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Friday - December 31, 2010:

  1. Inflation in China will cause the collapse of the regime
  2. Dollar weakens broadly, stocks lose ground
  3. Microcredit Loans Trigger Wave of Suicides in India

Thursday - December 30, 2010:

  1. Home foreclosures jump in 3rd quarter: regulators
  2. House prices set to plummet by up to 10% in 2011, experts predict
  3. Analyst: Energy costs up = economy down
  4. China to continue property tightening in 2011 report

Wednesday - December 29, 2010:

  1. Asian stocks fall. Concerns over the dollar and China
  2. Consumer confidence slips as home prices decline
  3. Central Bank ups bond purchasing over Christmas period
  4. Obama administration steps up monitoring of banks that miss TARP payments
  5. Roubini: 'Housing Prices Can Only Move Down'

Tuesday - December 28, 2010:

  1. China vows lending control to tame inflation
  2. Coburn: Control Government Spending or Face 'Apocalyptic Pain'
  3. A thousand post offices closed or were put up for sale this year (UK)
  4. Here's why property taxes are soaring...
  5. U.S. stocks recover after China rate move, euro up

Monday - December 27, 2010:

  1. China Lifts Rates Again to Cool Inflation

Friday - December 24, 2010:

  1. How three years on from crunch, small firms STILL starved of cash: Bank of England takes tight-fisted lenders to task
  2. Interest rates will hit 5%, warns Bank of England: Families face £202-a-month rise in mortgage costs
  3. Rush to foreclose by Fannie, Freddie helped feed problems with legal paperwork

Thursday - December 23, 2010:

  1. Arizona and Nevada Accuse Bank of America of Fraud
  2. Bankrupt Britain: Record number of people plunged into the red in this year... and it is set to get worse
  3. Burst 'debt bubble' = hyperinflation
  4. Euro plumbs new depths on Swiss franc, Aussie
  5. For sale all of our forests? Not some of them, nor most of them – the whole lot
  6. Government liabilities rose $2 trillion in FY 2010 Treasury
  7. Greeks go on strike before austerity budget vote
  8. Oil Rises to Two-Year High After U.S. Inventories Drop More Than Forecast
  9. Russian banks may raise interest rates in Q1 - Sberbank head
  10. Study: More kids forgoing meals due to economic status
  11. UK's official economic growth estimates revised down

Wednesday - December 22, 2010:

  1. $2tn debt crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities
  2. Britain slides further into the red: Monthly borrowing hits record £23.3bn
  3. A concerned China ready to help the EU in its debt crisis
  4. D.C. area's renters are caught in squeeze
  5. Food stamp use spikes One in seven rely on them - Dec. 21, 2010
  6. Moody’s Warns Portugal of Downgrade
  7. Mortgage lending to hit 30-year low in 2011 from a £110bn-a-year peak down to just £6bn
  8. Outside View: Downgrade U.S. treasuries
  9. Portugal faces rating cut, Spanish debt costs rise

Tuesday - December 21, 2010:

  1. Bailed-out RBS defies calls for restraint and lines up £1bn for bonuses
  2. Bankers carve up £7 billion... while we count our pennies
  3. ECB concerned by Irish bank bailout law
  4. France's AAA Grade at Risk as Rating Cuts Spread Euro Credit

Monday - December 20, 2010:

    No real news to report this morning.

Sunday - December 19, 2010:

  1. GOP senators kill spending bill over $8 billion in earmarks
  2. Carpentry among industries that aren't rebounding after recession
  3. States' budget freeze bid risks more EU wrangling
  4. Merry Xmas from the Royal Mail... first class stamps to cost an extra 5p in record price rise

Saturday - December 18, 2010:

  1. AFP Six Greek banks warned of Moody's downgrade
  2. E.U. summit highlights rift over currency crisis
  3. Investors, follow the People's Bank of China
  4. Keep an eye on gold, bonds in 2011
  5. Moody's slashes Ireland's credit rating
  6. UK: Mortgage alert for families on variable rates: Eight million could see payments rocket

Friday - December 17, 2010:

  1. Coalition wields axe over Christmas as 100,000 jobs to go by spring
  2. Public sector bloodbath begins as axing of 33,000 State jobs tips unemployment over 2.5million
  3. Special Report Is America the sick man of the globe
  4. EU leaders set crisis fund; ECB boosts capital

Thursday - December 16, 2010:

  1. Inflation hits 8.1% since start of year - Statistics Service
  2. More Protestant churches feel economic pain
  3. Senate passes Obama's $858 billion tax-cut plan
  4. Senate spending bill has $8B in earmarks
  5. Spain receives debt warning before EU summit
  6. Unemployment rises unexpectedly
  7. Uptick in interest rates puts Fed on alert

Wednesday - December 15, 2010:

  1. BofA looks to sell toxic mortgages worth $1 billion: report
  2. CHINA: Despite record inflation, Beijing not to change economic policy
  3. Families feeling the festive crunch: Food and drink rises push inflation up to 3.3%
  4. Fed cautious on recovery and sticks to bond plan
  5. Yahoo preparing to lay off 600 to 700 workers
  6. It's time for Plan B: Fears growing that economy could crash AGAIN
  7. Nokia to cut about 800 jobs in Finland
  8. Rail militants plot Christmas mayhem: Strikes will affect sales and the great getaway

Tuesday - December 14, 2010:

  1. Bond market may signal US financial crisis to come
  2. China sees inflation jump to 5.1%, a 28-month high
  3. Eric Pickles unveils biggest council budget cuts in recent times
  4. Moody’s says U.S. tax cuts could prompt downgrade
  5. House prices must drop 5% to find buyers (UK)

Monday - December 6, 2010:

  1. Euro ministers under pressure to boost rescue fund
  2. Mounting Debts by States Stoke Fears of Crisis
  3. Record levels of poverty among families with wages (UK)

Sunday - December 5, 2010:

  1. French ministers and bankers warn against Eric Cantona protest
  2. Global outlook not so bad IMF chief
  3. Millions Bracing for Cutoff of Unemployment Checks
  4. New Debt Ceiling Part of Tax Talks
  5. Recession causing decline within Italy
  6. Sold for slaughter: The hundreds of Dartmoor ponies that nobody wants

Saturday - December 4, 2010:

  1. UK bank chief fears Paris, Berlin will push for eurozone political union
  2. Federal Reserve May Be 'Central Bank of the World' After UBS, Barclays Aid
  3. Jobless rate jump casts cloud on recovery
  4. Jobless rate jumps to 9.8% as hiring slows in November
  5. Calif. assemblyman: Go as you pay
  6. Employers Won't Hire The Jobless Because Of The 'Desperate Vibe'
  7. How Ireland's bailout relates to U.S.

Friday - December 3, 2010:

  1. Federal Reserve's 'astounding' report: We loaned banks trillions
  2. ECB reported buying bonds in euro zone debt crisis
  3. Fed wants to strip a key protection for homeowners

Thursday - December 2, 2010:

  1. FedEx to cut more than 200 Ohio jobs
  2. Household spending falls for first time in a decade as belts are tightened
  3. JAPAN: Tokyo, industrial production drops, for the 5th month in a row
  4. The future of the U.S. dollar

Wednesday - December 1, 2010:

  1. Britain faces stumping up yet more bailout money as markets turn on weak European economies
  2. Euro zone periphery hammered as default fears rise
  3. Euro, Stocks, Spanish Bonds Fall on Concern European Debt Crisis to Spread
  4. Home prices weakened in September
  5. State stops accepting/processing new unemployment claims (Michigan)

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