How To Operate A Flying Saucer
Last Updated: 12:52am BST 05/08/2007

A Californian-based company has invented a flying saucer that could be available for purchase from next year.

How to operate the M200G:

  • Since computers control the vehicle's stability during operation, the pilot can only control speed and direction.
  • The vehicle has two hand-operated controls to direct the desired manoeuver.
  • The left hand control twists to select desired altitude, and moves forwards and backwards to select the rate of climb and descent.
  • The right-hand control twists to select direction and moves side to side to provide traverse movement during hover and early transition. This same control moves forward and backward to determine speed and braking.

    How the M200G works:

  • The M200G’s performance is similar to that of a light helicopter, but its computerised control system restricts it to within 10 feet of the ground.
  • The vehicle uses multiple thrust-generating fans. Each fan is enclosed in a housing and provides thrust under the control of an independent flight control computer.
  • The system ensures that each fan is available to provide stability and control during flight.
  • In the event that a controller, fan or engine fails, the others will maintain the vehicle’s attitude until the vehicle can land safely.
  • The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour, and is fuelled by a mixture of ethanol and water.

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