Wake Up America!!
God has tried to warn us!
Written By: Bob

Throughout history, including biblical history, God has repeatedly used the natural elements - storms, rain or the lack of it (etc.) - to either judge nations and/or as a warning to a nation of impending judgment. Combining this fact and my inclination to watch and look for patterns in events, stemming from my study of prophecy, I felt I should share my observations related to recent weather events in America.

In just the last few months the U.S. has been hit with the following:

  1. Torrential rains in the Midwest that caused massive flooding, resulting in huge losses of property and crops.
  2. Three hurricanes and one tropical storm.
  3. Thousands of wild fires in California.

If you were to look at a map of the U.S. and the locations of these events, it would not be hard for anyone to see that the entire coastline of America and its "heartland" have been hit with natural catastrophes.

To expand on that - we have had one hurricane, Hanna that hit the Atlantic coast and instead of hitting one specific area and dissipating, it hit the coast and then continued north hitting the entire eastern seaboard.

Then we have the west coast, which has been hit with (as stated above) thousands of wildfires. This leaves us with two hurricanes and one tropical storm to discuss.

The two hurricanes - Gustav and Ike - caused havoc and destruction from Florida all the way to the southern parts of Texas. That covers the Gulf Coast area. I might add that Ike was so massive (in size) that it followed a track (again) up through the "heartland" of America all the way to the Great Lakes region; causing additional death and destruction.

All that's left is the tropical storm, Fay, which hit Florida not once but four times! When I thought about this one something else came to mind. Florida has (in the last year or two) become what I would call a staging ground for antichrist or false prophet type figures. The most recent being the Todd Bentley "Healing Revival". It is increasingly apparent to me that Florida has become at least conducive to the launching and support of these type figures. This is not to say anything at all against the people of Florida; but only to say that there is something there that seems to create an atmosphere of support for these types of individuals. I know of at least three such individuals who have started or grown their "ministries" there. That causes me to ask - Could there have been a fourth and if so, could the fact that this tropical storm returned to hit Florida four times be a warning - one hit for each individual? Only God knows for sure; but it certainly seems to be a possibility (to me).

I would like to add a little more about California - As I stated earlier the west coast, particularly California, has been hit with thousands of wild fires this year; but that may not be the end of it in my opinion.

With everything that is going on in California that is contrary to biblical teaching, the worst may yet be on the horizon if something does not change. I do not mean to offend those who live in California; but I must say to those who are Christians and those who hold traditional family values and traditional views of marriage to get extremely active in reversing the attacks on the family unit and the acceptance of the homosexual marriages and lifestyle. If these things are not reversed then I would look for a final judgment coming and - possibly in the form of massive earthquakes - completing the destruction of California. Much of what is happening is the result of the political system in the state and not just the residents.

Here are two examples of events that stand out, just from last year alone. The first is that around March of 2007 the Governor of California signed a bill to have the terms mom, dad, mother, and father removed from the text of all educational material. Basically this is to remove any reference to gender in each of these roles. Within days the southern part of California was hit hard with wild fires. In the latter part of the year (October) the Supreme Court Justices of California voted to remove the definition of marriage as being the joining of a man and a woman; because it was unconstitutional. Once again within days California was hit with 1,700 wild fires as a result of lightening strikes - also referred to as acts of God! These two items alone should be seen as a stern warning!

Just as these combined events over a relatively short period of time should be a wake up call to Americans, the fires in California should certainly bring to mind the story of Sodom and Gamorrah. Just as Sodom and Gamorrah were given over to sin and homosexuality and were destroyed (by fire and brimstone), so it has begun with California.

It is my opinion that the entirety of the U.S. has been given ample and more than sufficient warnings. If these warnings are not heeded immediately then the downfall of America is imminent. For those who may doubt this, all I can say is that the downfall has already begun - with the extreme downward spiral of the U.S. economy. It may indeed be too late already to reverse these things (short of a miracle from God). In which case we must pray fervently for God's mercy to be upon us in the coming days.

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