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  1. Commander in thief (Commentary)
  2. When you should ditch your 401k

Tuesday - June 30, 2009:

  1. Americans walk away
  2. Cap and trade: More work for the 'glass-collar worker'
  3. El Monte considers bankruptcy
  4. Israeli millionaires drop by 28 percent
  5. JPMorgan Tightens Grip on Equity Sales by Selling Own Shares
  6. Textile workers go on fiery rampage in Bangladesh over wages

Monday - June 29, 2009:

  1. Dollar Falls Most in Month as China Urges New Reserve Currency
  2. Regulators shut 5 banks; 45 failures this year

Sunday - June 28, 2009:

  1. 2 California senators refuse pay cuts
  2. Republicans asking 'where are the jobs'.
  3. Schwarzenegger threatens more furloughs
  4. U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending Rises as Incomes Gain

Saturday - June 27, 2009:

  1. Could your post office be closing?
  2. Hawaii tourism decline slowing
  3. Jaguar Land Rover Threat of fresh job losses and shutdowns
  4. Members of U_S_ House Financial Services Committee snapped up or dumped bank stocks as bottom fell out of market
  5. More stockyards packing it in
  6. Mounting U.S. jobless claims force states to borrow
  7. Nominees emerge for U.S. panel on Wall Street meltdown
  8. Russia considers banking bailout plan

Friday - June 26, 2009:

  1. British Airways staff agree to pay cuts
  2. Buffett's gloomy economic predictions
  3. California set to issue IOUs as fiscal crisis weighs
  4. Is inflation our next big worry?
  5. Jobless claims rise; GDP dips at lower pace
  6. Microsoft to cut prices on Windows 7 system
  7. Senators say $1 trillion health bill possible
  8. Slump in airline revenues cuts fares
  9. Some Chrysler Dealers Denied Loans Under New GMAC Rules
  10. Steelmaker Corus to cut another 2,000 jobs
  11. Stimulus fund distribution speed debated
  12. World economy shows mixed signals on recovery

Thursday - June 25, 2009:

  1. Citi boosts employee pay
  2. Employers ditch final salary pensions as costs grow
  3. Fed holds policy steady, sees recession easing
  4. Harvard cuts 275 jobs, cites drop in endowment
  5. Hundreds Protest Budget Cuts Impact On Poor, Sick & Disabled At Governor's San Diego Office
  6. Japan exports fall 40.9 percent in May
  7. Japan May End $1.5 Billion Venezuela Loan on Seizures
  8. MySpace to cut two-thirds of global workforce
  9. Obama's approach - 'Welfare-spending madness'
  10. On Promise Of Upswing, Fed Holds Rate Steady
  11. U.S. recession to bottom out this year OECD
  12. When will home prices recover

Wednesday - June 24, 2009:

  1. Asian markets fall on fears recovery will be delayed
  2. Negative equity hits one in six prime mortgages
  3. Poll: Optimism over stimulus fading
  4. Setanta goes off air with loss of more than 200 jobs
  5. Ford, Nissan, Tesla to get govt loans
  6. U.S. summer festivals being canceled

Tuesday - June 23, 2009:

  1. Employers eye changes to 401(k) plans, study shows
  2. Goldman Sachs on pace for record bonuses report
  3. Lingering Unemployment Likely to Challenge Obama and the Nation
  4. Welfare rolls up after years of decline
  5. White House sees 10 percent unemployment within months
  6. World Bank cuts forecasts
  7. World markets weighed down by World Bank warning

Monday - June 22, 2009:

  1. Obama's healthcare push on rocky road in Congress

Sunday - June 21, 2009:

  1. California jobless rate hits 11.5%
  2. No cash for some jobless
  3. Obama ready to fight for new financial agency
  4. Ukraine lacks sufficient funds to store gas for winter -Yushchenko

Saturday - June 20, 2009:

  1. Automatic Medicare cuts being considered
  2. Bailed-out banks' CEOs used jets for personal use report
  3. California unemployment rises to 11.5% in May
  4. Financial supervision deal reached by EU
  5. Florida’s unemployment rate reaches 10.2%
  6. Global Agenda: The future of markets
  7. In Hong Kong thousands of firms go under, Shanghai offers partnership against crisis
  8. Jobless Rate In Western US Tops 10 Percent
  9. Lawmaker: Where's $ for Obama's healthcare plan
  10. Ohio’s unemployment rate near 11 percent
  11. Russian oil export down 1.3% to 80.5 mln tons in Jan-Apr
  12. Treasury to Auction $104 Billion In Debt Next Week, a Record

Friday - June 19, 2009:

  1. China sells US bonds to 'show concern'
  2. Devaluing the dollar: China on money, currency
  3. Debt pushes millions below poverty line
  4. Eddie Bauer files for bankruptcy
  5. Education secretary: States that cut school aid may not get extra stimulus money
  6. Gazprom Neft posts 76% US GAAP net profit drop in Q1
  7. Israel’s investment classification upgraded
  8. Lending slump puts recovery at risk
  9. Michigan's unemployment rate hit 14.1% in May
  10. BofA paying big bonuses to retain bankers: report
  11. Report: Health care costs to rise 9 pct in 2010
  12. Will Obama's financial reforms work?

Thursday - June 18, 2009:

  1. Bravo, economy!
  2. Employers cut back wellness programs
  3. In huge change, Obama'd strip Fed of credit card oversight
  4. Obama Blueprint Deepens Federal Role in Markets
  5. Obama Sees 10% Unemployment Rate, Chides Wall Street
  6. U.S. Economy: Consumer Costs Fall Most in Six Decades

Wednesday - June 17, 2009:

  1. Apparent murder-suicide claims 4 in Fla.
  2. BRICs May Buy Each Other’s Bonds in Shift From Dollar
  3. British Airways asks staff to work for free
  4. Ending gov't control of private companies
  5. Inflation remains above 2% target
  6. LDV rescuer may end production in UK
  7. Lloyds Bank hit by Obama tax purge
  8. Medvedev calls for new reserve currencies
  9. Obama Administration Turns Down Auto Suppliers' Aid Request
  10. Requests for credit counseling soar
  11. Schwarzenegger tries to terminate conservation funding
  12. Struggling MySpace cuts 420 jobs
  13. UK air passenger numbers slump as recession bites
  14. White House says no to California budget help

Tuesday - June 16, 2009:

  1. $2 Billion Decision May Sink Shekel
  2. Financial crisis Worst may be still ahead, says IMF chief
  3. Mayors say cities need direct economic help
  4. Printing money isn't the cure
  5. Stocks Decline Amid Falling Commodities Prices
  6. U.S. financial regulation reforms outlined
  7. U.S. Postal Service: RIP

Monday - June 15, 2009:

  1. Biden White House opposes benefits tax
  2. Concern Over Obama's Spending Plans May Cloud 2010 Election Prospects
  3. Biden says 'everyone guessed wrong' on jobs number

Sunday - June 14, 2009:

  1. Obama eyes $313 billion more cuts for healthcare reform
  2. Six Flags Seeks Bankruptcy to Cut Debt $1.8 Billion
  3. Trims to Medicare, Medicaid Are Proposed to Help Fund Reform
  4. US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive

Saturday - June 13, 2009:

  1. Back on Hill, Automakers Defend Dealer Closings
  2. Buyers face hike in mortgage rates as inflation fears mount
  3. Dow turns positive for the year as investors bet on recovery
  4. Gas prices rise for 45 straight days
  5. Key health care senators have industry ties
  6. Spike in Interest Rates Could Choke Recovery
  7. Senators held stock in bailed-out banks
  8. Why execs' fat perks roll on
  9. World Bank Predicts Deeper Economic Contraction

Friday - June 12, 2009:

  1. 1st quarter wiped out $1.3 trillion for Americans
  2. US appoints executive paymaster
  3. California nears financial meltdown as revenues tumble Reuters_com
  4. China lays road to global role with economic cement
  5. Fall of Chrysler, GM saved the day
  6. Jobless claims drop again; retail sales rose in May
  7. May foreclosures third highest on record
  8. More troubles for Harley-Davidson
  9. Most banks still weakening, analysis shows
  10. MySpace prepares for massive layoffs report
  11. MySpace prepares for massive layoffs report
  12. Recession could limit public holidays
  13. Restaurants head to the supermarket
  14. Russian steel giant MMK posts $110 mln loss in 1Q09
  15. Schwarzenegger: End welfare now!
  16. Schwarzenegger threatens state shutdown
  17. Universal healthcare 'a recipe for breaking the bank'

Thursday - June 11, 2009:

  1. Goals Shift For Reform Of Financial Regulation
  2. Obama Seeks Powers for SEC on Executive Pay, No Caps
  3. Obama the economic magician
  4. Recession is at an end, says leading economics thinktank
  5. Treasuries Tumble After Auction, Russian Threat to Cut Holdings
  6. U.S. moves to clamp on executive pay, names pay czar
  7. U_S_ Targets Excessive Pay for Top Executives
  8. Ukrainian banks stopped offering loans

Wednesday - June 10, 2009:

  1. Auto suppliers to seek new government aid report
  2. CHINA Authorities fear high number of unemployed college graduates
  3. China Has No Intention of Dumping Dollar
  4. Drop in retail sales hits hopes of economic recovery
  5. EU gives thumbs-down to Obama-style economics
  6. Fury as Lloyds closes Cheltenham & Gloucester branches and cuts 1,660 jobs
  7. Judge OKs Chrysler's bid to cut U.S. dealers
  8. Repeat Bank Stress Tests 'Right Now' TARP Panel Chair
  9. Russian budget deficit up to $16 bln in January-May
  10. Strike fears after British Airways targets 2,000 job cuts
  11. Tech Co's set to upset Obama tax plan
  12. The numbers spell trouble for Angela Merkel
  13. Treasury: 10 big banks can repay bailout
  14. U.S. bankruptcies highest since 2005, gov't says
  15. World Airlines Seen Losing $9 Billion This Year

Tuesday - June 9, 2009:

  1. Despite Crisis, Average Salary Up (Israel)
  2. EU vows economic leadership after assembly vote
  3. Foreign investment in Russia down 30% to $12 bln in 1Q09
  4. Global airlines fear oil rally as losses mount
  5. Incumbents directing 'stimulus' funds for self-benefit
  6. Obama pledges 600,000 jobs in 100 days
  7. Russian gas exports down 56.7% to 26.4 bln cu m in Jan.-Apr.
  8. Shriners Hospitals face budget problems
  9. Suspicious car fires up 27 percent
  10. The new class divide: Debt
  11. US truckers join coalition calling for oil speculation limits

Monday - June 8, 2009:

  1. Indian Banks Put the Brakes on Credit Card Generation's Spending
  2. US Unemployment Rate Gallops Ahead of Expectations

Sunday - June 7, 2009:

  1. Alabama County Set to Halt Services, Shut Buildings Over Budget
  2. Latvia's currency crisis fears spread
  3. Russia may experience deflation in Aug-Sept - Klepach
  4. TAJIKISTAN Tajik currency plunges, sinking consumers and businesses
  5. Thriving firm's new bet Hyperinflation
  6. Workers' health costs up 34% in 3 years

Saturday - June 6, 2009:

  1. AARP says recession hitting retirees hard
  2. Cabinet to decide on cutting ministers' salaries
  3. Chicago union workers face layoffs
  4. China Willing to Buy Up to $50 Billion in IMF Bonds
  5. Chrysler Bankruptcy Derails Injury Lawsuits
  6. Feds giving 'lip service' to fiscal responsibility
  7. Gov't spending burns hole in American pockets
  8. In downturns, Internet companies look to sell start-ups
  9. Medvedev says giant state corporations to go private
  10. Russian finance minister predicts 'inevitable' 2nd wave of crisis
  11. U.S. job losses slow in May, fueling recovery hopes

Friday - June 5, 2009:

  1. Bankruptcy filings rise to 6,000 a day as job losses take toll
  2. Dollar Declines as Nations Mull Reserve Currency Alternatives
  3. For Car Dealers, the Hardest Sell Is on the Hill
  4. Increased taxation = economic stagnation
  5. NY judge: Old Chrysler has little need for dealers
  6. Senators Blast Automakers Over Dealer Closings
  7. Tnuva workers say managers cut their salaries for bonuses

Thursday - June 4, 2009:

  1. Another 510 jobs to go at Lloyds
  2. Coming A 3rd wave of foreclosures
  3. FCC: 35 Stations To Go Dark June 12
  4. GM in Israel: Bye-Bye American Pie
  5. Newspapers want U.S. help, not bailout
  6. Russia's LUKoil posts 71% net profit drop in Q1
  7. Russia's services group Sistema posts $395.5 mln net loss in Q1
  8. Senate reviews closing of GM, Chrysler dealerships
  9. Putin warns of gas shutdown to Europe if Ukraine fails to pay
  10. U.S. private sector axes 532,000 jobs in May
  11. UN to hold conference on global financial crisis June 24-26
  12. US business bankruptcies rise 40 per cent in May
  13. Zuma gives speech as S.Africa feels economic pinch

Wednesday - June 3, 2009:

  1. Geithner sees China backing U.S. policy, dollar
  2. Michigan feels brunt of GM's bankruptcy
  3. Schwarzenegger: 'Our wallet is empty'
  4. Steel giant Novolipetsk Steel posts $193.8 mln net loss for Q1

Tuesday - June 2, 2009:

  1. Geithner tells China its dollar assets are safe
  2. Geithner Tells China Its Holdings Are Safe
  3. General Motors declares bankruptcy – the biggest manufacturing collapse in US history
  4. General Motors files for bankruptcy protection
  5. GM files for bankruptcy, Chrysler sale cleared
  6. GM, Citigroup dropped from Dow
  7. The next crisis has already begun

Monday - June 1, 2009:

  1. Chinese economists see risks in U.S. debt
  2. Geithner to push for closer ties
  3. Political Memo: Deep Cuts Threaten to Reshape California
  4. Unemployment in U.S. Probably Surpassed 9% in May

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