Ecomomic Crisis
Daily News and Updates

Wednesday - August 31, 2011:

  1. Berlusconi struggles to implement austerity measures
  2. Bad economy threatens Hungarian sovereignty, PM warns
  3. German top court to rule on euro bailouts
  4. Germany and Finland negotiate Greek bailout deadlock
  5. Gold, oil bonds up; Wall Street rises in choppy trade
  6. High prices and strict lending to make housing market 'preserve of the rich'
  7. Home ownership 'to fall to mid-80s levels'
  8. Italy sells 3.75 bln euros of 10-year bonds, yields down
  9. Colossal Commodity Collapse Prediction

Tuesday - August 30, 2011:

  1. IMF issues warning about European banks
  2. Polish finance minister says Europe at risk of collapse
  3. Greece forced to tap emergency fund
  4. Greece Matters Again and It Could Be In Trouble

Monday - August 29, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Economic leaders fear policy paralysis
  2. France eyes financial transaction tax deal at G20

Sunday - August 28, 2011:

  1. Act now to save global recovery, IMF chief urges
  2. Obama and Merkel vow action on global economic woes

Saturday - August 27, 2011:

  1. Market crash 'could hit within weeks', warn bankers
  2. Carmakers' rebound is driving jobs in U.S.
  3. Europe debt crisis forces officials to revisit creation of common eurobonds
  4. Government hopes of recovery dashed as economy growth remains minimal
  5. Shops report worst trading for 40 years

Friday - August 26, 2011:

  1. CBO Growth will be stunted for years
  2. Analysis: Outlook for tech spending getting darker
  3. France introduces new tax on high incomes
  4. France's rich keen to pay more tax as PM Fillon announces 'rigour package'
  5. High street retailers suffer in August
  6. Palestinian unemployment at 30 percent
  7. Gold steadies after free fall

Thursday - August 25, 2011:

  1. Former US finance chief says euro is 'breaking down'
  2. Moody’s cuts Japan’s rating from Aa2 to Aa3
  3. 777 New York City Schools Workers Will Lose Jobs
  4. Wall Street rises as investors flee gold; Apple falls late

Wednesday - August 24, 2011:

  1. Asian shares up as gold hits record high
  2. EU 'Globalisation Fund' activated in nine countries
  3. Eurozone industry shows signs of slowdown
  4. UK's economy grows at slowest rate of any G7 country except Tsunami-ravaged Japan
  5. Factory and housing data point to weak growth
  6. Chile braces for nationwide 2-day shutdown; govt dismisses protesters’ demands as ‘utopian’

Tuesday - August 23, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Slowdown in core a new threat for euro zone
  2. Broker threatens to leave the EU over transaction tax
  3. Merkel shuts the door on euro-bonds
  4. World stocks steady above 11-month lows
  5. Layoffs sweep Wall Street
  6. Analysis: HP - Dial "M" for mayhem

Monday - August 22, 2011:

  1. Germany against euro bonds
  2. Layoffs sweep Wall Street, along with low morale
  3. Social Security disability on verge of insolvency
  4. Elderly Brit to lose cheap bus travel

Sunday - August 21, 2011:

  1. Investors seek gold as markets slide
  2. Wall Street sinks for fourth straight week
  3. Wisconsin loses 12,500 private-sector jobs in July

Saturday - August 20, 2011:

  1. Gold hits a new high as Wall Street swings wildly
  2. Biden seeks to reassure China on U.S. debt
  3. China, US Stress Importance of Cooperation for Global Economy
  4. PIMCO: Treasuries reflect likelihood of recession
  5. Russian central banker says crisis will lead to inflation to depreciate debt
  6. Asian stocks sink on fresh fears of US recession
  7. Russian stocks close in red on Friday
  8. Belgium adds to call for euro bonds, bigger bailout
  9. Spain to announce more budget cuts
  10. Financial Services: Bank of America Cutting 3,500 Jobs, And More May Follow
  11. Houston sheds 9,200 jobs as schools cut
  12. Ohio unemployment rises for 2nd time in 2 months

Friday - August 19, 2011:

  1. Van Rompuy tipped to chair new 'economic government'
  2. Europe’s banks could break us all
  3. World stock markets plunge as fears of recession intensify
  4. US Dow Ends Down 400, but Off Session Lows
  5. £62bn lost on City's worst day for 3 years as bank fears spark panic on the markets
  6. Aussie sharemarket opens with sharp fall, NZX regains some ground
  7. Russian stocks drop 4 pct at closing on fears of recession, poor bank results
  8. US, Europe may be close to recession: Analysts
  9. Euro area inflation stays above 2 percent
  10. Manufacturing gauge drops to 2-1-2 year low
  11. Connecticut Public Workers Approve Contract They Had Rejected
  12. US carries out secret stress tests on EU banks

Thursday - August 18, 2011:

  1. Gold bug is no longer 'just for the crazy people'
  2. Wall Street targeted for Britain-style riots
  3. Franco-German call for 'true euro economic governance'
  4. Rise of the Fourth Reich, how Germany is using the financial crisis to conquer Europe
  5. Sarkozy, Merkel pledge to defend euro; markets fall in response
  6. European markets hit by eurozone Robin Hood tax plans
  7. Japan Stocks Drop as Sarkozy, Merkel Reject Bigger Bailout Plan
  8. Food Prices Could Hit Tipping Point for Global Unrest
  9. HP, Dell hammered as tech-spending outlook darkens
  10. More gloom for the economy as unemployment soars by 38,000

Wednesday - August 17, 2011:

  1. Paris and Berlin launch a coup to control eurozone, demanding rights to dictate economic policy
  2. Merkel, Sarkozy want balanced budget laws in all eurozone countries
  3. Zoellick: Governments should deal with global debt woes
  4. China Slowing ‘Significantly’ Conference Board
  5. Eurozone bank buys record €22bn in bonds to contain euro crisis
  6. European Economy Slows More Than Forecast as Debt Crisis Saps German Might
  7. German economic slowdown raises fresh eurozone fears
  8. Stocks, euro slip as hopes dim on Europe crisis
  9. Millions feel the pinch as bills for all the basics rocket
  10. State Employees’ Union Accepts Wage and Benefits Concessions
  11. Age of the £10,000 train season ticket: 'Scandalous' 30% fare increase will hit millions
  12. Homing in on soft-touch Britain
  13. npower raises gas and electricity prices – the fifth of 'big six' firms to do so
  14. Video: Sticker shock: Food prices soaring
  15. July home building slips after early-summer bump

Tuesday - August 16, 2011:

  1. World Bank chief: Global economy in 'new danger zone'
  2. Euro zone bond debate raises pressure on Merkel
  3. Merkel and Sarkozy in euro make-or-break crisis talks
  4. UK unemployment 'will rise again this year' as bosses warn of jobless timebomb
  5. UK: Brussels bid to raise our rail fares by 50 per cent as government rail subsidies face the axe

Monday - August 15, 2011:

  1. Calls for a referendum on EU membership after David Cameron's U-turn on tax
  2. Defense cuts loom large for 'super committee'
  3. Italy calls for euro bonds as UK backs fiscal union

Sunday - August 14, 2011:

  1. Danger for Britain as French economy grinds to a halt
  2. San Jose cops unveil plan to cut services to businesses and residents
  3. Thune sketches scary picture of U.S. finances

Saturday - August 13, 2011:

  1. Investors yank $14 billion from stock funds
  2. French economy stagnates as consumers cut spending
  3. Report: At least 1 in 4 families couldn't afford food in the last year
  4. U_S_ Consumer Confidence Drops to Three-Decade Low Amid Economic Headwinds
  5. U.S. consumer sentiment grim but retail sales jump
  6. U.S. Postal Service looks to cut 220,000 jobs

Friday - August 12, 2011:

  1. The gold rush is on
  2. Slight dip in Asian markets, but rising concerns over growth and European debt
  3. Europe curbs short-selling as credit markets swoon
  4. Global stocks rebound but credit markets jittery
  5. Japan sharpens verbal warning vs yen spike
  6. S&P downgrade has investors worried France is next
  7. Trade Deficit of U.S. Unexpectedly Widens to $53_1 Billion on Export Slump
  8. AOL approves buyback after shares tumbled 32 percent
  9. Home repossessions fall, but UK faces 'arrears timebomb'
  10. Mortgage rates fall near record lows
  11. Postal Service proposing cutting 120,000 jobs

Thursday - August 11, 2011:

  1. Analysis: Is China left holding the credit baby
  2. Asian stocks recover, reassured (for now) by the Fed
  3. Bank of England takes interest rate rises off the agenda
  4. Banks drag Wall Street lower as fear returns
  5. U.S. stock futures off sharply; gold, oil up
  6. Wall Street stocks fall sharply, threaten to aggravate European debt crisis
  7. Socialist MEPs urge extraordinary euro crisis meeting
  8. Goldman says QE3 likely after dovish Fed statement
  9. European financial crisis: Germany shows signs of slowdown
  10. Russian stocks close in red on Wednesday
  11. UN wants new global currency to replace dollar
  12. President Ahmadinejad Urges Establishment of New Global Financial System
  13. Aquino wants Central Bank to open up to currencies other than dollars
  14. Loans to small firms plunge to record low
  15. Economic Uncertainty Leading to Global Unrest
  16. State puts needy families on notice Assistance may be running out
  17. Inflation 'will hit 5% by the end of the year' Bank of England warns
  18. California's new budget already facing shortfall

Wednesday - August 10, 2011:

  1. Gold fever sets in as investors panic
  2. Wall St roars back today in wild trade
  3. Chinese inflation up 6.5% in July, never so high in three years
  4. China sees its own downfall as US credit enters twilight
  5. China's Wen urges global action to calm markets
  6. China Demands New Global Currency
  7. Asian markets remain jittery despite slight recovery at close; Europe volatile
  8. Fed, with few cards, makes unusual pledge
  9. Market rout deepens global economic crisis
  10. Russian stocks close in red, wait for Fed announcement
  11. Russian stocks and ruble drop as markets watch Fed decision
  12. Tough decisions ahead to get AAA rating back
  13. U.S. outlook casts shadow over world economy Reuters poll
  14. World in crisis: Markets dive. Mobs burn London
  15. House sales at two-year low, says Rics
  16. The 830,000 homeowners stuck in a negative equity trap
  17. UK trade gap widens, dashing hopes of export-led economic recovery

Tuesday - August 9, 2011:

  1. A Second Recession Could Be Much Worse Than the First
  2. Analysis: Behind the bluster, China reprices U.S. risk
  3. Analysis Beyond debt woes, a wider crisis of globalization
  4. Bank of America: S&P May Downgrade US Again in November
  5. Moody's cautious about U.S. deficit cuts plan
  6. Wall Street plummets as fear jumps on historic downgrade
  7. Dow falls 635 points in 6th-worst loss
  8. Feels like 'Armageddon' Global stock markets fall after US downgrade
  9. Asia stock markets plummet amid fears of new global crisis
  10. Asian stocks tumble after Wall Street rout Associated Press
  11. Russian markets follow Asia into red on U.S. downgrade
  12. Analysis: ECB fumbles between fire hose and sprinkler
  13. ECB says will actively implement bond-buying
  14. Meltdown sees ANOTHER £46bn wiped off shares - and there may be worse to come
  15. Britain is at real risk of a double-dip recession unless banks do more to help
  16. Despite pledges from world leaders, global markets continue to fall
  17. Greenspan US Can Pay Any Debt It Has Because We Can Always Print Money
  18. Stock Market: Fire Sale or Fool’s Gold?
  19. TASE market slides as Hong Kong, China shares retreat

Monday - August 8, 2011:

  1. Chance of further US credit rating downgrade
  2. Credit rating downgrade to raise U.S. borrowing costs by $100 bln a year
  3. Nikkei down 1.2% as world markets react to S&P downgrade
  4. Tel Aviv exchange halts trade after 6% fall
  5. U.S. stocks, oil, dollar fall on downgrade
  6. World leaders confer on debt crises
  7. Will the world's last communist state now have to bail out the capitalist West?
  8. France and Italy stand by to bail out biggest banks as euro crisis worsens

Sunday - August 7, 2011:

  1. Analysts warn DOWNGRADED U.S. credit rating could lead to hiked interest rates and borrowing costs
  2. China flays US over credit rating downgrade
  3. China tells U.S. to end its ‘addiction to debts’
  4. U_S_ Will Roll Out QE3 After S&P Rating Cut, Li Daokui Says
  5. $3trillion wiped off value of shares in 'week from hell' for world economy
  6. Euro is doomed, gold standard needed - France's Le Pen
  7. G7 major powers to confer on markets crisis source
  8. G20 deputies to hold crisis call Saturday Brazil
  9. Leaders hold rare weekend meeting on global economy
  10. World Leaders Confer on Debt Crises This Weekend
  11. World leaders confer on debt crises this weekend
  12. Paul warns of 'next bubble burst'
  13. Capitalism in crisis, a warning from history
  14. Lakshmi Mittal, Stelios and Mike Ashley see BILLIONS wiped from their riches
  15. USPS posts $3.1 billion loss in Q3, warns of default

Saturday - August 6, 2011:

  1. S&P cuts US credit rating by one notch
  2. Asian stocks plunge after Wall Street and Europe
  3. European markets plunge after Asian rout
  4. Hague holds crisis meeting over economy as £150bn is wiped off value of the FTSE in just a week
  5. Investors flee economic gloom, policy paralysis
  6. Italy offers reform for ECB support, stems market rout
  7. Japan and China urge economic crisis talks
  8. RBS posts losses of £794m and cuts 2,000 jobs
  9. Time to Say It - Double Dip May Be Happening
  10. Fannie needs more funds as U.S. struggles with housing

Friday - August 5, 2011:

  1. Dow plunges 513 points; 2011 gains are wiped out
  2. Panic rips through global markets
  3. Stock markets tumble amid eurozone fears over Italy and Spain
  4. ECB to protect Europe by buying bonds
  5. Barroso raises alarm about severity of euro crisis
  6. Fears euro system will collapse in debt
  7. Bank of England holds interest rates again
  8. Japan drives down yen as FTSE falls again
  9. Cash hoarders make bank uncomfortable

Thursday - August 4, 2011:

  1. £35bn wiped off UK shares as fear stalks the world economy
  2. Europe on Brink of 'Major Financial Collapse' Guggenheim CIO
  3. Moody's downgrades Athens to Caa3, outlook Developing
  4. For China, US “failed to defuse” debt bomb
  5. Panel has 100 days to cut deficit by $1_5 trillion
  6. Debt crisis Stock markets take fright over health of global economy
  7. Recession risks increase as economy slows
  8. Default avoided but fears on economy remain
  9. Gold market is changing
  10. Gold Hits Record High on Poor US Outlook, Debt Worry
  11. Treasuries 'It's pretty grim
  12. Swingeing cuts will put defence of the realm at risk, warn MPs - UK
  13. 10 Illinois companies tell state they'll cut 1,100 jobs by year-end
  14. Holidays 4U and Aegean Flights go bust: 50,000 summer breaks in tatters
  15. Paypackets hit by economic woe as two in three workers see salaries cut or frozen - UK

Wednesday - August 3, 2011:

  1. Market meltdown ahead?
  2. Moody's affirms AAA rating, lowers outlook
  3. The writing is on the wall for the US and the dollar
  4. Union chief warns of job losses from debt-ceiling deal
  5. Italy under fire in widening euro debt crisis
  6. Barclays to cut 3,000 jobs as profit sags
  7. Charities and volutary groups hit by £100m funding cuts

Tuesday - August 2, 2011:

  1. UK faces seven lean years, says CBI
  2. ASIA Asian stock markets gain after United States default deal
  3. Bailing out Obama
  4. Debt ceiling fix could mean problems for states
  5. Liberal Dem lawmaker vows to reject GOP, White House debt deal
  6. Debt deal offers only small blessings for economy
  7. China central bank says inflation fight a policy priority
  8. Russian military cuts back on fuel over prices

Monday - August 1, 2011:

  1. Washington strikes deal on debt ceiling
  2. Lawmakers close to deal to avoid default
  3. US lawmakers close to deal to avoid default
  4. US Senate defeats democratic debt proposal
  5. Banks prepare for federal cash crunch
  6. Under the U.S. Supreme Court Can Obama raise the debt limit by himself
  7. Cyprus Manifesting Familiar and Distressing Economic Symptoms

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