatum on euro
  3. China hopes EU will implement anticrisis plan despite Greek referendum
  4. As government verges on collapse, Papandreou fires military chiefs
  5. G20 summit to focus on Greece to prevent chain reaction
  6. Italy government to hold emergency meeting
  7. Chinese output affected by Europe’s crisis
  8. Russia offers $10 billion for Eurozone bailout
  9. New Zealand shares fall as global markets tumble
  10. BofA employees flood bank's rivals with resumes
  11. Sony predicts $1.1bn full-year loss

Wednesday - November 2, 2011:

  1. Central banks top up gold reserves
  2. China PMI in surprise fall, lowest since 2009 Reuters
  3. European debt crisis Greek referendum throws markets into turmoil
  4. Greek vote brings uncertainty back to Wall Street
  5. OECD slashes Eurozone growth forecast in half
  6. JAPAN: Currency loses 5 per cent against dollar as Bank of Japan sells yen
  7. Euro crisis 'could lead to social unrest'
  8. Central bank nearly doubles capital flight forecast for 2011
  9. Regulators Investigating MF Global for Missing Money
  10. Ruble slumps vs dollar over euro debt worries

Tuesday - November 1, 2011:

  1. China Can Bolster EU Finances but Wants Reciprocity
  2. Commentary: New world order
  3. MF Global is first big US victim of Europe crisis
  4. More than 60 percent of global consumers downbeat Nielsen
  5. Panasonic sees $5.5 billion annual loss, worst in a decade

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