The Timing of Events
How The Numbers Line Up - And More
Written By: Bob
August 8, 08


In this article I will address a number of items, concerning the timing of the end of days. I will begin with the counting of the 2,300 days (Daniel, chapter 8) and the counting of the 6,000 years. The reason I decided to study these two time periods is simply that they appear to be two out of three of the best indicators we are given in scripture as to the timing of the end. The third being the rebirth of Israel marking the generation that would see everything fulfilled. While it may appear that I am setting a date; that is not my intent at all. Each of these counts is reliant in some way on man's counting of years in history. As a result, those counts are subject to error.

I will also briefly cover the Sabbatical cycles of years. This will be to show how they can be used to prove the accuracy in counts and how they relate to the end of the 6,000 years and the start of the seventh millennium (Christ's millennial reign).

The last subject will be the most controversial of all. What I have found (in my study and research) does not conform to conventional beliefs on the timing of the tribulation in relation to the sixth and seventh millenniums. I would only ask that you read all of my findings before passing judgment. I can assure you that what I have found and my conclusions as a result of these findings are Biblically sound.

As a result of my study of the 6,000 years and the 2,300 days not ending at the same time, I decided to try and find out why. That is where the timing of the tribulation came into the picture. Again, I only ask that you read everything before deciding whether I am right or wrong; and I would encourage all to study these things for yourself. I can only present what I have found and recommend, as always, that you prove it - as I have tried to do - by God's word. Thank You

The 2,300 Days Of Daniel, Chapter 8:
To begin with we need to remember that a horn ( in prophecy) symbolizes a king or ruler; since this is what this vision of Daniel's deals with.

In Daniel 8:5-14 Daniel is told of a series of events related to kings (horns) that would occur between then and the end of days; more specifically, the timing of when the final temple would be cleansed. In Daniel 8:19-25 Daniel is told the meaning. Now, let's see how Daniel's vision relates to history.

Daniel is told of a great ruler that would arise (the great horn) and that after that rulers' death (the horn is broken off), four notable rulers (the 4 little horns) would take over his kingdom. Out of those four kingdoms the Antichrist (little horn which would be greater than the rest) would come.

It is generally accepted that the great horn was Alexander the Great. That would leave us to find out about the four little horns. From the time of Alexander's death we must find when his kingdom came under the control of exactly four kings. The importance of finding this information goes to the question that one Saint asked of another Saint, in Daniel's presence, as to when the end of these things would be - Daniel 8:13; and the answer of 2,300 days being given in Daniel 8:14.

Going back then and checking history, I found the following:
After Alexander's death there were many battles fought for control of his kingdom and/or portions of it. I have found a consensus that the kingdom came under the primary control of four rulers after the Battle of Ipsus in 301 B.C. Those rulers/kings were: Cassander, Seleucus/Nicator, Lysimachus, and Ptelomy/Soter. I also noticed that there was still a "spoiler", so-to-speak, named Demetrius, who was in control of Macedonia. Demetrius was eventually taken out of the picture in 285 B.C. by Seleucus/Nicator. So as far as historical records go, the kingdom came under the control of exactly four kings in 285 B.C.

We now have a starting point for the counting of the 2,300 days (285 B.C.). Since Daniel's vision of 70 weeks were actually to be counted as weeks of years - one day equaling one year - then we have been given the standard to go by in counting the 2,300 days - 2,300 days of years. If we add 2,300 years to 285 B.C. we have the year 2015. We know that the tribulation will occur before the final temple is cleansed; so if we subtract seven years from 2015 we have the year 2008.

For those who consider the 2300 days of Daniel to be literal days (just as I did) I would like to point out certain items included in the explanation of Daniel's vision that point to this prophecy having a dual fulfillment. When I say dual fulfillment, I am speaking of prophecies that have a partial fulfillment at one point in history; but their final fulfillment/completion does not occur until later or at the end of days. The primary example of this is the coming of the Messiah. He came the first time to provide the way of salvation; but the setting up of His eternal kingdom (final fulfillment) will not occur until His second coming at the end of days.

NOTE: For more information on this, please see supplement #1.

Here is what has come to my attention as far as the verses in Daniel 8. Please notice the words in bold print.

  1. Daniel 8:17...For at the TIME OF THE END shall be the VISION.
  2. Daniel 8:19...I will make thee know what shall be the LAST END of the indignation: for at the TIME APPOINTED THE END SHALL BE.
  3. Daniel 8:23...And in the LATTER TIME of their kingdom, when the transgressors are COME TO THE FULL.
  4. Daniel 8:25...he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.(it is important to note here that the title prince is capitalized just as it is elsewhere in scripture when referring to Jesus Christ).

I believe these verses give ample indication that the timing of the final fulfillment will indeed be in the last days. The biggest indicator of this being the one who commits this desecration will stand up against the Prince of princes - the Lord Jesus Christ.

Having calculated the timing, we must understand two things. The first is that the counting of years should always begin on Tishri 1 (on the Jewish Calendar) which is in the fall of the year - around the end of Sept. or the very beginning of Oct. This is because the 1st of Tishri is New Year's Day on the Jewish calendar. Secondly, we must keep in mind that the final cleansing will occur after the return of Christ to rule.

NOTE: The month of Tishri is considered the head of the year. The first of Tishri is commonly referred to as the first of the Civil year and also as the first of the Sacred year.

This would seem to indicate that there is a very real possibility that the tribulation could begin in the fall of this year. Am I saying it will happen this year? NO! I am only presenting my findings and they are based on man's recording of history and thus subject to error. As you will see though, there are other indicators that seem to support this possibility.

The 6,000 Years:
Almost no matter what method you use or whose timeline you go by, they all seem to show that we are already past the 6,000 year mark. Needless to say this bothered me; so I began praying, thinking and searching. The following are the results of my efforts.

It is commonly thought that Jesus was born in the year 4,000 (counting from creation forward). However, according to records, the "Star of Bethlehem" appeared three years prior to that. Since I believe that the 'Star of Bethlehem" was the sign that was given at the time of Jesus' birth, I must then subtract those three years from 4,000; leaving me with the year 3997 (as the year of Jesus' birth). If I add 3997 to 2008 (the current year) I have a total of 6,005 years. It would appear that I am still five years over the 6,000 year mark. Actually I am over by 6 years. This is because every year number is inclusive (after a child is born we do not say they are one year old until they have lived/completed that year of life etc.). So the year 6,000 would actually be the first year of the 7th millennium. That means that the final year of the 6,000 years will be 5,999. This is where everything begins to get interesting.

In order to either prove or disprove the year count, I then turned to the counting of the Sabbatical cycles of years. As you will see, the counting of the Sabbatical cycles is very helpful and is Biblically sound.

Sabbatical Cycles of Years:
First, for those who may not be familiar with the Sabbatical cycles of years, I will give a brief explanation. The Jews were instructed (Exodus 23:10-11) to observe a cycle of seven years. The seventh year would be a Sabbatical year (Sabbath year). This cycle is to be observed (repeated) seven times for a total of (7X7) 49 years. The following year, the 50th year, is to be a Jubilee year. A Jubilee year is a year of restoration, release from bondage, and a celebration. One thing to keep in mind is that the 6,000 years are evenly divisible by 50; thus indicating that the millennial reign of Christ will begin in a future Jubilee year. This goes right along with the Jewish belief that their Messiah will come in a Jubilee year.

The first of Tishri (Sept. 30th) this year is the beginning of the new seven year cycle. This coming cycle is also the seventh cycle of seven (total of 49 years) and ends with the start of the next Jubilee year - the fall of 2015.

Knowing the counting of years by these cycles caused me to think that maybe there would be a way to verify the count of years by counting the Sabbatical cycles.

Going back to my Bible, I began looking for the location where the instructions were given to the Jews to begin counting the seven year cycles. The first time the instructions were given (that I could find) was in Exodus 23:10-11. This was for the seven year cycle only. It is given again in Leviticus 25:3-12 with the added instructions for the observance of the Jubilee year in the 50th year. In both cases the dating of the chapter (containing these instructions) was 1491 B.C.

As I stated earlier, the next Jubilee year is in the fall of 2015; so now I have to do the math. If we add 1491 to 2015 we have a total of 3,506 years. If we divide 50 years into the 3506 years it does not come out even. After dividing I would have a remainder of 6 years. This would appear to indicate that the count is off then by 6 years.

This is when I realized that even though the 6,000 year count and the Sabbatical cycle counts are both off; they actually create a match (support each other) and actually do point to the same year! You are probably wondering how that can be; so allow me to explain.

As I have shown, the cycle or counting of the 6,000 years appears to be off by 6 years (6,005). The counting of Sabbatical cycles of 50 years appears to be off by six years (3,506). If we subtract the six years difference (of Sabbatical cycles from the 6,005 total count of years) we have 5,999! That would mean that, since the new year begins on Tishri 1, the start of the year 6,000 (the Jubilee year) would be this fall on the 1st of Tishri (Sept. 30).

Before anyone says I am date setting, I want to remind everyone that certain of these counts are (again) according to man's counting of historical years. As a result, the exact year could be off.

There are a few main points I hope these calculations point out. -

  1. While the exact year could be off, the number it is off by would move everything forward by the same amount; thus the alignment of the counts would still be correct and match.
  2. By the way these things line up, we can see that there is a very real possibility that the last day events could begin this year.
  3. Most importantly, even if the year is off (which it very well could be) we can be sure of one thing - we are indeed very, very close to the very end of days!!

I will end this section on a purely speculative note, based on my own observations:
When people refer to the 6,000 year time period, it is usually in one of two ways -

  1. The 6,000 years of man or man's reign.
  2. The 6,000 years from creation.

When I think about these descriptions, the following questions enter my mind. -

  1. If we are counting the years of man or man's reign, then how can we begin those counts before man was created and given dominion over the earth on the 6th day of creation?
  2. If we are counting the years from creation, then how can we begin that count before creation is complete - again on the 6th day?

If we consider that, in Daniel's visions, everything translates to days of years, and apply the same principle here - six days equals six years - then the counts I have shown here would fit together perfectly (i.e. 3,506 minus 6 equals 3,500 - 6,005 minus 6 equals 5,999)!! Could it be that the difference is in peoples' counting of years from the first day of creation instead of from the completion of creation or creation of man? I can only answer that for myself, and my answer is simple: I serve a God of complete and total perfection and I do not believe in coincidence - especially when it comes to the Bible!!

The Timing Of The Tribulation:
As you will soon find out, this is the section that I believe will cause controversy. This section also presents the biggest challenge I've had yet in writing articles and such.

The conclusion I have reached, on the timing of the tribulation, does not conform to conventional thinking or belief. Before I state what my conclusion is, I would again ask only that you allow me the benefit of the doubt and at least read the first few paragraphs of my findings. If you continue after that and read all of it I believe you will find that my conclusion is Biblically sound. I could reserve my conclusion until the end; but I believe in being up front and am not afraid to state what my beliefs are to anyone - so here it is:

My conclusion on the timing of the tribulation period of seven years is that it occurs at the beginning of the seventh millennium, and not the last seven years of the 6,000 years.

If you go back to the timing of the 2,300 days of years and the 6,000 years (above), you will notice they end exactly 7 years apart. That was the reason for my studying and looking into this further. As I said earlier, I do not believe in coincidence.

To establish the fact that certain events will indeed happen at the start of the new (seventh) millennium, we need look no further than the Feasts of Israel - God's Feasts - and what events they relate to in prophecy. For those who may be new to prophecy study or have not yet studied the feasts, I offer the following list and basic information (concerning the feasts):

  1. Passover - Fulfilled by Jesus' death on the cross at Calvary.
  2. Unleavened Bread - Fulfilled when Jesus was laid in the tomb.
  3. First Fruits - Fulfilled with Jesus' resurection on the third day.
  4. Pentecost - Fulfilled with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost in the upper room.
  5. Trumpets - Will be fulfilled with the rapture of the Church - Coming Soon!
  6. Day of Atonement - Will be fulfilled on judgment day, at Christ's second coming - Coming Soon!
  7. Tabernacles (Booths) - Will be fulfilled with celebration of the new millennium and the gathering of everyone to the New Jerusalem - Coming Soon!

The first four feasts were not only fulfilled, but they were fulfilled on the exact date that God gave the Jews (through Moses) of how and when to observe these feasts - and in order. There should be no doubt then that the final three feasts will be fulfilled, in order, and on the exact date as well.

For now I will skip the feast of Trumpets and go directly to the last two feasts to show that some prophecies (events) will indeed occur in the seventh millennium.

The Day of Atonement will be fulfilled on judgment day at the second coming of Christ; thus, if you believe as I used to believe, that the second coming of Christ will mark the start of the seventh millennium then we already have one event occurring in the seventh millennium. Now we have a conflict with those who (including myself until now) say everything will happen by the end of the 6,000 years; because we already have one feast fulfilled in the new millennium and we still have one feast (Feast of Tabernacles) left to be fulfilled. We can also be sure that if Christ's second coming "in Judgment" is indeed the beginning of the seventh millennium, then the battle of Armageddon occurs after the seventh millennium has begun. These things alone are the beginning of proof that final events will occur in the seventh millennium.

Realizing these things, related to the feasts, gave me cause to dig deeper. Because we relate the seven millenniums with the seven days of creation, I decided that Genesis and creation would be the best place to start. The first thing that caught my attention was:

Genesis 2:2...And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and ge rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

Notice that there is a first and second part of this verse separated by a semi colon. In my studies I have found that in Hebrew writings, every punctuation mark has meaning. A semi-colon (to me) would indicate two things occurring here; but during the same time period (day). The first part being that God ended the work He had made, and the second thing He did was that He rested from the work that He had made. I believe the mistake being made (Including myself until now) is by making a "generalized" quote of this verse. In short, we think of this verse as "and on the seventh day He rested". Yes, He rested; but not until He ended the work that He had made. Any time we generalize or summarize we lose detail; and I believe (now) that this is what has happened. I believe that the repeating of the phrase "His work which He had made" is meant to accentuate the fact that there are indeed two things occurring here.

NOTE: To see how this verse (Genesis 2:2) is part of a pattern in prophetic events, please see supplement #2 below.

If we take this knowledge and look again at the feasts, it's not hard to see that the fulfillment of the last three feasts is the ending of the work which He had made. These three feasts mark the conclusion or the ending.

From there I began to look at the timing of these ending events - the final three feasts. First of all, the overall timing is seven years. If we convert that seven years to God's time of one day equaling a thousand years, then seven years (our time) would be ten minutes (God's time). This simply means that the ending events will only take ten minutes to finish, in God's time. I think our problem is in thinking, as man, that seven years is a good little while; whereas to God it would only be a quick ending of things before the period of rest begins. For this reason I don't think my view is unrealistic. I didn't stop there though, there is more that seems to support this possibility as well.

Christ's return to Earth is also referred to as the "great and terrible day of the Lord" in Joel 2:11 and again in verse 31. Again we have a day as a thousand years - Christ's millennial reign. This description also indicates something other than just rest. If the seventh millennium were to be nothing but rest, then why use the word terrible at all in describing it? In my view the word terrible is necessary to describe how it will begin - with the tribulation and the Battle of Armageddon.

How the seventh millennium begins lies in a better understanding of the Feasts of Israel - God's Feasts.

The first thing we must understand is the relationship of the scroll with the seven seals that is revealed in Ezekiel 2:9-10 and again in Revelation 5:1. This further requires a closer look at Jewish tradition (in Biblical times) pertaining to a scroll having seven seals. There are two main examples of using seven seals on a scroll as follows:

  1. The sealing of a will. It was common practice to write a will on a scroll and then seal it with seven seals. At the passing of the individual only the rightful and authorized (legal) heirs have the authority to break the seals and open the scroll.
  2. During the first 49 years of the 50 year cycle of years, it was common practice that if a person sold or lost anything (due to hardship etc.) for them to list these items on a scroll and seal it with seven seals to signify its importance. This scroll would then be opened in the next Jubilee year and used as authority/verification to buy back those things (mainly used for land) that had been lost to them during the time since the previous Jubilee. As long as all conditions were met (i.e. purchasing land back at fair market value) then they could be restored to their land - which their fathers had given them.

There were three different variations of these scrolls. They were: one that contained only writing on the inside, one that only had writing on the outside, and one that had writing on the inside and outside both.

The scroll with seven seals in Ezekiel 2:9-10 and in Revelation 5:1 is a match for the third type of scroll - having writing on the inside and the outside.

With that in mind, let's have a look at the meaning of the scroll in prophecy -
Adam was given dominion over the earth at the beginning and that was given to him by the only father he had - his Heavenly Father. Adam lost that inheritance when he sinned in the Garden of Eden. From that point on, his inheritance was in the control of Satan.

Even then, knowing the end from the beginning, God knew the counting of the years and the meaning of the Jubilee year that He would later instruct the Jews to observe. So at the time the inheritance was lost He wrote everything that was lost (the inheritance), on a scroll, and sealed it with the seven seals. Only the proper and authorized heir would have the authority to break the seals and only that heir would have the authority to fulfill the requirements to restore ownership of those possessions. As we know, God only has one heir and that is Jesus Christ. That is why, in John's revelation from God, no one could break the seals except the Lamb of God as described in Revelation 5:5. The seals could not and won't be broken though until the appointed time in a Jubilee year; thus beginning the restoration. The price to be paid as the conditions of the restoration has already been paid by Jesus at the Cross of Calvary.

As I have already mentioned, the seven years of tribulation are equal to ten minutes (God's time). Is it a coincidence then that it is also ten days (on the Jewish calendar) from the start of the Feast of Trumpets - the beginning of the tribulation - until the Day of Atonement - the end of the tribulation? I don't believe so.

The Numbers Three And Seven In Prophecy:
The numbers three and seven are very much a part of prophecy. The number three is often associated with "Divine Completeness". The best example of this that I can give is the Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. As for the number seven, it is considered the number of perfection. So (for me) any time the two are used together, there would be Divine and Perfect Completeness/Completion. Allow me to give a few examples:

  1. Seven days of creation.
  2. Seven thousand years for the completion of all things.
  3. The history of man is commonly divided into three segments of 2,000 years each.
    My own personal breakdown of the history of man is also divided into three sections - Man walking with God, man seperated from God, and man again walking with God.
  4. Three days from Jesus' crucifixion to His resurrection.
  5. The Seven Feasts.
  6. The seven year tribulation.
  7. The judgments of the tribulation are in three groups of seven - seven seals, seven trumpets, and seven vials.
  8. The completion of things will be with the fulfillment of the final three feasts.

I hope that the above list at least helps to show the importance these two numbers (three and seven) in the Bible and especially prophecy.

Now let me tell you of some things related to the number three and the number seven that I have found. -

  1. The tribulation of seven years (as stated earlier) is equal to 10 minutes, God's time. If I multiply this ten minutes by three (Divine completeness) I have thirty minutes - or one half an hour. The exact amount of time that Heaven falls silent after the seventh seal is broken until the first trumpet sounds. Coincidence?
  2. If we multiply three times seven (three sets of seven judgments) we have 21. Would it then be a coincidence that from the Feast of Trumpets - the beginning of the restoration - until the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles - the completion of restoration and fulfillment of the last feast - is exactly 21 days (the 21st of Tishri).

NOTE: For more on these and other numbers related to prophecy and patterns in the Bible and prophecy, please see supplement #3 at the end of this article.

Not Knowing The Day of Hour:
It is my understanding that the word/term season - as used in scripture - in reference to the feasts and the "season of your visitation" is not winter, spring, summer, or fall. Going to the Hebrew definition - in the context it is used - it means appointed time. So Jesus was actually admonishing the Temple Priests for not knowing the "appointed time" of their visitation. The Jews were also told to observe the feasts in their due season - meaning their appointed time.

Since I know that I serve a God that is perfect in all His ways, is a God of perfect timing, and a God of truth in all things; then I say with all confidence that since the first four feasts were fulfilled at the exact "appointed time" (given by God through Moses) so will the final three feasts. There is a growing belief that the rapture will take place on the Feast of Trumpets. I happen to agree with that view. We also hear it said that we should - as Christians - know the season of the Lord's return but not the day or hour. That statement may be truer than the people saying it realize. In effect, they are saying that we are to know the appointed time; just not the day or hour. This would make perfect sense if the timings I presented here are correct. Everything I presented here fits and converges on the coming seven year period, beginning on the Feast of Trumpets.

Even knowing this, we could not know the day or hour. This is because the first day of the Feast of Trumpets is not marked and announced as in the days of Jesus. The Jews of today celebrate it based on a predetermined date using scientific calculations. It no longer requires the new moon being witnessed by two individuals and then being accepted - by checking the credibility of the two witnesses - and then being announced. So the day and hour could be at the exact time the new moon appears, it could be on the day and hour that it would have been announced - had the Jews continued to follow the instructions they had been given, or it could be at any point in between. Just as in Biblical times, the announcing could vary by up to several days. The bottom line is that it is God's call and His alone! That is why not even Jesus knew.

In God's infinite wisdom - knowing the end from the beginning - He knew that this is how things would be at the end of days. As with all things though - only time will tell and more importantly - only God knows for sure.

In Summary:
I will try to put together the main points and how everything lines up (without all the necessary supporting information given above). Hopefully this will help give a clearer and much simpler to understand picture of everything.

I calculated the 2,300 days of years (Daniel 8) first because it is independent of the other counts in scripture. I found that the count began in 285 B.C. and adding the 2,300 years to that resulted in the final cleansing of the temple occurring in the fall of 2015. Subtracting the seven years (for the tribulation) gave me 2008. This is the first indicator that the tribulation could begin in the fall of this year.

Next we have the matter of the 6,000 years. As I showed, the counting of the Sabbatical cycles appears to be off by six years and the counting of the 6,000 years appears to be off by six years. If I subtract the six year error from both counts, then I have 5999 years (of the 6,000) and this fall would mark the end of the 6,000 years and the 1st of Tishri (Sept. 30 this year) would begin the Jubilee year.

The fact that the two counts (2,300 years and the 6,000 years) were both off by 6 years and that man was created on the sixth day is not a coincidence in my opinion. If the counts were off by different amounts then I would continue searching. The fact that they all had a difference of six and the fact that there is exactly seven years between the 6,000 years ending and the 2,300 years ending was enough to lead me to the conclusion that my view is correct. Looking at the final three feasts and how they will be fulfilled added to my certainty.

I would now ask that you ask yourself two questions:

  1. In your opinion, what future event will mark the start of the seventh millennium?

    If, like many I know, your answer is the second coming of Christ; then you have just agreed (at least in part) with my conclusions. The reason I say that is because for the seventh millennium to begin at His second coming is to say that the battle of Armageddon and the fulfillment of the last feast occur at the start of the seventh millennium (after it has begun).

  2. If God cares enough about the sinners and unbelievers of this world (who will be left behind) to give them a complete blueprint (the Bible) of everything that will take place during the tribulation - including the timing of all major events and how long it will last - don't you think that He would give His children - who have stayed the course - the same or similar consideration?

In answering this second question I can only speak for myself and to answer it no would be to say He thinks more of the lost than He thinks of His children (by leaving us in the dark). As for me, I serve a God who loves and cares about both equally - "that none should perish". We are also, according to God's Word, children of the light; so leaving us in the dark is not an option!

There is another item to think about that I didn't mention earlier. That has to do with the last generation. If, as I and many others who study prophecy believe, this is the last generation and if the new millennium does indeed begin on a Jubilee year; then it would be important to consider that the next Jubilee year (whether it's this year or 2015 etc.) will be the last Jubilee year that this generation will see.

In Daniel 12:10 we are told that the wicked will not understand but the wise will understand. That was in answer to Daniel's question in verse 8: "O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?" Can we honestly say we are not to know when the "time is at hand"? Again, I can only speak for myself; but to say we are not supposed to understand is to question the very truth of the Bible - God's Word. For me, this too is not an option!!

While I know most of what I have written here appears to be date setting, I would remind everyone again that the counting of years (in this article) is, in part, based on man's recording of history and is therefore subject to being off by an unknown amount of time. It is because of so many different items, seeming to converge on the same time period, that I felt a need to share these findings as soon as I could, There are some more items that seem to point in this same direction. I simply started here with the main points. I will post more as soon as I can and they will appear as supplements at the bottom of this page as links. Your will notice I have already added two supplements just in the course of writing this article.

In closing I want to say two things. All of these indicators are not to set a date; but are intended to impress on the reader that we are very, very near the end and we need to get a sense of urgency about our Father's business as never before. Secondly, if you are not yet saved, then I would urge you to take the time right now to confess your sins and accept the Lord into your heart as your personal savior - before it's too late!


  1. Supplement #1 - Explanation of why I believe the 2,300 days of Daniel 8 need to be counted as days of years as well as literal days.
  2. Supplement #2 - This will show the pattern that is set, starting in Genesis and continuing all the way through Revelation, for the ending of one item being carried over to the start of another in prophecy (just as I believe is the case with the tribulation).
  3. Supplement #3 - This is a new and ongoing study of the layout of Revelation. We've all seen full commentaries on the content of Revelation; but what about where the items/events are located (the layout)? I just started on this within the past week and I can tell you there are definitely patterns in the layout to be found (in my opinion). Just these initial findings might surprise you. I will add to this page as I go along in my own study.
  4. Supplement #4 - For any who may wonder about the importance of the number 50, this is a must see! The number 50 has been established in the Bible since at least the time of Moses!

Thank you for visiting and reading this and may God richly Bless!! -- Bob

Note: As a result of this study I am now studying more into the layout of events in Revelation. I have already found a number of items that stand out; including one that would seem to further support my conclusion of the tribulation occurring at the start of the seventh millennium. I will be posting this item very soon. For those who will disagree with my conclusions I would recommend (a hint) taking a very close look at the first six chapters in Revelation, paying particular attention to the numbering of the chapters in relation to the events. In the mean time I want everyone to know that I welcome and encourage all who read this to send me their comments, opinions, and questions. We can all increase our knowledge and understanding by sharing.

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