Date Setting
My View
Written By: Bob

Because of the fact that some of my articles on this site seem to point to a specific year being the end of the 6,000 years and the beginning of the tribulation, I feel that perhaps I should clear the air about my views on date setting.

As far as the 6,000 years ending in 2008, I will first state that while the counting of years may indeed add up to 2008, it doesn't mean that this is when it will happen.

All counts that you may see on this and other sites are always - at least in part - dependent on man's recording of history. This simply means that any count you may read about is subject to error.

My own view is quite simple - no man can say exactly when the end will come. The best any of us can do is to pass along our findings based on diligent research and study of the Bible. The bottom line is that any conclusions reached, at best, are never anything more than an educated guess based on the facts we have available to us.

As I have stated in my articles, while 2008 appears to be a real possibility we must remember that it is only that - a possibility. We can not know exactly when the end will come. Dates such as 2008 that may appear in my articles are merely the way the numbers add up and in no way should be considered a prediction. As stated these are based on man's recording of history (etc.) and are subject to error.

My hope in writing the articles I have and the ones yet to come is that it will bring peoples attention to the reality of how close we are to the end of days. To set a specific date is to take away from our credibility as Christians in this writer's opinion. I further hope that by showing my findings it will give others the same sense of urgency about reaching others before it's too late that I feel.

My main purpose in writing these articles about the timing is not to set dates; but to show that we should no longer have any doubt that we are indeed living in the season of the Lord's return. It could happen next week, next year or even three years from now; but if it happens tomorrow will you be able to stand before the Lord knowing you have done everything you could for Him in these last days? I want to be able to know that I have used every ability and opportunity He has given me to reach others.

The important thing for each of us to see is not that a date is important; but that we don't have much time left to be about our Father's business before we are called home to with Him. Are you ready? Are you doing everything that you can on a daily basis to work the harvest fields of our Lord? This should always be our priority and now more than ever!! Keep looking up and may God bless!

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