EU Via Route 666

Today's commentary should be of special interest to those who have read Recommendation 666, or have spent time here at FulfilledProphecy.Com.
Yesterday I said something big may be going on in Europe. Well, thanks to information I just received from Constance Cumbey, it may be bigger than we thought -- it may be huge!

As I reported, all 25 heads of the current and future EU member states want their new, super EU to have its own military command structure. So, despite American objections, the EU heads are going ahead with their plans to create this structure at their Inter-governmental Conference now going on in Rome.

To understand this historic event in light of Bible prophecy, I suggested a passage from the book of Daniel. Daniel wrote:

And in his place a despicable person will arise, on whom the honor of kingship has not been conferred, but he will come in a time of tranquility and seize the kingdom by intrigue. And the overflowing forces will be flooded away before him and shattered, and also the prince of the covenant (Daniel 11:21-22 New American Standard Bible).

This passage may bring serious questions for us students of prophecy to consider about what's going on in Europe today. For example: Are these overflowing forces that will be flooded away American controlled NATO forces and assets? Are certain EU leaders attempting to gain control of NATO assets and undermine America's leadership? And, are their actions being coordinated by the prior head of NATO who made this all possible, the EU's first High Representative, Javier Solana?

Of course, that last question about the EU's High Representative is highlighted with the fact that this new office and its relationship with the Western European Union 10-nation military alliance is connected with the WEU's Assembly Recommendation 666. And, this is the reason I wrote my book -- I thought it might be a warning sign to Israel and God's people. Now it appears there is another connection to what's going on in Europe to that infamous number 666. 

In December 1998, the EU heads held their summit and decided to go ahead with the plans they made in the Amsterdam Treaty to introduce their first Mr. Europe to the world. So, they determined to fill the new post of High Representative in the following year. They did this in October 1999 when they appointed the prior head of NATO, Javier Solana.

At this summit the EU heads also decided what their first Mr. Europe was to do. He was, among other things, to take the EU's foreign policy  in the direction of the Mediterranian region. And, it actually looks like that's what's going on. Radio Free Europe is reporting that the European leaders are discussing sending NATO forces into the Middle East and Israel (Read about it here).

Now let's consider the verse that follows the one I quoted from Daniel above. This verse says:

After an alliance is made with him he will practice deception, and he will go up (up to Jerusalem) and gain power with a small force of people (Daniel 11:23).

Now for the most amazing part to all of this. The number the EU heads gave to this prophetically important EU summit decision to fill the post of High Representative and send him in the direction of the Middle East back in December 1998 was -- believe it or not -- 666 (Read about it here)!

In other words, there isn't only one document linked directly to these recent fulfillment's of prophecy about the EU's first Mr. Europe to the number 666, there are two. The number was used when the EU heads decided to fill the post of High Representative and send him in the direction of the Middle East, and it was used again when he established himself head over the 10-nation military alliance in the Council of Europe.

Here's my point: Not only are the EU heads fulfilling the end-times prophecies by establishing the office of High Representative among a 10-nation military alliance, they're directing this first Mr. Europe to the Middle East and Israel.

And, they're sending him on EU Route 666!


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