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Saturday - April 30, 2011:

  1. Gold jumps 2 percent to set record high for third day
  2. Belarus runs out of imported goods
  3. Spain's jobless rate tops 21% as all major sectors lose jobs
  4. RIM cuts Q1 forecasts, stock slumps
  5. Samsung sees tough outlook, Q1 hits 2-yr low on TVs

Friday - April 29, 2011:

  1. Banks are misleading public about how much they are lending, warns Cable
  2. Ben Bernanke goes on record to warn US deficit 'not sustainable'
  3. Panasonic to axe thousands of jobs, close dozens of plants
  4. Some LA workers face furlough days
  5. UK consumer confidence slumps
  6. Wal-Mart shoppers running out of money

Thursday - April 28, 2011:

  1. An additional 64 million poor in Asia this year
  2. Bernanke signals no rush to reverse stimulus
  3. Britain escapes a double dip... just
  4. Greek, Portuguese deficits overshoot targets
  5. Gasoline shortages persist in Russia, prices rise
  6. Nokia axes 7,000 jobs to slash costs
  7. Sacramento loses 14,600 jobs, worst drop in any metro area

Wednesday - April 27, 2011:

  1. The Age of America ends in 2016: IMF predicts the year China's economy will surpass U.S.
  2. 25 signs U.S. is in economic decline
  3. Commentary: Big Gnome Financial situation can't last
  4. Dollar falls to new low as markets await Fed's next move
  5. Gasoline crisis looms in Russia as international prices rise

Tuesday - April 26, 2011:

  1. Banker: China should reduce FX reserves
  2. China must watch for rising U.S. Treasury yields researcher
  3. Russian pyramid mastermind Mavrodi pledges to destroy global financial system - Video
  4. Some signs of life in housing, credit drought goes on
  5. Volatile silver cuts early gain toward 1980 record
  6. Welfare state is in a skid

Monday - April 25, 2011:

    Nothing to report this morning.

Sunday - April 24, 2011:

    Nothing to report this morning.

Saturday - April 23, 2011:

  1. Fear, uncertainty driving gold rush
  2. Gold soars to record in sixth straight session
  3. Debt will hit £84,000 a family in four years as mortgages and credit cards push borrowing to record levels

Friday - April 22, 2011:

  1. Can BRICS soften dollar crisis?
  2. Dollar at three-year low, gold on hot streak
  3. Gold hits record for fifth session, dollar tumbles
  4. Morgan Stanley profit drops nearly 50 percent
  5. S&P going easy on the U.S.?
  6. The last straw for British taxpayers: £400 per family demanded by EU

Thursday - April 21, 2011:

  1. China Urges US to Protect Creditors After S&P Warning
  2. Financial System Riskier, Next Bailout Will Be Costlier, S&P Says
  3. Gold hits all-time high of $1,500 an ounce
  4. Divided EU Parliament tightens measures on economic governance
  5. Euro zone hit by Greek debt fears, aid backlash
  6. Toyota making drastic production cuts after Japan quake, tsunami
  7. True Finns see Portugal bailout opposition growing

Wednesday - April 20, 2011:

  1. Commentary: Chinese takeaway
  2. China’s economy could implode by 2013
  3. FTSE falls 2 per cent after U.S. warned over its budget deficit
  4. Finnish Eurosceptics' election win could halt Portugal's £70bn rescue package
  5. With much at stake, Asia voices confidence in U.S. debt
  6. BRICS Make Move to Shove Dollar Aside
  7. World Bank: 'Act now' to support Mideast

Tuesday - April 19, 2011:

  1. World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'
  2. Citi profit sags as revenue shrinks, expenses grow
  3. Phone workers facing the axe told: 'You can move to the Philippines... and it includes a RICE allowance'

Monday - April 18, 2011:

  1. China raises bank reserves again
  2. Gov. Scott Walker Reportedly Planning Financial Martial Law In Wisconsin
  3. Prices soar for 'king of fruits'

Sunday - April 17, 2011:

  1. CHINA: Beijing, housing market collapses down 50% in one year
  2. Councils slashing free adult social care
  3. Eurozone crisis as Ireland's credit rating cut again over economy
  4. IMF countries try to bridge economic policy rift
  5. Low revenues, Detroit may close libraries
  6. Medicaid change States in 'straitjacket'
  7. New York court system to lay-off up to 500 employees: union
  8. Obama blows up the bridge
  9. U.S. bank failure tally hits 34
  10. Uruguay battles inflation as peso soars, putting exports at risk
  11. World finance chiefs chastise U.S. on budget gap

Saturday - April 16, 2011:

  1. Bank of America quarterly profit drops 39%
  2. BofA profit drops as foreclosure delays hurt bank
  3. China’s economy taking off, so is inflation
  4. Detroit sends layoff notices to all public teachers
  5. Food, gas and rent push consumer prices higher
  6. Government California lawmakers stripped of state cars
  7. U.S. inflation contained, bucks global price trend

Friday - April 15, 2011:

  1. BRICS challenging Western economic and political governance over the world
  2. Core producer prices, jobless claims rise Reuters

Thursday - April 14, 2011:

  1. Banks face $3.6 trillion wall of maturing debt IMF
  2. IMF warns that Europe's debt problems are risk to financial stability
  3. Cisco kills Flip camera in first revamp step
  4. Greece, Ireland and Portugal must quit the euro
  5. HISD makes way for downsizing, layoffs
  6. (WA) Senate budget cuts teacher pay, raises tuition
  7. Trade data shows growth headwinds

Wednesday - April 13, 2011:

  1. PIMCO bets against U.S. government debt
  2. Allied Irish Banks to axe more than 2,000 jobs after posting £9.2bn loss
  3. Canary Wharf's Citigroup tower to be sold for £1bn to pay off Irish property developer's debts
  4. High street suffers worst sales slump on record as families make drastic spending cuts
  5. London Ambulance Service to cut 890 jobs
  6. Outside View: Gas prices, consumers and the economy

Tuesday - April 12, 2011:

  1. Lloyds told to sell more branches by banking commission
  2. 'Mortgages to soar and interest rates to quadruple in a year’
  3. Sharp suspends two TV panel plants as demand tumbles

Monday - April 11, 2011:

  1. China posts 1st quarterly trade deficit since 2004
  2. In Belarus, currency crisis pushes economy from troubled to dire
  3. We've never had it so bad: Families' financial squeeze is worst in 90 years

Sunday - April 10, 2011:

  1. Commodities: Gold and silver fever grips investors
  2. The nation's $75 trillion problem - inflation nightmares

Saturday - April 9, 2011:

  1. Aid is certain to be a casualty of US federal budget cuts
  2. Britain's £6bn bill to bail out Portugal... and will Spain be next?
  3. Portugal bailout terms must be strict, EU finance ministers warn
  4. Cost of national debt to each family is a staggering £138,360
  5. Inflation Worries Send Gold To New Record High
  6. Out-of-town shopping malls suffer as fuel price deters shoppers
  7. Blackout hits most Venezuelan states
  8. Wells Fargo cuts 1,900 jobs as refinancings slow
  9. The trouble with trillions
  10. Food Prices Begin to Fall

Friday - April 8, 2011:

  1. Interest rates held at 0.5% again, spelling more misery for savers
  2. UK faces £6bn bill for Portugal rescue after failed austerity measures cause irreparable damage to economy
  3. Iran weighs wiping zeros off the Rial in war on inflation
  4. Spain rules out becoming bailout victim after Portugal succumbs

Thursday - April 7, 2011:

  1. As Interest Rates Soar Portugal Faces Diminishing Alternatives
  2. Portuguese government debt auction raises the stakes for bailout
  3. Economic growth slowing in Asia as inflation fears rattle China
  4. Banks near to signing foreclosure pact
  5. Black Wednesday for British industry: Biggest fall in production for 18 months as car sales drop 7.9%
  6. Geithner Says Failure to Raise Debt Limit Would Make Recent Financial Crisis Look Modest In Comparison
  7. Gov. Corbett proposes 4 percent pay cut to state's largest employee union

Wednesday - April 6, 2011:

  1. China ups rates 4th time since October
  2. Greece readies fresh round of austerity worth €25bn
  3. Government shutdown looms despite Obama's intervention
  4. 'Hyperinflationary great depression' ahead for U.S.
  5. Inflation inflicting pain, as wages fail to keep pace with price hikes
  6. Oil Rises to 30-Month High on Libya Conflct; Kuwait Says Price Is Too High
  7. Will Bretton Woods shock U.S. economy?

Tuesday - April 5, 2011:

  1. ECB expected to hike interest rate this week
  2. 'Historic buildings could be at risk as councils sell them or abandon them to cope with budget cuts'
  3. Fall in clothes sales at M&S adds to high street gloom

Monday - April 4, 2011:

  1. Budget Fight Looming on Medicare and Government’s Size
  2. House GOP budget to call for big changes to Medicare, Medicaid
  3. Feds becoming biggest part of 'state' budgets

Sunday - April 3, 2011:

  1. Arizona lawmakers approve $1.1 billion in budget cuts
  2. House GOP passes 'force of law' spending bill mocked by Dems
  3. Ireland taxpayers carry $34B bank bail-out, senior creditors avoid hit
  4. Canada closes 3 border crossings

Saturday - April 2, 2011:

  1. Euro turmoil over £21bn black hole in Ireland's banks

Friday - April 1, 2011:

  1. Divisions on global monetary reform exposed at China G20
  2. Geithner inflexible currencies are biggest monetary problem
  3. Ireland's Black Thursday banking sector's black hole to be revealed
  4. Bank raises alarm on mortgage bills after shock rise in defaults
  5. Ohio legislature passes bill curbing union rights

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