Prophecy: Connecting The Dots -
Then, Now, and Yet To Come

It is my hope that, with this series of articles, I may be able to help bring recent past, and current events into better focus.

I know that when I started studying end times prophecy, I was not familiar enough with what the Bible says about last days prophecy to be able to put things together.

I'm still in the learning curve, but perhaps what I have found and learned, will help someone else. That is the main purpose of my starting this site and the reason for this series.

Below is a brief description of the intended contents of this series. At the end of the outline for each section you will notice a small colored box. If the box is green, then that section is available to read. If the box is red, then that section has not been written or posted to the site yet. Finally, if the box is yellow, then portions of that section have been posted. All I can say is I'm trying my best to get all of this written as soon as I can; and I hope you will check back for new sections and updates.

As I finish and post each new section or update I will put a notice on my home page to let you know.

  • Part #1 --
    1. Israel in Prophecy - From Her rebirth in 1948 through the New Millennium.
    2. The Battle of Psalm 83
    3. The Invasion of Gog, Magog from the North
    4. The Dividing of the Land - Israel
    5. The 144,000 (Witnesses)
    6. The People of Israel Told to Flee to the Mountains
    7. A Brief summary
  • Part #2 --
    1. The 6,000 Year Timeline - The Timing of the End
    2. The Seven Feasts of Israel (God's Feasts) - How they relate to prophecy.
    3. A Brief Study of Daniel's 70 Weeks
  • Part #3 --
    1. Cycles of Years in Judaism - including the Metatonic and the Sabbatical cycles, and another little known 7 year cycle of years, and how they all relate to the last days prophecies.
    2. Discussion of the different periods of time - related to the last days - such as seven yrs, three and a half yrs, 42 months, 1,260 days, 1,290 days, 1,335 days, and 2,300 days given to us in scripture. This includes showing how they align with an upcoming cycle of years on the Jewish Calendar
    3. My opinion of why we are given so many numbers of days, months, and years in scripture.
  • Part #4 - A Basic Study of Numbers --
    1. Events that have ocurred in a year ending in an eight (8)
    2. The Number 9 - The Final Blessing?
    3. Signifigance of the 9th of Av (on the Jewish Calendar)
    4. Do These Numbers Relate to the Timing of the End?
  • Part #5 --
    1. European Neighborhood Peace Agreement
    2. The Times of the Gentiles be Fulfilled
    3. Children of the Light
    4. The Season of the Lord's Return
    5. Should We Study Revelation?
    6. Overall Summary of This Series
    7. Are You Ready?
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